Funny: Fairy Without Wings

  • Go up to Lelouch and talk about Fighting Spirit, a guild that is apparently more destructive than Fairy Tail. You're bound to get a barrel of laughs witnessing how miserable he gets over it.
  • Orochi is a walking CMoF
  • Cana and Gray dying of shock in the background of Lelouch and Erza's initial interaction because of the way Erza is acting.
  • Three words: "Where's my goldfish?"
  • This exchange:
    Lelouch: I got stuck at training camp and wrangling slavers. I'll take saving the world over that, thank you.
    Gray: Hey be thankful you guys have a training camp.
    Lelouch: Hey you spend a month in the training camp from hell and see how you turn out.
    Gray: You're talking to someone who trained as a child in a frozen mountain top.
    Lelouch: Touché.
  • Chapter 36 is just one big CMoF, but to wit:
    • Cornelia tries to cure Gray of his stripping habit. It goes about as well as you would expect
      • Her first attempt is classical conditioning by showing him a picture of Natsu in a speedo. This only makes Gray cringe every time he strips
      • Her second attempt involved extreme therapy via CC. Gray went on a hallucinogenic rampage that was later stopped by Erza.
      • Her last attempt was duct tape. That's right she directly taped Gray's clothes to his skin. And he still stripped his clothes off. And he was wearing a speedo
    • Carine, Jet and Droy arguing over what the poster should look like for the play. When it looks like Tohdoh is going to be the voice of reason, his poster has Jeremiah front and center in a speedo.
    • At the end, some little brat picks on Gajeel for frowning too much and hits one too many of the dragon slayer's buttons. Gajeel goes on an Unstoppable Rage. Lelouch was not amused.
    • Just as it looks like we're about to get our only Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in the chapter with no gimmick whatsoever, we are treated to Bisca chasing and shooting at Lloyd for calling her fat.
  • Chapter 37 gives us Makarov abruptly slinging a fire ball at a recording orb being used to record the play while giving a modified speech about no electronic devices and no cellphones.
  • In chapter 38, Guinevere and Erza are more upset that Miriam, the current arc's Big Bad, ruined the play than they are about her ultimate goal.
  • Logically sound by being well founded in nature or not, Wendy trying to confuse a werewolf by asking if it's a big, fluffy boy in the babyish tone you might say to your dog is hilarious.
  • Kalina finds the demonic realm to her liking and would happily book her next vacation there. Loke would rather book a vacation to an active volcano, with Aquarius.