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Fridge: Dragon Ball

Fridge Brilliance

  • Right before he dies on Namek, Vegeta tells Goku he wants Frieza to die by a Saiyan's hand. Guess who does ultimately kill Frieza? Not only a Saiyan, but Vegeta's son, Trunks!
  • In early Dragon Ball Z, Bulma and Roshi ask Baba if she can see the outcome of the fight against the Saiyans. Specifically, they ask whether the earth is intact one year from now. There was no apparant reason for her not to see the outcome, except for not spoiling the fight, of course. Then this troper realized that, if Roshi and Bulma asked her about this only a month or so before the fight, then the reason she couldn't see the a year ahead into the future anymore was because of Cell travelling to the past before that point. Remember that Cell arrived a year before Trunks, and the Freeza saga lasted barely over a month, with only a years time between then and Trunks arriving. Once time travel becomes involved, Baba can't see the future anymore! Must have hurt her business.
  • In Dragon Ball Z a friend of mine pointed out that Goku starts the series wearing an emblem on his outfit, then about midway through the series he stops wearing it. Neither me or my friend could figure out why he suddenly stopped wearing it, figuring that maybe the animators just got tired of it. My friend then remarked that it could be symbolic. He started the show as a student of Roshi and King Kai. Then after he became a Super Saiyan, he stopped wearing the symbols because he's now the master.—Sketchpad
    • The manga outright states this at least one time, but your friend was still dead-on.
      • You could potentially say a very similar thing about Krillin. Forever living in everyone's shadow: his best friends, the major villains, the monks at the Shaolin temple... he constantly wore some form of uniform right up until the very last battle with Cell. Seven years later free from any major battles and embracing the company of his wife and daughter (an arguably enjoying the protection living with a super powerful Android brings) he learnt to loosen up and accept himself. Come the Tournament he discards the Turtle and Shaolin uniforms and instead, for the first time in a major fight, wears an unbranded red T-shirt and track pants.
  • Muten Roshi's signature move is the Kamehameha. In Hawaii there were five kings named Kamehameha. Muten Roshi lives on a tropical island and has a penchant for wearing Hawaiian shirts, and he hangs out with a turtle.
    • "Kame" means turtle. Kamehameha roughly means "turtle school attack".
      • "Turtle school wave". Anyway, the conection with King Kamehameha was intentional. Word of God stated his wife come with this pun for him.
      • I thought it meant "Slow turtle wave" - Vox The Hero
    • It's actually "Turtle Destruction Wave"/"Turtle Devastation Wave". - Saiga
    • The series has referred to it as the "Kamehameha Wave" several times, especially in the original series. So it's the Turtle Destruction Wave Wave, then?
  • Piccolo's transition from Good Is Not Nice loner to Team Dad makes a lot of sense when you take into consideration that he takes on aspects of the personality of those he fused with. Considering fused with Nail and then Kami, it makes a lot of sense in story why Piccolo defrosted the way he did.
    • And on the subject of Piccolo, why keep the name of his evil counterpart? In Namekian, according to Word of God, Piccolo means "Another World". And since Kami is a title, not a name, Piccolo was probably adopted by the Namekian when he couldn't remember his name. Even deeper, the titles "King Piccolo" and "Kami (Piccolo)" would translate to King and God, respectively, of another world!
  • A more Meta Example. My entire experience for the anime was greatly enhanced when I stopped looking at it as a fight anime, and started looking at it as Kabuki Theater. Once I did that, the unbearably long Power Ups and poses and glowing and Calling Your Attacks were completely understandable and even enjoyable. Tropers/vp21ct
    • Spot on. Thanks for the tip.
  • This troper often wondered why Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 after Cell crushed Android 16's head. Sure, it was sad and all, but Gohan didn't really know 16 very well. But then, it hit me after seeing some video's: That scene was exactly identical to a nightmare Gohan had in some filler, were Cell crushed Piccolo's head, one of the people he cares most for, in the same manner. Cell crushing 16's head made him realize how Cell could easily destroy everyone he knew and loved. - Shadowgirl 13 Chaos
  • The existence of the many non-canon movies used to bug me. However, I remembered what Trunks said about the nature of time travel and the existence of multiple timelines. Then I realized- they may not be canon in this timeline, but they are in others.
    • Actually they are. The movies World's Strongest, The Tree Of Might and Lord Slug take place in an alternate timeline where Goku arrived in time to save the other fighters from Vegeta and Nappa. Yamcha and the others never died so there was no need to go to Namek.
      • Not quite, in The Worlds Strongest during Gohans little song it shows a flashback of Piccolo sacrificing himself to stop Nappa's attack. The only way these 3 movies could take place is in the 3 years before the Androids, though even that causes some continuity problems, but less so.
      • The way this troper sees it, Lord Slug takes place in a timeline where Goku arrived in time to save Piccolo and defeat the Saiyans, World's Strongest takes place in a timeline where Vegeta lost his Beam-O-War with Goku and died, and Tree of Might takes place in a timeline where Goku's Spirit Bomb killed Freeza and he never needed to go Super Saiyan to beat him.
  • Piccolo swore to avenge his father's death at the hands of Goku by killing him. I just realized he did.
    • It gets better. Just minutes afterward killing Goku he starts becoming a good guy, shown by training Gohan. As soon as he completes his oath, he starts walking his own path.
  • I'm sure to a lot of people this was obvious but it took me a while to figure out that the whole reason Cell tried so hard to get Gohan to turn into a Super Saiyan 2 was because he had Vegeta's cells, and like Vegeta he wants to prove that he can beat people while they're at their strongest.
    • More likely, it's because he's the literal embodiment of the idea of perfection. The Cell Games are all about showing the Z Fighters that he's the perfect warrior, so he had to dispel any doubt about Gohan.
    • Not only is he part Vegeta, but part Goku as well. Maybe the Saiyans all have some trait about them that makes them want their enemy at full power when they're defeated.
      • It's stated in canon that ALL Saiyans are tremendous Blood Knights. Some take it the sadistic and more common route such as Vegeta, and others are entirely interested in the thrill of the fight such as Goku. Okay, just Goku.
