Awesome: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

"This is a pony; a baby horse girl toy! Why is it so awesome?!"

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     Season 1 - Part 1 

Mare in the Moon
  • The entire episode, if for no other reason than this is the episode that proved that this incarnation will not be like prior incarnations. That especially goes for the title sequence. It's begins with the typical facile cutesie lyrical style of the franchise, and suddenly changes a fast paced rock song leaving you no doubt that this franchise is under a bold new management.
  • Rainbow Dash really does clear the sky in ten seconds flat.

Elements of Harmony
  • Twilight Sparkle has been suddenly abducted by Nightmare Moon while trying to activate the Elements of Harmony, and is now trapped alone with the dark goddess of Eternal Night gloating at her from across the room, while the only artifacts in the world that might possibly be able to stop her are firmly in the villainess's clutches. What does she do? Put her horn down and charge.

    Her brave gesture isn't even a Leeroy Jenkins style gesture of defiance. By charging, Twilight Sparkle lured Nightmare Moon down off the podium and away from the Elements of Harmony to meet her charge... and then used her teleport-dodge to skip right past Nightmare Moon at the last instant, leaving her on top of the podium with the Elements while Nightmare Moon is stuck running in the exact opposite direction of where she needs to be. Badass Bookworm and Batman Gambit, all in one move.
  • The arrival of Twilight's new friends and them demonstrating the Magic of Friendship to Nightmare Moon by forcing her to taste the Rainbow of Light. The page image should give you a rough idea why this is so awesome.
  • The out-of-universe example with the audience. This was the revival of a two-decade-old franchise based on a toy that only girls liked, with shows that were largely seen as a joke. The generation that came before this, 3.5, was probably the worst of the adaptations, and it did not help things. Then this two-parter aired. Various boys in the audience fell silent, then exploded in pure happiness at how good everything about this show was. It became a sensation over-night. The best part is that compared to what comes later on, the two-parter may be seen as one of the corniest and most trite of the bunch. It still left G3.5 in the dirt.
  • Rarity being the first to fight the manticore, and kicking it straight in the face. Two episodes in, and she's already showing her Damsel out of Distress tendencies.
  • Applejack bounding her way down the cliff effortlessly, being the only flightless pony to save herself from the cliff collapse.

Applebuck Season
  • Applejack, even though it was something she shouldn't have done, earned one by harvesting half the farm's apple trees by herself. Sweet Apple Acres is really big (there's a reason it's called Sweet Apple Acres), so it's likely not an easy feat to harvest half the apples in the entire area within the span of a couple days. Yet Applejack still managed it.
  • Applejack, in the words of Mayor Mare, single-hoofedly saved Ponyville from a stampede of panicked cows.
  • Twilight clearing 31 trees at once is pretty awesome.

Griffin The Brush Off
  • In one of her first Pet the Dog moments, Rainbow Dash is not happy at all when Gilda tears into her friends. Special points for the usually aggressive pony pwning Gilda solely with stern words.
  • Pinkie deciding to deal with Gilda once and for all after the griffon bullies Fluttershy. Of course, her method of "dealing with" her turns out to be a party and not a series of pranks as we're led to think, but it's rare to see Pinkie deciding to take on a problem so directly and decisively.
  • The first time we see Pinkie's The Cat Came Back abilities. This wouldn't be notable in any other cartoon, but in this one it's something that no other character had been capable of up to this point and the others are visibly baffled by it.
  • The Whole Party Scene Towards Gilda not to mention the ELECTROCUTION!!!

Boast Busters
  • Twilight's use of magic against the Ursa. To elaborate: she conjures a breeze to pass through reeds to make music to calm the Ursa. While doing that, she empties a water tower and carries it through a barn, while simultaneously milking cows to replace the water. While all that is going on, she levitates the Ursa itself and gives it the water tower-turned-bottle, and levitates it all the way back to its cave home. And is only momentarily winded after she is finished.
  • Trixie still beat them, but something must be said about Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack's tricks, which were pretty dang cool.
    • Applejack's lasso jumps were a lot more impressive than what Trixie did in return, which was just make a rope wiggle. Any unicorn could have done that. She didn't do anything that matched up to what Rainbow Dash did either, she just made her feel dizzy. And Rarity made a dress out of a curtain in about three seconds- Trixie just messed up her hair out of spite. She didn't really beat them, she just immaturely showed them up because she couldn't do better.
  • Trixie herself gets a small one when she tries to fight the Ursa. Yes, it was completely ineffectual, but the fact remains that she knew she was outclassed, but still made the effort.
    • Look at how big the lightning bolt she hit the Ursa with was. It might've only lightly singed the huge Eldritch Abomination, but anything smaller likely would've been fried.

  • Fluttershy at the end. She made a dragon cry. A really, really big dragon, when the entire episode had been about how she's terrified of dragons.:
    How dare you? HOW DARE YOU?
    • Equestria would've been covered in the dragon's smoke for 100 years if Fluttershy hadn't stepped up. That mare saved the entire country.
  • Rainbow Dash going up against the dragon beforehand. "GET. OUT!!" Her "Hell yes I did" nod when the dragon complained about her kicking him counts as awesome and hilarious.

Look Before You Sleep
  • Twilight deserves some credit for telling a Ghost Story scary enough to cause Applejack and Rarity to Security Cling.
  • The pillow fight between Rarity and Applejack is funny and awesome.

Bridle Gossip
  • The moment where Applebloom, after realizing just how ridiculous everypony's been acting around Zecora, plants her older sister Applejack on a leaf note  and leaves her there to go set the record straight. As mentioned on the show's funny page, Applejack could do a little more than throw a temper tantrum.
  • Who would have thought that Applejack could tame "Rainbow Crash" and ride her cowboy-style while still small?
  • "Flutterguy's" rendition of Pinkie's "Evil Enchantress" song could be a mild example, due to that deep voice.

Swarm of the Century
  • Pinkie's one-pony band.
  • Rainbow Dash shows that she can create tornadoes, which likely would have solved the problem had Pinkie Pie not showed up with those cymbals.
  • There's also the mane ponies (save Pinkie Pie) corralling the parasprites into the forest, again almost taking care of the problem.
  • The fact that Pinkie Pie, resident Fourth Wall Observing Cloudcuckoolander of Ponyville, was the one to recognize and actually take care of the Parasprite problem, despite her friends thinking her gathering instruments was just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Either she had a past experience with them, or she got her hooves on a copy of the episode's script.

Winter Wrap-Up
  • After an episode-long Humiliation Conga at not being able to properly help with the traditionally non-magic winter clearing activities, Twilight sees how disorganized the process is, and is quickly able to earn her own place in the tradition by getting everyone organized to efficiently clear up every trace of winter without getting in each other's way. And is then presented with her own vest, with a combination of all the other teams' colors. Accompanied by the instrumental of the episode song throughout, no less.
    • And this organized process began a little before sundown, and they still finished it anyway by the next day, right on time. Rephrased, Twilight organized them so well that they wrapped up winter in half of the target time!

