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Ensemble Darkhorse: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Many background characters in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic garnered a lot of praise and attention from the Periphery Demographic, despite several of them not having any lines and a few more only making a few background appearances. Because of this, for the sake of neat archiving, the Ensemble Darkpony characters can be listed here.

Supporting Cast

  • Princess Luna (also a literal example of a Dark Horse who's part of an Ensemble) appeared for less than a minute in the second episode, said two lines, and wasn't even mentioned again until the first episode of season 2. Fans desperately wanted to see her return, disappointed that a character with such potential was barely utilised, and there are tons of drawings, stories and discussions about her, flooding fan fiction websites, forums, and chat boards. When she was confirmed to return for season 2, fans were ecstatic.
    • Luna managed to do this again after her A Day in the Limelight episode "Luna Eclipsed", which was received exceptionally well among fans (in no small part due to her hilariously overplayed and lampshaded Flowery Elizabethan English and No Indoor Voice as well as being a prime Woobie trying so hard to be accepted again.) and superseding nearly all other portrayals of her, permanently altering all fanon regarding her.
    • Luna's guards are Ensemble Darkhorses. Ponies with bat-wings and much cooler armor than the regular guards, they've only been briefly seen once in the show thus far (though they've cameo'd a few times in the comics). Since next to nothing is known about them, they've become popular OC Stand Ins, and inspired tons of bat pony OC's, including one for one of the show's lead story writers, Mitch Larson himself.
    • Nightmare Moon is either another element of Luna's popularity or an entirely different Darkpony herself, depending on whether she is considered a separate character or simply an extension of Luna (the comics have shown her to be separate).
  • As one of the few recurring male characters, Big Macintosh has a bit of a fan-following. In Season 1 he mostly just had cameos when Applejack was involved, but in Season 2 he became more and more involved with the main & supporting cast. He also proved to be popular enough to receive a blind bag toy, making him one of the first stallions to receive any kind of toy since G1.
    • A lot of fans like to ship him and Fluttershy together because they're both quiet, shy and kind types.
  • The Grrreat and Powerful Trrrixie has a very impressive fanbase for a one-episode character with little significance, and her prominence in fan works almost reaches main character levels. Much like some other darkponies listed here she received a few toys based on her, at first calling her Lulamoon, but then changed to "Trixie Lulamoon". The fanbase rejoiced when she returned in Season 3 to have a rematch with Twilight, in the process making the fan theories to the effect of "Trixie is left a humiliated drifter after the Ursa Minor incident and wants revenge" fully canon. Some fans go so far as to want her to become a more recurring character, and fanfiction often pairs her up with Luna, either romantically or as her own apprentice to parallel Twilight and Celestia... if they don't pair her up with Twilight herself.
  • Pinkie Pie's baby alligator Gummy, commonly appearing in many fan works and is one of the most popular pets.
  • Cheerilee is a popular target for fanart and fanfiction from her very first appearance, being a teacher a good excuse to include her in any number of scenarios. Her popularity only grew during season 2, which gave her more screen time and even her own episode, "Hearts and Hooves Day", in which she featured alongside fellow darkpony Big McIntosh.
    • She's apparently popular over in Japan, even getting her own slot in the end credits roll call along with the Mane Cast.
  • Discord is the single most popular antagonist, loved and loathed in equal measure, and continually pops up in drawings, stories and speculation even long after being sealed away again, an enormous section of the fanbase wanted him to make a reappearance... which was granted in the Season 3 episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On". Not at all hurt by him being a blatant (admitted) Expy of Q, to the point where he's played by the same person.
  • Daring Do, the star of the Book Within a Show that Rainbow Dash becomes a fangirl of in "Read it and Weep". Her being an Indiana Jones expy has made her really popular material for fanfics and art. Many pictures of involving Rainbow Dash have a tendency to include her in some form. (Such as a book or a plushie.) She acquired enough love to have a rather detailed Just For Fun page all to herself, and some fans actually started writing stories based on that page. Yes, this character is popular enough to get an entire metafictional spinoff series out of thin air.