  • At first, Cell self-destructing seems to be just an act of desperation. Here comes the brilliance; using the move, Cell manages to accomplish the purpose he was built for: killing Goku.
    • Actually it can be seen as somewhat ironic (I think I'm using that right) as Cell was the only Android in the entire saga that was NOT built for killing Goku, instead he was only built to achieve perfection.
      • This troper thinks the reason he was meant to become perfect was to help him beat Goku, and Cell just kinda went on his own from there. Even more ironic in that case would be that Cell actually wasn't perfect when he killed Goku since he lost Android 18.
    • I think I can solve the confusion here. Dr. Gero states that the reason for creating new androids was to find one capable of killing Goku. Apparently not convinced 17 and 18 could do the job, he creates Cell, who upon perfection can beat Goku. Cell reaches perfection, but the power corrupts his programming, making defeating Goku seem like a trifle. Nevertheless, Cell's tactics do lead to Goku's death. Note this is more Fridge Brilliance for Dr. Gero, not Cell.
      • Cell actually says as much to Trunks, at least in the Dragon Ball Kai version, when explaining and deciding that he wants a tournament.
  • Goku seems to have a lot of problem with killing in the Saiyan/Namek saga (wanting to let Nappa, Jeice, Recoome and Burter live and letting Vegeta and trying to let Frieza live). The reason that stopped after the Namek saga was because for the first time that Goku had let someone live (Frieza) it didn't turn them good. Every other villain Goku let live in the past became good so Goku wanting to let everyone live, until Frieza proved mercy doesn't make all bad guys good, is understandable.
  • Android 16 was a pacifist and Gentle Giant. He was also far more obedient than 17 and 18. So why was Doctor Gero so afraid of him? Perhaps he had a really bad experience with an android that had the exact same personality but a few hundred thousand times less fighting power (one from 8 generations ago).
    • Actually, it's for a different reason and related to the other 16 one: Android 16 was inspired by Dr. Gero's own son. He was killed by a bullet while as a high rank solider in the Red Ribbon army. So when he remade him, he made 16 strong enough to protect himself, but also had his son's personality. This was revealed in a somewhat recent interview.
  • This troper thought it was weird at first Gero made cyborgs when he was perfectly capable of making robots, then had a moment of fridge logic: Gero created CELL. To make Cell the most powerful being in the universe Gero needed him to have nigh infinite energy, but couldn't give him an infinite energy generator because Cell was grown from... cells. 17 and 18 NEEDED to be cyborgs in order for Cell to be able to absorb them, since he can't absorb pure machines (shown with 16) I like to think this is correct when 17 himself has an inner monologue pondering the same thing.
    • Furthermore, notice the term INFINITE energy. This explains why Cell refers to the state he reaches after absorbing the twins as "perfection".
  • This troper used to think that Gero saying android 16 was a "horrible defect" was just a fake warning to keep 17 and 18 from re-activating him, as he was perfectly functional. But, then i just realized he is defective, in Gero's eyes, anyways; he had no motive for destroying Goku like he wanted, and was peaceful and gentle, not the Goku smashin' death machine he wanted him to be. - Shadowgirl 13 Chaos
    • Android 16 seems to have an extremely good ability for analyzing his opponents, as observed by his sensing the Kami/Piccolo fusion. This might be why he turned out a "defective" pacifist. With perception comes empathy.
    • Not entirely true. I can't speak for the anime, but in the manga at the start of the Cell Games Goku says to 16 something along the lines of "Hey, thanks for fighting alongside us," to which 16 replies "Don't forget, I was created to kill you". YMMV on this, but he may have been implying that once Cell was gone, he was going to kill (or at least fight) Goku.
  • Broly is missing from both the Fusion Reborn movie and the Super 17 saga of GT when all the villains escape from hell (despite other movie villains appearing in both situations and Broly being one of the most popular movie villains), it just now occurred to me that at the end of the Bio Broly movie Goku and Pikkon got sent to hell to stop Broly from causing trouble...They must have killed him, which would have wiped him out from existence.
    • If GT is anything to go by, getting killed in hell doesn't wipe you out of existence. Goku accidentally killed Frieza and Cell (and no guessing here, they were frozen solid and shattered), and they show up fine in the next episode, tied up and in a cage.
      • And they can both survive being ripped apart anyway.
  • Kurilin refusing to kill 18. Here I was thinking "what a softy, to think this was the pain in the ass punk kid Goku trained with." then I realized, that's why he's so reluctant to kill someone who, so far, has shown themselves to be little more than a delinquent, not a villain. He knows firsthand people like that can reform.
    • He even flat-out states it at the beginning of the Android Saga when explaining to Bulma that they should try to fight the Androids with Vegeta because it gave them a common enemy. Goku made most of his friends like this. At first, people like Oolong, Yamcha, Tien, Yajirobe, Piccolo, Vegeta and even Krillin were all rivals and enemies against Goku, but when faced with a common goal (i.e. finding the Dragon Balls and defeating a stronger enemy), they became allies and later friends. I think that Krillin was thinking that if they became allies to fight against Cell, she wouldn't need to die.
  • This troper used to wonder why Goku was willing to allow Frieza a chance to redeem himself and live, even after killing Krillin, even though when Demon King Piccolo did the same (indirectly, but still), Goku became a berserk Blood Knight who would not stop until Piccolo was absolutely dead. Then I remembered that Goku's utter pureness, he cannot bring himself to kill anyone who has even an ounce of redeemable qualities in them. Even though Frieza was as bad as we see in Z, he still must have been good at some point in his life, even if it was only as an infant, so he does have at least a minuscule amount of good in him. Demon King Piccolo, however, was literally the embodiment of evil, being what was formed when Kami expelled all the bad stuff from his body. He was born of pure evil and Goku was able to sense that. Even though he didn't know Piccolo's backstory, he could sense that there wasn't even the smallest chance at redemption, so he had no choice but to kill him.
