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Jerkass: Web Comics
  • The halfling Belkar Bitterleaf (a.k.a. "The Belkster" a.k.a. "Death's Li'l Helper") from The Order of the Stick, when he's not being a Heroic Comedic Sociopath by accident. Although Roy (The Hero) pointed out that by keeping Belkar with them, Belkar's murderous impulses may be channeled towards fighting "an even greater Evil than himself", instead of him being free to run around and become more evil than "the theoretical lovechild of Sauron and Cruella deVille".
  • Both Thief and Black Mage from 8-Bit Theater. Sarda also fits, since he's an omnipotent chaotic Trickster Mentor (an example is when he threw Australia on Black Mage, not only to punish him for being disobedient but also because the resulting wave would destroy the city White Mage was helping reconstruct).
    • Thief is a more intellectual type of jerkass mainly motivated by greed and feelings of elven superiority, who loves screwing people over with legal contracts and l33t ninja skills. Black Mage is, by all accounts, a smelly sociopathic fat little creep with horrible manners vis-a-vis women, to the extend that (it is said) the universe exists to hurt Black Mage. On the other hand many people would love to kick Thief in the groin face, but ever since he upgraded his class to ninja, he's (nearly) impossible to hit.
    • In fact, Thief himself has acknowledged that Sarda is the ultimate "jackass".
    • And then Thief got pwned by Sarda. Painfully.
  • Everybody in Sinfest is a jerkass to some degree except Jesus, Criminy, and Buddha, but the worst offender is (surprise, surprise) The Devil. Milder cases include Slick, Li'l Evil, and God.
    • Slick has become less of a jerk over time, but Seymore has become an exponentially bigger jerk sincce 2010.
  • Junior in Grim Tales from Down Below is a Jerk Ass to his little sister, Minnie, because he is jealous of all the attention she is getting. Unfortunately, that didn't stop her from having a certain amount of affection for her brother.
  • Stef from User Friendly.
  • Aram from Men In Hats is either this or the series' version of a sociopath. "I'm bored. Jump around with this scorpion on your face."
  • Mike from Shortpacked!, although he knows he's a jerk and makes a conscious effort to make everyone else miserable. He gets to keep his job at the store because he sells the most product insurance plans by outright threatening people.
  • Most of the cast of Something Positive. Davan likes to go up to random children and convince them their parents want to kill them, Jason enjoys trapping people into excuses to berate them, Aubrey and Peejee consider assaults on strangers and loved ones to be massively good fun. Kharisma, on the other hand, is currently serving time for a murder she didn't commit ... but was bragging that she was going to. And yet someone is trying to make a movie out of it. Mike started out this way, but he became more human and likeable throughout; at present, he's about the most sympathetic member of the main cast. Most of the cast claim to become sexually aroused by the suffering of others. At this point in his development, Mike is close to being the nicest guy in the strip, and there are times Kharisma comes off more sympathetic than the main cast; at least she's suffering for her sins. Mike seems to have realized what a bastard he was, and has decided that he needs to grow up and mature. He's the only person to actually make such a decision, with the rest of the main cast staying horrible, horrible people.
  • Pat from Achewood.
  • Bun-Bun of Sluggy Freelance falls squarely into this trope, and is a good example of how annoying such a character can be when the author gets too fond of him. An eight-month new-cast new-setting overwrought mass of Expo Speak just to bring the Jerkass back from being Deader Than Dead? Yeah. Bad idea. Worse than the guy the rabbit had been brutally terrorizing (and is in charge of his organization because Bun-Bun killed all his superiors, mostly because he could) naming a kid after him.
    • The above notwithstanding, most readers actually like him, not just the author. Every evaluation above could be heavily questioned, though Squishydodo (the one whose son is now called "Squishybunbunbunbun") indeed seems to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Parakewl from Tower of God, an Entitled Bastard who Hates Everyone Equally and is one of the most cowardly and sneaky characters.
  • Reynardine from Gunnerkrigg Court is... difficult to categorize. His introduction to the story involved him attempting to kill Antimony, an act he has yet to show any remorse over. Since then, he appears to be undergoing a drawn-out Heel-Face Turn, but it's unclear how much of it is really him and how much is just his Restraining Bolt. Rey is, in turn, surly and pleasant, disruptive and helpful, lewd and respectful towards his owner. (For her part, Antimony mainly keeps his company so she can prevent him from doing any real harm, and because she wants to know how he knew her mum.)
  • The Hat Guy from xkcd is a good example, as shown by these strips (given that he's an Expy of Aram). The Hat Guy's new girlfriend/archenemy also follows this trope.
    • As the Secretary arc proved, he has a long history of assholery. Proves he's something of a Jackass of all trades.
  • Dominic, from UG Madness. He has a rival, Permission Sam, who's possibly even more of a Jerkass.
  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name's Doc Worth, despite his fanbase, has been shown so far to be little but combative, crude and all-around sleazy. Classic Jerkass material.
