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Funny: Garfield Specials
  • In Here Comes Garfield, apparently the Pleasure Motors commercial is on every channel.
    Announcer: You know Pleasure Motors- *click* You know Pleasure Motors is conveniently located right here in Downtown- *click* Of course, if you can't make it to our Downtown location, we have new locations under construction up in Midtown- *click* Uptown- *click* and in the Loop! *click* At Pleasure Motors, your business is our pleasure! *click* Our pleasure is your business! *click* Our pleasure is none of your business! *click*
  • From the Christmas special, Garfield trying out some sausage gravy which, unbeknownst to him, was spiked by Jon's grandmother with chili powder. It turns Garfield into essentially a flamethrower.
    Garfield: Perfect!
  • In Garfield's Halloween Adventure/Garfield in Disguise:
    • "All that candycandycandycandy...Steady yourself, Garfield."
    • "We be at the mercy of the sea, matey! Topside, topside, batten the hatches! Trim the mains, slip the sheets! FLIBBER THE JIBBETS! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!"
    • The best (or worst) alarm clock ever:
    • This bit by Binky:
    Binky: Remember, kids: if you don't exercise with Binky, you're gonna to grow up to be worthleeeess!
    Garfield: I hate you, Binky! Where's my remote control?
    Garfield: Me thinks you be a might stingy with your candy, miss. If you don't reconsider your contribution I'll give your living room drapes a taste of me broadsword.
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