    • Even more brilliant when you remember what he said about Vegeta episodes earlier, how Vegeta wasn't born bad, but made that way! Goku might be applying this same logic to Frieza and is offering him a chance to redeem himself.
    • Alternatively, it's Cruel Mercy. He was clearly mocking Frieza at the end, and essentially told him to hide in a corner of the universe and never come back. Frieza would've spent the rest of his life a shell of his former self with the knowledge that he was owned by "a lowly Saiyan." Which, to a Saiyan, would be a Fate Worse than Death, one that Frieza deserves.
  • Not exactly sure where to put this, but as I was watching Dragon Ball Z Kai I realized a human and a Saiya-jin have a fertile offspring, so that means biologically humans and Saiya-jin are the same species.
    • Actually, not necessarily true. If the DNA is compatible, two completely distinct species can procreate. For instance, lions and tigers can produce (sterile) offspring. In fact, it is even believed by some scientists (but yet to be proven) that chimpanzees and humans may be capable of creating a hybrid, dubbed the 'Humanzee'.
      • Two creatures belong to the same species if and only if they can generate fertile offspring. That is, if their children can have children of their own. This condition is proven true with Pan (daughter of Gohan, who is a human/saiyan hybrid himself). So yes, humans and saiyans are the same species.
      • Jossed by Word of God. I guess the Dragonball universe has different rules to ours...
    • Possibly relevant, but King Kai mentions that Planet Vegeta wasn't the Saiyans' original home planet.
  • Why is it that Gohan always seems to be just strong enough for any given situation? Because he trained with Piccolo, and the big green guy beat seven shades of hell out of him on a constant basis. Saiyans, even Half-Saiyans, get stronger every time they get themselves beaten into a fine paste. It could be that Gohan was Super Saiyan material all along and just didn't know how to control it, instead deciding subconsciously to be just a shade weaker than the strongest person he knew at the time, Piccolo. As time goes on, he learns to control it better, with occasional outbursts of "Holy Crap" power when he gets angry (see: him kicking around Types 2 and 3 Freeza after 1) impaling Krillin and 2) beating the crap out of surrogate father Piccolo). One of Gohan's inner monologues during the Cell saga suggests that, if he had been more prepared, more in control, it would have been him beating Freeza into a fine mist on Namek rather than his father.
  • Why was Goku the first Saiyan in millennia to reach Super Saiyan? It's stated that the trigger for the Super Saiyan transformation is anger. Specifically, anger over the death of Krillin, his best friend since childhood. Compare to pre Heel-Face Turn Vegeta, who didn't hesitate to kill Nappa despite the fact that he's been Vegeta's constant companion since the Saiyan's extinction. Saiyans were raised from birth to be warriors and conquerers, and a big part of that was having little to no respect for the value of life, be it friend or foe. Goku was probably the first Saiyan in ages to truly care about someone other than himself, and as such was the first in ages to feel genuine anguish when he lost that someone. It's really the ultimate case of Beware the Nice Ones.
    • This also goes a long way to explaining why the very sensitive Gohan was the first to reach Super Saiyan 2.
  • Why is it called a Hyperbolic Time Chamber? It exaggerates time.
    • I think it derives from hyperbola, not hyperbole (you know, all of that stuff with the theory of relativity, time slowing down as you speed up until it reaches an asymptote at the speed of light)...but I like this interpretation.
      • The reason those two words are similar is because they have a common root, meaning "to go beyond." Concerning hyperbole, the meaning is obvious. Concerning hyperbola, a hyperbola is the intersection between a hollow, infinite cone, and a plane whose slope is greater than the slope of the cone's side.
  • I originally believed that Goku told Gohan to finish off Cell quickly because then Cell would be dead and it would be all over and done with. After watching Kai, I realized that Goku was telling him this because 1) he had been in the exact same situation on Namek versus Frieza, and the trademark cockiness/ruthlessness of the SSJ transformation had nearly cost him his life, and 2) Goku probably realized that Cell, having Frieza's DNA in him, would react in the same way as Frieza did upon being overmatched: he would try to destroy the planet.
  • So what's this about Frieza saying it would take 5 minutes to blow up Namek, and it really taking umpteen episodes? Well, one could more than likely chalk that up in large part to the fact that by that point in the series, characters had long since been fighting at greater speeds than the human eye could normally track, and Goku and Frieza had started to gain speeds so high not even the already supersonic characters could track their movements. The death ball may well have been taking approximately 5 minutes to destroy Namek, but considering the show had to considerably "slow down" the Goku v. Frieza fight for we humans to see, it didn't translate into as short of a show-time.
    • The speed at which they would be fighting is fair enough a point, but the dialogue that Goku and Frieza exchange with one another lasts much longer than 5 minutes. Far more believable alternatives include the possibility that Frieza vastly underestimated the amount of time it would time for Namek to explode or that Frieza's perception of a minute being different from ours given that he is an alien.
      • Or maybe Namek have a different time scale than Earth. Who's to say that 5 minutes in Namekian time is the same as 5 minutes in Earth time?
      • Not Namekian time. Perhaps whatever measure of time Frieza is used to using.
      • Frieza DID in fact underestimate the time it would take for Namek to blow up. In the English dub at least, he actually points out when the five minutes have already gone by, and sounds rather surprised the planet is still intact.
      • This troper is a fan of the DBZ abridged series's explanation that Frieza didn't actually know what a minute was.
  • When watching the fight between Goku vs. Pikkon, I at one point wondered why, when Goku went Super Saiyan, everyone (apart from King Kai) was surprised to see this, with West Kai outright asking what had happened to him. Then I realized that this was because practically every other Saiyan had been to some degree like Vegeta in their personality, and thus would have most likely been sent to Hell. The only possible exception to this would have been Bardock, and because Bardock was not an incredibly powerful fighter, he would not be "qualified" to participate in the Otherworld Tournament. Therefore, everyone is surprised because most of them have never seen a Saiyan before, and the few who might have seen one have definitely never seen a Super Saiyan. Rellevart.
