Funny / MoBrosStudios

  • Frollo Opens a Catholic School. There are simply too many gut-busting quotes in here to list.
    Clopin: Frollo gave the child a cruel name, a name that means "half-formed"...MAMA LUIGI!

    Frollo: Shall we review your alphabet today?
    Quasimodo: Oh. Yes master.
    Frollo: Very well. A?
    Quasimodo: Blasphemy?
    Frollo: (Beat) WRONG! Now all of Paris is burning because you don't know your alphabet!
    Quasimodo: I'm sorry, sir.
    Frollo: YOU, Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YOU IDIOT! I hate you! This whole city hates you! The world hates you! God hates your face, you motherless piece of shit! (evil glare with Scare Chord)

    Frollo: Beata Maria, you know I smoke so much weed. I see God!
    Mario's Head: Oh! Nice fire you've got here. Can I have it?

    Frollo: Beata Maria, burn this idiot!

    Phoebus: I'm Phoebus. It means "sexy man."

    Guard: Judge, hey, judge? Is this the part where we start kicking?

    Frollo: Look, captain. CAVE PEOPLE. The CAVE PEOPLE live outside the normal order. Their heathen ways inflame the people's lowest instincts, and they must DIE!
    • When Frollo apprehends Esmeralda
    Frollo: Do me.
  • Doofenshmirtz Eats a Kitten:
    Baljeet: I will become Hanuman-Man, a flying blue monkey that can grow his penis as massive as he desires, to give the hottest dickings ever!
    (Stunned Silence)
    Phineas: ...Cool story, bro.
    • And one from "One Good Scare Oughta Do It":
    Candace: These little creeps have destroyed our backyard, leaving this ugly mess in its place! (gestures to what is actually Baljeet)
    Linda: ...You are a racist whore, Candace.
    • This scene:
    Candace: What are you doing here?
    Phineas: We're directing a porno.
    Candace: What?!
    Phineas: We're gonna need a blowtorch, some peanut butter, a glass of limeade, and a giant platypus butt.
    Candace: (beat) That's so wrong, in so many ways... (spazzes out)
    • Phineas getting turned into a bagel by Mitch's security robots.
    • Buford saying that the Spadinner method of making Youtube Poop videos is stupid, then laughing.
    • The high-pitched phone conversation between Candace and Stacy ending with them screaming and Rolf singing.
  • Chris Hates Everybody. Just Chris repeatedly getting thrown out of windows.
    • "If you smell smoke, and your shit's on fire, get the fuck off my property!
    • Caruso manages to get an A in class. What happens after that is what sells it.
    Chris: A is for ass! (Caruso punches him)
    • The scene where Chris was arguing with these people in a restaurant and his mother yells at him. In response, he yells back, and as a result, the music from Kill Bill plays, and the next scene involves Chris in the hospital with his mother's shoe lodged in his rear end.
    Rochelle: Doctor, is he going to be okay?
    Doctor: NO. You destroyed his ass.
  • Eustace Loses a Political Debate:
    Muriel: Please have mercy on us.
    (King Harkinian pops up)
    Mario: DON'T SAY IT!
    (King Harkinian goes away, Mario continues charging his beam)
    • Earlier in that same scene:
    Mario: I am the spirit of Harvest Moon. (box art for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life appears)
    • "At least I've got arms and legs! You don't even got a DICK!"
    Courage: Thanks, God!
    God: No prob!
    Muriel: I'm going to blow Courage.
    Courage: Huh?
    (cue Courage screaming offscreen as Eustace looks on shocked)
    Muriel: I don't know.
    Hunchback: What goes around cums around.
  • Squidward Gets Possessed By A Bad Lemon:
    • Recreating one YTP intro theme using SpongeBob, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Patrick's peeking noises.
    • The dreaded "V of Doom" appearing when Squidward declares he has no soul.
    Squidward: Put my windows back!
    SpongeBob: Sure, Squidward.
    (SpongeBob and Patrick put their reef blowers in reverse and shoot the pieces of Squidward's house back at it. The pieces freeze in midair, the camera keeps switching between them and the pieces during which a random anime woman appears, then the pieces fly back at them blowing up Bikini Bottom)