  • Despite the original intention of his being a straight-man, Pennsylvania Governor Doctor Zexion Doreone of Ansem Retort has grown to be the comic's most prominent Jerkass in a comic full of them. He's helped hijack a plane, embezzled tax payer money on hookers, planted explosives in his patients and generally ruined the lives of most everyone around him. The only person that seems to enjoy Zexion's company is Axel, a psychotic mass murderer (who saved Zexion from impeachment by Phoenix Wright by threatening the judge and jury ... after killing three previous juries).
    • Axel and Darth Maul. Yes, THAT Darth Maul. Namine and Aerith help Zexion in his administration though.
  • Misfile:
    • Cassiel is willing to beat an innocent party goer over the head and strip her naked to get into a party to make life difficult for Ash and destroy Rumisiel. Maybe it's that her uncle is Lucifer that makes her act that way or maybe it's because no one will let her forget it.
    • Sheldon is an egotistical, arrogant and manipulative jerk who abuses his old friends' trust, even stating outright that they're just 'dumb muscle'. He also seems out to claim as much influence as a driver as possible, kicking people off their own roads in racing gambles and using his muscle to ensure they stay off. Also doesn't take kindly to losing a race/bet—when Ash beats him, he smashes his own car up with a rock to make it look like he was on the receiving end of cheating. Fortunately, he's given a Humiliation Conga he won't soon forget.
    • Heather has made it her mission in life to destroy Ash because her crush liked Ash better. So far she has failed miserably in all her attempts, which usually amount to beating Ash by proxy.
  • Aeris from VG Cats. She's always been a big fan of the Double Standard, and a jerkass for quite some time now, even if she did have to put up with the annoying and sometimes equally jerkassed Leo. But her latest appearance in the comic, where she went back in time to violently assault Leo's mother so that she could murder Leo by aborting him when he was a fetus may have pushed her beyond the Moral Event Horizon. For some reason, Scott Ramsoomair got offended when people disagreed with her actions. Leo got better...
  • Trigger-happy Men in Black Agent Jerry in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!. As essentially a recurring villain or at least obstacle, Jerry isn't supposed to arouse much audience sympathy. At least Agent Ben gets along with him.
  • The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fan Web Comic by Q-Ice portrayed Nanoha, Hayate, and Vivio as this. Vivio is especially fun since she managed to be a Jerkass to Jerkass Nanoha when she went back to the past.
  • Both Yeager and Artax from Nodwick spend most of their time as dicks. Occasionally they show brief hints of the Jerk with a Heart of Gold when Piffany is in danger...but they spend the rest of their time planning horrible fates for Nodwick, as entertainment. This kind of treatment for a henchman is all-but-expected.
  • Topato Potato from Wigu, who lives in a dimension whose survival depends on how much Magical Adventures in Space merchandise Wigu Tinkle purchases, and is willing to do anything, from beating his father to blowing up entire timelines to keep Wigu interested and buying. He would likely be even more of a Jerkass if his partner, Sheriff Pony, didn't serve as his conscience, if not a particularly successful one.
  • Every character in Sore Thumbs except Sawyer and his bear is this.
  • Rayne from Least I Could Do most certainly qualifies. Self-centered, self-absorbed and prone to assholery at the drop of a hat for his own amusement. He frequently crosses over into Jerk with a Heart of Gold territory.
  • Jamie from Khaos Komix.
  • Master Fei of How I Killed Your Master; he's a very Cynical Mentor on good days, and just plain nasty on the rest.
  • Ménage à 3 has mostly morally ambiguous characters, most of whom are rated as jerks by at least some of the readership, although they can usually manage to at least Pet the Dog occasionally, and probably usually rate as jerks with hearts of gold. See the comic's Characters page for assessments of all the significant characters, many with reference to some jerkass-related tropes.
    • Starting with Zii, especially early on. Let's see... leaving people hanging dry for her personal and petty interests? Check. Using other people as scapegoats for said interest?. Check. not suffering any punishment whatsoever? Ahh... Check. That said, her story gets a bit more nuanced as the comic continues, with her showing at least flashes of guilt over past thoughtlessness.
    • Sonya, the subject of some of Zii's early thoughtlessness, can be seen as Zii's actions having incarnate consequences. Her Serious Business approach to seduction can make her as bad as Zii, for whom she becomes a Stalker with a Crush (taking the role over from Yuki), and she can be really petty and bitchy at times — sexting Gary while he's on a date with Kiley, putting Gary's hands on her breasts to purposely unleash Yuki's fury on him so she can make a move on Zii, pulling similar moves on Gary to purposely provoke Yuki, gloating over Zii's break-up with Erik... She manages flashes of kindness, though; her worst features mostly derive from her obsession with Zii.
    • The initially sweet DiDi's obsessive search for an orgasm, probably from Gary, sent her across the line a few times; trying to break up with Matt by text message, trying to undermine Kiley, and taking every opportunity to get seductively naked with Gary, for example.