  • I was rereading the character page and noticed that Gohan's SSJ 2 form was listed under Dark Messiah. Gohan, even more than his father, seems to have a very high value for life in general (even animals), which is why, normally he doesn't seem able to outright kill his opponents. But when Cell killed 16 (angering him enough to get into that form), it's likely that, to him, Cell's life had lost all value. And if you're not considered alive to him, tearing you limb from limb won't quite affect him emotionally.
  • After the Freeza Saga, the Zenkai ability all Saiyan's possess, to get excessively stronger after suffering a near fatal defeat, seems to vanish completely after all Saiyan's have become Super Saiyans? The beatdown Vegeta received from Android 18 and then being healed later should have been enough to widen the gap, but we had to endure training. The same with Gohan, in the Buu Saga, who was beat nearly to death by Super Buu w/Gotenks and Dende healed him. Not a single increase. So, I asked a friend of mine, and he decided upon the fact that Zenkai itself is a rudimentary form of Super Saiyan, as it increases power with a certain trigger (near death, healing), Super Saiyan increases it with a certain trigger (anger, desire). Super Saiyan is simply an extreme, conscious version of Zenkai.
    • This is even better. Think about how the Saiyan's power suddenly started skyrocketing due to zenkai with boosts going into double digits. This is around the point where the characters' power levels are going from 50,000-180,000 to around the few millions. Vegeta, Gohan and especially Goku (for one got a 33x increase making him strong enough to fight Frieza's 4th form) get their powers boosted past the 7 digit mark. This makes their power levels high enough to bring the Super Saiyan transformation within reach. This suggests that at that point Zenkai is no longer just a healing factor. When there is a potential to ascend to a much higher level of power the Zenkai becomes the Saiyan's own Unlock Potential ability, and it's sole purpose at that point is to awaken enough power to allow a Super Saiyan transformation to happen. After that it again goes back to a healing factor and doesn't provide much significant boost to be noticed.
      • The notable exception to all this? Cell. He may have Saiyan cells and a power level of a Super Saiyan, but he's neither of these. He can't go Super Saiyan to begin with, so Zenkai boosted his power level dramatically when he survived his own suicide bomb attempt.
  • It's noted on this wiki that Piccolo acts very differently in his first appearence in the 23d World Martial Arts Tournament then he does in all later appearences. When I re-watched those episodes, I noticed that his mad, card-carrying villian persona is a lot like his father's. The frige brilliance- Piccolo was only three years old at the time of the Tournament, but he has his father's memories. So, at the Turnament, he hadn't really had much life experience, and so acted based on his memories, but by the time he appears later on in "Z", he's had more time to develop his own personality- the stoic Jerk with a Heart of Gold he is for the rest of the series. -Bergil
  • So Frieza's organization conquers planets and then sells them to the highest bidder. Maybe this goes without saying, but why exactly does Frieza need money? Up until Goku came along, he was the most powerful being in the known universe, and he clearly wasn't above slaughtering entire races to have his way. What purpose does money serve to a guy so feared and strong that he can demand whatever he wants at anytime he wants?
    • First off, you must remember that Frieza did not start the Planet Trade Organization or whatever it's called. He has parents, at least a dad. And if you take the Episode of Bardok into consideration, we have Chilled, his ancestor. They must have established the Organization a long time before Freiza was born. He's just running it to keep it in the family. Plus, he's Wicked Cultured. The latter is more noticeable in Kai.
  • This is probably over thinking things but here goes... The laws of thermodynamics state that energy cannot move from a low energy place to a high energy place unless a greater amount of energy moves from a high place to a low place. Therefore it must take even more energy to focus a Ki blast than there is in the blast itself. (Think of it like the electricity requirement of an air conditioner.) No wonder everyone is constantly overestimating their own attacks. They feel like they should be much stronger than they really are.
  • Uub is the good reincarnation of the final villain of the last arc, who Goku meets at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Remind you of anybody?
  • GT's main three villains share similarities to the three main villains of Z:
    • Baby: a conqueror from outer space with ties to the Saiyan race (like Frieza)
    • Super 17: An android created by Dr Gero (partially in this case) who absorbs another of Gero's androids to become stronger (Cell)
    • Omega Shenron: An unspeakably powerful force that threatens the universe just by existing, which not even fusion can defeat, and takes a spirit bomb powered by everyone Goku's met to destroy (Buu)
    • Even better than that, the original Dragon Ball's three villains followed a similar format:
      • Emperor Pilaf wanted to conquer the Earth by collecting the Dragon Balls. He was ultimately thwarted when Goku transformed into an Oozaru, just like how Frieza was defeated when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan.
      • The Red Ribbon saga introduced the first android to make an appearance, #8. Dr. Gero was also the Red Ribbon Army's head scientist at the time.
      • King Piccolo was the embodiment of evil who was sealed away long ago, but was released back onto the Earth. In order to defeat him, Goku had to drink Korin's Ultra Divine Water (not to be mistaken for Korin's Sacred Water). King Piccolo was ultimately reincarnated into Piccolo Jr., who would fight Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • A mysterious character who appears around the start of their debut arc, who smirks in a way that makes them look evil, who ultimately has arrived to work against the real villain of the arc and has purple as their main color. Now, am I talking about Future Trunks or Supreme Kai?
  • After first displaying the Kamehameha attack, Roshi explained that it would take a human 50 years of training in order to accomplish the technique, but after seeing the attack only once, Goku was able to perform a much weaker version on his first try. As Dragon Ball Z would later show, Saiyans (and most other alien beings, it would seem) are able to use Ki attacks practically as second nature. So when Goku first used the attack, he was acting on his natural Saiyan instincts, allowing him to perform it with no prior training, unlike everyone else (sans Tien who has some sort of copying ability), who took months or years to be able to use the attack effectively. The human students were practically prodigies, but for Goku it was simple instinct.
    • Word of God says Tien is alien which helps further prove this theory.
