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Gush: New Media
  • I love more than anything and I don't care who knows it! Anyone else?
    • Same! One of my favorite websites... Games, movies... it's epic.
    • Two and a half years, and I still love that place, even though I no longer really fit in. Is it awesome? Or is it just So Bad, It's Good? Either way, I love it.
  • Jim Zoetoewy's Legion of Nothing. A Super Hero webserial that is so much better than you think a webserial could be.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog manages to be both nerve-wreckingly tragic and laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes within the same scene. It's also smartly written and executed, but retains a goofy, amateurish quality to it. Also, it's super-short (40 minutes) and has very catchy songs. And - most importantly - the main character, despite nominally being the villain, is uber-sympathetic. My biggest complaint? Too friggin' addictive.
    • Super-short? That's my biggest complaint! Forty minutes is far too brief a time to spend with Neil Patrick Harris' voice.
      • This thing introduced me to NPH. ...Billy <3...
    • Whenever I try to explain my irrational love for this thing, it comes out like kdjsidmfskjd...see?
      • I second the above. Not a single one of my friends can comprehend why I love it so much- but I do. My permanent reaction is pretty much this.
    • My only problem is that it's too good, in a series of goofy 15 minute videos on the internet, Joss Whedon puts more characterization in than I can in an entire novel, making me feel like a failure before I've even properly begun, thanks a lot Joss, you magnificent bastard.
      • I personally believe that this is the best professional web feature I've ever seen. This is now one of my favorite shows, and I think I'll try to get this produced as a play (as a few others have done) for my school. NPH IS AWESOME BEYOND WORDS. I love his little nod to Cap. Hammer as he accepted his Streamy Award: "I would say that Nathan Fillion was a joy to work with, but that would be a lie. ... He's a dick, and he pads his junk. Goodnight!"
  • Homestar Runner. Dear god, so funny. I just wish there wasn't such a Schedule Slip...
    • I concur to the fullest degree. One could make a reasonable case that Homestar Runner is the Loony Toons of our time.
    • Totally thirded.
    • Forf'd.
    • An in-universe example: The cartoon Limozeen: But they're in space! is the best thing that Strong Bad has seen, done or eaten.
  • Super Mario Bros. Z. Hilarious? Check. Awesome? Yes. And staying true to the characters? Oh, hell yea!!
  • Broken Saints, the most fascinating and original series to ever be made for the internet, with more to say than half the animation online combined. Changed my life—Brooke Burgess, make more art please!
  • Naruto The Abridged Series. Despite the fact that the creators obviously took an Abridging 101 course from the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, it succeeds in carving a niche for itself by focusing more on jokes about anime in general. In this sense, it is arguably more clever as a satire. The characters are memorable, with my personal favourite being Abridged Kakashi. And their Take That against AnimeFlagger123/anime haters in general? Simply awesome. It's a pity that Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged series's Misaimed Fandom seem obliged to dislike it, considering that the creators of both series are great friends.
    • LittleKuriboh openly endorsed the Naruto series during the fight against Pegasus. While he bashes all the other abridged series out there (Yami clones the abridged series so that Pegasus cannot find it amongst all the knock offs) Yami goes on to say "You could always watch Naruto Abridged, but it's not quite as good."
  • Fobbies Are Borange is amazing and incredibly funny and sometimes I wish I could've listened to it while it still ran.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged series. It has everything. Good acting, great jokes and timing, rife with references to everything, and superb editing. It never fails to make me just plain happy.
    • This series and the various vids atatched to it never fail to make me laugh. I have literally been rolled up on myself, clutching my sides because of laughing. It's also gotten to the point that when I see the 4Kids version it sounds odd and I seem to keep intigrated things from the Abridged Series into the 4Kids cannon.
  •, hell, I love Youtube Poop! It crosses the line so much there ain't even a recognizable line anymore, but Doctor Robotnik loudly swearing followed by an explosion and ten minutes of dick jokes will never, ever stop being funny.
  • Sailor Nothing proves you can have good fiction on the web.