Call of the Cutie
  • Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle calling out Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon for making fun of Apple Bloom at the risk of getting made fun of themselves. And they did so for a pony they didn't even know.

Fall Weather Friends
  • Twilight Sparkle's decision to compete in the race causes hilarity to Dash and Applejack. And why shouldn't it? She's a bookworm, one of the least athletic ponies in the town, has never been in a race and only knows about running from books. Race begins. Twilight is just quietly trotting at the back of the race, looking around, enjoying the scenery, commenting on Applejack and Rainbow Dash's nonsense. She is among the first to arrive, because she was not just looking at the scenery, she was pacing her efforts, contrarily to the others, and once everypony was exhausted, she sprinted her way to the finish line. Needless to say, this is a tactic she learned of in her books. Let that sink in: one of the weakest ponies in the town took fifth place, after consistently being way behind everypony else, presumably without using magic (and she could have just cheated and teleported, but she didn't).
  • Applejack kicked a high striker hard enough to not only break it, but also sent its bell shooting off into the atmosphere. Especially impressive when you realize that she only had to use one of her legs accomplish this, while her opponent Rainbow Dash had to use both of her hind legs to even ring the bell.
  • All of ways either pony wins the challenges are pretty awesome, even if Rainbow Dash gets sneaky and starts using her wings later on. Granted she holds to Applejack's demand and keeps up with her using only her hooves during the race until the escalation of cheating reaches its peek.

    Season 1 - Part 2 

Suited for Success
  • The second fashion show on two counts:
    • For Rarity. It's easy to forget that the completely awesome special effects as well as the dresses were produced by her. Before this, the only real things she used her magic for was telekinesis and not really anything else. Who knew she had that kind of magic in her?
    • For the creators in a meta sense. It's a fashion show, and it's not at all ironic like the first one, but it's still awesome, even if you think fashion is completely frivolous. It's a perfect example of how they can make something great out of ideas that don't sound promising at all.
  • Fluttershy suddenly speaking up and pouring a ton of fashion critique when Rarity pesters her.

Feeling Pinkie Keen
  • Twilight pulling a You Shall Not Pass on a Hydra. For reference, the Hydra is several hundred times her size, has been actively trying to eat the group, and is one of the few monsters in the series where Talking the Monster to Death is not an option. She holds it off long enough for Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Spike to get to safety. The fact that the entire episode until that moment had been one long Humiliation Conga for Twilight only serves to emphasize how awesome this moment was.
    • Kind of one for Rainbow Dash too, despite not being in the episode. How does Twilight pull off the You Shall Not Pass? By charging the hydra. Why does she charge the hydra? Because that's what Rainbow Dash would've done. Dash can apparently inspire acts of awesome without being there herself.

Sonic Rainboom
  • Dash's Sonic Rainboom in the process of saving Rarity and half of the Wonderbolts from falling to their death. A sonic rainboom consists of breaking the sound barrier and causing some sort of light refracting phenomenon that makes a rainbow-colored shock wave. A feat considered impossible in-universe.
    • Somepony did the math and calculated that Rainbow Dash was pulling 1600+ g-forces at the time. If you use the graphics shown in the episode, she's not just flying at supersonic speeds, they're hypersonic. That's right, little Dashie can fly at five times the speed of sound, which means, if this video is correct and the sonic Rainboom doubles Rainbow's speeds for the duration, that she is pulling that turn at ten times the speed of sound, or 3397.5 meters per second. If we follow the math formulas from the before example that gives us 166405.15 g-forces. If this is correct, then Rarity deserves one just for surviving.
    • However it's more sensible to assume she "just" shatters Newtonian Physics and substitutes her own, which are Aristotelian in nature, thus not requiring them to survive any g-forces.
  • Fluttershy, who was cheering in her very own extra-shy way at the beginning of the episode, suddenly burst out in hysteric cheers while Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie look on in awe.
  • Fluttershy trying to tell off the Jerk Jocks who are bothering Rainbow Dash. It... doesn't quite work, but Fluttershy having the courage to stand up to bullies (who we later learn once teased her when she was a filly) for the sake of her friend, especially at this point in the series where she hasn't yet learned to be more assertive, is quite a feat.

The Stare Master
  • Fluttershy again. To put it in perspective Twilight Sparkle, the most powerful unicorn in Ponyville, could not stand up to the cockatrice and ended up as a statue. Fluttershy marched up to the monster and stared right into its eyes while telling it off and threatening to tell its mother about it. While being slowly turned into stone. It backs down.
    • Also, what she says to the Crusaders right before she does it: after spending the entire episode unable to get them to heed or obey her, she just shouts (well, shouts by Fluttershy standards), "Girls! Behind me now!" You realize in that moment that she has resolved to save the fillies in her charge or die trying. The final scene shows that she now doesn't even have to raise her voice to instantly get their attention.
  • Sweetie Belle's rendition of the lullaby.

The Show Stoppers
  • Scootaloo's scooter scene just after the theme song. Jumping off her scooter mid-ride, over a branch too low to scoot under, in slow motion with birds flying about, landing on the other side, and continuing to ride. The way she dismounts and pulls her helmet off is nothing short of awesome.
  • Even with how bad the Crusaders' act turns out, you have to admire the sheer amount of effort and ambition they put into it, with complex choreography and special effects. And the way they actually get through the whole song without missing a beat even as the chaos unfolds around them.

A Dog and Pony Show
  • Rarity gets captured by a group of dogs who want her to find gems for them. This, of course, includes living in labyrinthine tunnels, hand (or hoof?) digging them up and pulling the cart they go in. She complains a good amount, messing with the dogs' heads and setting them up to be insecure and defensive, but it really takes off when they tell her to stop whining. Thirty of the most hilariously satisfying seconds later, she's sitting on a throne with an army of dogs digging up jewels, giving them to her, and begging the "rescue party" to take her with them just to shut her up.
    • Even before she starts her climactic whining act, she gets a notable moment when she tricks several dogs into collapsing a pillar onto themselves.
  • Spike also takes a level in badass in this episode. Not only does he lead the charge to rescue Rarity, but he takes on three Diamond Dogs at once and actually does a formidable job.
    • Formidable, nothing, if he hadn't gotten his head stuck in a tree limb, he'd have taken all three to the cleaners, and this is a kid fighting three adults, each of which is at least twice his size. As far as we know, Spike has never fought before in his life, nor had any sort of combat training, but given that The Power of Love (close friend to The Power of Friendship, and just as potent in this series) was fueling him, that more than made up the difference. Well, that and the whole "dragon" thing, but he isn't even using his breath-weapon (probably because he IS just a child and it would constitute maiming force).
  • A group of Diamond Dogs ambush, mount, and rope the ponies in the "rescue party," with one Dog shouting "More workhorses!" Applejack responds:
    "Whoo, doggies! If you think you can take this bull by the horns, you better get ready for a ride! YEEEEEEEEHAAAAWW!" *cue five-pony rodeo*

Over a Barrel
  • During the pie fight in "Over A Barrel", background pony Carrot Top jumps out of the second story of a building, lands on a buffalo, and rides him rodeo style. The whole time she has a huge grin on her face like she's having fun.
    • Other good moments for the settler ponies include tricking one of the buffalo into knocking itself out on an anvil and managing to take out the buffalo chief (kind of).
  • The ponies pulling the train managing to fend off the buffalo hounding them.

