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Fanfic: Super Robot Wars High
Super Robot Wars High is a fanfic written by Rpgingmaster

According to the author, this series is basically a massive attempt to roll as many Super Robot Wars games and related mecha series as possible into one series, and is also something of a parody of Super Robot Wars style plots done High School AU style yet in a Super Robot Wars style universe, is basically a massive distillation of every SRW property that can be possibly shoved into one continuity.

Note: All series included within have some connection to Super Robot Wars or related works by Banpresto in some fashion. Also included are works related to the series that have debuted in the games.

Warning: Unmarked spoilers ahead!

Provides Examples Of:

Super Network WarsTroper WorksSuper Smash Stadium
Super Mario Bros.FanFic/Video GamesSuper Robot Wars Original Generation 3 A

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