    • The Season 4 episode that de-fictionalized the character has caused some conflict in the fandom over whether or not they liked the idea, but she's still a fairly popular character.
  • Queen Chrysalis came out of nowhere, only hinted at once (in an online New York Daily News article) during all the crazy hype The Hub and Hasbro did for the season 2 finale, most of which was focused on the other new characters Princess Cadance and Shining Armor (since they're the ones with toys), and took the fandom by storm. All the fanart created literally within a day of her appearance shows just how far being a competent and dangerous (and scary) villain with a unique design and magnificent Villain Song will get you.
    • Chrysalis's popularity led her to being the first Arc Villain of the IDW comics.
    • Her popularity also was enough to get her an official toy for the 2013 Collector's Line.
  • Despite initial misgivings about characters that were transparently for the toys and had many traits of Mary Sues, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor became major fan favorites and were gladly accepted into the fandom consciousness and ever-growing fanon. The extra characterization from their comic book appearances and later episodes helped as well.
  • Soarin' and Spitfire of the Wonderbolts managed to capture a lot of attention amongst the fanbase when their names and personalities were established in the Season 1 finalenote . Spitfire especially became somewhat of a pinup-girl to the fanart community with many a saucy WW2-style cheesecake image being drawn of her, as well as plenty of fanfics. Spitfire was brought back for another speaking role in Season 2 where she was established as the captain of the Wonderbolts, then again in a Season 3 episode that depicted her as being in charge of the training program for new recruits. Soarin' got a cameo in the Royal Wedding where he was seen wearing a dress uniform and dancing with Rainbow Dash.
    • Although Spitfire did get a bit of backlash for holding the Jerkass ball in "Rainbow Falls" and at the start of "Wonderbolts Academy".
  • The Flim Flam Brothers, whose affability and extremely catchy Villain Song made them stand out amongst other one-episode antagonists. This earned them a few cameos in the comic series and a second appearance in season 4.
  • Fans of Hulk Hogan and Mr. T became big fans of Iron Will. He tends to appear very often in fan made music videos on YouTube.
  • Before the episode featuring King Sombra was even out yet he had spawned quite a lot of fan art. Indeed, before it was even known he was an actual character, with nothing to go on except a small Early-Bird Cameo, the fandom was disproportionately fascinated with him. Unfortunately, after the episode aired and fans noticed how little screentime and dialogue he had, fan reaction has been mixed. Ironically, many of his fans like him because of how little is made known about him, finding him mysterious and interesting because of it.
  • Fancypants has an impressive fan base, especially for the female viewers of the show.
  • Babs Seed, the fourth crusader, was warmly accepted by the fanbase. Her slightly different character model (she's bulkier than a standard filly) and Manehattanite background helps make her memorable.
  • Fluttershy's temporary bat form in the episode, "Bats!" quickly spun-off a lot of fan art and Internet memes. Rarity dubbed the creature "Flutterbat", which the fandom latched onto.
    • The fanbase's fascination of bat ponies (like Luna's guards) is so intense, when Fluttershy became a vampire bat pony in "Bats!", there was an explosion of fanworks to say the least. A high-quality, fan-made plushy was sewn within 24 hours.
  • From the episode "Rarity Takes Manehattan", we're introduced to a pony named Coco Pommel. Her cute looks and sweet demeanor earned her a fanbase and a lot of artwork in hours after the episode aired, plus it's hinted at that she'll return in a later episode. She's without question one of the most popular of the key givers introduced in season 4 (only rivaled by Cheese Sandwich), to the point where a return appearance in season 5 is eagerly expected.
  • Cheese Sandwich already had a lot of fans popping up before the episode even aired. Then again, being voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic will certainly do that. (The possible Ship Tease with Pinkie Pie doesn't hurt either.)