Cutie Mark Chronicles
  • In what could be the crowning moment of the season, Rainbow Dash perform her first Sonic Rainboom as a young filly, earning her Cutie Mark in the process, and in doing so inadvertently causes the rest of the mane cast to get theirs as well.
  • Filly Twilight's sudden power-up that caused her to not only hatch Spike (which, presumably, was what the test was for), but to cause her examiners to float in the air, turn her parents into plants, and enlarge baby Spike enough to break a hole in the tower ceiling and attract Celestia's attention. It was awesome to see just how powerful her magic is even at such a young and untrained age. Like Celestia says:
    Celestia: Twilight Sparkle, I have never come across a unicorn with your raw ability.
    • Faust stated that the dragon egg test was something akin to an Unwinnable Training Simulation; the fact that Twilight actually hatched the egg forced Celestia to learn how to raise and train Spike on her own to later give to Twilight as her assistant.

Owl's Well That Ends Well
  • Owlowiscious physically taking on a full-grown dragon, then flying point to lead Twilight and Spike out of the forest with that thing chasing them every step of the way.

Party of One
  • Angry Pinkie Pie getting her own pink blur as she keeps up with Rainbow Dash is both badass and slightly scary.
    • The entire chase scene. You don't mess around with a character with such a command on cartoon physics, no matter how nice or carefree they may usually seem.
  • Rainbow Dash literally dragging Pinkie Pie out of her depression and halfway across town.

The Best Night Ever
  • Rarity spends much of "Best Night Ever" trying to woo Prince Blueblood, only for him to act like a complete Jerkass in return. At the climax of the episode, after being used as a shield against a cake thrown across the room, she finally loses it and gives him a piece of her mind in an awesome "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • The clincher? The Prince shrinks back as Rarity gives her speech, afraid of her getting frosting and cake on him. When he complains about her being messy, she shouts "Afraid to get DIRTY?!" and shakes herself so that he gets covered in frosting too. Anyone who's been watching the entire show up to this point will appreciate this moment even more, considering Rarity's own moments of Super OCD in previous episodes.

     Season 2 - Part 1 

The Return of Harmony, Part 1
  • Fluttershy gets one in the first episode. When Discord tries to corrupt her like the others by telling her she's helpless and her friends don't like her, she responds with her usual sweet and kind self and says she's lucky to have such great friends and appreciates them thinking she can do better. When his manipulations fail, he snaps and gets enraged for the first and only time so far, and has to resort to "brute force" Brainwashing.
  • Rarity also resists Discord's temptations, and manages to walk away from the diamonds in the rock after she's first shown to have Mind-Control Eyes.
  • Discord himself gets quite a few in the first episode. He manipulates the ponies under his rules, and orchestrates their loss like a pro. Dash's corruption in particular is extremely cunning, appropriate considering that it "wins" him the game.
    • Also managing to steal the elements when they were guarded by a spell only Celestia could break.
  • An offscreen CMOA is from none other than Princesses Celestia and Luna, who were able to stop Discord's reign of chaos with the newly-discovered Elements of Harmony a thousand years ago. Now imagine that story with the climax from episode 2, with the royal sisters in the place of the Mane Six and Discord in Nightmare Moon's place, turned to stone by the stark opposite of his own existence.
    • An onscreen CMOA for Princess Celestia in the Canterlot Tower scene. Listen to Discord's monologue to her. He's trying to push the princess' buttons and get inside her head. Celestia responds to his teasing with a Shut Up, Hannibal! and orders him to quit screwing around and answer her original question. Discord begrudgingly answers with a cryptic riddle and then vanishes before Celestia could demand a straight answer.
  • Seeing the girls working together to get rid of the cotton-candy rain clouds is pretty impressive.
    • It took Rainbow Dash ten seconds to clear the clouds.

The Return of Harmony, Part 2
  • The entire chase scene after Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy, pulling Twilight's Twinkling Balloon, tries to catch up to the corrupted Rainbow Dash, but she's still too fast for her even with Rarity and Pinkie Pie weighing her down. That is until this exchange:
    Rarity: Oh Fluttershy, could you be a dear and fly faster, please?
    Fluttershy: (Sobbing) I-I can't...
    Twilight: If you can't catch her, Discord wins!
    • She then proceeds to outpace Rainbow Dash. This is Fluttershy we're talking about. The one who has repeatedly been stated to be a rather poor flyer. By comparison, Rainbow Dash is capable of shattering the visible light spectrum.
  • Discord's downfall. The Rainbow Of Light return and Twilight gets a "World of Cardboard" Speech, followed by the look on Discord's face when he realizes the Elements Of Harmony work now and it's too late for him to do anything about it.
    • Twilight's Kirk Summation/Shut Up, Hannibal! deserves special mention for the fact it's probably one of the most Badass ways of stating the Aesop of an episode ever.
      Discord: Will you ever learn?
      Twilight Sparkle: I'll tell you what we've learned, Discord! We've learned that friendship isn't always easy, but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for!
    • What's more Badass is she just told off what amounts to the God of Chaos. The girl has serious guts. On top of that, she delivered that speech just after teleporting to her friends and protecting herself and them from Discord's telekinesis with a magical force field. That bears repeating - she actually stood up to and countered Discord's magic with her own. The force field returning the ground back to normal when it lands really sells it.
    • Then right after... double rainbow all the way across Ponyville! It was intense, and reverts Discord's reign of chaos back to normal.
  • Celestia gets one by being the Spanner in the Works to Discord and helping Twilight realize what she has to do to reunite her friends. Bonus points for Out Gambitting Discord by just sending some letters.
  • Twilight being the only one to overcome the depths of despair and chaos without assistance from magic. Then going about saving her mates. Which included having to tie up and probably chase Fluttershy, who we see can be a competent flyer when she isn't scared.
  • Twilight and Spike fighting and successfully retrieving the book containing the Elements of Harmony from the corrupted ponies. Notably, Twilight takes on Pinkie Pie and Applejack at the same time, without resorting to magic.
    • Spike tackling Jerk!Fluttershy out of the air was also awesome.
  • Even though it ultimately fails, there's Twilight deciding that she has taken enough crap from the Discorded ponies and taking charge of the situation after discovering the Elements, successfully persuading the others into getting out of the library to confront Discord.
  • Discord producing a glass, which he fills with chocolate milk from the top to the bottom, then drinking the glass, and tossing the still glass-shaped milk over his shoulder, causing it to explode and the explosion was even dark, not bright. Discord just holds a nonchalant face through it, like this happens all the time for him.

