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Funny: Garfield and Friends


  • The entirety of Binky Gets Cancelled. The best part would be the mention of how Binky tried to get into politics, only to learn that Washington has enough clowns as it was.
    • From the second one: "MAH SHOW IS VERY EDUCATIONAL!"
    Boss: And what exactly does your show teach people? (Gets hit with a pie) I mean besides that.
    • BUDEAH BEARS? (The way Binky pronounced Buddy Bears)
      • Later on Binky tries to find work elsewhere. He tried hosting wrestling matches but he was so loud that wrestlers couldn't study their scripts and tied him up. Then he tries working at a library which works out as well as you'd think for Binky.
    Garfield: (After Binky is tossed out of the library) That job lasted a good eight minutes.
  • Nighty Nightmare: Random alien: "But of course, you will be Thanksgiving dinner for the entire planet of Clarion! And there will be plenty left for sandwiches the next day!"
  • The "Sam the Cat" cartoon featured in the episode "The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy". "Oh no! It's the STUPID DOG! Can we get rid of this STUUPID DOG?"
  • In the episode "Nothing to Sneeze At", after Garfield and Jon got kicked out of the movie theater for bothering the audience, the usher opened the entrance with Jon's plaid coat and yelled, "And take your coat! It's scaring folks!"
  • From one quickie:
    Jon (after seeing Garfield leave a puddle by his bed not knowing it was just Odie's drool): "Garfield! Bad!"
  • At the ending of "Good Cat, Bad Cat", 'Angel' Jon tells regular Jon, that Garfield's "Loyal and Devoted and he always does the right thing,-eventually".
    • Also this exchange in the same episode
    Garfield: "Now you've turned me into a liar, do you know what happens to liars"?
    Devil Garfield: "Yeah, they get jobs doing the weather."
  • In "Basket Brawl" the episode was about a basketball themed game of Jon and the others packing a picnic lunch without Garfield eating all the food first and the mice were the audience, sports host and cheerleaders. Everyone bounces the food like basketballs the goal for Jon's team is the picnic basket, Garfield's goal is his own mouth.
    Chick: You devoured an entire picnic. You've got to be proud.
    Garfield: I am, Chick. Real, proud. And I also like to say, this is probably the dumbest episode, we've done all season.
  • In "Rainy Day Dreams", when Garfield got a female home insurance saleslady, wet from cold rain water, before she took her hot shower, she said, "You know, Jon, with that cat around, you really need insurance."
  • In episode 33, in a quickie, Jon was trying to relax sitting in his soft chair with a bowl of popcorn, watching TV, then Garfield just came and did everything at speed, changing the channel, eating all the popcorn, putting the bowl on Jon's head, scratching the chair, then dancing away, facing you.
  • In "Skyway Robbery", Garfield, Jon and Odie are in a life or death situation in a plane(they got to learn to land it or they'll crash). They're in panic and their controller over the phone is a nonchalant big, fat guy, calmly eating spaghetti and meatballs while telling them how to land the plane.
    Controller: Pull back on the caneloni an ease up on your veal parmesean
    Garfield: Flying is easy when they tell you in a way that make sense.
  • In "Odie The Amazing" Odie accidentally conjures up a camel in the living room with his wand, then Garfield wakes up and does his morning routine while saying "Everyday it's the same routine, I get up, I walk under the camel, I go to the kitchen, walk back under the camel and, wait a minute let's see, I get up I walk under the camel, go into the kitchen walk back under the camel, UNDER THE CAMEL!?".
  • Video Airlines: The Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage Running Gag.
    • "You! You're not Sylvia! You're one of the Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage! 3!"
  • "Mistakes Will Happen" is really funny. Some memorable parts including the following:
    • The criminal becoming naked.
    • Garfield moving his mouth while saying "In all the years I've lived with Jon, I've never heard anything so foolish!" (referring to the haunted woods Jon mentioned at the beginning)