  • Even though not everyone is particularly fond of the Breezies, most people seem to like Seabreeze, a particularly hot-tempered Breezie who not only is the Only Sane Man of the group, but also has a perfectly relatable reason for being mean to his comrades, because he might get separated from his wife and child.
  • Pinkie's older sister, Maud Pie had a fan base long before her episode even aired! Fans have desperately been wanting to see Pinkie's siblings make an appearance on the show, and now one has. She's also very unique considering her personality is the polar opposite of her sister's, while still possessing the eccentricity you'd expect from a Pie.
    • Her brief surprise cameo in Rainbow Rocks also left a good impression on the fans.
  • Tirek might be an interesting case as in he was popular before he was even introduced. Fanfics have long made a name of him to be feared, and would create him as a name to be feared. As of the finale, that fear was well placed.
    • Some fans are interested in seeing Tirek's brother, Scorpan, as well, who was mentioned in the Season 4 finale but never revealed.
  • It should be noted that every time a new character appears, even a one shot for the episode, they spawn at least some fanart and an Ask A Pony page within 24 hours of a new episode airing. No exceptions.

Background Ponies

  • Nearly every single background character is given at least a name by the fans, if not an entire personality and history (especially if they have a unique design), and they'll receive fanart within a day of airing. Below are above & beyond the most popular and the ones the fandom is most familiar with.
  • No discussion on Ensemble Darkhorses is complete without mentioning Derpy Hoovesnote , the Recurring Extra that's gotten the most love from fans and the show's staff. In a background shot of episode 1, a grey pegasus pony with wonky eyes was spotted, and swiftly Derpy was born, a strange but surprisingly competent mailpony who loves muffins, often derps reality, and in spite of her difficulties is very friendly and hard-working. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", she managed to become a combination Ascended Meme/Ascended Extra, Lauren Faust herself said "She can be Derpy if everyone likes" (during production of season one, none of the background ponies had official names), and in season 2 she got her own little gag scenes. Not bad considering her googly eyes were just a random joke thrown in by one of the animators.
    • Her astronomic popularity even extends to other background ponies. When a unicorn filly with similar coloring was spotted it led to the creation of Dinky Hooves, Derpy's daughter. One of the few things fans agree is that Derpy and Dinky are a happy family (sometimes married to Time Turner/Dr. Hooves, mentioned below), and Dinky is the most popular child character outside the Cutie Mark Crusadersnote  with tons of fanart and fanfics involving the two, often resulting in hearts being melted.
    • Her Ascended Meme status is completed in "The Last Roundup", where the first scene after the credits features Rainbow Dash actually having a whole slapstick routine with her, where she gets several lines and is addressed as "Derpy". However, when "The Last Roundup" suddenly disappeared from iTunes, then later restored with Derpy's scene modified with tweaked dialogue (she was no longer referred to by name and had a different voice), the fandom absolutely exploded with panic and anger towards Hasbro, displaying the sheer level of reverence that had been given to the pony. Ultimately the explanation for the change was that there were complaints Derpy was a stereotype of the mentally disabled, and the arguments about this among the fans were often heated and ugly.
    • Official merchandise is not safe from the power of Derpy. She has a 2012 limited-edition pony for San Diego Comic-Con and the Orlando MLP Fair (complete with derped eyes and muffin box art), the Midtown Comics exclusive cover of the comic book series (there is, of course, a half-eaten muffin), and a set of vinyl molded figures of Derpy released by Hot Topic (all the thousands of figures made of Derpy sold out in four minutes!).
    • The fandom exploded again when Hasbro announced in the middle of Season 3 that they were forbidden to use Derpy ever again even as a background pony. However, that all changed in the episode, "Rainbow Falls", where she made a surprise appearance as Rainbow Dash's replacement for the Equestria Games making her more popular with the fans than ever.
      • Before that, she had a few blink and you'll miss it background appearances in the season 3 finale, "Magical Mystery Cure".
