Heartwarming / Garfield and Friends


  • The end of "Fraidy Cat" when Garfield lets Odie sleep in his bed with him after Odie is still scared from the movie they were watching earlier in the episode.
  • At the end of "Nothing to sneeze at", after Liz broke up with Jon, she came back to him, thinking it over, and said he must really care about his cat(Garfield was sneezing alot at the time) and that some who loves animals this much is worth another chance and to try going out again another night. Then Liz kisses Jon on the cheek.
  • At the end of the episode "Clean-Sweep", where Garfield has delighted in throwing mud on Odie to trigger an automatic over-zealous pet-washing machine. Odie tricks Garfield into being victim of it, then they hug, get revenge on Jon for buying it in the first place. As Jon is being "cleaned", Garfield and Odie scamper off to "go play in the mud". A true case of "aww, they really do love each other".
  • In "The Binky Show" Garfield is sad because he finds out it's Jon's birthday but he can't afford to get him a gift. As much trouble as he gives Jon deep down he really cares about his owner. He then goes on the game show "Name That Fish"(hosted by the annoying Binky the Clown) just to win Jon a present.
  • In "Cinderella Cat" Garfield spends much of the episode trying to get food for himself but he also discovers a Cinderella book a little girl left at the park. Garfield returns it expecting no reward, but the girl's mother (calling him little kitty) gives him a lasagna she made and gently rubs his back while Garfield smiles. (Hey a happy ending! I like fairy tales.)
  • The first season's intro theme.


  • In episode 2, Orson was thinking of stop reading books altogether after the trouble that happened in the episode. That was sweet of Lanolin to encourage him not to ever stop reading books and to just remember they're books.
  • In "Shell Shock Sheldon", when everyone was laughing at 'Power Pig', it was really cute, when Roy and Wade hugged each other, when you consider they were fighting each other through out most of this episode.
  • In episode 6, when Roy tried to help Wade stand up for himself.
  • In "Return of Power Pig" when Wade was actually upset, when he thought Roy was beheaded, despite the 'he never even used his head yet, remark. Why would Wade be upset, when he thought Roy died, if he "hated" him so much?
  • The song from "National Tapioca Pudding Day". Call it sappy if you want but this is one of the most beautiful songs in the segment. It was also very touching when Booker and Sheldon gave their Parent, Orson, a box of flowers because "Why do you have to wait for a holiday to do something nice for someone you like?" Made even more sweet when Orson said in the Spanish version, "Thank you, kids. Thank you so much."
  • In the episode "I like having you around." Lanolin showing that she cares about her brother, Bo, missing him, saving him form the storm and the song, are worth the mention.
  • In "Goody-Go-Round", it was cute when Orson dressed as 'Power Pig' to try to help Lanolin when she was rolling on a rolling pin, holding two Pies(well, he manage to save one pie.)
    • Roy was the only who noticed and nearly said that it wasn't fair that everyone gotten what they wanted but Wade. But then something happen, which belongs more in the Funny/Awesome moments section.
  • In "Double O Orson" it felt really sweet when Lanolin baked Orson a pie for lunch.
  • It was also really sweet in "Sleepytime Pig" when Lanolin(along with the other animals) tried more then one plan to help Orson get to sleep, even to the point where she gotten nearly all her Relatives in Orson's room(for the counting sheep thing) with balloons and stuff. She was even introducing each of them to Orson.
  • At the end of "Rooster Revenge", after Lanolin, disguised as Orson the Ranger pulled a prank on Roy, it was cute when she and Orson shook hands for five seconds or so and the cartoon even iris out on their hand-shake.
  • In the episode "No Laughing Matter" during a song, they show Roy and Wade resting together back to back, or basically called "Communal roosting", birds in real life (though they don't usually sleep heavily), tend to sleep close together, to keep warmer or to decreases the risks associated with predators. (Roy and Wade also tried that in "Barn of fear".) Through occasionally, the birds could sleep together in really hot whether and the third debatable option is they like to be "comfortable together". In any case, it was still cute.
  • In "Mud Sweet Mud", when the farm animals were cleaning up the farm and then draining Orson's waller, Orson was explaining to them what the waller means to him and sang a beautiful song about everyone has their own 'special' place, they'd like to be in. After Orson sadly told them to do what they want and left. The farm animals then felt bad and couldn't drain his waller(even Lanolin agreed with Bo for once in this episode). So they all jumped into the mud and had fun(Roy and Wade were playfully having a splash fight together). Orson saw this and was happily surprised and joined in. The last scene was a picture of the gang together in the mud and under the picture said, 'Home Sweet Home'.
  • In "Swine Trek", the scene where Lanolin tried to make the sick Orson, comfortable in bed....It didn't work, but her intentions were still sweet.
  • In "Little Red Riding Egg", Roy(bound and gagged) warning Wade that he's right near the fox!(who he thought was Roy in costume). Of course Roy warned Wade first since he was in closest range to the fox(Wade unknowingly had his head in the fox's mouth!) but if Roy really "hated" Wade, he would've just went to warn Bo or Orson first.
  • In "Hamelot", in Orson's dream, Roy(Sir Cackle-a-Lot) said to Wade(Sir Duck-a-Lot), "Have no fear, Sir Duck-a-Lot! I, Sir-Cackle-a-Lot, am here to protect you." maybe Orson remembered Roy helping Wade back in "Little Red Riding Egg". And that wasn't the last time Roy protected/tries to protect Wade.
  • In "Much Ado about Lanolin", in Orson's imaginary play(the moment was imaginary but still sweet.), Orson said he was going to teach Lanolina(imaginary Lanolin) a lessen which angered her and chased him throwing stuff at him such as vases. Orson chased to a corner told her "I like you as you are Lanolina! Speak your mind but there is no need to throw things." Which made Lanolina respond "You...like..me?" Then she smiled put the vase down runs to Orson, hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.
    • Then the real(and angry) Lanolin shows up at the end and Bo tells "We all like you." She responds by smiling and says "Maybe I ought to be nicer to you guys. Okay, I will." Then they all walk off into the sunset.
  • In "Read Alert", if Roy and Wade really 'hated' each other so much, why were they hugging each other tightly in fear when they thought, 'This is it! The dinosaur is going to eat us!'? Then at the end, in the coloring book world, they both were playing nicely and were using gaint crayons to color each other.