    • The scene where Jon blindly runs into a tree while covered in a white cloth. As he stumbles, the cloth is removed, revealing Jon to have a beard and a mustache while he says, "No, ladies, I'm not Tom Selleck, but I can understand how you can make that mistake."
    • Odie actually talking:
    Garfield: [meaning Jon] Can you believe Pete's trying to scare us like that?
    Odie: I don't know, I'm kinda scared.
  • In "The Genuine Article": Gabriel: Oh yeah, I'm real worried,talk about a bad hair day!
    Fake Jon: Gabriel, what did I tell you would I would do the next time I caught you kicking Ollie off the table?
    Gabriel: Make me watch all my favorite TV shows until I can't stand it any longer?"
    • Also, the "Gabriel and Friends" part.
      Garfield: He's got my merchandising!
  • The ending of "Change of Mind": "Oh, you're stealing my scary stuff idea too! Now I'm gonna sue you and Nermal both! And I'm gonna sue the guy who produces this show too, and also the Buddy Bears, and..."-(cut to quickie)
  • When Jon throws money like in the fantasy sequence he had at the end of "Magic, Monsters and Manicotti".
  • In "Knights And Daze", when Garfield thinks only dumb people watch the sport that Jon was going to compete in.
  • "Canned Laughter" has plenty.
    Garfield: Boy, they have machines now that do everything but dance the Can-Can! (he and Odie see a machine doing the Can-Can) Boy, they have machines now that do everything!
  • Every single line from the philosopher in "The Feline Philosopher" is hilarious, particularly "Or because you get 83 channels and they're all showing an infomercial for an automatic raisin machine?"
  • In "Housebreak Hotel", Garfield and Odie are left at what is supposed to be a luxurious pet hotel, only for Garfield to find himself locked in a tiny cage in a dark, prison-like room. He immediately starts kicking up a fuss:
    Hotel Owner: Quiet, cat, or we'll stick you in a worse room!
    Garfield: There's a worse room than this?! How? Is it on fire?
    • Later Garfield is eating a disgusting gray glop for dinner with another cat.
    Garfield: Hey careful, some of that is getting into your mouth. I'm going to complain, what's the worst they can do to me?
    Hotel Owner: Eat your dinner, cat!
    Garfield: I refuse to eat this! Wow, that's the first time I've ever said that!
  • Pretty much the entire episode "All About Odie". A few examples:
    • Garfield using a pie chart, made with actual pie, to represent Odie.
    • This question below:
    Garfield: Before we move on with the lecture, are there any questions?
    Man in audience: Yeah, is wrestling fixed?
    Garfield: I should've asked, "Are there any intelligent questions?"
    • Garfield talking about Odie chasing cars, particularly the exchange below:
    Man in audience: What does Odie do with a car when he catches one?
    Garfield: He buries it in the backyard.
    (audience laughs at him)
    Garfield: What're you laughing at? Don't you believe me?
    Woman in auidence: Nah, we don't believe you!
    Garfield: I can't believe my ears!
    Audience: (in unison) We can't believe your face!
    Garfield: Hey! I did not come here to be insulted!
    Man in audience: Oh, where do you usually go?
  • Garfield drives off an alien invasion (wherein the aliens are disguised as ventriloquist dummies) with termites and then delivers this gem.
    Garfield: "Well, Odie, I saved the world again. But do you think I'll ever get credit for it?"
  • The entirety of "Top Ten", featuring Top Ten List on subjects such as "Why Jon's Dates Fail" and "Garfield's Most Hated Foods".
  • From "Garfield Goes Hawaiian": "Polly can do impersonations!"
  • In "Peace and Quiet", when Jon finds out that Garfield stayed up all night watching TV.
    TV: And that concludes our 14-hour documentary, "Your Friend the Coat Hanger". Tune in next week for our 16-hour investigative report: "Cotton Swabs: A Blessing or a Curse?"
  • In "Mystic Manor":
    Jon: Well, guys, how would you like to experience something reaaaalllll scary?
    Garfield: Mmm... Jon's gonna sing.
    Jon: Something soooooo spooky, you'll never get over it?
    Garfield: He's gonna sing and dance.
    (Odie covers his ears and whimpers)