Lesson Zero
  • Fluttershy wrestles a bear. Actually, she was being a chiropractor for the bear. Still, the initial scene was badass. Fluttershy having the courage to help a bear in pain is great in itself, following on from the Manticore in the pilot.
  • You've seen the Sonic Rainboom, right? How about a Sonic RainNUKE?
    • Beforehand, Rainbow Dash kicking through walls and biting through ceiling beams.
  • Big Macintosh casually punting a massive pile of ponies off of him (some of which ended up flying over the horizon).
    Big Macintosh: Nnnope.
  • Spike finally getting fed up with Twilight's issues and yelling at her to "SNAP OUT OF IT!"
    • Spike gets another one by writing to the high ruler of all Equestria herself, knowingly going above Twilight's head in doing so, so that she could come down and help Twilight out with her problems, knowing that they have taken too great a hold on her. And he did this with a claw cramp that he got from writing all day.
  • Princess Celestia's clearly angry demeanor towards Twilight when she arrived and the magic she uses to cancel Twilight's spell is a reminder why she is the Princess of Equestria.
    • Also the way she easily cancelled Twilight's spell over everypony. It's not often we get to see the princess unleash her power that way.
    • Despite witnessing this, Twilight's friends still rush to the library in her defense. They'll look out for Twilight, angry sun goddess or no.
  • Spike's method of cleaning the frosting off of himself. Pinkie Pie would be proud.

Luna Eclipsed
  • Luna makes her long awaited return by arriving in a beam of moonlight riding a demonic chariot pulled by a pair of pegasi that look like soldiers right out of Pony Hell with Luna herself dressed like a Sith Lord, all set to Nightmare Moon's theme from Season 1 and Dramatic Thunder. It doesn't help improve her "public image", but it sure was a badass entrance.
    • The part where she descends from her chariot and her black cloak turns into bats that fly away as she unfolds her massive alicorn wings.
    • Pretty much any time she pulls the Dramatic Thunder, even in the most mundane contexts, is awesome. The fantastic animation and great use of light(n)ing certainly help.
  • As if her appearance here wasn't awesome enough, Zecora's story-telling is just amazing. She really has a flair for the dramatic, and the way she makes use of her own special brand of magic makes it even cooler, with just enough creepiness to be scary at the same time.
  • Luna stopped a panicked stampede of townsponies with the over the top Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice, essentially bringing everypony within earshot to their knees (even Twilight).
    "BE STILL!"
  • The fans were very worried about this episode, as giving Luna a canon personality would invalidate a year's worth of fanwork speculation that had become very popular. Her canon personality being accepted by those fans was as unlikely as the show itself earning such devotion.
  • Rainbow Dash dressing as a Shadowbolt.
  • It's more Awesome in Hindsight, but think: if that's the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice, Celestia must have used it too.
    • She did. The Journal of the Two Sisters reveals she used it to talk down a dragon who had stolen the Crystal Heart. Oh, and by the way, she not only had the voice, she lit up like the sun itself! AWE-SOME!

The Sisterhooves Social
  • Rarity running the race with Sweetie Belle. May not seem like much, but then you realize: this is Rarity, who freaks out at the mention of dirt, covering herself from horn to hoof in mud and engaging in rough and tumble, "uncouth" activities she would normally spurn, all for the sake of her sister. And it includes the likes of launching Sweetie Belle over an entire climbing hazard with one leg, bucking a barrelful of grapes in one kick, and launching a bench full of apples. There's some Hidden Depths for you.
    • The final slide toward the finish line. Any baseball player will tell you this is a risky move, in terms of both its effectiveness and the potential for injury. Rarity's willingness to go for it without even thinking says quite a bit about her.
  • Applejack is able to hold her breath under the mud for the entire time the race lasts, just to help Rarity and Sweetie Belle make up. This applies to Rarity as well, perhaps even more so. Think about it: In order for her and Applejack to switch places like that without Sweetie Belle or anypony else noticing, Rarity must have been waiting under the mud for quite a while before the race even started.
    • There's more awesome to Rarity hiding in the mud than just the time she spends under it. She couldn't move or exhale at all, or it could have blown her cover. She couldn't even gasp for breath when she came out, because from Sweetie Belle's POV Applejack was only under for a few seconds at most. This girl had to fight her reflexes on top of her fear of uncleanliness to pull off what she did! That's sisterly love.
  • "As Celestia is my witness, I will never go sisterless again!"
  • Rarity was able to keep herself under control with all of Sweetie Belle's messes. Considering how frequently Sanity Slippage happens in this show, the fact she had enough self control to not snap under the pressure is a feat in and of itself.

The Cutie Pox
  • After being bullied by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in Call of the Cutie, Apple Bloom finally gets to show them up with style.
  • Sure, Cutie Pox is serious, but there's no doubt some of the feats Apple Bloom is able to perform are awesome. Toward the end of episode she's able to sculpt a statue, tame a pack of lions, carry a heavy barbell (reading 1000) with just her tail, and put up a fight with a fencer all in quick succession while still being able to keep the two plates and loopty hoop spinning.
  • Zecora successfully guessing what Apple Bloom's injury is as she sets up her rhyme.
    • Her sudden disappearance at the end of the episode. Leaving in style.
  • Scootaloo's attempt at bowling may lack precision, but it's quite a kick for a little filly.

May the Best Pet Win!
  • Most of the animals get at least one during the course of Rainbow Dash's test. Not much of a surprise since one of Rainbow Dash's qualifications for a pet is "awesomeness".
    • Tank lifting up a boulder with his head and carrying Rainbow Dash to safety, proving his worth to her.
      • At the start of the race, Tank is stuck on a tall cliff with no visible path into the canyon below (where he is next shown onscreen). In all likelihood, he dropped all the way down to get there.
    • The bat fighting its way out of a quarry eel's mouth.
    • The butterfly hypnotizing Opal.
      • And if that hadn't worked, Tank was about to drop Opal's cathouse on her. At the end of the episode, he successfully steals her toy.
      • And earlier, while Dashie is asleep in the teaser, Winona trees Opalescence. The worst-tempered cat in Ponyville, a cat that raptors fear, and Winona succeeds in treeing her.
  • The entire canyon race, until Rainbow's accident, is one major crowning moment of awesome. They even went so far as to use Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries". At one point, Dash briefly whistles along with it.
  • How Rainbow Dash started the avalanche. Those weren't loose boulders or anything. She cracked solid rock just by smacking into it. Clearly the Ghastly Gorge just isn't tough enough to have Rainbow Dash in it.
  • Tank's helicopter shell attachment thingy.
  • Rainbow Dash, in showing off her agility as an example to her potential pets, is able to cut corners better than a lightcycle (and leave a sweet rainbow trail to boot).

