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Space Doesnot Work That Way
Because... you know... space is grape-flavored.

"Captain, we've been attacked by some sort of force ray! Gah! Gyah! Space air is flooding in!"
"Right. Goggles on!"

Thanks largely to Speculative Fiction, space is probably one of the most inaccurately portrayed things in modern media, to the extent that complete falsehoods are widely accepted as fact.

This is a very specific kind of research failure, which may have been partially justified in earlier media as there hadn't been much research on the subject yet. Modern portrayals of space, however, still haven't changed much from the rock-filled, noisy place which will make an unprotected human instantly explode into clouds of ice.

Some of this is due to a lack of research or just lack of interest. But most of the modern misrepresentations can be put down to the Rule of Cool (the idea that things with sound are cooler, or at least not as scary, as a famous tagline pointed out, as things without), artistic license, or simply the belief that audiences wouldn't accept it any other way.

Overlaps Artistic License - Astronomy. Compare Space Is Magic, which goes above and beyond mere technical inaccuracy. See also: Mohs Scale of Sci-Fi Hardness, The Coconut Effect.

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