  • A nice bit of musical foreshadowing during the beginning of the Android Saga: the music playing when Trunks briefly talks with Vegeta while waiting for Goku is the same one that plays during the Dragon Ball Z Eye Catch featuring Goku and Gohan
  • Goku's ability to read minds seems to come out of nowhere, but reading the earlier parts of the series, its use seems to be a sign that the person's a great martial arts master. (Nam's comment to Master Roshi during the first Tournament Arc indicates this, as well as what Korin says when he first meets Goku) If Goku doesn't qualify as a master by this point, then who does?
  • Future!Trunks is normally quite pragmatic in killing his enemies, but takes time to fool around with Frieza and his army before finishing him off. Keep in mind that Trunks has spent nearly his entire life fighting to survive in a world besieged by two Androids he's completely powerless against. Frieza was probably the first enemy Trunks had ever faced that not only was evil enough to warrant killing, but that Trunks KNEW he was stronger than. He was taking out a lifetime of frustrations at feeling powerless on Frieza. He takes out King Cold quickly, possibly because, while we don't see it, King Cold may be able to transform and thus Trunks wanted to kill him before he did so on the offchance that King Cold's higher forms exceeded his.
  • The yellow clouds serving as the barrier to Hell are identical to kinto'un, Goku's flying cloud. King Yemma says that if you fall through the clouds you will be trapped in Hell and never be able to escape. Kinto'un only allows people with pure good hearts to ride on it, all others fall through. Kinto'un came from a massive cloud that Karin had access to, and Roshi said it originally came from Kami. It wouldn't be unreasonable to theorize that kinto'un is a piece of the barrier to Hell.
  • Right at the beginning of the Buu Arc, Vegeta and Trunks are training, and Vegeta promises to take Trunks to the park if Trunks lands a punch on Vegeta. After Trunks does, Vegeta reflexively punches Trunks, and Trunks starts tearing up. Vegeta then yells at him for crying, starts to leave, then says they're going to the park, to Trunks' delight. Is this Vegeta keeping a promise as a warrior? No. Is this Vegeta doing something a father should do? Kinda. The real reason: he's seen his son die once before, as a result of his own mistake (Future Trunks vs. Cell, who Vegeta had a chance to stop long before then but didn't because of hubris), and whenever he realizes he's acting like an ass to Trunks, that image likely pops into his head, makes him remember how precious his son is to him, and genuinely makes him want to coddle Trunks a little (remember that to a Saiyan, being nice to a kid in any manner is probably "coddling").
  • At first glance, cosmology in Dragon Ball makes zero sense. Planets have local Gods, Kami, whose only purpose seems to be training warriors and guiding heroic souls into the afterlife. In the afterlife heroic souls can meet with the Kaio of their galaxy for training. There are four Kaio, one for each of the four galaxies, and one Grand Kaio, who overlooks the living realm as a whole. Especially heroic characters can meet with Grand Kaio and spend eternity training with him. This makes no sense. They're dead, what are they training for? There is nothing for them to fight other than other dead heroes. The Kaioshin make things worse, as they do nothing but hang out on their planet. The entire thing seems incredibly inefficient until you remember one fact: Before the afterlife was properly introduced we met Uranai Baba, who revealed that every dead warrior can return to the realm of the living for 24 hours. With that in mind it all makes sense: The role of Gods in the universe is to prepare mortals to defend their own worlds. The Kamis scout their planet for warriors and prepare them for the afterlife, the Kaios train those warriors and when trouble starts up the warriors return to the mortal world and save it. The Kaioshin, who watch over both the living and dead realms, brief the great warriors in the case of a threat to the universe as a whole (as was the case of Majin Buu), not just the living world (which is the jurisdiction of the Kaio).
    • Alternatively, access to the world of the Kaio's could be like a warrior's paradise. Note that other characters when they die (Chi-Chi, Bulma, Videl) go to regular old Heaven, while the Z-Fighters go to the world of the Kaio. Hell, Lord Enma even gave Goku that opportunity when he first died. There was also one scene where an ogre tells Goku he's going the wrong way when he heads to the plane to take him to the Grand Kai's world, until he notices Goku still has a body, then he starts gushing about the honor to be around a warrior like him.
      • Also, it follows that since the Kai worlds are for heroes, that the heroes can visit anywhere in the heavenly realm that are below them.
      • Actually, according to Dragon Ball Kai, King Yemma is confused by Goku's request to train with his galaxy's Kai, claiming Goku was a shoe-in for Heaven. This tells me that access to the Kai planets is by request only.
  • Why did Pilaf and company wish for youth rather than world domination? Because Pilaf is well aware that wishing for world domination is worthless at this point- the dragon couldn't kill Goku and sons, and they'd just take it back. His solution? Wish for youth and hope to outlive them.
  • Raditz wanted to make Gohan into a true saiyan, and the irony is that Gohan did become a true saiyan warrior, far exceeding anything he imagined, but as a protector, not a murderer. He grew up on battlefields, fighting and winning wars even as a child. Likewise, producing a bunch of saiyan-human hybrids was Nappa's idea, to which Vegeta replied that the humans must be exterminated to prevent such a dangerous thing from happening, but Vegeta ultimately winds up carrying out that plan and only thereby effects the revenge against Freeza they both so longed for.
  • Vegeta berating Gohan about not training for seven years is not intended to belittle Gohan; rather, Vegeta is expressing disappointment in the first comrade he actually likes wasting his true potential. Raditz and Nappa annoyed him, and he only kept them around because they happened to be useful for the time being, but Gohan earned his respect.
  • Why did Goku stay on Namek and prolong his fight with Frieza when he could've left with the others when Dende used the last wish when he could've beaten him numerous times before? So he can make Frieza, a genocidal tyrant, feel the same feeling of helplessness and despair that he had caused millions, if not billions of people and planets. To let him know what it's like to not be able to do anything and that his life could end at any moment just like he had destroyed the lives of others. He prolonged the fight and even let him go up to 100% power to let him know that it wasn't enough. So he could experience the same pain and terror he had inflicted onto others so he'd know what he's put them through. Frieza had been broken by the end of their fight with his pride shattered and his belief in his invincibility gone. Just goes to show that even Goku can be cruel.