The Mysterious Mare Do Well
  • The Mysterious Mare Do Well using her incredible agility and reflexes to effortlessly dodge the falling debris and save the construction workers. secret identity spoilers 
    • Pulling each piece of the dam perfectly back into place in ten seconds flat while holding back megatons of water from pouring through. secret identity spoilers 
    • Stopping a runaway carriage from careening off a cliff using only her hind hooves.secret identity spoilers 
    • The flight scene after the dam incident. secret identity spoilers 
    • And of course, a great-looking costume that conceals their identities without getting in the way. secret identity spoilers 
  • For all her ego, Rainbow Dash does actually rescue a filly from the bottom of a well, saves a baby carriage from tumbling off a cliff (same cliff as above, they should really put up some guardrails or something), and catches an entire balcony of senior citizens. If she wasn't such a braggart she'd make a heck of a super hero.
    • Incidentally, during the building rescue she successfully dodged a ton of debris almost falling onto her — the same way she wasn't quite able to the previous episode.
    • Though an in-Universe case of Mundane Made Awesome, it is sort of impressive that Rainbow Dash was able to mow the whole lawn in five seconds flat.
  • Mare Do Well's theme music, particularly during the final chase scene, is a Suspiciously Similar Song version of the theme from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Rainbow Dash pursuing the Mare Do Well and actually capturing her. After an entire episode of being outdone, ostracized, humiliated, and depressed thanks to her, it was awesome finally seeing her take the Mare Do Well down. Well, one, anyways. The others revealed themselves after Rainbow took down the first. Still, it was pretty awesome on Rainbow's part.

Sweet and Elite
  • Fancy Pants' entire character. A fashionable, aristocratic pony who's actually an open-minded good sport, and not a snooty, pretentious jerk like the other Canterlot elite? Is it any wonder that he's a trendsetter, while the other ponies are merely Yes Ponies? The show's subverted the "high society is evil and filled with haughty jerks" before with other celebronies who turn out to be reasonable people, but Fancy Pants' character—and in direct opposite to the more typical Jerkass high society ponies, who are noticeably less important than he is—is the most blatant yet.
  • Pinkie Pie has a party cannon.
  • "Yes. Yes, I do know them. They may not be as sophisticated as you Canterlot ponies, but they are my very best friends and they are, without a doubt, the most important ponies I know."

Secret Of My Excess
  • One of the Wonderbolts' wings slices through Mega!Spike's spikes. Since dragon skin is tough, that's really impressive.
    • That the Wonderbolts are apparently the Equestrian Air Force.
  • It may be counterproductive, but Pinkie Pie defending the bakery the only way she can from a giant dragon she doesn't know is Spike was pretty darn brave.
    Pinkie: I'm not giving him cake! I'm assaulting him with cake!!
  • Rarity losing the Distressed Damsel attitude and talking down Giant!Spike (even though she has no idea it's him), knowing full well he's a rampaging beast who's easily twenty times bigger than her.
    • Regarding a couple scenes later, she is completely right that Spike was able to put the kibosh on his own problems and pull himself together after he's seen what he's done.
  • Applejack staring after Spike (with a mustache of leaves, no less), uttering nothing but a simple: "Twilight, get my rope."
  • Despite the soft purple and green color scheme, giant Spike still looks pretty badass. He also has the potential to completely curbstomp everyone in the show (including Equestria's air force and its more potent magic users).
  • Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash saving Spike and Rarity's lives. Even more impressive on Fluttershy's part because, once again, she keeps pace with Rainbow Dash to protect her friends.
  • Scootaloo manages to keep her grip on her scooter despite being opposed by a dragon easily twice her size. Also, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle anchoring Scootaloo so she doesn't get dragged off. Who'd have thought that the CMC had that much strength between them?

Family Appreciation Day
  • Granny Smith wowing Apple Bloom's class with the story of how her family founded Ponyville, and was even responsible for the success of Diamond Tiara's family. The story includes Granny's painstaking recording of all the silly little tasks that would make the zap apples as good as possible, over a period of what has to be several years.
    • Figuring out some of these silly little tasks in the first place. Who would ever come up with the idea, and test it, and learn if it actually did anything? Granny Smith, apparently.
  • Back when there wasn't a proper Ponyville settlement to retreat to, the young Granny Smith braved the dangerous Everfree Forest in the middle of the night and completely alone, all to find food for her family. She didn't even have any idea of what to look for beyond "something edible" (and even that's hoping that ponies and wild Everfree denizens can eat the same stuff).
  • Silver Spoon, of all ponies, gets one by being the very first to start clapping at the end of Granny Smith's story.
  • Filthy Rich deserves an honorable mention for making his spoiled daughter join Granny Smith and the other youngsters in wearing rabbit ears and singing to the water instead of giving into her selfish demands. This may, depending on how you see it, either be great or abusive parenting, but Diamond Tiara gets her comeuppance.

Baby Cakes
  • Pound Cake having the strength to drag the full-grown Pinkie Pie around the whole house, and Pinkie hanging on through the whole thing.
  • Pumpkin Cake demonstrating unicorn magic that's never been seen before: levitating herself, and walking through walls.
  • Pound can fly and Pumpkin can use magic when they're just one month old. The fact that some fillies, like Twilight, had to wait until Rainbow Dash formed the first Sonic Rainboom to see her more impressive magic abilities and Scootaloo still not able to fly, is actually a pretty awesome accomplishment. Rarity and Rainbow Dash's comments about baby unicorns and pegasi respectively suggested that foals don't have much control over their skills, which the twins did.
  • Carrot Cake changing diapers lightning-fast. With his mouth. Guy just earned his Dad Card.
  • Pinkie's response to Twilight telling her that she just doesn't have it in her to be a caregiver. She shoves her out, slams the door in her face, goes back to the twins, and ultimately pulled it all off. Crowning Moment of Politeness, no. But awesome all the same.
    • She didn't need to be polite in that situation. Twilight does have a tendency to be unintentionally condescending and, while she's a very likable character, it is nice to see when she's called out on this flaw (for another, if smaller example, there's Spike's little irritated cry of "MY lectures!?" in "It's About Time"). Pinkie deserved to get this moment.
  • Pinkie took a page out of Fluttershy's book by staring them into submission. Granted, not as awesome as Fluttershy's uses, but still, the fun-loving Pinkie Pie scolding the kids is pretty awesome.

    Season 2 - Part 2 

Hearth's Warming Eve
  • Clover the Clever's Avatar State magic being able to fend off the Windigos, a magic that previously had never been done before that involved setting the Windigos on fire.
    • It must be mentioned that not only did this act save the world, it also was without the Elements Of Harmony or anything else. It was pure Power of Friendship with nothing powering it up.
  • The three tribes warming up to each other on their own.
  • It's not as obvious, but give the mane cast credit, they put on the biggest play in Equestria and did very well. Especially true for Fluttershy, who was pretty much scared to death of performing, but did excellently all the same.