      • She has made several appearances in Rainbow Rocks as well.
    • Derpy also pops up in the iOS game as a surprise, albeit unnamed, character who gives you extra bits and gems when you find her.
  • Lyra Heartstrings, a mint-colored unicorn with a lyre cutie mark, who gained the attention of the fanbase by often being seen hopping up and down with an excited look on her face as if she's mugging for the camera or engaged in a Funny Background Event, most notably sitting or otherwise acting in a semi-human-like manner. It became one of the fans' (many) memes to depict Lyra as the pony equivalent of an otherkin, wanting in one way or another to be human. She was nicknamed just "Lyra" by the fandom (a name adopted by WeLoveFine), then officially named "Heartstrings" by Hasbro, which led some fans to Take a Third Option and call her "Lyra Heartstrings". Then Hasbro finally used this name as well. After two seasons of complete silence in the English versionnote , she finally got to speak a few lines in "A Canterlot Wedding", along with Minuette and Twinkleshine, two other well-liked background ponies.note 
    • Lyra often appears alongside a pony that appears to be an Expy of Bon Bon from My Little Pony Tales (and is fan nicknamed as such, although merchandise now officially names her Sweetie Drops), originally due to the way their colorations complement each other (as is standard practice with the placement of background ponies in crowd shots). This circumstance resulted in a lot of fan works depicting the two together in some way, whether as best friends, roommates, or romantic partners. And while Bon Bon doesn't get nearly the same amount of attention on her own as Lyra does, the two together are the most widely accepted pairing, and basically the OTP of the fandom. Yet another aspect of fanon that has been recognized in official media, such as being intentionally placed together in the famous Comic Con poster and participating in Funny Background Events in several episodes (such as "Secret of My Excess", where they share one with Derpy).
      • Bon Bon does have one bit of notoriety among the fans: she is easily the most talkative of the background ponies. To date, she has spoken in five separate episodesnote , each time with a totally different voice. This has led to the fanon meme that she is or aspires to be a voice actor.
  • Time Turner/Dr. Hooves, a male Earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark and spikey brown hair that reminded some fans of David Tennant, spawned endless Doctor Who crossovers and the fanon that Equestria has (or had) their own version of Time Lords. Word of God says his look initially was a coincidence; his fandom interpretation was alluded to by his manning the hourglass in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", lording over time in a way, and by one of the official trading cards that says he is responsible for "pretty much all things timey-wimey." "Dr. Hooves" or "Doctor Hooves" was originally spelled as "Doctor Whooves" (which is Ascended Fanon, unlike his other Fan Nickname "Doctor Whoof"), but its letter W was removed, thus Writing Around Trademarks of The BBC. However, the box of his vinyl figure lists him as "Doctor Whooves" - how they got that around the trademarks is anyone's guess.
    • During the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the BBC showed that they are aware of Doctor Hooves. So not only is it semi-confirmed, it seems they don't have a problem with it.
    • The comic series has had multiple covers and background jokes related to him being the Doctornote , and since it was acknowledged by the BBC they've even put a reference to it in the actual show. In the episode "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" there's a shot of him wearing 3D glasses like the 10th Doctor did in one episode and hanging out with a female pony named Roseluck, who has a similar name to the 10th Doctor's first companion (Rose Tyler).