U.S. Acres

Season One

  • "Wanted: Wade!" had these:
    • "HEY ORSON! IS THIS YOUR PAPER UNDER THE SOFA?", due to the way Wade says the last word, and because he pointed his middle finger at the tag for a few seconds.
    • Wade singing "Bedtime's every night at nine" on key, but then going off key during the musical sequence.
    • Two of the signs in the musical sequence read "No John Wayne Impersonations" and "No Yogurt".
    • Wade imagines himself in court with Orson as a judge:
    Orson: I sentence you to 9999 years in prison!
    Wade: Whew! At least I didn't get life.
    • The cellmate's reaction to Wade ripping the tag off a pillow.
    First criminal: I've robbed 50 banks and 60 gas stations.
    Second criminal: Yeah? Well, I robbed 70 banks, see, and 90 gas stations. And I stole the Klopman Diamond. What Are You in For?
    Wade: Uh, I tore a tag off a pillow.
    (the criminals run for the bars and scream for help)
    • Orson, Wade, and Roy panicking and breaking down the wall of Roy's house and running away after hearing a police officer ordering them to come out with their hands up. Turns out it's only Booker imitating a police officer. Sheldon asks him if he thinks that was very nice and Booker replies, "Oh, c'mon. What harm can it do?" Then we cut away to Orson, Wade, and Roy still running like hell.
  • In episode 3, "Banana Nose", Wade expresses how heartbroken he was about Roy's departure:
    Orson(reading Roy's letter): Dear everyone, I thought I had friends here. I guess I was wrong. Don't worry, you'll never see my banana nose here, again. Goodbye. Sighed Roy parentheses, Banana Nose.
    • (Of course Wade then felt ashamed about it, once Orson pointed it out.)
    • Also, "Me be a pirate!", because it sounds like Engrish.
  • Episode 4, "Shell Shocked Sheldon". Roy and Wade repeatedly fighting if Roy was out or safe.
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUT!
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUT!
    Roy: SAFE!
    • And we see them again fighting about the same thing and through night fall.
    • At the end of Orson's song about helping Sheldon to hatch
    Orson(singing):...I wonder what you will look like? I wonder what you will be? We'll finally put a face with your name...maybe you'll look like me.
    Sheldon: Are you trying to scare me?!
    • Back to Roy and Wade, still having the 'Out/safe' fight. Fortunately, they weren't stupid enough to overlook that the fox went past them with the Kidnapped Sheldon, like the fox might've thought.
    • When the gang were behind the bushes, near the fox, to rescue Sheldon
    Wade(whispers): Out.
    Roy(whispers): Safe.
    Wade(whispers): Out.
    Roy(whispers): Safe.
    • When Sheldon was saved.
    Orson(to Sheldon): ...but don't worry, you're safe.
    Wade: OUT!
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUT!
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUT!
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUT!
    • In the morning, when Sheldon was hatching,
    Wade: He's almost out!
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUT!
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUT!
    Roy: SAFE!
    Wade: OUUUUT!
  • In "Wade: You're Afraid", when Roy manage to break Wade of his hypnotization by closing the book(literally) on Wade's head. He also did in the comic strip, thought slightly differently.
  • In episode 6, in a quickie when Roy tried to help Wade stand up to Lanolin. This was also a strip.
    • The new game rule about making Arnold Schwarzenegger out of coleslaw. Like the "Wanted: Wade" example, the way he says the celebrity's name is funny, and it's not often you hear celebrity jokes in Garfield and Friends. This joke was so funny that YouTube kept the episode up longer than the other episodes due to this, according to the episode's uploader.
  • In "The Worm Turns", Roy pranking Wade by inflating his inner tube. This was also in the strip The Wade thought everything and everyone else shrunk. Then Roy came with Wade's hugely inflated tube and pointed out to Wade to pay attention to things and think before acts. Too bad Roy didn't take his own advice when he unplugged Wade's tube and it went flying in the air with Roy like an inflating balloon.
  • In "Return of Power Pig", even though Wade was sincerely upset, when he thought Roy was decapitated, he said this line, "Oh No! Roy's head! And he hadn't even used it yet!" Followed by Roy walking to Wade, frowning at him and Wade realizing Roy's alive and heard him, grinned sheepishly at him.
  • In "Short Story", when Orson's mean brother trapped him and his in the silo, after being stuck in there in less then a minute:
    Roy(walking over to Wade): Wade, it's too soon for that kind of theatrics.
    Wade: I was just getting an early start.
  • In "National Tapioca Pudding Day", it was more likely of the principle of not getting a present, but it was still very funny:
    Roy(seeing Wade walking near him with a present): Present for me, Wade?
    Wade(walks past him): Oh, no, no. No. This is for my good and truly friend, Orson.
    Roy(jealous): Oh...The pig gets a present and I don't?(walks away)Well, see if I care.(marching back to Wade's direction) Of course I care.
  • In "Shy Fly Guy", When Wade and Fred Duck meet for the first time...despite being related.
    Fred Duck: Hi, Cousin! Fred Duck! Awful glad to meet you! Nice place you got here! How's tricks?!
    Wade: Who are you?...
    • Orson stuck in an unstoppable tractor.
    Orson: I HAD to refill the gas tank!
    (The others running after the tractor, trying to rescue Orson)
    Bo: We're coming to save you, Orson!
    Roy: Yeah! As if we really know what to do!