The Last Roundup
  • Applejack's impressive rodeo moves at the beginning.
  • Derpy speaks and is addressed by name. Just take a look at the reaction from the streams during that moment.
  • Even though she didn't win any blue ribbons at the rodeo, Applejack still did very well considering this was a national competition. Jubilee's comment implies that not only did she compete in more events than anypony else, but that she also managed to get in the top five for all of them.
  • Fluttershy once again proving that she can keep the pace with Rainbow Dash. Not to mention she's the one who rams AJ's transportation.
    • For that matter, her and Rainbow Dash managing to fly over a train while pulling a wagon with Twilight in it.
  • While Rainbow Dash isn't really known for being the voice of reason, she does a decent job trying to pry the truth from Applejack (who's usually the more responsible of the ponies) and getting her out of her stubborn self exile (eg. utilising Pinkie Pie's Motor Mouth as method of torture, chasing down and finally catching her in a chase out of town). Like the other ponies she plays her part in getting AJ out of her Heroic BSOD as well.
  • Pinkie's Motor Mouth being weaponized, and her seemingly Unstoppable Rage at broken Pinkie Promises. Fortunately for Applejack, she turns out to be fairly easy to appease.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
  • Applejack becomes the first character to actually not need to learn a lesson, as she'd spent the whole episode already knowing it.
  • Twilight gathering the rest of the mane cast to help out the Apple Family with Twilight choosing the appropriate pony for each job. With their help, they end up turning out five cider barrels to the Flim Flam brothers' three, forcing them to forgo quality control for the sake of quantity.
    • All of the mane cast while helping the Apples. Rainbow Dash keeping up with Big Mac on the treadmill, Pinkie Pie's backwards-somersault mid-air apple catch, Twilight simultaneously barreling the cider and calculating both teams' production rates, and Fluttershy speeding from tree to tree, knocking down apples as fast as—or faster than—Applejack, who's been doing this her entire life.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to the Flim Flam Brothers' Kick the Dog moment, even if Applejack stopped her before she could beat the tar out of them:
    Rainbow Dash: I oughta press you into jerk cider!
  • It's clear that the entire town is visibly upset by their Kick the Dog moment and that the Apples just lost everything. They didn't just chase the Flim Flam Brothers out of town for rotten cider, but for how rotten of ponies they were to some of their own, giving the entire town one of these.
  • Applejack refusing to rise to the brothers' bait of trying to make her upset and holding true to her word. She could have easily let Rainbow Dash mess them up, but she refused to fall to their level.
  • Applejack lassoing the Flim Flam brothers' cider barrel in the blink of an eye when they try to take over the local cider business.

Read It and Weep
  • Rainbow Dash as Indiana Jones. That is all.
  • The gauntlet that Daring Do, the Indiana Jones Expy that Rainbow imagines herself as, runs through upon first entering the temple. And showing the benefits of owning a Nice Hat.
  • Another one for the writer for mixing three different aesops into one episode and doing it very cohesively.
  • That the show included an Ahuizotl, a mythological creature most of the fans wouldn't even know what it was. The writers really did their homework on this one!

Hearts and Hooves Day
  • Big Mac is able to drag two bulls carrying a cartful of anvils and even an entire house by a rope just to get to Cheerilee. Note that he's happily doing the Pepe Le Pew bounce through most of it. The house is the only one that gives him any trouble and even that only slows him down for a couple of seconds before he continues on his way.
  • Michelle Creber gets an entire song to herself, switching effortlessly between Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom's voices.
  • Cheerilee smashes through the blockade Sweetie Belle set up for her in her attempt to reunite with Big Mac. She also destroys the front doors of both Sugarcube Corner and the Carousel Boutique, wiping out most of the latter building's front wall for good measure.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders keeping Big Mac and Cheerilee apart long enough to undo the effects of the poison. What we have here are two juggernauts magically compelled to stare into each other's eyes and these three fillies kept them apart for exactly an hour. The Mane Six themselves couldn't have done better.

A Friend in Deed
  • It may be a bit mundane, but Pinkie managing to remember even the smallest details about everypony is pretty impressive, especially since she does it in order to make people smile and be happy.
  • The whole "Smile" sequence, and not just for the music.
  • When Pinkie Pie achieves her goal, she blasts off into the sky like a firecracker.
  • When he's trying to get away from Pinkie Pie, Cranky performs some impressive athletic feats considering his age.

Putting Your Hoof Down
  • It was cool to see Fluttershy finally standing up to those pushing her around, for a while, at least.
    • She tipped two giant carts over with a kick. This is coming from a pony who formerly couldn't even knock over a vase when angry.
    • And then she stood up to Iron Will in the end.
  • Pinkie Pie's Duck Season, Rabbit Season on the tomato seller, and Iron Will. To give Will some credit, he did eventually see through it when Pinkie tried it on him.
  • Fluttershy using The Stare to put Angel back in his place.
  • Iron Will himself, given that he did things like stretch a fence as if it were the ropes of a wrestling ring when frustrated, riled up an entire crowd of ponies with his Hulk Hogan-esque Showmanship, and made Fluttershy a bully with nothing but a few pamphlets and catchy slogans. Did we mention he's also a Minotaur?
    • And one for the writers for not taking the easy way out and making Iron Will an all out villain, instead opting to make his antagonistic nature mainly one of values, or rather, methods of upholding them. Iron Will does not at any point do anything truly malicious just for the sake of being a villain, and though Pinkie and Rarity do blame his teachings for what happens to Fluttershy, the episode itself makes it clear that the flaw is mostly in Iron Will's teaching methods, and Fluttershy getting it wrong in the first place. Iron Will backs off and keeps his deal when it's brought up, and even when at his "meanest" (tearing off door barricades to get to Fluttershy), he actually mentions that she was overdue for payment in the first place. All he did was his job the way he figured it should be done, and try to get paid for it.
  • While heartwarming as well as awesome, Rarity and Pinkie Pie standing up to Iron Will, a minotaur several times the size of either of them, to try to protect Fluttershy from his demands. Turns out that they were wrong about his intentions (he respectably backed down after Fluttershy stood up to him), but they had no idea that would happen. Bonus points for Pinkie, who not only put herself between Iron Will and Fluttershy's door multiple times, but got "in his face" a couple of times as well to try to put him off.
  • When defending Rarity, Pinkie Pie still brings her own unique flair to the argument, complete with rhymes and poses.
  • Even Derpy got one in this episode. While it may not just be her not quite getting everything, when Iron Will silences everyone at the seminar, Derpy is the only one who showed no fear towards Iron Will, even though he wasn't a villain.
  • More towards Iron Will, considering a lot of ponies look down on him, it gives the impression he had to claw/pull himself up by his own bootstraps towards being tough and competent on his own.

It's About Time
  • Fluttershy managing to tame Cerberus by treating it like a real dog is a mix of this, CMoH, and CMoF.
    • Even better, right before that, Twilight just saunters up to Cerberus like it's no big deal as her horn starts glowing as if she's preparing to cast a spell. Too bad it didn't take.
  • Twilight's able to take a few seconds to read a spell about one of the most powerful forms of magic for the first time, and then casts it without a hitch (it was only her plan of warning her past self that wasn't fool-proof). If anything, this shows how apt she is at magic.

Dragon Quest
  • The Mane Three head off after Spike on the dragon raid, setting us up to think they'll show up just in time to talk Spike out of smashing the egg. Instead, he has his epiphany completely on his own, and tells the other dragons off.
  • The two phoenixes saving their kids, showing what a bird of fire can really do.
  • Even though they ran away afterwards, the three willing to go Mama Bear on the teen dragons. Especially Rarity.
    Rarity: Fighting's not really my thing, I'm more into fashion, BUT I'LL RIP YOU TO PIECES IF YOU TOUCH ONE SCALE ON HIS CUTE LITTLE HEAD!
  • Spike finally being accepted into the dragons' group. He even wins the "King of the Hoard" competition momentarily under his own power.
  • Right in the beginning, it's clear that Fluttershy still has her new assertive attitude. When Rainbow Dash pulls her through the door to see the dragons, Fluttershy bounces back, knocking back Dash before hopping off her and racing for the window...
    • ...which she very gently opens before flying away.
  • Twilight teleporting not only herself but three of her friends away from the pursuing dragons, and managing what seems to be the longest-distanced (intentional) teleport she's done in the series yet.