  • A female DJ unicorn that appeared for less than five seconds in "Suited For Success", doing nothing but turning on music and bobbing her head, garnered a huge following, generally called Vinyl Scratch, though other fans prefer her stage name that was spawned at the same time, "DJ P0N-3". The "DJ Pon-3" name was acknowledged in The Hub's Equestria Girls and There's a Pony For That commercials, and she's one of the few extras to receive her own official t-shirts and a brushable toy. She eventually returned in "A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2", this time showing what color her eyes are underneath her Cool Shades (the most popular fan theory was that her eyes were red – they turned out to be magenta)note 
  • Octavia, one of the musicians who first appeared in "The Best Night Ever" (the cello/bass player), obtained an enormous amount of attention from fans, with stories and drawings galore, and even her own theme music; pretty amazing considering she had pretty equal screentime with her bandmates. Her resemblance to one of Pinkie's sisters also fueled a lot of Wild Mass Guessing for a while (see below). She's since appeared on the Comic-Con 2011 poster/desktop background, gained a Palette Swap in "Luna Eclipsed", returned to the show during "Sweet and Elite", been included in the Valentine version of Card Creator, and been featured on the licensed shirts and art print Musical Pony Battle, Octavia Disdainful Glance, and Dancing Ponies.
    • Octavia and Vinyl Scratch/DJ-Pon3 also form the fandoms second OTP, despite never being shown interacting with each other.
      • Even though the two have never once been onscreen (or even in the same episode) together, the Enterplay trading card specifically puts them together.
      • While fans have different opinions about shipping, Vinyl and Octavia are always some how associated with one another. be it through an Odd Friendship, familial relations, romance, or being Roommates, these characters will always have some relationship with each other when depicted in the fandom. Once again, they have never appeared on screen together.
      • As of Rainbow Rocks, Octavia now has a voice courtesy of Kazumi Evans. She even sounds British, as in most popular interpretations.
  • Golden Harvest (nicknamed Carrot Top), a yellow earth pony with an (usually) orange mane, gained some popularity due to a popular fan comic depicting her as Derpy's roommate or best friend. Fanon usually has her as the Straight Mare to Derpy's goofiness (which got a Fandom Nod in "Luna Eclipsed") and there's a Running Gag about Derpy constantly emptying her fridge. Notably, she is one of the background ponies that's spoken the most in the series and has a memorable gag scene in "Boast Busters" where her hair is briefly green, so that probably helps her popularity a bit.
  • Berry Punch (aka the Overprotective Parent Pony), a pink/purple earth pony with grapes for a cutie mark, is known for hastily dragging what might be her child inside in "Bridle Gossip" and drinking directly out of a punch bowl in "Call of the Cutie". The latter has led to her being depicted as The Alcoholic in fanon, an idea apparently shared by the storyboard artists when they put her into the scene, as revealed during an interview. She often gets paired with Minuette (see below) due the two singing together on a hill during the "Winter Wrap Up" song.
  • A common participant in the "Brushie Brushie" meme is Minuette, a blue background unicorn who shares the same character model with Sea Swirl and an hourglass cutie mark similar to Time Turner/Dr. Hooves' Fun Fact  Many fans call her Colgate for her toothpaste-like striped hair and the associated meme, and even has her own fan-made theme. Alternatively, she's also known as Romana, named after a Time Ladynote  who accompanied the Doctor for a while, because apparently having an hourglass cutie mark means you're a Time Pony. She may even have gotten her own Fandom Nod in "Luna Eclipsed" when she appeared in the episode wearing what looks like a dental surgeon costume for Nightmare Night (A pony holiday equivalent of Halloween).
  • Perhaps one of the darkest darkponies of all is the female earth pony who appears on screen for about two seconds, floating through the air past Twilight Sparkle in "The Return of Harmony Part 2". As with Derpy, the overall weirdness of this character seems to have caught fans' imagination. Dubbed "Screwball", due to her cutie mark of same, she features in many fanfics, including the very popular Daddy Discord video and accompanying song.
  • Pinkie's sisters Inkie & Blinkie have quite the following among Mane Six family members despite only appearing in a flashback as fillies. As mentioned above there was a lot of speculation for a while when Octavia debuted that she & Inkie were the same pony, which in a weird way may have helped boost the sisters' own popularity. They have a popular Ask A Pony blog centered around them, Inkie has a song, and there's lots of fanworks that speculate what they're like in the present day.