Season Two
  • In the episode, "The Impractical Joker"
    Roy: Hey, Wade, do you know what's red and green and covered with fur and has eight legs?
    Wade: Uh, no what?
    Roy: I don't know either, but there's one on your shoulder.
    Wade: AHHH! Oh, get it off! Get it off!
    • When Roy got fired:
    Sheldon: We could do worse.
    Wade: How?
    Booker:Like that friend of yours, Wade. That duck that came by last year.(Wasn't that his cousin, Wade didn't know he had, not his 'friend'?)
    Wade: Oh, Fred Duck. Yeah, he was annoying.
    • When Roy got his job back:
    Roy(trying to sound sincere): Sheldon, I'm sorry I said you were so dull, you could put coffee to sleep.(trying not to laugh)And Booker, I'm sorry I said you were so short, Show White could give you hand-me-downs.(again, trying not to laugh) And Wade, I'm Sorry I said(giggles)..I said you were so cowardly you(laughs) ought to borrow a spine(laughing)And-and Lanolin, I-(can't go on and left, laughing so hard. Lanolin and the chicks were not amused)
    Wade(wearily): Nice to have Roy back, isn't it?...(The others glare at Wade, while he smile, sheepishly.)
  • In the episode, "Grabbity", when Roy was disguise as a TV news reporter, pranking Wade:
    Roy: This just in: The law of grabbity has been repealed.
    Wade: WHAT?!
    Roy: You heard me. Today, a bunch of very important people, who can do anything they want to, repealed the law of grabbity. They also repealed the law of the jungle, the law of diminishing returns, the law of supply and demand and several rules of thumb.
  • In "Scrambled Eggs" when Roy pranked Wade with sneezing powder in his sleep.
  • In "Fortune Kooky" Roy with his Paper-Thin Disguise as a fortune teller, pranking Wade:
    Roy(to Wade): Ah, web footed one, I am Swami Bugwanna, mystic seer of the future. Would you like to hear your fortune?
    Wade: Yes, oh please, Swami, sir.
    Roy: Then let me read a fortune cookie.(takes one from Wade's picnic basket, eats the cookie and reads the fortune)You will be caught in a rainstorm and then pummeled and harmed, by a wild ape who wants to tap dance in potato salad.
    Wade: That is the most ridiculous fortune, I've ever heard Swami.(Wade conveniently has his head turned as Roy puts a hose up a tree near Wade and turns the hose on)It's a beautiful sunny day(water from the hose pours down on him) It's, it's raining!
    Roy(in an ape suit): Can I dance in your potato salad?
    '''Wade(gives the basket to Roy): Take it! I'm too young to be pummeled and harmed!(runs off)
  • In "Goody-Go-Round", a cute and funny scene when Lanolin when rolling on the rolling pin while holding two pies:
    Orson(heroic voice): Don't worry, Lanolin! I'll save you!(runs to the shed, came back out as "Power Pig")Power Pig to the rescue!
    Lanolin: Oh, now I'm really in trouble.(both crashed into each other)
    • When Orson pulled a What the Hell, Hero? scene when he asked why everyone's fighting and instead of letting them answer, he goes and insult them through song. It was the last line that made it funny:
    Orson(singing):...Booker's not a half-pint. He's at least a pint, my friend. Roy's more than a feather duster but not as smart as a pig. Lanolin's not obnoxious. It's just that her mouth is so big. Bo, you're better than a cotton swab, even if you are a nerd. Wade's not a coward except for the fact that he's afraid of a cottage cheese curd. Sheldon's not a rotten egg. Maybe just soft-boiled.(HEY! Sheldon didn't even do anything, you jerk!)Let's take back everything we said and not let our friendship be spoiled.
    Lanolin, Bo, Booker, Roy, Wade(angry): AND WE DON'T MEAN TO CALL YOU FAT!!
    • The ending when Usagi pulled a prank on Rei with a sandwi-ahem, sorry wrong duo and show. When Wade pulled a prank on Roy by giving him the really hot chewing gum(that was originally Roy's). What was ironic was that Roy was ready to point out that it wasn't fair that everyone got that they want but Wade. Then fire and smoke came out of his mouth and he ran off screaming.
  • In "Double Oh Orson", in the casino diner, how all the enemies(off screen) try to hit Double Oh Orson with thrown weapons but miss, including trying to place a poison pill in his drink but with bad timing.
    • Also, Lanolin's accent is funny. However, after she says "Follow me, Double Oh Orson!" she snaps out of it for some reason and talks in her normal voice.
