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Shout Out: Garfield and Friends
Wade: "Oh Jeopardy! Oh Double Jeopardy! Oh FINAL JEOPARDY!"
  • Cactus Jake...or should I say Cactus Jack?
  • Also doubling as a Brick Joke: in one episode, Garfield & Nermal contend with mutant guppies, who they defeat by chasing them back into the sewer. Said guppies then appear in the subsequent US Acres Quickie; after scaring Wade and Orson, one guppy turns to his fellows and says "Come on guys, let's go see if we can get a guest shot on the Muppet Babies, whaddaya say?" (Muppet Babies aired opposite the show on CBS at the time).
  • Aloysius Pig is Kevin Meaney in a pig costume. They both even share two catchphrases! note 
  • In "Clash Of The Titans", as the gang is flying home, Garfield asks if the characters can stop at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so they can get a pizza.
  • In "Temp Trouble", we have this line: "Mrs. Pig, it's Saturday morning. Do you know where your children are?". Ironically, the thing the quote shouts out to note  was based off Wee Willy Winkie, a nursery rhyme that would be spoofed 8 episodes later.
  • In "The Discount Of Monte Cristo", Aloysius wants Flipper to rescue him from being stranded on an island.
  • In "Kiddie Korner", Aloysius says that sitting on a tuffet "sounds naughty". This could be a reference to a Dot's Poetry Corner segment of Animaniacs that aired a year before this episode, where Dot reads Little Mrs. Muffet and uses "tuffet" as a euphemism for "butt", while showing us her panties doing so.
  • Newsworthy Wade has a Show Within a Show called "7 Minutes", a spoof of 60 Minutes.
  • How about "A Shout-Out to Itself"? One US Acres quickie had Roy on a stage in a competition involving baaing and cocking against Lanolin. One season later, the same stage reappears in the Laryngitis quickie, and he stands on it in almost the exact same manner!

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