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Fan Fic: Goddess Reborn Chronicle

What do you get when you put Exalted, World of Darkness, Shin Megami Tensei, ĎíPersonaíí and other works in a blender? Goddess Reborn Chronicles, apparently. Based on the Storyteller/Storytelling system from White Wolf, Goddess Reborn began life when two friends planning a Nocturne roleplay realized both were working on a tabletop version of MegaTen and decided to combine their efforts. The main difference between the mainline series was the severity of apocalyptic damage to humanity and the earth. As development continued to show a world where demons and humans lived side-by-side, the translation became In Name Only, thus the oblique name. One creator did this to enable multi-group stories. Although it isnít as dark as its parent series, its intention is to present both the main series and some of its shootoffs as a cohesive whole with inspirations from several other works.

This is an in-progress work. The creator, Anthiens will be taking questions and answering them in discussion as able.

Goddess Reborn Chronicle contains examples of:

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