Hurricane Fluttershy
  • Upon learning that the present pegasi might not be able to create a strong tornado to bring the water up to Cloudsdale much less break the wingpower record, Rainbow Dash decides to go through with it anyway, saying that while they won't be able to break the record, Cloudsdale still needs that water. Expect no less from the Element of Loyalty.
    • When the tornado fails, Twilight urges Rainbow Dash to give up since somepony could get hurt if they fail to make another strong tornado. Her response:
      Rainbow Dash: No! One more time! I gotta know we gave it our all! If I'm going down, I'm going down flying!
      • That not a single pegasus sided with Twilight on this counts as a CMOA for the whole town.
      • It's especially carthartic considering Rainbow's frequent role as the Leeroy Jenkins and Commander Contrarian (particular in her Butt Monkey level previous appearances). For once the hot blooded pony goes against advise and takes a worthy gamble, and it works!
  • When Fluttershy was in the second tornado, images of the fillies who picked on her flashed in her head. Instead of letting it get to her like it did throughout the episode, she screams "NO!" and speeds up, giving the tornado the proper velocity needed to send the water to Cloudsdale.
  • Fluttershy sucks an about-to-fall tear right back up into her eye.
  • Fluttershy motivating herself to start her own training regimen to increase her wing power. She may not have seen it as much of an improvement, but numbers don't lie: she increased her wing power by 360% entirely on her own. She either did it in less then a day to a few days tops. Impressive for a non-athlete like Fluttershy.
    • Even after she did that, she only got 2.3 wingpower. The tornado got stuck at 5 wingpower short of the minimum needed amount. Then Fluttershy joins in, and the tornado succeeds. So she actually managed to do 5 wingpower minimum. Everything combined, Fluttershy went from 0.5 to 5 wingpower, which is a factor of 10 more powerful.
  • A very minor one: When the pegasi take off to preform the second tornado, Bulk Biceps is the only one going without goggles. Considering how much, how strong and how fast that wind must be blowing inside the tornado and he still chose to go without, that's pretty dang impressive. YEAH!

Ponyville Confidential
  • Big Mac giving the CMC a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. It proves that when pushed enough, Big Macintosh is definitely not a pony you should mess with.
  • In one of the rare instances where Miss Cheerilee takes authoritative action, it's very cathartic to see Diamond Tiara getting her karmic retribution at the end of the episode.
  • Yes, it may be overreaction towards the CMC, but still, Twilight putting a force field around the whole library and is implied to maintain it for an extended period of time. The next Nightmare Moon or Discord is going to have a tough fight on their hands with magic like that.
  • Watch Rarity's shadow when she goes into Sweetie Belle's room to confront her about being Gabby Gums. She kung fu kicks the door open.

MMMystery on the Friendship Express
  • Seeing parodies of a silent film villain, James Bond, and a ninja movie was pretty awesome and it all came out of Pinkie's mind.
  • Twilight solved the mystery, completely on her own, and identified all three culprits, in five minutes tops.
    • Topped by Pinkie figuring out the secondary mystery in just seconds, once she knows to look for clues.

A Canterlot Wedding Part 1
  • Remember when Twilight erected a force field around herself and her friends and later around the library? Shining Armor did same thing for all of Canterlot. Apparently, incredible magic potential runs in their family.
  • Luna flying through Canterlot's force field and landing on a balcony near Celestia. "Rest, my sister. As always, I will guard the night". Truly the royal pony sisters as they were meant to be.

A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
  • The entire episode for everyone involved at Studio B. When you have fans saying that the two parter was comparable to Disney Renaissance era films, you know they really hit one out of the park this time.
    • All this even moreso when everyone, on hearing there would be a wedding episode to push new toys, the expectation was for something incredibly campy. That changed very quickly once it was clear that Chrysalis-as-Cadance started showing her true colors.
  • The incredible Beam-O-War between Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis. Unfortunately, Celestia is defeated thanks to Chrysalis feeding off of Shining Armor's love for Cadance.
    • What Princess Celestia says before she starts fighting Queen Chrysalis, that shows that Celestia would be damned if Chrysalis were to succeed in her plan..
    Princess Celestia: No. You won't. You may have made it impossible for Shining Armor to perform his spell, but now that you have so foolishly revealed your true self, I can protect my subjects from you!
    • Want to know something even more awesome? Even after that massive power up she'd gotten, Chrysalis was still visibly straining against Celestia's power. She thought she was going to lose, thus Celestia's power without any artifical boosting, is greater than the Changeling's alicorn queen boosted by days of gorging on true love. In light of that, Celestia, even if she lost, still managed to make Chrysalis sweat a bit before she did.
  • Cadance the real one gets a minor one when she and Twilight face off against the brainwashed bridesmaids, simply by distracting them with the bouquet and tossing it into a ditch, luring them away.
    • She gets another one when she casts her Love spell just once and immediately breaks Chrysalis' sway over Shining Armor. To put that into perspective, Chrysalis has been regularly blasting Shining Armor with a brainwashing spell for days.
  • The Mane Six's all-out brawl against the Changelings ending with a Powerpuff Girls-style beatdown montage.
    • Pinkie using Twilight as a gatling gun and weaponizing her party cannon deserve a special mention.
    • Also, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash using trickery and deception against the changelings.
      • Fluttershy emerges from the battle untouched despite not having raised a hoof against an opponent.
    • Rarity continues to be an oddly effective fighter by punching out a changeling with a solid right hook.
    • Rainbow Shoryukens one of her clones when she saves Fluttershy.
    • Twilight pinning down one of her clones and then blasting it point blank with her magic beam.
  • Cadence and Shining Armor's love for each other is enough to rekindle his Magic and get the forcefield back up and running, expelling the entire Changeling Army from Canterlot and foiling Queen Chrysalis' Evil Plan in the process. Sure, the mane cast could've curbstomped Queen Chrysalis and her entire army with the Elements of Harmony (if they could've gotten to them without the Changelings intervening), but all that was needed was the love of two Ponies for each other. Heart Is an Awesome Power indeed.
  • They may have been horrifying, but the designs for the Changelings (especially Chrysalis) were absolutely incredible.
    • When Queen Chrysalis transforms into her original self, complete with Aku-like transformation.
  • The boldness of Queen Chrysalis' Evil Plan. As she says in her Villain Song, she had fooled everypony, even Celestia.
  • Rainbow Dash pulls off a Sonic Rainboom at a moment's notice and against gravity!
    Rainbow Dash: Best wedding ever!
  • Real!Cadance and Twilight crashing the wedding.
    Princess Celestia: Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, it is my great pleasure to pronounce you...
    Twilight Sparkle: STOP!
    Changeling!Cadance: Ugh! Why must she be so protective of her brother? (talking about Twilight while sobbing dramatically) Why does she have to ruin my special day?
    Real!Cadance: Because it's not your special day! It's mine!
  • When Cadance is trapped in the crystal cave with Twilight trying to find a way out. They see a light that's far away and Twilight stops in but Cadance pushes a heavy mining cart with everything she has because she knows she needs to find to save Shining Armor.
    • Look at Twilight's expression when Cadance charges past her. She's stunned at the other pony's strength and determination.
  • When the minecart goes flying and Cadence and Twilight are left floating in the air, Twilight grabs her, not sure of what will happen. Then Cadence's wings flare out. Keep in mind that she's probably been in in the caves for several days with no food or water and still manages this!
  • After trapping Twilight in the underground cave, Changeling!Cadance gloats about having her brother wrapped around her finger. Twilight instantly goes from cowering terror to zapping mass beams at her in a frenzied rage. You do not threaten her big brother.It's always been assumed that Twilight was capable of powerful offensive magic but this is the first time we get to see it onscreen.
    • Keep in mind, this takes place immediately after the end of the previous episode where the she and said brother have had a serious falling out in which he straight up tells her not to bother showing up to the wedding at all. The sheer amount of devotion to her brother that shows is awesome in and of itself.
  • This one's easy to miss. When the mane six are captured and brought back to Chrysalis, they are led in by a changeling escort. Except for Rainbow Dash, who's dragged in, still airborne, by two changelings restraining both her forelegs. Even when obviously outnumbered, she's not going anywhere without a fight. Just what you expect from her.
  • Princess Luna attending the wedding reception. Now both the royal pony sisters can attend great major events for the first time in 1,000 years as they were truly meant to be.
  • While it's a more skewed case, Chrysalis more or less mocking Twilight's friends over how easy they were to deceive into condemning Twilight. The Heel Realisation this caused was considered quite gratifying to many fans.

