Awesome / Saved by the Bell

  • How badass/scary is Dean McMahon? On one occasion, when trying to shut down a zany dorm party orchestrated by Zack, she storms into a room that has an angry guard dog in it. The large dog growls and barks at her, and prepares to pounce. McMahon simply gives it an icy glare and says "Don't. Even. Think about it." The guard dog covers its face and begins whimpering. It's still in this position when she leaves the room.
  • The best use of the "Time Out" was arguably the time Zack used it to dodge a punch.
  • Adam, the photographer from "Model Students", calling Zack out on him trying to convince Kelly, who won a modeling contest, not to go to Paris for a month. Even better, it's one of the few times in the series that an adult did it who wasn't portrayed as being uptight or goofy:
    Zack: So I worried. What so wrong with that?
    Adam: What's wrong with it? You just took away the greatest opportunity of her lifetime because you were afraid of losing her. Man, she's lucky to have a guy like you.