    Squidward: Where's my lemonade?!
    (SpongeBob shoves him along a conveyor belt and into a set of steel jaws, which kills both of them)
    Barnacle Boy: Holy crap, it's that sponge kid!
    Mermaid Man: Quick, lad! Activate Penis Blaster! *Fires 3 shots at SpongeBob, all of which get deflected by a force field*
    • "Folks, it seems we have a minor orgy going on in the kitchen."
    • SpongeBob and Sandy doing a cotton swab fight... On top of the Empire State Building.
    • The argument between the possessed Squidward and SpongeBob.
    Squidward: That lemon has three seeds in it. THAT'S A HOLY NUMBER! I can't eat anything holy-numbered!
    SpongeBob: You know, you're a dick.
    Squidward: You know, you're a cock. (beat) Fuck me!
    SpongeBob: Fine! (rubs Squidward's dick)
    Squidward: NO! NO! I was just kidding!
  • Candace Opens an Interdimensional Portal
    Isabella: Another strike!
    Phineas: That makes four in a row! Up yours, Buford!
    Baljeet: Yeah, what he said! *Buford's head suddenly starts changing directions at a rapid rate, then he spontaneously explodes*
    • "You could have killed me!" "Me, too!" "You could have killed millions!" "Me, too!" "Millions, dead!" "Me, too!" "EXTREME CLOSE UPPPPPP!!!!"
    • "Come visit delightful Danville! We have ass, milk, and smiles! Come to Danville, or else!"
      • Immediatly after that, Phineas says that what Danville really needs is a big dick. Cue a giant guy wearing an anti-internet freedom badge appearing infront of Danville...
    Phineas: No! That's not at all what I was thinking!
    • The disc that Perry played at a Mad Scientist convention to prevent Doofenshmirtz from noticing him is a dubstep that was made by some Medic. What happens after that...
    Doofenshmirtz: Spy! *4 Pyros immediatly surround Perry, then burn him to a crisp*
    Candace: What the f*** was that?
    Isabella: (dreamily) The magic of digital editing.
    • Also in that scene is how Candace enters Isabella's room (literally "barge"-ing in) and the image that shows Isabella's love for Phineas.
    • The brief Blipvert of Candace saying "Mom!"
    • Candace's reaction to Buford and Baljeet randomly showing up.
    Candace: Buford! Ugly Mess! What do you two want?
    Baljeet: I want to be laid!
    Buford: That's not gonna happen.
    Baljeet: Awww...
    Candace: Duh! What do you want, Buford?
    Buford: Like in the metaphysical sense? (Singing) IIIIIIIIII WAAAAAAAAANNNNTT (Stops singing) to see you in some sexy undergarments.
    Candace: Fine. Whatever.
    Mario: Oh-ho! Remember Me?
    • The fight between RED Team and Ciardha has some amusing moments, like Scout running around in a Ducky Momo costume, and RED Spy saving Isabella from being "photo-bombed" by BLU Spy.
    RED Spy: Go to hell, and take your cheap jokes with you!
  • Meet the Mario Head. Three minutes of pure genius.
  • In "Rolf Rapes Reality", Edd, of all people, kills Justin Bieber by belching. This immediately leads to a Caramelldansen dance party.
  • In the Christmas episode "The Nightmare before Christmas Who: Skellington's Revenge", all of the characters are giving their Christmas wishes to SpongeBob. When he gets to Chris, he asks him what he wants Santa to give him. Chris responds by asking Santa for a Playboy Magazine, to which SpongeBob tells him that he'll shoot his eye out. The scene then cuts to Chris being stuffed into a bottle.
    • In the same special, SpongeBob explains to Patrick that he invented a device that could be used to shoot the President. Cue the text explaining the scene away as a joke.
    • The Take That! at the U.S. government by having Squidward go back in time to the present (despite the Christmas special taking place a year before the video came out), which depicts the Capitol building with money pouring down and a sign reading "America, Inc.: $$$ > Human Life", all while Moar Krabs appears in the background.
      • A horrified Squidward looks at it, screams, and then returns to his own time and kicks the time machine into a trash can.
