Literature / Spider Circus

Young Lizzie Mc Coy is living an ordinary life in a small English village, she goes to school, babysits her brothers and tries to cope with her parentsí divorce but after one argument too many Lizzie runs away and joins the Spider Circus. It doesnít take her long to realise it isnít an ordinary circus and soon Lizzie is travelling from world to world helping the circus put on the best show not on earth. But not everyone is being honest with Lizzie, like the Ringmaster, Jack, for example. Heís taken a particular interest in her and it hasnít gone unnoticed.

Spider Circus is the first novel in The Shadows series and it is the debut novel of Alice Nuttall, co-creator of Footloose (the webcomic. No relation to the film of the same name.)

Can be read here.

Spider Circus provides examples of: