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Funny: Saved by the Bell
  • In "The Video Yearbook," Zack chews Screech out for putting Kelly in the dating video service along with every other girl at Bayside - thus leading her to get lots of calls from other guys.
    Zack: You are the stupidest person ever to walk the Earth!
    Screech: Well, you hired me; what does that make you?
  • When the girls discover that they were used in a calendar without their permission.
    Jessie: You didn't have the right!
    Kelly: You didn't ask permission!
    The other two glare at her.
    • There are only eleven girls on the swim team so they had to put Belding's face on another body...
      Jessie: That is my body!
    • The first scene mentioned is immediately followed by a professional photographer asking to do a spread with the girls - after seeing the calendars. He asks Zack where he can find them and Zack says he'll have to get permission first. The girls immediately smile sweetly and say "sell those calendars, Zacky"
  • Jessie's Not so Above It All moments:
    Screech is being sent to spy on Valley's cheerleading squad
    Jessie: No, why would we stoop so low?
    Lisa: To win.
    Jessie: Take notes.
  • Kelly has a wonderful Not so Above It All moment too. Zack gets her a friendship ring and whenever cute guys say hi to her, he holds up Kelly's hand and angrily says "see the ring!". Kelly gets annoyed with Zack for doing this so many times. Then a cute girl says "Hi, Zacky" and Kelly angrily says "see the ring!"
  • When they strike oil by digging on the football field.
    Jessie: This is what happens when Man interferes with the natural environment.
    Slater: It was a chick digging the hole, okay.
  • Zack has been trying to get ahold of Kelly on the phone all day.
    Zack: Every time I call, her parents say she's washing her hair. Who washes their hair eleven times a day?
    Slater: (beat) You do.
  • Zack using his "time out" to cheat at the glee club competition. During the time out he has Screech play a tape of another glee club singing, but the tape messes up and the glee club ends up having to lip synch to very fast and very slow versions of "When the Saints Go Marching In." They then cover up by saying it was their impression of a Glee Club tuning up. What makes it funnier is that they still end up getting third place.
  • During the "Miss Bayside" episode, when Kelly, Lisa and Jessie are all angry at each other for entering the contest, Kelly and Jessie have this exchange:
    Jessie: Can you please hand me my towel, please?
    Kelly: Sure! *Throws it at her face*
    Jessie: What does that mean?
    Kelly: It means you're a hypocrite! Talking me out the pageant and then you entering it yourself!
    Jessie: Excuse me, but I entered the pageant because the politics behind it have changed. But I wouldn't expect you to understand that; your idea of politics is limited to "Who won the election on Sesame Street?"
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