    • Patrick's Scream Discretion Shot when he's impaled on the Christmas tree.
    • The entire scene of SpongeBob going to Squidward to write a letter.
    SpongeBob: Don't worry, Squidward, I'll help you get started. Dear Mr. Crews, my beautiful chocolate muscle man...
    Squidward: SpongeBob, no.
    SpongeBob: You're right, too forward. (in subtitles) My luscious tentacles will make us the envy of all hentai. How's that?
    Squidward: NO!!! I'm not in love with Terry Crews, you moron!
    SpongeBob: But when Santa comes, you'll be the only one still dry.
    Squidward: How many times do I have to say it? I DON'T BELIEVE IN THE ILLUMINATI!
    SpongeBob: (eyes glowing with Illuminati symbols) Join us, Squid.
    • This exchange:
    Mayor: Jack, I got the weenies!
    Jack: F*** off, Mayor! I am doctoring!
    • Jack, who's high on cocaine and imagining himself as a sheep, jumps out the window directly above the Mayor who won't leave him alone.
    "I CAN FLY!"
    • SpongeBob asking Jack (who's disguised as Santa Claus) where his big, round belly is. Jack responds by grabbing him and saying: You naughty little shit! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME FAT?! SpongeBob apologizes out of fear, and Jack throws him down.
    • This is Halloween!
      • *kick*
    • This is a pretty clever joke as well:
    Fish: I could use a new hat!
    Soldier: Get in line, Canadian!
    • Mr. Krabs' wish.
    SpongeBob: What did you wish for?
    SpongeBob: Really?
    Mr. Krabs: So I can have their rear ends cut off and MOUNTED OVER ME...
    • "BIG PHONE!"
      • "What the hell man?!"
    • The scene where Sandy inexplicably melts after SpongeBob doused her with water in an attempt to save her from the assumed fire in her treedome.
    Christopher Walken: I don't know.
    (The Nostalgia Critic makes a quick cameo, and he is just as confused as the other two about the ordeal, so much so, that he holds up a sign with a picture of Skoadward on it. Cue Scare Chord).
    • The scene where The Nutcracker Suite is remixed to "Pootis".
    • After the Hiver is defeated and everyone comes back to life, Squidward pokes his head out of his house. This happens:
    Squidward: What's going on out here?
    *cue Santa Claus (now half-walrus) and Jack flying by Squid's house, now with a giant poop on top*
    Santa: Happy Halloween!
    Jack: Merry Christmas!
    Squidward: ...yep, I'm insane. *spazzes out*
  • Scout's 3-Way Date with a Decapitated Doctor
    • The true opening of the video after the prologue.
    Hoopla Kid: 'NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS INGONYAAAAAAAAAA-(gets hit by the team's truck'')
    • This exchange:
    Soldier: Question?
    Engineer: What's your question Soldier?
    Soldier: I teleported Russia to the moon.
    Engineer: What?
    Soldier: God told me to.
    Engineer: How high are you?
    Soldier: I've been doing nothing but Medic's Blow for three weeks.
    Medic: Idiot! That cost me a fortune!
    Scout's Mom: (wearing a bra that says "#1 MOM" and holding two bottles of beer) HEADS UP BOYS!!!!!
    I'ma bet you can't stand sex
    With Lu-i-gi!
    Luigi: Hey!
    • Spy teaching Scout the ways of dating...and then Scout fails.
    Scout: F*** it! I'll date myself!
    Spy: Yourself?
    Scout: (to another version of himself) Hey there, good-lookin'! (gets slapped by the Spy)
    Spy: Fried chicken tramp! You want to be your mother's lover? In earnest?
    Scout: What?
    Spy: (Shouts something incoherent)
    Scout: What?
  • The entirety of "YOUTUBE POOP IS DEAD," which is one big Take That! joke video making fun of YouTube users who criticize YouTube Poops that aren't "three minutes of garbage." MoBrosStudios' whiny, stereotypical nerdy voice through the video is what really sells it.
    • After all, it's a parody of a similar video called 90's Nick, which is about some guy making fun of 90's kids in the same fashion.
  • Mini YTP: Hentai Schoolgirls Pooping Gold. Not only does it make fun of Seitokai Yakuindomo's over-reliance on lame sex jokes, but Mo managed to take Hotel Mario, one of the most overused YTP sources and make it funny again.