  • Biers, god of destruction, has proven himself to be the most powerful being in the Dragonball universe, with the exception of his mentor. Considering how destruction happens on a daily basis and can be easily repeated, that isn't surprising.
  • Cell didn't know the full extent of his own regenerative capabilities. He only knew from Piccolo that Namekians can regenerate as long as their heads remain intact, but Gero made some improvements with the genetic mash-up that is Cell. Even he was surprised when he came back From a Single Cell.
  • During the Budokai Tenkaichi, Roshi managed to defeat Goku through a crossed flying kick. As Roshi's body and legs were longer than Goku's, his harm was disminished so he was able to win. Then you think about how impractical it was as an attack: a flying kick is a big move, easy to dodge and counterattack. But Roshi was taking in account Goku's amazing ability to imitate his foe's moves, that he had been using during all the fight. Roshi used Goku's instinct against him. Genius.
  • It's a common question as to why Goten and Trunks are still little midget bastards in the Battle of Gods movie. Growth seems to vary from Saiyan to Saiyan, and, looking at Goku, the only full-blooded Saiyan we've seen grow from childhood to adulthood did this in spurts, he had random growth spurts at various points in his life, even at age 12, he wasn't much taller than Goten or Trunks who are about 12-13 as well in the Battle of Gods movie, and even Gohan seemed to have some erratic growth spurts, he was fucking NINE when he appeared as what we call "Teen Gohan". So...Saiyan growth is weird, 'nuff said.
  • Why does Master Roshi always wear sunglasses? Almost certainly so he can perv on women without being noticed!
  • With the new reveal that the Kaioshin are the gods of creation who counterpart Bills, the abilities of the Kaioshin, Kiao and lesser Kami to create objects as seen in the series (Clothes Beam!) suddenly make a lot of sense.
    • This also makes it likely that Fat Buu's candy creation abilities came from absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai.
  • How can Mr. Satan live in the Dragon Ball universe and not be aware of ki energy? Surely at least one of his opponents used ki to fight at some point, right? Quite possibly, yes. The early Dragon Ball manga was full of strange people with weird powers and techniques that could be easily taken for (or really were) mundane parlor tricks or special effects, and fantastic monsters with abilities that could be seen as natural to their species. Ki blasts and such were very rare, and even those could be explained away. After fighting (and thrashing) opponents like that, it's no wonder Mr. Satan thought legitimate ki powers were all smoke and mirrors.
  • In the Z series the Spirit Bomb seems to have a ridiculously poor success rate. Despite being established as a fight-winning ultimate move it only kills one of the three villains it's used against. Remember, however, the Spirit Bomb is ineffective against those with good hearts. This was established heavily, and it was even shown bouncing off harmlessly after hitting Gohan. No living being can ever normally be pure evil; no matter how many terrible things they had done, Vegeta and Frieza had to still have some amount of good in them, and that tiny fragment of good prevented the Spirit Bomb from actually killing them! This is also the reason why the Spirit Bomb was able to kill Buu - he had purged all good from himself in order to reach his maximum power. There was no tiny fragment of goodness left to protect him.

AC:Fridge Horror

  • If you thought Omega Shenron was dangerous, imagine the evil counterpart of the black starred Shenron.
  • Boss Rabbit was left on the moon after he was defeated. A little later Roshi blows up the moon, presumably with the rabbits still living on it.
    • Piccolo blows up the moon again early in Z to stop a rampaging Gohan. That means Dragon Ball's Earth must have at least two moons, possibly more.
      • Dragon Ball's Earth only has a single moon. During Goku's training in the Lookout, Kami restored the moon after he made sure Goku's tail would never grow back.
      • In a game on the DS (Attack of the Saiyans, an adaption of Kai's Saiyan Saga), Boss Rabbit and his gang show up, explaining they somehow got off the moon before it was destroyed.
  • The Capsules. Ranging from practical (cars and house), to threatening (Launch being able to carry an entire armory of guns in her POCKET) to more horrorific things like being able to hide dead bodies inside capsules (as Bulma does to Krillin after his first death, and later Master Roshi and Chiaotzu. If Bulma can easily place Krillin's body in a freezer capsule, turn the freezer into a capsule with HIM inside, you have to wonder how many potential unsolved murders there are. Presumably you could hide LIVING people inside a capsule. If not by simply pressing the button with them inside while they're alive, killing them, placing the body in a capsule, shrinking the capsule, and then resurrecting them with the Dragon Balls, without taking the body out. Given the accessibility of capsules in-universe, this could be done just about ANY DAY of the week.
    • Let's also consider the thought that not only could the capsules hold a living person, but multiple people. One person could carry an entire gang of armed soldiers into any place they want.
  • Pretty much every villain starting with Vegeta wanted to use the Dragonballs to gain immortality, which means that they wouldn't be able to be killed. Sounds all nice and dandy until you think of Frieza's reaction if Vegeta had succeeded. Can anyone say endless cycle of pain? Suddenly, immortality doesn't sound so great.
    • IIRC, Garlic Jr. got his immortality. Didn't work out so well for him.
    • However, Saiyans grow in power whenever they survive a fatal experience, so Vegeta could have just withstood Frieza's punishment until he was powerful enough to fight back.
    • He became Super Saiyan from feeling extreme rage after he hit a plateau of the Can't Catch Up variety. An immortal Vegeta still at Frieza's mercy could easily replicate that.
  • In Dragon Ball Z, there is a problem from a Filler where Buu (after killing everyone on Earth and destroying the planet) also destroyed at least one other planet with intelligent life on it. Later, they wish Earth back into existence and then revive every good person killed by Buu. Fridge Horror when you realize all those Aliens who were brought back to life... only to be floating in space to die horribly again.
    • Furthermore, there are all those islands Cell blew up when looking for 18. When the people inhabiting those islands were revived, they'd just reappear in the middle of the ocean, and presumably drown.
    • When the others gathered the Dragon Balls after the Cell Games, they wished for everyone killed by Cell to come back to life... leaving all those killed before by Vegeta and Dr. Gero dead.