    • Double Oh Bo appearing to be frozen in a block of ice.
    • All the "license to kill" puns, like Double Oh Orson pouring a soda and overflowing his cup (license to spill), and the aforementioned scene above, a "license to chill".
  • In "Show Stoppers", Orson, in the talent show fails to wow the audience with his jokes so he announced he'll do a little dance:
    Roy(in the audience): Oh, Don't. My earthquake insurance isn't paid up.
    Orson: I am not fat! I have a body of a superb athlete!
    Roy: Well, give it back. You're getting it all stretched out of shape.
    Orson(trying to whisper to Roy): Roy, aren't you supposed to be selling tickets at the door?
    Roy: What? And miss my chance to heckle you, Pignose? I'm on a roll.
    Orson(angry): Well, in that case, I won't dance.(The audience cheered for that, with Orson getting more angry turned 'big and growling monster like' which shut them up.)
    • Booker's and Sheldon's act:
    Booker: Hey, Sheldon, what do you get when you cross a lasagna-loving cat with a bunch of zany farm animals?
    Sheldon: You get picked up for another season.(Note that A: this episode was in the second season and B: the show was originally going to be U.S. Acres exclusive, but the producers wouldn't pick it up until and unless they added Garfield to it..)
    • When Orson's brother threw lots of vegetables at him on stage:
    Roy(to Wade both behind the stage): How's it going?
    Wade: Well, either he's bombing or he's doing a great impression of a salad bar.
  • In "Rooster Revenge" at the end when Roy thought he pulled a huge prank on Orson, then he thought it was the Ranger. Trying to describe the look on his face doesn't do that joke justice. plus when it was Lanolin in disguise as the Ranger.
  • In "First Aid Wade", in Wade's dream, the end of Orson's song, "...He'd(a doctor)never hurt you on purpose, but (Doctor)Roy here might." With Doctor Roy looking at Wade...Now all that's missing is Doctor Roy saying to Wade, "Relax...I'm a Doctor."
    Orson: What a minute. You're not a surgeon Roy.
    (Doctor)Roy: I operated on a man just yesterday.
    Orson: For what?
    Roy: For 900 dollars.
    Orson: No, no. What did the man have?
    Roy: 900 dollars.
    Orson: No, I mean what did you remove?!
    Roy(playing with a ball and paddle): The 900 dollars.
    Orson: No! What was his complaint?!
    Orson and Roy: The 900 dollars.
    Orson:OK Roy, you carve.
    Doctor)Roy: Let's operate on the Duck.(To Wade)OK, we're taking out your tonsils.(Wasn't this about Wade's "broken" leg?)
    Wade: I don't need my tonsils taken out!(runs away)
    Roy: Hey, I've never lost a patient and I don't aim to start now!(runs after Wade, which lead to the Scooby-Dooby Doors.)
  • In "Mud Sweet Mud", Wade was raking the leaves and made a couple of large piles. Roy planned to jump on one of the piles... only to end getting hit/flattened by a blouder size rock hiding under a pile of leaves. With Wade remaining calmly humming and raking the leaves. Makes you wonder if Wade planned that, on purpose?
  • In "Origin of Power Pig", when Wade was explaining to himself that he worries too much and that there's no danger while failing to notice Orson's mean brother's Paper-Thin Disguise as a hen and a tree (one of them was just holding two branches).
    • This picturesque exchange, incredibly hilarious as well as a textbook demonstration of the involved characters' personalities:
    Wade: Oh, Hi Roy.
    Roy: Wade, listen carefully.
    Wade: Uh, huh.
    Wade: I understand.
    Roy: What I will say next is the lie.(clears throat)Oh, look, Wade, giant knackwursts are attacking us.
  • In "Barn of Fear" when the gang stayed in a spooky abandoned barn for the night.
    Wade: Do you hear anything?
    Roy: Why? Do you?
    Wade: Nope.
    Roy: Hold it. Do you realize what we all sound like?
    Wade: What?
    Roy:We sound like you.
    Wade: Oh. That bad.
    • When one of Orson's brother's Wart disguised of a ghost had Roy and Wade cornered and asked 'Who will be the first to go?', this was these two wonderful, dear friends' reactions,
    Wade(pushing Roy, ahead): You go, first!
    Roy(pushing Wade, ahead): No, you.
    (This action goes on for several more seconds)
    Wade:...After you.
    Wade: You.
    Roy: First.