    • Worth noting that a tie-in novella officially revealed their names to be Limestone and Marble Pie, respectively. Also, some fans were a bit upset that we ended up meeting the later-revealed 3rd sister Maud Pie in the show before we got to see Limestone and Marble in the present day.
  • The pegasi duo of Cloudchaser and Flitter managed to stand out quite a bit for the fans with their noticeably unique appearances. The two are often portrayed as being close sisters or friends in the fandom and spawned off quite a bit of fan material from artwork and blogs to repainted customs of existing figures and even some fan-created games, and the former at least looks to be making a return appearance in a season 3 episode.
  • Pegasus brothers Thunderlane and the colt Rumble are also popular, perhaps due to being the only known pair of brothers on the show aside from Flim and Flam. These two often are shown interacting together with Cloudchaser and Flitter.
  • The fans really latched onto Pipsqueak for a couple of reasons. One, he's one of the only colts in the show with actual lines. Two, he has a very unique design and distinctive voice. Three, In-Universe, his favorite princess is Luna, one of the show's Darkhorse-iest ponies. In fan works, he's usually portrayed as a juvenile Quintessential British Gentleman and tends to get Shipped with Dinky Doo a lot.
  • She had a rather prominent appearance in one of Twilight Sparkle's flashbacks, but Sibsy's ponysona Wild Fire was recognized by fans almost immediately. This led to fan-art, and even a video or two. And that's not counting the Ask A Pony blog, her little fandom of her own, and the number of fanfiction written involving her.
  • Bulk Bicepsnote  YEAH!!! is very popular and instantly recognizable due to being one of the most uniquely designed pegasi around. YEAH!!! His every appearance pretty much calls for a YEAH!!! from everyone watching.
  • Button Mash may very well be the king of this trope. He appears for all of two and a half seconds in the beginning of 'The Perfect Stallion' song. He does not speak, he is not named, all we see of him is a colt playing on an arcade machine. A dedicated fan - Shadyvox (of Yu-Gi-Oh GX Abridged infamy) - made a pilot episode starring him that made a surprisingly large fandom for the colt.
  • Fleur de Lis appeared twice in one episode and spoke one line, and yet seems at least as popular as her assumed husband, Fancy Pants, who has his own entry above.note  It probably helps that she has a Non-Standard Character Design - she's a normal unicorn, yet she has the taller, longer body shape normally only used for alicorns.
  • Silverspeed, a silver-maned pegasus with a bow-and-arrow cutie mark, and one of the few background ponies to be named in-show, has only briefly appeared in two episodes, but is popular enough to have recieved a variety of fan art and an Ask-a-pony Tumblr page.


  • Sunset Shimmer has gotten the attention of a lot of bronies for various reasons, including her Cool Mask, her similar Theme Naming to Twilight Sparkle, and her description of being a former student of Princess Celestia. This has lead to her being the subject of a lot of Epileptic Trees, even though Word of God says that she won't appear in show.
    • The Equestria Girls movie reveals Sunset Shimmer to be the Big Bad. Since then, her popularity has dropped drastically compared to the popularity she had before the movie. Despite the Hype Backlash, she still has her fans, if only for her character design and Rebecca Shoichet's performance.
      • After the IDW comics gave her backstory some much-needed fleshing out, her popularity rose again. She's not as popular as any of the other Big Bads, but she has a dedicated fanbase nonetheless.
    • Another aspect that's also been helping with her popularity going back up is the sequel showing her more genuine acts of going through her Heel-Face Turn, something fans of the first felt was very abrupt and somewhat forced.
  • The Dazzlings, the villains from Rainbow Rocks, were loved by the Bronies when their song Let's Have a Battle (Of the Bands) was leaked. Sonata sticks out because of her role as The Ditz for the trio.
  • Human Twilight after her appearance in The Stinger.

Currently, only My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Transformersnote  and Pokémon have their own pages dedicated to ensemble darkhorses, so please click here for more examples from other shows.

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