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Film: ThanksKilling

This is one turkey you will not be giving thanks for!

ThanksKilling (also known as Death Turkey) is a comedy-slasher film released in 2009.

In 1621, after being slighted by pilgrim Chuck Langston, skilled shaman Feathercloud used powerful necromancy to resurrect a turkey as a monster, which proceeded to massacre the pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving Day, before entering a state of hibernation.

Five-hundred and five years later, college student Kristen Roud and her friends - Johnny, Ali, Darren and Billy (who is descended from Langston) - are heading to their respective homes for Thanksgiving break, just as the evil turkey wakes up, killing a dog who found him in the process. Pursued by the dog's revenge obsessed owner, Oscar, the turkey embarks on a killing spree, intent on wiping out Kristen, her friends, and everyone else he comes across.

This film provides examples of the following tropes:

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alternative title(s): Thankskilling
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