    Wade: Second!
    Roy: Third!
  • In "Swine Trek", when Lanolin was trying to make a sick Orson more comfortable in bed by covering him up with the blanket and fluffing his pillow....she did it too roughly and hilarity ensued.
  • This part from "Nothing to be afraid of.":
    Roy: Wade! Giant lobsters from outer space are stalking us all with drawn butter!
    Wade: Oh! I've been worried about that! Help! Oh, help!(runs off)Giant lobsters from outer space! major crustacean alert! Help me!
    Roy:(laughs)This is the fourteenth time I've done this to him today. I love it.
  • After the last crummy episode mentioned above, we're given a much better, more funnier episode, "Hogcules II", There's far too many to list, but here's a few examples like when Rei and Usagi-ahem, Roy and Wade were fighting again(this time about the grain mess).
    Wade: It's not my fault. Roy did it. Let him clean it up.
    Roy: You opened the door, Wade.
    Wade: You tricked me! It's your fault.
    Roy: You were stupid enough to let me trick you. You should get the blame.
    Wade: You are the tricker, I am the trickee!
    Roy: Don't try to duck out of this, Haha!
    Wade: Cheap shot, rooster!
    • It was also very funny how in Orson's dream, Roy and Wade were a two-headed giant(Wade's inner tube head even had a Roy head next to him to interact with).
    Wade: You tricked me!
    Roy: You were stupid enough to let me trick you!
    Wade(arguing about the bird bath): You said we were going to play pool. Instead, we come back with a 'swimming' pool.
    Roy: I want to go swimming.
    Wade: I hate the water!
    • At the end, when Roy and Wade were cleaning up the grain, one looking at the other and cleaning up faster to not let the other look better.
  • In "Little Red Riding Egg", Roy kept messing up his role/lines(as the wolf) to the point where they had to make many takes.
    Bo: Little Red Riding Egg, take...oh, I have absolutely no idea, man.
    • Wade(as the "helpless" Grandma) didn't hesitate giving the fox(who Wade thought was Roy as the wolf) a couple injuries(stepping on his foot). Then Roy(bound and gagged from the fox) warning Wade, it's a fox.
  • Roy being offended at "chicken jokes" during the musical number in the episode "Hamelot".
  • In "Flop Goes The Weasel", when Wade (not Roy) is hanging out with the chickens. Made more funnier when Roy saw this and was like 'WHAT THE HECK?!'
    Roy: You? Brave? You used to put on a parachute to stand on tiptoe.
    Wade: You are just jealous of my courage.
    Roy: Your courage? Ha! I laugh in your face. Ha! Haha! This is me laughing in your face.
    Wade: You cannot laugh in the face of someone truly heroic as I am!
  • In "Peanut-Brained Rooster":
    Roy(dressed as a cowboy, running torwards Wade): Quick, Wyatt Earp! The James Boys are robbing the stagecoach!
    Wade: The haa..are robbing what??
    Roy: The James Boys! I'll try to head them off at the pass. You go get the posse.(takes Wade's bag of peanuts) Let me have the bag of peanuts.
    Wade: Right, I'll get the posse! You get the peanuts and I'll get the posse!(runs away) Help, help! The James Boys are robbing the stagecoach!............(marching back in realization) Wait a minute, I'm not Wyatt Earp.
    Roy(laughs): What an oxymoron.
    Wade(runs back towards Roy, takes the peanuts back): Hold on Rooster! You take me for the fool that I am! These are my personal peanuts.
    Roy(kneeling, begging): Please let me have just one peanut. Please, please pleaeese?
    Wade: No one can eat just one peanut.
    Wade: ...Here you go, Roy. Uno peanuto.(Roy eats one peanut then leaves)Gee, I didn't think he could do it.
    • Of course, Roy couldn't have just one and quickly went back to Wade who shared it with the other farm animals.
    Roy(ran back to Wade, begging): Wade, you were right, I was wrong! Let me have another peanut, please! Pretty, please! Please, please please!(Wade gives him the peanut bag)It's empty!
    Wade: I must've given booker the last one. Sorry, Roy.
    • Later on, being deprived of peanuts and looking for them, drove Roy to Sanity Slippage. And when he was looking for some peanuts in the haystack and gotten a long splinter stuck in his wing, he was yelling out certain words. We couldn't hear him but the forth wall put a sign infront of him, saying censored which meant he was swearing.

