* In Here Comes Garfield, apparently the Pleasure Motors commercial is on every channel.
--> '''Announcer''': You know Pleasure Motors- *click* You know Pleasure Motors is conveniently located right here in Downtown- *click* Of course, if you can't make it to our Downtown location, we have new locations under construction up in Midtown- *click* Uptown- *click* and in the Loop! *click* At Pleasure Motors, your business is our pleasure! *click* Our pleasure is your business! *click* Our pleasure is none of your business! *click*
** Moments before that, when Jon asks where Odie, Garfied mimes the entire scene from before (how they harassed a grumpy old man who calls the dogcatcher, who then takes away Odie).
-->'''Jon:''' You got fleas, or something?\\
'''Garfield:''' ''(grabs Jon's face)'' What we have here is a failure to communicate.\\
''[Garfield pats Jon's cheeks, then slaps him]''
** Garfield waking Jon up... First pulling his blanket off him, then opening up one eye, then tap-dancing on his head, and when none of these works, he grabs Jon by the cheeks and shakes him until he wakes up.
-->'''Jon:''' STOP!
-->'''Garfield:''' Good morning, sunshine! And welcome to another fun-filled day with your favorite pet!
-->'''Jon:''' I supposed you want breakfast.
-->'''Garfield:''' That'd be great! ''[runs off]''
-->'''Jon:''' [[SarcasmMode I'm so happy to own a cat.]]
** This dialogue at the beginning:
-->'''Jon:''' What would you like for breakfast, Garfield?\\
'''Garfield:''' Oh, a cup of coffee, Danish, morning paper.\\
'''Jon:''' OK, one bowl of catfood coming right up.\\
'''Garfield:''' Nobody listens anymore.
** Quite a few bits were taken directly from the early strips. For example, when Jon hears a loud banging...
-->'''Jon:''' Uh oh, Garfield wants in.\\
''(Jon begins to walk, then runs, and reaches the door just as it comes crashing off its hinges onto him, with Garfield on the other side)''\\
'''Garfield:''' When I want in, I want in ''now!''
* From the Christmas special, Garfield trying out some sausage gravy which, unbeknownst to him, was spiked by Jon's grandmother with chili powder. It turns Garfield into [[FireBreathingDiner essentially a flamethrower]].
-->'''Garfield:''' Perfect!
** Grandma's "eating for two" quip and Dad's look of shock after nodding obliviously for a few seconds.
* In ''Garfield's Halloween Adventure''/''Garfield in Disguise'':
** "All that candycandycandycandy...Steady yourself, Garfield." Jim Davis said that this was his favorite line in all of the specials.
** "We be at the mercy of the sea, matey! Topside, topside, batten the hatches! Trim the mains, slip the sheets! FLIBBER THE JIBBETS! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!"
** The best (or worst) alarm clock ever:
-->'''Binky:''' HEEEEEY, KIIIIIIDS!
--> '''Garfield''': *catapults awake* DWAHH!!!
** This bit by Binky:
-->'''Binky:''' Remember, kids: if you don't exercise with Binky, you're gonna to grow up to be ''worthleeeess!''\\
'''Garfield:''' I hate you, Binky! Where's my remote control?
** After zapping away Binky just after Binky mentioned this is the night you can "get a lot of candy", Garfield realizes what he just said and tries to find the channel again.
--> '''Garfield''': Wait a minute, did he say we could get a lot of candy tonight?! Binky, come back to me old buddy!!
** One more bit by Binky, after Garfield learns about this being the night to get candy:
-->'''Binky:''' That's right, kids! ''Tonight'' is Halloween night! And we want to be in ''great'' shape to trick-or-treat for all that CANDY! ''Don't weeeeee?''\\
'''Garfield:''' ''(ecstatic)'' ''Yes, we dooooooo!!!''
** "[[TemptingFate But the one thing I'm not is a scaredy cat]]. ([[{{Beat}} beat]]) [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!]] [[HypocriticalHumor AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!]]"
--->'''Backup singers:''' (quickly) "[[IronicEcho The one thing he's not is a scaredy cat!]]"
** Garfield threatening the woman who only gave him and Odie a single piece of candy, complete with pirate voice. [[spoiler:It works and they both get a big pile.]] Even funnier in that Garfield doesn't really talk, yet he succeeds anyway.
-->'''Garfield:''' Me thinks you be a might stingy with your candy, miss. If you don't reconsider your contribution I'll give your living room drapes a taste of me broadsword.
** For some reason, Odie decided to wear ''four'' peg legs as part of his pirate costume. He can barely walk in them.
-->'''Garfield:''' I be Orangebeard the Pirate, cap'n, and this be my first mate, Odie-The-Stupid!
-->''[Odie walks in with four peg legs and promptly falls over]''
-->'''Garfield:''' You be having a mite too many peg-legs there, matey...
* ''Garfield's Thanksgiving'':
** The entire sequence where the talking scale mistakes Garfield for Creator/OrsonWelles.
** Jon trying to figure out what to wear for his date with Liz, which has him dressing up like a ballerina, a gorilla, and even {{Popeye}}. And then when he finally realizes that he should just dress like himself, [[EpicFail he winds up forgetting to wear pants]].
** Jon preparing the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. This involves him failing to put it out overnight to thaw, not bothering to make stuffing, misreading the direction to "Rub skin with butter" by rubbing butter on ''[[LiteralMinded his own skin]]'', and [[OvenLogic setting the oven on 500 degrees rather than the requested 325 degrees]].
** Jon driving out of control and repeatedly bumping into the sidewalk, due to Garfield panicking that they're going to the vet.
* ''Garfield: His 9 Lives''
--> '''Garfield''': Life No. 5 was short. :/