    • Oh, no. Fanfiction already proved that for me. What Sailor Nothing gives us is nothing short of online genius.
  • With The Angels. It's smart, it's sweet, the characters are so believable and convincing, and there's just enough intrigue to keep you wondering what will happen next.
  • KateModern. It's like lonelygirl15, except with a funnier script, a consistent storyline that actually resolves itself, genuine drama as opposed to angst, and quirky postmodernism.
  • Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged. It may have come along much later than the big two, but it's 30+ episodes in and still manages to be consistently hilarious every time. In my eyes, it may very well have surpassed its predecessors.
  • Drawn By Pain, it takes a while to get into, but it is like nothing you have ever seen from the Live Animation crowd. The story is incredible as well, like an Origin Story gone horribly, horribly wrong.

  • The Nostalgia Critic is just so, so awesome.
    • I literally Squee like a five year old whenever The Nostalgia Chick puts a new video out.
    • The Definitve Bella Bashing at the end of the Top 11 Dumbasses in Distress countdown... I... Seriously, there are no adequate words to measure its awesomeness. I was clapping and laughing with joy so loud while watching it, I was freaking my dad and sister out. OMG, this is the GREATEST Twilight review I've ever seen in my life!
    • From the same site (kinda), I am an even bigger fan of Noah Antwiller (a.k.a. The Spoony One).
    • And also from there, the TGWTG Team Brawl was a massive Crowning Moment Of Awesome for the whole site.
    • And of course, we mustn't forget the pure epicness that was Kickassia.
    • Tuesdays are good days, because they are Atop the Fourth Wall days.
      • I really like Linkara's History of Power Rangers. I never saw the earlier series of Power Rangers, but just watching it makes me wish I did. He talks about themes, character development, and it's just a really fun series to watch. He just finished the Zordon era, and his In Space review has to be my all time favorite so far. His very next one (Lost Galaxy) was almost as epic, with of course some humor, and some genuinely shocking moments for me with the destruction of the space colony and the death of Kendrix, and a surprisingly toughing analysis of how the villains had a certain chivalrous code that made you feel genuinely bad for some of them and how Villamax was actually a noble being, if not still evil. All around, it's an excellent show to watch, and a pleasure to learn the expanded history of power rangers from him.
      • Atop the Fourth Wall impresses me on so many levels. He's a Caustic Critic, but his criticism is level-headed and well thought-out even when he isn't, and he's willing to give compliments and point out when the comic he's reading doesn't totally suck. He's willing to try new things, like reviewing an okay comic (X-Men #1) and his recent week of having his Drop In Characters host. He manages to work in epic plotlines while still doing his primary job—reviewing the comic—and his battle scenes have surprisingly little Special Effects Failure. I don't even read mainstream comics much and I still love it
      • "All in all, I have just one thing to say about this: Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall." Great wit, detailed analysis, a true love for the industry, and provides enough information for even people who aren't that interested in comics to completely understand what he's talking about. He actually turned me into a bit of a comic fan.
    • Phelous and The Cinema Snob. Phelous brings a wonderful dry wit to the horrid "horror" movies he reviews, while managing to keep you interested and entertained for 20 minute reviews. The Cinema Snob brings a true acting presence to his reviews, he has an interesting gimmick, and always makes his updates a joy to watch.
    • This is Chester A. Bum saying: CHANGE! YOU GOT CHANGE? Well at least mention me on this page.
      • It was so good, I put it on the interwebser...nets...glowy screen thing!
    • After a year of being part of the TGWTG fandom, lurking in the message boards and Lord Kat and JewWario's chats, I am completely blown away; they really are some of the coolest people I've ever met. Spoony is just as lovably geeky and quick-witted live as he is in his videos; Linkara is a fun, sweet guy who honestly appreciates his fans, and Iron Liz is much of the same (and incredibly funny to boot); Nella is a helluva lot of fun; Benzaie is frank, funny, and one of the coolest message board mods ever (seriously, how many mods do you know who break up an argument by making pervy jokes?); Film Brain is a humble kid who's just happy to be part of the fun, and honestly respects and looks up to his co-workers; LordKat and RolloT are two of the most hilarious guys you will ever hear from—and LordKat is fiercely defensive of the people he cares about; Nash is the very personification of Geeky Turn-On (just get him talking about Doctor Who and you'll see what I mean), and Jew Wario is just the sweetest, most genuine person you will ever meet. So thanks, guys, for being yourselves; thanks for being so completely...awesome.