    • And Piccolo tried to buy time by telling Buu to kill off all the inhabitants of the Earth. They weren't planning on using the Namekian Dragonballs at this point (they didn't even know that would work on such a large scale), so that means that anyone who had previously been killed by Vegeta or Cell and then revived couldn't be revived. Piccolo was either that jaded or that desperate that he offered to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of people that the dragonballs couldn't save.
      • He was desperate. The decision was clearly an agonizing one for him - which goes to show just how far he's come, given that he once wanted to do the exact same thing.
  • Some of the OVA movies like Lord Slug which are thought to be set in an alternate timeline, where Goku got to the battle with Vegeta and Nappa earlier so that none of the Z-Fighters died, and therefore they never made the trip to Namek. This means that nobody was around to stop Frieza, who presumably wiped out the remaining Namekians. Does that mean Frieza is immortal in those universes?
    • It's quite possible that Freeza, being Freeza, ended up killing Guru during in his search for the Dragon Balls, rendering their powers void, and his mission meaningless. Of course, this theory has the major flaw of "Why didn't he just go to Earth and take theirs, then?", which could be Fridge Horror in and of itself.
    • Perhaps because he never knows about Earth bearing any person or thing of significance if not for Goku and the rest of the visitors from there who ruined his plans?
    • But if none of the Z-Fighters died, they would have no reason to plan a trip to Namek, meaning Frieza never overheard their plans to go, meaning he never went there, either.
    • Still leaves Frieza with his galaxy-spanning empire where he's free to kill and destroy anyone he comes across, and might end up on Namek eventually anyway.
    • Cui told Vegeta that Frieza overheard the two Saiyans talk about the Dragon Balls over the Scouters. If Goku was on time to save everyone from the Saiyans, Vegeta would have never had the chance to talk about them, so Frieza would not know.
    • Snap back to Fridge Horror. They are all going to be wiped out by the androids in a few years. Trunks isn't coming back in time to warn them, because in this timeline, Trunks doesn't exist. Maybe Goku doesn't get sick in this timeline, but it doesn't matter, because he simply wouldn't be strong enough to defeat them if he wasn't training constantly for three years.
  • In the Buu saga, Videl accidentally kicked an opponent's head so hard it snapped his neck. Now remember she's on the weak end of the cast, with even the little kids far exceeding her power. You start to realize just how much power these characters have and are holding back.
    • We get an example out of Goku. In the new Battle of Gods movie, while fighting Bills, he PUNCHED through King Kai's planet (which has 10x gravity therefore far denser than Earth, and apparently has all its mass), not a special technique or anything, just a mere punch. In other words, Goku has the potential to destroy or at least seriously damage the Earth in a single punch.
  • The fillers before the Cell Games seem like Heartwarming Moments... until you realize that Goku's putting the entire fate of the world on his own son, who a) might not be able to gather up enough energy to destroy Cell, and b) might not even want to fight Cell!! This, after he told everyone that even he would be utterly destroyed by Cell! He was really, really lucky Gohan was able to do both (a) and (b) otherwise the world would have been really, really screwed.
    • The world was screwed if Gohan couldn't defeat Cell, and that's the point of all that heartwarming filler. Goku's not a complete idiot - the potential for failure was there, so he wasn't about to waste what time they had left. Goku's Saiyan love of battle may have been lost in Gohan's human heritage, but his desire to protect life certainly was not.
  • Elder Kai warns our heroes that irresponsible use of the Dragon Balls could badly upset the balance of nature and cause terrible cataclysms. Wasn't planet Namek all but destroyed by natural disasters in Guru's time?
    • The Dragon Balls can also be said to be responsible for how jaded the Z-Fighters become towards death later on. Remember Piccolo offering up the remaining lives of the people on Earth to Buu to pass time for Goten and Trunks to train? "We can just wish them back with the Dragon Balls". It is not only potential cataclysms over-use of the Dragon Balls will invite; it also invites a desensitization to death.
  • The AU story Episode of Bardock ends on a positive note as Bardock rescues the people of Plant by ascending to become the first legendary Super Saiya-jin and defeating Chilled. However, this begs the question of how his actions affected the future within that specific timeline. Do the Saiya-jin wind up colonizing another world or do they still wind up on Planet Plant? If it's the latter, did he inadvertently contribute to the conquest of Plant by making the people there think Saiya-jin could be trusted?
    • Pretty sure they still wind up on Plant, as the end of the movie has Chilled ordering that his descendants be told of the golden transformation, meaning he's responsible for Frieza's intense fear of the legend.
  • Buu's murder of Smitty. Asshole Victim indeed, but look at how big he expands while Buu is forcing it's way into his mouth. He should have died in seconds, but then you remember that Buu can heal people. He was forcing Smitty to stay alive for as long as possible to prolong his horror and agony.
  • This is a rather small moment, but when Goku teleported to the Lookout to get a senzu bean for Videl after her disastrous fight with Spopovitch, he ended up delayed in a task that should have taken him seconds, due to the fact that he stopped to eat - not because he couldn't have eaten at the tournament, but because the food at the Lookout was better. Granted, Videl's life was not in danger, and the whole thing was treated as comedy, but that doesn't change the fact that Goku prioritized stuffing his face over ending the suffering of a teenage girl who also happened to be his son's girlfriend. Given that Goku was always held up as the perfect compassionate hero and a Friend to All Living Things, this scene comes across as positively chilling when one stops to think about it.
  • This one concerns the character from Dr. Slump. We all remember the episode where Goku wound up in Penguin Village, right? So, we could assume that both Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball shared the same universe, right? Now, remember Super Buu's Genocide Attack? Since that attack tracks down every human on Earth, that means almost every one in Penguin Village(save for Arale and a couple others) are killed off. And to twist the knife even further, Kid Buu later destroys Earth so every character from Dr. Slump are now dead. Granted, Goku wished everybody back but could Shenron bring robots like Arale and Obotchaman back to life?