  • "Deja vu, the sensation that you are doing something you have done before."
  • Episode 40, in the quickie with Roy's Lemonade Stand:
    Roy: Step right up. All the lemonade you can drink for a dime!
    Wade(giving him the dime): Here you are, good merchant, a dime.
    Roy(gives him a glass of lemonade): Here you go, Ducko.
    Wade(drinks the whole glass): More lemonade, please.
    Roy: That will be another dime.
    Wade: Your sign says 'All you can drink for a dime.'
    Roy: Well, that's all you can drink for a dime.(laughs as Wade walks away mad.)

  • In "Cock-A-Doodle Duel", Wade's reaction of Roy quitting and moving away. "Oh, That's awful! That's Terrible! Can I have his room?" He asked the same thing in "Banana Nose".

  • In the episode 42 quickie with Wade looking at himself in the mirror in disgust:
    Wade(running to Roy): Roy, quick. look in the mirror and tell me what you see.
    Roy(confused): ....My face.
    Wade: Thank Heavens. I thought it was mine. Yucko, icky, yeesh!
    Roy: ....

  • In "Much Ado about Lanolin", When Lanolin(Lanolina) appeared:
    Booker: Is that the real Lanolin or the imaginary Lanolin?
    Sheldon: She's not yelling. Must be the uh, the imaginary Lanolin.

  • In "Read Alert", Orson gets carried away with his imagination when he reads books. It was so funny when lots of stuff happened to both Roy and Wade, like running away from a giant, a huge dinosaur, an alien ship blasting rays at the two. It was one of those 'Roy and Wade go though heck and back' scenes. Luckily Roy manage to stop this by giving Orson a coloring book.

  • In "Quack to the future", where the gang ended up going back through time all the way to an earlier Garfield cartoon.

  • In "Mystery Guest", how about everybody was so stupid not to realize that the Mystery Guest was Garfield. Not even Jon Arbuckle was able to figure out who this guest was.

  • In "The Legal Eagle", Roy(as a Deputy) arresting the other animals and then to Wade:
    Roy: Doing a double-take without a permit! That's a 593.
    Wade: (running off)HELP! Rooster with a badge! Help!
    Roy(appearing out the waller): Hey, there's a 9-mile-per-hour speed limit passing a hog waller.(Wade hiding in the scarecrow. Roy's also in the scarecrow.)
    Roy: Exceeding legal maximum occupancy of a scarecrow. That's a 240.(Wade excapes out of the scarecrow and hides in a pumpkin.)
    Roy(comes out of the water): Impersonating a hubbard squash. That's a 666!
    Wade(head pops out of the pumpkin): I give up! Take me in! Lock me up and throw away the key!
    • Orson trying to talk some sense into Deputy Roy:
    Bo(in jail): Orson will do it! Orson will get us out of here, man.
    Lanolin(also in jail): You really think so Bo?
    (Orson thrown in jail behind them, in a striped jail suit)
    Bo(blunt): No.
    • Once everybody learned The rules in "Farm Laws" book was outdated since 1889, making the laws invalid:
    Orson: Who started all this anyway! (everybody glares at Orson) Oh...That's right.

  • From "The Wolf Who Cried Boy": "Or we'll make sure the farmer's wife gets a new feather duster-YOU!" for two reasons: One, the whole fate for Roy is funny and second, Lanolin is making derp eyes while saying this.
    • The scene where Wade hides in a tube. The way he looks is funny, and also, he mispronounces the word "there".
  • In Temp Trouble, there are a lot of these. Being it a Roy and Wade interacting episode, alot of moments were funny, including:
    Roy: How many times have I been proven untrustworthy?
    Wade: I don't know, what show number is this?

    • Roy becoming naked after getting scared by a jack in the box.
    Aloysius: Making fun of my waistline? That's not right!
  • In "The Discount of Monte Cristo", after Aloysius tells that animators get payed 100 dollars per week, a sound that sounds like he pooped or farted plays.
    Aloysius: "I fired them!"
    • Them doing a Take That at Aloysius by doing a play where he is stranded on an island with nothing.
    • In the Spanish version, during the scene where Orson is fed up with Aloysius, Orson yells "Basta!" and Aloysius cries.
  • In Kiddie Korner, the U.S. Acres regulars try to find a nursery rhyme to perform that won't offend Aloysius's sensibilities:
    Roy: Boy, this is the most violent episode we've ever had!
    Orson: All these rhymes have death and people falling down and breaking their crowns!
    • We also have this line by Aloysius Pig: "This is a cartoon show, NOT Masterpiece Theater!"
    • The Da-Dum sound coming on while Orson reads Aloysius Pig's card, since it sounded like he said a curse word.
    • Aloysius poking Orson with his hat.
    • In the Spanish version of this episode: "La pequena Lou, se sento en su poo". This means "The Little Lou sat in his poo" in English. It's funny when you think about it!
    • "Go away! I'm programming the fall schedule!" "But Mr. Aloysius..."
    • Aloysius' chase scene at the end.
  • How about Roy and Wade continuously amending the ending to Rumpelstiltskin in "The Name Game"?
    Roy: But before the miller's daughter miller's son duck-son could say the name, a hurricane came up!
    Orson: A hurricane!?
    Roy: Yes, a hurricane. And it blew the duck away, so he couldn't take his VCR back.
    Wade: Uno momento! Then, a spaceship came by! And it rescued the handsome duck and flew him back to reclaim his VCR.
    Roy: But the rooster was determined to get it back with the aid of his trained dinosaurs!
    Orson: Trained dinosaurs? Where did the trained dinosaurs come from?
    Roy: Same place all those ninjas came from.
    Wade: But then the Third Marine Division landed with their Anti-Trained Dinosaur Squadron.
    Roy: But the Mole People were too smart for the Marines!