    • Todd in the Shadows is a great addition to TGWTG and the interwebs in general. Sure, he's a bit preachy at times with regard to his tastes, but every single one of his videos makes me bust a gut laughing at least once, if not for five to ten minutes straight. No other reviewer has done that for me on such a consistent basis.
  • He is a bit new to us, but Professor Otaku turns out to have quite a style. The Prof probably knows his situation among The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd, so he simply doesn't try to copy either. Instead of Running Gag, Cluster F-Bomb or constantly screaming voice like the 2 above, this guy speaks with a satirical, sarcastic voice ... and draws his own avatar. But the way he is willing to pan down awful titles in "the holy land"] that defensive anime fans are so obstinate to give a bad score is so damn sweet and daring. It's impressive to see how a guy like Prof can avoid being overshadowed by the reputation of the other Caustic Critic duo.
    • How about the whole damn site? JesuOtaku is one of the best reviewers I have ever seen, who's both fair, funny, and great at offering insight into works I would otherwise ignore? Arkada is delightfully hammy, and without his odd taste I'd never find many works I've enjoyed, Vixen is more then just fanservice, and is equally amusing when she either loves or despises a work.
  • How is To Boldly Flee not on this list yet? It's easily the best anniversary special to date. It's got great comedy, it tells the story masterfully- being paced very well, followable in its plot, and able to keep the audience guessing- each of the characters get their own unique and interesting story arc, the ending made this tropette break down sobbing, and it's just an all around well written and well acted movie.
  • The website Spill is run by a handful of film critics that do off-the-cuff reviews with each other on recent films. The critics also only appear animated, and it is VERY H Ilarious. Just watch the Disaster Movie review and you'll about pee yourself. Oh, and when it's an awesome movie, they'd call it 'BETTER THAN SEX'!
    • The fact that the guys have promised to always be themselves makes it better. Sure, there are some things they say that I don't agree with, but seeing a (cartoon representation) of a grown man geek out over a cartoon movie is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
      • For years I've been a huge fan of their podcast ACOCO, but now that Carlyle (my favorite) has left the site completely, I'm watching the backlog of LEOG...and OMG IT'S GREAT! The League is full of great people, and they're both hilarious and full of good viewpoints.
  • Neopets. Call it a guilty pleasure if you will, but what other website has ninjas, pirates, robots, and zombies and teaches kids money managing and the stock market at the same time? While making it fun? Not only that, but the PetPages encourage character building, something which I just adores.
    • Not only that, but it has the wonderful Neopian Times, the Art Gallery, Storytelling—it's not merely a gaming site. I, being part of a writing guild and forum, am one of numerous people I know of who have improved in their writing as a result of the NT.
  • Marvel/DC Happy Hour is a completely wonderful and mesmerizing series that takes all your favorite Comic Book Super Heroes and lets them interact in a bar, as well as in some crazy situations. What's so amazing about it is how low budget it is: it's all done in stop-motion with action figures and homemade sets, one guy voice all of the male characters (and one girl voices all of the female characters), and yet the writing is incredibly witty and entertaining. It's also the only series that lets you see Batman put the Green Goblin and Lex Luthor on sedatives (for plot purposes), which causes them to sing and discuss things like whether Tuesday and Wednesday have their own feel and which Incredible Hulk film they prefer. And it's all pretty family-friendly. You really can't find that anywhere else.
