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From the David Letterman era:

From the Seth Meyers era:

  • Jokes Seth Can't Tell finds some of its best moments in Refuge in Audacity:
    • For example, this:
      Seth: A recent study found that African-American boys are less likely to get access to gifted programs than their white classmates.
    • Shortly after, we have a story about the youngest African-American pilot to fly across the US.
      Amber: Aaaand he just got pulled over.
      (Beat as the audience groans)
      Seth: Bigger dicks, though.
    • And again:
      Seth: According to a recent trove of federal data, African-Americans are seeing a gain in life expectancy.
      Amber: Said police, "Sorry, we're trying our best."
    • Jenny's part in the sketch is usually to do All Women Are Lustful:
      Seth: The TV drama Person of Interest came under fire recently for killing off one of the show's lesbian characters.
      Jenny: It's unclear who killed her, but a few suspects have been fingered. [roguish smirk]
    • Except when she's also in her role of Token Latina:
      Seth: One point five million people attended the 59th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade this weekend in the streets of New York.
      Jenny: So that's why your building was so quiet!
      Seth: Now, wait, Jenny, the problem here is, you can't tell that joke.
      Jenny: Yes I can, 'cause I'm Puerto Rican.
      Seth: Oh really? Because you don't...look...
      Jenny: [stares at him] I don't look what?
      Seth: W—...Amber, do you think—
  • January 14, 2016: Seth had recently recaptured Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman de la Loera appear on the show portrayed by Horatio Sanz.
    • When El Chapo enters the show, he's seen warily looking around.
    • El Chapo also describes a conversation he had with his lawyer about Sean Penn's interview, and the two went at it in a back and forth over what movies Penn had been in - El Chapo has never seen any of his movies, and Penn hasn't been in any of Chapo's favorite movies.
    • El Chapo explains his meeting with Penn was to discuss making The El Chapo Movie, an animated kids movie about his life, in which he plays a bunny named "El Hopo". The character has long, floppy ears, a cute tail, and a drug empire. Seth insists that it doesn't sound like a kid's movie, and El Chapo compares it to Inside Out, in that while Riley had to find her joy, El Hopo has to find his rival, a dog named Pablo Escobar, and that El Hopo would shoot him in the head. When Seth continues to insist that it's not a kid-friendly movie, El Chapo quickly shuts him down, and says it is because he says it is.
    • When Seth asks El Chapo if he should be in prison right now, El Chapo giggles profusely and says "Oops! My bad, man!" Then la policia show up, and ask if Seth has seen El Chapo anywhere. Cut to El Chapo hiding his head under a lamp, and the cops fall for it. They then demand that if Seth sees El Chapo, that he tell him to come back to jail. It's like asking a rowdy teenager to come back home after going out with friends, only with a drug lord.
  • One segment of "Ya Burnt" featured then-presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, retitled as "Ya Bernt". One of his gags was describing income inequality, and then saying it made less sense than the plot of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even better is that Bernie is clearly not a comedian or an actor, so he's a bit wooden, but it arguably makes it even funnier.
  • Following the 2016 election, disgraced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has become one of the main Butt Monkeys of the show, especially during "A Closer Look".
    • When Seth brought up how Trump claimed that the culprit behind the DNC hacking could've been some 400 pound man sitting on his bed in New Jersey, Seth questioned if Trump was trying to frame Chris Christie for the attack.
    • Seth discusses the travel ban and mentions that someone immediately came running like a lapdog to defend Trump. Cut to Chris Christie giving an interview defending Trump. Seth declares that Christie must learn that the bridge to Trump's heart is closed, as a picture of Christie holding a sign that says "You deserve better Donald" in a parody of Love Actually.
    • When Trump joked about destroying a Texas lawyer's career for opposing him, Seth said that the perfect way to destroy someone's career is having them stand behind you as you give a speech.
    • On the topic of the odd bathrobe mix-up (in which a report stated that Trump spent his free time exploring the White House in a bathrobe, only for press secretary Sean Spicer to reject the report on the basis Trump doesn't own a bathrobe), Seth says a collector sent a photo of a younger Trump in a bathrobe to CNN. Seth wonders who's collecting pictures of Trump in a bathrobe... only for a picture of Chris Christie to be displayed.
  • Seth on Trump's superficial attempt to warn children on drugs
    Seth: I will rain hellfire on my enemies until no man but me is left standing on the burning heap of what was once civilisation. Also, say no to drugs, kids.
  • When the hosts of Fox and Friends flippantly laugh off the seriousness of Trump being reported as trying to fire Robert Mueller, Seth flat out says he expects them to praise Trump for "solving jaywalking" in the event that he shoots a random man in the street.
  • Myers dead-on accurate parodies of the numerous tropes consistently found in movies set in Boston, movies meant as Oscar Bait, and movies about journalism.