  • Here are a few lines from 'Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarves, Part 1'.
    • —> (Imaginary)Lanolin(as the evil Queen): Mirror, act like Honest Abe, and tell me who's the most fabulous babe?!
    • The "No, I'm (adjective)!" running gag with the 77 Dwarves.
    • Cloe: Yeah! That Wicked Queen is very dumb! (Queen Lanolin peeks out from behind the tree Orson, Booker, Sheldon, and Cloe pass.)
    • Queen Lanolin (staring at the audience): If you want anything done in this world, you gotta do it yourself!
    • "No, Departing's right over here. Oh, he left." This is funny because the dwarf sounded like he said "laughed" instead of "left".
      • Made funnier in the Spanish version, where it sounds like he is saying "Soufflé" instead of "Su fue", or "He left".
    • Old Hag Lanolin: "Poison apple, my dear?" Snow Wade: "Oh, I'll try anything that's free!" Snow Wade: (as he is about to die) "Uh oh, I'm doomed...." Doomed: "No, I'm Doomed." (Snow Wade dies)

  • And here are some from Snow Wade's second part:
    • The beginning where Bo was just calmly walking by, then he sees Orson chasing Roy, with Roy yelling, "No! I will not kiss Wade!", and Bo's expression was like, Um..What??
    • "I knew this was a girl's story!"
    • Anytime Queen Lanolin said "NO!" to Snow Wade.

  • In Uncle Roy To The Rescue, when the weasel threatens to eat the audience.

  • Here are some from The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck:
    • When Roy cries when he receives only one piece of fanmail and we see Bo driving a whole truck of fanmail meant for Wade Duck.
    • When Paul Revere's Duck gets creeped out by a roach.
    • When Wade gets scared of "imitating reality" at the end of the episode.

  • In "Winter Wonderland", to try to snap Orson out of the summer fantasy sequence he is having, the weasel turns on the radio and plays a weather broadcasts, making Orson look scared.
    • The ending, when they leave the weasel stranded in the water, and they tell him it was all a fantasy, leaving him cold.

  • In "Holiday Happening", when Roy calls Wade a "fruit-face" after he asks why everyone is throwing pies at him.
    • The chase scene near the end:
    Roy: Just look at the good side of it, duck, your face will be lemon-fresh!
    • Roy's reaction to being punished.

  • Anytime Sheldon yells "BORING!" in response to a story.

  • In "A Mildly Mental Mix-Up", when on the game show, Roy responds incorrectly to the question "Who is the main character of Garfield and Friends" by saying that he is. This is funny because he still got it correct, although that we all know the main character of the show is Garfield.
  • From the episode "Much Ado About Orson", sorry, I meant "A Little Time Off":
    • Lanolin: "I'm sitting on an orange crate in the middle of the barnyard junk heap with four jerks."
    • Wade's "Wild Blue Yonder song", because he sang off sync with the music and forgot the lyrics at the end.
    • Lanolin attacking the weasel as a cowgirl.
  • In "Orson's Diner", Orson tells Roy that if Roy asks for something they can't make, than he will get free food for a month. The first two attempts fail. Then Roy does a long and ridiculous request...
    Roy: I'd like an alligator-cheese sandwich made with cheese from an alligator named Cynthia, I want it with lettuce grown in Northern Bolivia and picked on Memorial Day, I want it served on rye bread with exactly 71 caraway seeds per slice, and I want a pickle in the shape of Muncie, Indiana. note 
    Orson: Very good. One #8!
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