    • No, no they could'nt've. As Arale and Obatchaman aren't technically living beings. Remember when everyone killed by the androids and Cell were revived? Android 16 wasn't brought back because he technically wasn't a living being. The reason Arale and Obatchaman WOULD be brought back though is because Porunga not only brought back Earth, he restored it EXACTLY the way it was on the day of the World Martial Arts Tournament, this includes fixing buildings and MACHINERY! So Arale and Obatchaman as well as every other robot were the first beings brought back after Kid Buu destroyed Earth, which brings about some more minor fridge horror: after that wish Dende still thought Nameks Dragon Balls COULDN'T bring back everyone on Earth which could've lead to a Robot Uprising Utopian Society.
    • Not exactly, since the robots would only be in control for a few months. If they couldn't revive everybody with one wish, then they would have used their second wish to revive Gohan and their third to bring him to the Planet of the Kais. Dende is still alive, and with the Earth restored, so were the dragonballs, albeit, still needing recharge time, and Gohan could beat Kid Buu, especially with help available. After 130 days, they would use the Namekian balls again to revive Vegeta, Krillin, and Trunks (the first two were revived by Shenron once before, and it would be best not to take the chance that reviving the time-traveling Trunks used up this Trunks' one revival). Then, once the Earth's dragonballs have recharged, revive everyone killed by Babidi or Majin Buu. This wouldn't help the ones who were killed by Vegeta, Cell or King Picolo, but it would revive most of the population. Tien then reminds them that they forgot about Chaotzu, so Goku and Tien go to New Namek one last time revive Chaotzu and also Master Roshi.
    • Dr Slump operates on Rule of Funny, so they'd just be brought back regardless somehow.
  • This is mostly discussing how screwed Frieza was: Goku never died on Planet Namek, and was always stronger than Frieza (as opposed to the English dub, which claimed that he was temporarily outclassed and was killed and revived by Porunga). However, he uttered a line that suggested that, as mentioned above, he could easily destroy a planet with a punch. He said that he was waiting for everyone else to be removed from the planet before going "all out." This means that he may have simply been playing with Frieza for the whole fight and that, had he been using his full strength, the battle wouldn't have gone on.
    • Adding to this, it's fully possible that Goku could have used the Super Kaioken ability on Namek should push have come to shove, doubling his power at least, at which point Frieza could never hope to keep up. In other words, Frieza never stood a chance from the start, unless his hypothesis was right that Goku couldn't breathe in spaceó a hypothesis that in and of itself faces scrutiny. Considering now that Goku's power level could have shot up to 300,000,000 for moments, and it's possible he could survive the planet's explosion in some way, this troper feels that Goku really was overcome by animosity towards Frieza and only prolonged his suffering just to physically and psychologically torture him. That's the brutal nature of a recently-procured Super Saiyan transformation!
    • Kaioken puts strain on the user's body, even at just double power. I don't think Goku wanted to risk burning his body out by doubling his Super Saiyan power when he didn't have Super Saiyan fully under control. In fact, the only time we see Goku use Super Kaioken is during the filler Tournament in the afterlife, years after Goku has fully mastered his Super Saiyan powers. As such, it's very possible that Goku would have destroyed his body if he used Super Kaioken against Frieza, since not only has he already used Kaioken repeatedly against Frieza, he's also taken a lot of damage during the fight.
  • During the filler fight between Buu and Vegetto before the latter goes Super Saiyan. Buu creates a giant energy sphere in an attempt to destroy the Earth but before tossing it. He states that every time he has destroyed a planet, he was taken a piece of that planet's energy and the energy sphere he has made to kill Vegetto is the collective energy of all the planets he has destroyed. If the filler is to be considered canon, then Buu's rampage across the universe would make him truly invincible and considering that he can distort reality, would make him a god capable of killing all reality.
    • And if this is true, when Super Buu regressed into Kid Buu and destroyed Earth, then doing so just made him stronger before he fought Goku. The worst part; Earth's destruction was inevitable because 1) Goku would need time to transform into SS 3 which he was lucky to do while fighting someone like Kid Buu. 2) the Earth would not be able to handle the power output generated by them fighting there.
  • Given what we now know about the Saiyan's zenkai ability it's entirely possible that the ultra divine water really was just poison.
  • Vegetto the Incredible Fighting Candy seems hilarious, until you realize that the fact that he is conscious in that state means so was everyone else that Buu devoured. The inhabitants of entire cities were turned into candy and devoured, while being fully aware of what was happening to them and completely helpless.
    • Vegetto only managed to remain conscious thanks to being so damn powerful.
    • Nope, in the anime at least, we hear the screams of some of Buu's candy victims and at one point Krillian angrily demands a flippant North Kai to answer if he has any idea how horrible it was to be eaten.
  • During the Androids Saga, Trunks briefly flashes back to a moment in his future, in which the Androids bust into a safety bunker armed with guns and presumably massacre several people. There was always one thing that bothered this troper: why were the almighty Androids just using guns? They could blow up entire city blocks with ki blasts, so what on earth do they need comparatively pitiful human weapons for? And then you stop and think about the nature of Trunk's Androids, and it makes all makes horrible sense: They were all for making the annihilation of all humans a game. They were probably using guns to make the game more challenging and much longer.
  • There's some fridge horror in Seventeen and Eighteen's names. We know they were origninally human, and almost certainly wouldn't have been named Android Number Seventeen, and Android Number eighteen. We also know they hated Gero, and rebelled against them. So why is it they always use the numbers he assigned to them? That even after she marries Krillin, he still only calls her Eighteen? Whatever Dr. Gero did to the twins either made them forget their own names, or made them feel so distanced from their previous lives that they no longer feel any reason but to use the names he assigned them.
    • Word of God says their human names were actually Lapiz (Seventeen) and Lazuli (Eighteen). This piece of Fridge, likely running around in people's heads for years, can pretty much be considered canon at this point.
  • Given that Beers is canonically capable of destroying galaxies and that his sun-like energy ball is supposedly his strongest attack, it follows that even if Goku had actually deflected it, he still wouldn't have saved the Earth from the blast radius. (Is it possible that he actually knew this and was trying to absorb it all along?)

Fridge Logic

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