    • The After Hours arc from the same show is equally fantastic. The wit and humor are great, but what I really love is its treatment of Superman - his status as an Invincible Hero is addressed, but in a way that celebrates his heroism and selflessness, rather than mock his idealism. It all builds to a climax so stirring and heartwarming that I can't help but get a tad choked up when I watch it. Yes, I was nearly moved to tears by a YouTube video of a bunch of action figures moving around. This series is just that good.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd - awesome theme, awesome gags, the swearing is so frequent it's funny and gags that would fall completely flat if anyone else did them are made hilarious by James Rolfe's incredible comic timing and facial expressions.
    • Speaking of James Rolfe, how about Cinemassacer's Monster Madness? It's such a facinating series, from somebody who clearly done lots of research, and I look forward to it every October.
  • There she is!! a wonderfully cute series about a romance between a anthropomorphic cat and rabbit. Despite the standards of their culture, they manage to find happiness in their world not only for themselves but their friends around them. I watched it with loving devotion, even the incredibly sad 4th step. Watching this series should be a standard for being considered human.
    • I can't agree with you more. I just found it last night at about 11:00PM (thanks to this page, actually, thanks!), and it is currently 4:45PM the next day. I've watched it all end-to-end five times.
  • Dr. Tran must be mentioned. He... is a man of action. He... is a man of honour! Dr. Tran is easily one of the best animated web shorts ever created. I personally believe the video on YouTube should be named the official Refuge in Audacity.
    • The part where the little kid is saying gibberish before getting punched makes me laugh out loud every time...and I believe that the day I am no longer able to laugh at it is the day my soul is truly dead.
  • I know he's overquoted to the point of nausea, but I still love Yahtzee to pieces. And his recent skewering of Duke Nukem Forever was just breathtakingly awesome.
    • I agree completely, in fact, I'm probably partly responsible for his being overquoted but I honestly think he is the smartest, funniest and most insightful person making videos on the web. There's not one thing I could say that he couldn't say in a funnier and more intelligent manner. If I had even a quarter of his elocution and wit I'd be a happy man.
  • A bit obscure, but I love, love, love deviantART artist ComickPro. From her drawings to her comics to her animation to her dark, very weird sense of humor, everything she does is just so. Damn. Cool. Oh, yeah, that pants-pissingly terrifying Tails Doll short (seriously, click that link at your own risk)? She made that. Awesome, awesome lady.
  • I have been rewatching her Redvs Blue DVDs recently and she is honestly just so completely proud of Rooster Teeth and how far they've come. I remember watching RvB way back in season two, how it was just some Halo fans messing around in the game engine. Now, it has become nothing short of masterful, from cinematography to the brilliant voice acting (oh god, The Director and Agent Washington and Caboose) to the plot. I can say without irony or exaggeration that the Chapters 16 and 19 of 'Reconstruction' are my favorite pieces of media ever. Rock on, Rooster Teeth.
    • Agreed. And those two episodes you mentioned have perhaps some of the best plot twists ever (at least, in my mind). At it all fits together so well...
  • A Very Potter Musical. I seriously cannot express with enough words how much I love this. It's brilliant and well-written and so, so hilarious while still managing to catch the heart and soul of the books. The actors are just so amazingly talented, and the performances are astounding. While most HP parodies are just pointing and mocking, this is one parody made for fans, by fans. It really brings you back to the universe in a thoroughly nostalgic mash-up of the seven books.
    • Amen to that. RUMBLEROAR!!!
      • TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!
  • This dramatic reading of My Immortal. It takes real skill to read My Immortal aloud without cracking up, but his reading is so delicously deadpan. The MSTing (via the images) on the screen is just the right combination of smart and snarky to make the fic even more entertainingly bad. He's media-savvy, and even points out new entertaining bits of Fridge Logic you may not have noticed before. Oh, and he has a sexy English accent. Seriously, watch it, you'll LOL.
  • The Onion is the epitome of deadpan satire in the media. How are they so good? I like to think that they throw a huge office party every time a major organization or special interest group mistakes one of their articles as authoritative just because they present themselves so professionally.
  • The Guild. It's a wonderful Affectionate Parody of online gaming and the people who love it (probably more than they should) that features a cast of characters who are endearing despite their often glaring flaws. Codex's neurotic blog entries and Vork's deadpan Serious Business approach to, well, everything never fail to make me laugh. Also, "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?" is one of the awesomest promotions ever.
