Tear Jerker: Fairy Without Wings

  • The tragic Foregone Conclusion involving Kallen and the Black Cats of Midnight. It almost sent Kallen over the Despair Event Horizon.
  • The scene where Corneliaís older sister Estellise dies. We all know itís coming so it doesnít need a spoiler. But oh god these FEEEEELS!
  • Angel aka Sorano Aguiera is a walking basket case with how much emphasis is put on her wanting to see her sister again. Her sob story in front of a justifiably furious Hibiki deserves a mention.
  • If you care about Jellal, the scene where he's apologizing profusely for Erza for what he did winds up with both characters crying by the end of it and Erza telling him that, now that she's done punching him in the face, if he buys her cake they'll call it even.
  • Everything to do with the relationship between Erza Knightwalker and Edolas Lelouch given the latter's brain damage and paraplegia. Poor Knightwalker.
  • Some of the scenes with Lisanna can be this when she starts bursting into tears about how much she wants to return to Magnolia. For extra fun read all of her scenes with Natsu while playing her theme music.
  • Marianne's Death.