Trivia / Garfield and Friends

  • Actor Allusion:
  • Adored by the Network:
    • It was like this on CBS since its first episode — until it was canned during its seventh season for refusing to accept a budget cutback.
    • Tooncast and Teletoon Retro adore the show as well. Tooncast has had it since 2008, while Teletoon Retro airs it three times a day.
      • Teletoon Retro also aired the show's first marathon on September 1, 2012.
    • In the past, Nickelodeon adored the show more than Tiny Toon Adventures when it was on Nick in the Afternoon by airing it back to back for an hour.
  • The Cast Showoff: Desirée Goyette is a professional singer (she can even be heard in the Theme Tune) and she got to show it off more than once. Thom Huge has a pretty good singing voice, too, though this leads to Vocal Dissonance considering that Jon is supposed to be a Straw Loser.
  • Creator Cameo: Jim Davis voiced the offscreen director in a few episodes.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Desirée Goyette as Nermal (who, if you can believe it, is a male cat) may be one of the most obvious examples in animation history period.
    • In the Spanish version, Booker and Sheldon, also one of Orson's brothers in the earlier episodes for some reason.
  • Edited for Syndication:
    • Most of the Quickies (including all the U.S. Acres quickiesnote  and all "Screaming with Binky" segments except for one note  were edited out of The Program Exchange's prints, as was the original theme song, replaced with the "We're Ready To Party" theme song used in seasons 3-6. The last three seasons weren't seen in reruns after the show ended its run either, as CBS declined to sell them the rights.
    • After CBS stopped showing the show on Saturday mornings, people never got to see (or rewatch) the last three seasons until they finally came out on DVD. Which is a shame because not only were the last three seasons the funniest, but they also show Roy and Wade becoming closer friends in comparison to the earlier seasons. Something that people only familiar with the syndicated episodes didn't get to see...
    • The show was broadcast in Finland in a format that dropped the U.S. Acres segments but kept the opening titles. It was bizarre having characters in the titles that never appeared in the show. Considering what happend in their dub of the episode "Peace and Quiet" (where Binky sings off key) and that "Wanted: Wade" had a scene where Wade does a "song" which is a rap with him talking instead of singing as if it were GoAnimate, it could have been a lot worse.
    • Also, it appears the Japanese version dropped the segments featuring US Acres on both of their dubs of the show! And how do we know this? On a Japanese blog, there aren't Japanese names for any US Acres episodes, and the US Acres bug quickie is replaced by "Screaming with Binky." They also only dubbed the first four seasons.
    • In Malaysia, the U.S. Acres segments had all scenes with Orson Pig edited to appease Muslim audiences (as pigs — whether used as food or not — are considered offensive to the Muslim religion and Malaysia has a sizeable population with people of that religion).
  • Executive Meddling: During the seventh and final season of the show, the series' traditional "We're Ready to Party" intro was replaced with a rap-like intro that everyone ranging from fans of the show to the creators hated—the rap intro was only used on the original CBS airings. It was not used in international airings and as a result does not appear on the series' DVD boxsets (which use the international version of the series).
    • CBS also wanted to cut the budgets of Garfield and all its other animated shows, the creators refused to give in and decided to end the show rather then letting it suffer from the cutbacks.
  • Fake Russian: Averted in "Swine Trek." In Orson's Star Trek-based dream where he's The Kirk of his barn-shaped starship, Booker, as Chekov's counterpart, is dressed like the stereotypical Russian Cossack, complete with beard. Frank Welker, Booker's VA, speaks in a believable Russian accent, with a commenter on the clip using Google Translate to put in the comments the Cyrillic Russian for Booker's line at 3:58. Booker speaks Russian again at 4:43, and Roy at both times must ask for translations. Leading to Lanolin as "Uhura" snarking "Flunked Russian at the Space Academy, didn't ya?"
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Any episode with a "U.S. Acres" title card excluding "Much Ado About Orson" is this.
    • The original version of "Orson Goes On Vacation" is this as well, since it shows the full-size U.S. Acres logo at the beginning. The DVD replaced this with the Orson's Farm logo.
    • Two Screaming With Binky segments are missing from the DVDs and from international broadcasts (possibly for time): one about baseball, and another about a pizza parlor. No info can be found on the former, but the Platypus Comix page on the series has a summary on the latter.
    • The "rap" theme song used only in American airings of Season 7, though, as stated before, that opening is not well-liked and not worth seeking out unless you're a completist.
  • Recycled Script: The Quickies are mostly adaptations of the Sunday strips (at least one was based on a daily strip, and at least two have a direct Call-Back to the preceding cartoon), but the main cartoons themselves derive from the strips, especially in the earlier episodes. For example, the episode "Caped Avenger" is an episode where Jon takes Pooky to wash him and pitches ideas for a new comic strip, but is otherwise based on two weeks of strips where Garfield, as the Caped Avenger, adopts Odie as Slurp, his sidekick (specifically, August 26-31, 1985 and September 2-7, 1985). To the cartoon's credit, it did add an additional costume gag that wasn't in the strips:
    Garfield: Slurp, you really need a costume if you're gonna work with me.
    (Odie runs off, then comes back wearing a chicken suit)
    Garfield: You still haven't grasped the principle behind this.
    • It also had a subplot involving Jon trying to pitch comics to a visiting expert that wasn't in the original strips.
    • Season 7's "Clash of the Titans" repeated the plot from Season 2's "Attack of the Big Robots"
  • Screwed by the Network: As mentioned above, CBS wanted to cut the show's budget despite the fact that the show was still pulling in strong ratings. The creators, instead, decided to end the show rather than let it suffer from budget cuts.
  • Talking to Himself: Thom Huge played Binky the Clown, Jon Arbuckle, and Roy Rooster.
    • Frank Welker voiced Booker, Sheldon and Bo.
    • Juile Payne voiced both Liz and Lanolin.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The episode "Video Airlines" screams this nowadays in the era of optical discs, video-on-demand services and the fact that many video stores have closed down.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The show was originally going to be just U.S. Acres, but networks refused to pick it up, so they added Garfield.
    • After the show was canceled, Film Roman tried to reboot the series with a more psychedelic and Off-Model style at Fox Kids. When they pitched the idea to the network with this reel, not only did Fox Kids executives reject the concept, but they had security escort the crew out of the FK headquarters.