    • I, despite not being a Gamer, feel like I fit right in with the world and characters showed in The Guild. Codex is my hero. Can't be the only one can I?
  • Stupid Mario Brothers Okay...The title does imply it being kinda lame...but give it a try...IT'S AMAZING! and these are just a group of friends that started off not knowing what they're doing! And now they are almost done posting the final parts of Act II of The Movie! The charaters are amazing! The humor and inside jokes are clever! And don't let a fan get started on part 3 of Act II of The Movie!
  • There Will Be Brawl. Definitely one of the best examples of Darker and Edgier. Awesome writing, great acting, excellent costumes considering they're handmade and on a budget, and a storyline that just plain kicks ass.
  • Freeman's Mind, a hilarious view of Half-Life through Gordon Freeman's eyes complete with snarky commentary.
  • The Colour My Series. From the incredibly detailed backgrounds to the uplifting messages at the ends of the games, this is one series that can warm your heart every time you come back to it.
  • Team Four Star has been completely awesome.
    • To expand, they've taken the concept behind an Abridged Series and turned it into an art form. Dragon Ball Z Abridged is one of the few parodies that I can honestly say I find to be better than the original. It's witty and yet doesn't lose sight of the story it's telling. It's easy to follow even if you've never seen Dragon Ball Z, and it's overall one of the funniest things on the web.
  • Darwin's Soldiers. One of the best examples of an play by post RP spawning an entire universe. Not to mention the banes of play by post RPs (godmoding, "character-jacking", etc.) are conspiciously absent. And the players demonstrate a very high level of skill.
  • Let's Plays and Let's Players. I barely keep up with any media at the moment since there are just so many different, interesting people, different games, different reactions, different styles. No two people play the same game with the exact same style. Opening doors to great games and great people. And of course, Retsupurae for setting a standard. With all the Let's players taking shots at themselves with Retsupurae jokes, you know they've made a strong positive impact on an already amazing genre.
  • Captain Osaka's DOUBLE K series. How do you make Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann more awesome? Make it an awesome Buddy Cop Show! Fuck yeah!
  • The Whateley Universe. It's not perfect, but the good parts of it are amazing. The utter hilarity of the Jade stories, and the Jobe stories, and the Chaka stories. The richness and complexity of the Phase stories. The Crowning Moments of Awesome. There should be a picture of Jade Sinclair, codename Generator, on the TV Tropes page for Crazy Awesome.
  • How about the Happy Video Game Nerd?Instead of bashing titles that everybody knows are bad,he discovers unknown good titles to the people to enjoy.And he gives credit to James Rolfe in every single video.Add funny jokes and you have an awesome show
  • You know what; Protectors of the Plot Continuum deserves mentioning here. As an amature writer that has dealt with the same sorts of poorly written characters they deal with on a daily basis; it feels good to know that someone's actually giving them what they deserve. PPC; I salute you!
  • It doesn't matter how grim the subject matter is, Survival of the Fittest is a wonderful RP. It's hard to actually give it justice in a small paragraph, however I recommend anyone to go have a look.
  • The whole staff at, and Talkradar, the house that Abe Lincoln' know.
  • The Joker Blogs are one of the finest examples of online film making I've ever seen. Not only is the series excellently framed, the writing and characterization are brilliant and in keeping with the atmosphere of the Nolan-Batverse. The nods to other parts of the mythology are made so that the series doesn't coast on Fanservice, but adds to the enjoyment of it for quick-minded Bat-fans. This is a landmark in fan-film history.
  • Am I the only one who likes The Amazing Atheist? Just wondering.
