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Fanfic: Super Smash Stadium
Super Smash Stadium by the SSS Superpowers (or SPs for short) is a fanfiction based on the Super Smash Bros. series. The plot focuses on the titular stadium and the fights shown at the stadium as though it were a promotion complete with commentary. There are currently five seasons consisting of more than 100 matches. Each season has an underlining plot to it.

One of the last active Script Fics from the era when Script Fics were common, it actually started out in prose but turned into one soon after because of the usefulness of color commentary. Notably, during its adaptation of Subspace Emissary, it reverted back to prose.

Here's the link to it. The Current SPs are Metal Man (Head SP), Digifanatic, Light Bear, Terri, Escomanivero Deisedarah, and Yesman. Past SPs were Kyle Orland, VGW (Former Head SP), Prince Lemmy Koopa, Patrick VanDusen, Lugia/Zer (Former Head SP), Canadian Yosheh, Goshi, Sir Tomintul, Knight9910, Lord Reid, SwordBlade, Great Saiyaman, and Game Guru (Former Head SP).

Super Smash Stadium provides examples of the following tropes:

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    Old SSS (Seasons 1-5) 
    New SSS (Season X1-) 

SSB The ReturnFanWorks/Super Smash Bros.Supper Smash Bros Mishonh From God
Super Robot Wars HighTroper WorksSuper Sentai Vs Super Sentai
SSB The ReturnFanFic/Video GamesSupper Smash Bros Mishonh From God

alternative title(s): Super Smash Stadium
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