    • On the male side, we have Jordan, who basically mindscrewed Gary into confusion about his own sexuality, Matt, who at least admits he's a bastard, Dillon, whose own obsession with Gary soon gets out of hand, and the just plain obnoxious minor characters Nathan and Takeru.
  • Girls with Slingshots has many jerkasses in its cast, but the absolute queen of them all is Candy, who early on attempts to rape Chris and refuses to forgive him for daring to resist and escape, goes out of her way to sabotage her supposed best friend Jameson's relationship with his girlfriend Maureen because she's in love with him herself, and eventually becomes a professional dominatrix, which is probably the least jerky thing she's done. Her hatred for Maureen culminates in her attempting to sabotage her wedding to Jameson. It backfires. Gloriously.
  • Toadsuke from Supah Nario Bros crosses into Jerkass territory from time to time.
  • Pete from Darths & Droids. It came to a head during his stint as substitute GM. Witness his attempt to justify his actions (including turning his character R2-D2 into a complete Marty Stu) - and the others calling him out - here.
  • Half the characters of Squid Ninja, at one point of or other. Even Ikago, although he's usually more Jerk with a Heart of Gold than anything else.
  • Chex from Checkerboard Nightmare. He seems to be incapable of empathy, and have a loose grasp on reality in general. He only seems to get away with it because of Rule of Funny.
  • Homestuck
    • Snowman from the Intermission sequence is known by the Villain Protagonist as a "HUGE BITCH BLUH BLUH". It helps that she can tease him with impunity while he isn't allowed to kill her, for fear of ending the universe.
    • The Trolls are characterized as a race of Jerkasses. Except that some of them are kinder than others.
      • Karkat is characterized as an angry and misanthropic Jerkass, (theoretically) like everyone else of his kind.
      • Vriska is a particularly horrible example of a Jerkass, because the first thing we see of her is the incident in which she runs Tavros off a cliff with mind control.

        Just one example of her jerk-assery:
      • AG: Apologiiiiiiiize!!!!!!!!
        AG: Say you're sorry for being a cripple! Wheeeeeeee!
        AG: Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!
      • Eridan is quite the Jerkass- not only is he hugely self-obsessed and just generally obnoxious, but he is also a strong proponent of killing all the lowbloods. Which he eventually partially succeeds at doing.
      • Kankri, Karkat's ancestor, is a very subtle kind of jerk. He constantly avoids triggering or insulting people directly, but he does so in such a condescending and faux-intellectual manner that he winds up insulting them anyway. He's a bit of a hypocrite too.
      • Cronus. It says a whole lot that he is creepier than Eridan.
      • Meenah, although it's been shown that she is not the worst member of her group and does have Even Evil Has Standards moments.
    • Then there's Caliborn, who's kind of a sadistic prick even at the best of times.
  • Nazi Germany in Scandinavia and the World, especially compared to his modern counterpart, who's the atoning woobie.
  • Solid Snake in Brawl in the Family.
  • Ethan from Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Angelika from Our Little Adventure, though she's becoming less so as the story progresses.
  • Patrik of Sarab.
  • In Soul Symphony, Charlie's rants about how his bitter rival, Tom Mustaine, is one. He even wears sunglasses indoors.
  • Elf Blood has Gipsy, a human sorceress who generally treats everyone like crap unless they hold some sort of authority over her.
  • Si-Hoo from Orange Marmalade, who repeatedly likes to torment Ma-ri (having said multiple times that he would out her vampirism to the entire school). When Ma-ri had her pig-blood-bag stolen by Ah-ra, he gives her a real one and laughs over her while she's trying not to be sick. While he does force Ah-ra not to out Ma-ri as a vampire it's clear he does this to protect himself.
  • This comic paints The protagonist of Persona 3/Minato Arisato in a much more negative light. Funny thing, some of his responses can be done in-game.
  • Commander Kitty has its title character. When he's not just being an abrasive Glory Hound, he's using his crew to test his highly unstable transporter.
  • Gerald from El Goonish Shive goes out of his way to be antagonistic by dressing up in outfits that make him look like an androgynous goth and insulting people.
  • Dionne Crup from Precocious, a pageant girl who despite hating pageants enters them to see the look of hopelessness on the losers' faces. She seems to have the whole process down.
  • Dillon, the title character of Sticky Dilly Buns, is probably meant to be cutely camp and whimsical, but shifts into jerkass territory with some readers for his casually manipulative attitude towards Ruby, his possessiveness towards Jerzy (which doesn't stop him from flirting with every other cute man in sight), and the tricks he uses to press his body up against clueless straight guy Andy.
  • In Cucumber Quest, Cucumber's dad, Lord Cabbage, has a jerkface rating of 6 out of 5 in one of his bios. He also seems to enjoy telling people about the first time Cucumber failed him miserably.
  • Bomango: Gogo often goes into a violent rage. She's also socially inept to the point where comes across as more immoral than awkward. Her twin, Didi, once called her "[...] Woman Child who throws trucks when she's angry." However Gogo is often shown to have a Heart of Gold underneath her mean violent exterior.

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