  • A lot of the YouTube reviewers in the wake of the AVGN either have been completely forgotten and never got off the ground, evolved into their own persona (much like The Spoony Experiment), or actually WERE pretty successful in terms of subscribers, but have dropped off due to any number of reasons. One particular reviewer that I really liked for whatever reason, and I always had a soft spot for, is the user named "Darkness The Curse". People have criticized him from the beginning, amplified when Retsupurae arrived and did a riff on his "review" of Brave Fencer Musashi. Still, no matter what others said, I always found something to like. He was funny, genuine, even informative. Say what you will on how the quality of it turns out, but I admire him for the effort. He is currently sharing an account with some other users ( Oh My God My Friend Lived) but has not done much with it, as he had stated. Still, over 100 of his videos have been salvaged in a user account called TheDarknessArchives.
    • I like Darkness The Curse, in fact, he's one of the few Youtube Rant Guys, I don't regret watching. And trust, liking people like RandomDCE and Big Al2k 6 was a huge Old Shame for me.
  • Rijno, a very funny and entertaining LPer. His low budget recording takes a lot of getting used to, as is his high voice, but his jokes and observations are still very entertaining. Hasn't produced much since he stopped LPing Ninja Gaiden II, but rewatching them is still a nice thing to do on a dull, rainy day.
  • Marble Hornets. Starting off creepy, vaguely unsettling but interesting, and building it to become intensely scary but you can't stop watching it because you're already too curious. Also, it manages to produce genuine scares and thrills one little more than a shoestring budget operated mainly by two college kids.
    • Marble Hornets is a work of genius. The mystery is seriously compelling, the characters are interesting, and the whole set-up is extremely innovative. On top of all that, it's far scarier and more fascinating than any big-budget Hollywood horror-flick I've ever seen, and it manages to do this on a budget of practically nil. It's just the sort of thing that YouTube exists for: to give amateurs a chance to show that they have as much talent as the professionals. And boy, do they ever.
  • Stephen Bond is fucking awesome. If TV Tropes learned a thing or two from him, we'd all be happy.
  • raocow. He fills me with happiness and mashed potatoes.
  • Pokecapn's Sonic 2006 lets play. It's absolutly hilarious how the group can be calm one minute and then quickly go insane the next.
    • Not only is their Sonic 06 LP good but they're other Sonic LPs are good as well. And after watching the above mentioned trainwreck, it's nice to see THEM gush about a good game while still being funny. Also their Mario Party matches are not bad as well, where the show goes to medibot's Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies, Kung Fu Jesus's utter failage and Kaz, as Daisy, being a Large Ham and praising the Devil for when he is winning.
  • Potter Puppet Pals. That is all.
  • Excuse me, but why is there no Wha-Chow!. It's a weekly dosage of a full hour of dick jokes, immature humor, every once in a while intelligent discussion and best of all, a great cast of personalities made up of the best people on the internet. Sure, they have no logic, or maturity, or virginity (most of the time), but god damn it, these guys are awesome!
  • Say what you will about its forum communities (and rightfully so), but in the galaxy of video gaming, GameFAQs is the Hitchhiker's Guide. The only thing missing is DON'T PANIC on the front page.
  • I absolutely love the Vlogbrothers and everything they stand for.
  • Shadow of freaking Israphel! Amazing characters, awesome humour, great emotion, amazing detail, amazing structures and buildings and wicked villains! I love this webshow and everything the Yogscast does that's Dead Island, Condemned: Criminal Orgins, and Minecraft related!
  • Then there's The Blackrock Chronicle, a scripted series on Yogscast Rythian's Channel. Starting out as a Let's Play before Rythian decided he could do better than that and crafted it into an epic story out of it. With a complex plot, interesting characters, and intriguing mythology, one of the most popular stories ever told through the medium of Minecraft
  • Since we're Gushing about the Yogscast, let's take a look at some of their individual members and how awesome they are (and they are pretty much all awesome, and all of them added something unique to the team, but here are some particulars:
    • Lewis and Simon took Simon's talent for coming up with funny commentary and turned it into one of the major representatives of a whole career of Video and million-dollar Gaming Commentary business. And they did it without losing their trademark humorous style and sense of fun.
    • Hannah and her constant ability to play horror games that scare her senseless for the Entertainment of the fans.
