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Fridge: Garfield and Friends
Fridge Logic
  • In "Hamelot" the farm gang were wearing swimsuits to take a shower. It would've been understandable if they were wearing swimsuits just for show and to go swimming. But wearing swimsuits to take a shower, when you need your clothes off anyway?
    • Maybe it hasn't occurred to them that they're all naked anyway.
  • Since when did Jon had a niece(from "Suburban Jungle"). He has one sibling and he's not married. Maybe Doc Boy adopted her?
    • He was also once going to mail a stuffed cat to his cousin. Perhaps it's one generation back - either his mom or dad had siblings and thats where these relatives are coming from.
    • Have any of you considered that Shannon's mom dumped Doc Boy?

Fridge Horror
  • In "An Egg-Citing Story", they shown a flashback of Sheldon saving Booker and three other chicks from the weasel. This was the only time we ever saw other chicks besides Booker and Sheldon living in the same farm and we never see them again....What happened?!....Did the weasel successfully catch and eat the three chicks?!..or the fox caught them?!
  • Played for laughs in an episode of Garfield and Friends in which Garfield explains different Comedy Tropes. The example given for the "extreme delayed reaction take" is Booker telling Bo that Earth is being invaded by aliens disguised as bottles of dishwashing liquid. No reaction. Months pass. Then, one snowy day the following winter, Bo suddenly stops dead and says, "Dishwashing liquid?! Aw no, man!!" and flees in terror.

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