    • Kim Richards: Introduced to the world via a Zombie transformation, gave the Yogscast their first full time game reviewer, and breaks down every gender based stereotype in videogames that's going without even trying.
    • Zoeya: Suffers from severe anxiety and was bullied for her whole high school life. Now uses her experiences as a way to encourage other people and makes it her life's purpose to make people smile and understand how beautiful they all are. Artistic, adorable with her girlfriend, and an incredibly Role Model.
    • Nilesy is much the same as Zoeya, also suffering from severe Social anxiety. Kind Hearted Cat Lover, funny and entertaining even while being stuck in a job in Telephone Customer Services. Will play games he hates or is scared of because he wants his fans to be entertained. Has admitted he doesn't believe he used to be a very nice person when he was younger, which confuses the heck out of everyone who knows him now.
    • In the Little Wood. Endlessly kind to his fans, fun loving, constantly gushing about the cool stuff the fanbase does and yet never gets stuck up about it, creates hilarious music, can improvise a parody song off the top of his head and to top it all off, it turns out he quite literally personifies Like You Were Dying.
    • Rythian: Never has a videogame Let's Player expressed so much empathy for the characters he plays.
    • The entire background team of editors and designers from those like Teutron and Tom, to Ferenzia and Turps: all of them Yogscast members who rarely see the front side of a Camera, but keep the company going and clearly love everything they do.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged is already composed of the Dream Team of voice acting and editing, but special mention should go to LittleKuriboh for his voicework on the Faux Affably Evil Freeza. Never has any villain been so casually frightening! Not that the other voice actors or the writers should go unmentioned. They managed to bring so many clever and funny Alternative Character Interpretations, some of which are actually very well-thought out and incredibly close to Canon like Gohan's rage fits and his {{lampshad|e}ing of his terrible childhood. In other words, great writing, incredible voice acting, and editing that makes this show look like it belongs on [adult swim]!
  • Jesse Cox is my favourite person in the world. Always cheerful, energetic and in general being a big bouncy ball of hilarity with the most adorable laugh in the world.
  • The Frollo Show. If you thought that Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame was one of Disney's greatest villains, then you'll enjoy seeing him in wacky shenanigans with his best friend Gaston and a barrel-full of other characters.
    • The Frollo Show shows just how video crossovers can be so epic when you take the time, effort, and money! Much better compared to Pooh’s Adventures... It does everything better! Subtitles, sentence mixing, heck, even respecting canon!
    • It's amazing how at first, I just dismissed it as yet another generic YouTube Poop, but by the end, I was at the edge of my seat, seriously invested in the story, and will even admit that I cried a little at some scenes. Truly amazing work.
  • Baman Piderman. Lovable cast of characters (with developed relationships, even), simple but fluid animation style, continuity, and just plain old fun. People say it makes their IQ lower, but I think it's just a fun little series, and probably Mondo Media's only innocent show.
  • Hewys Animated Movie Reviews. Just the whole show.
  • Game Grumps. First of all, it's a collab between Egoraptor and JonTron in which they play games. Sounds simple enough, but they manage to play off each other so well. When they play a game that they legitimately enjoy, they're absolutely hilarious and fun to watch. Even moments where they can't stand the game they're playing (such as Sonic '06), they still manage to be fun to watch. Even the editing manages to be gut-bustingly hilarious. There are a few aggravating moments here and there, but all in all, they manage to be one of the most entertaining duos on YouTube.
  • No love for Smosh? these guys are funny, and they're just so adorkable. You can't help but laugh, especially during their Lunchtimes, Gametimes/Gamebangs, and Mailtimes
  • The SCP Foundation takes supernatural-type creepypasta to a whole new level. If you want to scare yourself shitless, the SCP Foundation is without a doubt the site to go. Read enough articles and I swear even things that you always used to see as nothing but regular everyday objects will start scaring you. Sand? Will terrify you. Toothpicks? Good luck putting one in your mouth again, ever. When going to sleep, you will damn well make sure your feet are perfectly covered. Oh, and good luck masturbating ever again.

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