    Season 3 
The Crystal Empire Part 1
  • The animation from when Celestia was giving her exposition on the Crystal Empire.
  • Shining Armor holding off King Sombra while the others escape, showing himself as capable of offensive magic as his sister. Unfortunately it does little good against an enemy who is literally a shadow.
    • Chrysalis spent a two-parter sapping Shining's power; Sombra does it in seconds.
  • Cadance casting and maintaining a shield of love around the entire Crystal Empire, going sleepless for days to do so.
  • Seeing Celestia and Luna defeating a villain onscreen, if only as a flashback/hologram.

The Crystal Empire Part 2
  • Spike becomes the hero by Twilight letting him bring the Crystal Heart to Cadence so that she could use its power to save the Crystal Empire and stop King Sombra. This definitely makes up for his 7-episode absence last season as well as his being generally shafted in terms of plot relevance in previous two parters.
    • He unhesitatingly follows Twilight down an exceedingly long, dark stairway just because he could no longer hear her answering him and was worried, without any knowledge at all as to what might have happened to her. He saves her too, as his arrival snaps Twilight free from the illusory spell that had trapped her.
    • The fact that Spike hurries off after Twilight the moment he hears that she intends to search for the Crystal Heart on her own, determined not to be left behind, quite a demonstration of his Undying Loyalty to her as well as a CMoH. In doing so he becomes the Spanner in the Works that enables Sombra's defeat.
    • In the end he gets a whole stained-glass window to himself!
  • The entire two-parter. If A Canterlot Wedding wasn't Meghan McCarthy's victory lap, then this episode certainly is. If there are any claims that this show will falter without Lauren Faust at the helm, this is the counter evidence. note 
  • Twilight again shows herself to be able to replicate complicated spells after seeing performed once.
  • Twilight's solution to having to climb up an absurdly tall spiral staircase? Reverse gravity and slide all the way up!
  • Once again Shining Armor and Cadance prove themselves to be quite the Battle Couple even with both their magic suppressed/weakened.Shining Armor launches Cadance into the air so she can save the falling Spike and the Crystal Heart.
  • King Sombra gets another one for being Dangerously Genre Savvy. He takes no chances with the Crystal Heart, going to such lengths to keep anyone from finding it that Spike going with Twilight is the only reason he didn't win. He even takes into account the possibility that Twilight could teleport out of his trap!
    • Discord and Nightmare Moon spent an entire episode trying to disable the one thing that could stop him. Chrysalis had to cut the heroines off from the Elements to stop them. Sombra already stopped the one thing that could stop him a thousand years ago and put it behind so many defenses (the last of which turned into a benefit to him) that his planning alone nearly ensured his victory.
  • The door sequence, if just to show how mature the show has become over the past two years.
  • The Crystal Ponies get one. They were enslaved by Sombra, are absolutely terrified of him, and he's generally crushed their spirits to the point that the slightest reminder of him drives them back towards despair. This makes the fact that they are the ones to power up the Crystal Heart and finish him off all the sweeter. Especially the fact that Sombra is left vainly ordering them to stop, knowing what's coming and not able to do a thing about it.

Too Many Pinkie Pies

One Bad Apple
  • Babs finally stands up to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon by threatening to tell their mothers if she ever catches them bullying the Cutie Mark Crusaders again. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon fall into the mud by themselves.
    • She's not the only one ticked off with their bitchiness. Look at the background right before that scene, and you can see Applejack giving off a rather angry face. The kind of face that would probably have her go all Big Macintosh on them had Babs not stepped in.
    • The Oh, Crap expression on their faces when Babs threatens to tell their moms was priceless. About time someone told the Spoons and Riches what the little brats have been doing.
    • 'The Slasher Smile Babs gives to the two right after she threatens them. Yeah. You heard right. This might be the reason why they fell into the mud. They probably thought Babs might would start bullying them.
    • In short, not since Hermione Granger has threatening to tell someone's mother been so badass.
  • The Freakin' A-Team reference!
  • The fact the writers managed to take what most shows would turn into a run of the mill A Very Special Episode, and turn it into whata more or less universally loved episode, while also producing a complex character instead of a two dimensional bully is awesome in and of itself.
  • It may not have been the right solution to their problem, but the CMCs building a fully functional booby-trapped float in one night is impressive.
    • They had planned everything out for their plot to succeed, including setting down a mattress off to the side just so that they would have someplace soft to land when Babs knocked them out of the way to get on the float.
    • Then they get another moment when they save Babs from their trap they used to humiliate her.
  • Scootaloo finally flies (or at least hovers for an extended period of time)!
  • Sweetie Belle makes magic sparks!

Magic Duel
  • Twilight's second duel with Trixie. Everything she did was amazing, but the most awesome thing was when she bucking turned Applejack into a stallion!!!
    • The awesome was not lessened at all when it was revealed to be an elaborate ploy put on by the Mane 6, Sweetie Belle, and the Apple family. To pull off a trick like that was truly incredible and a joy to watch. Furthermore, it is also a major role reversal of the power dynamics. Twilight has always been seen as a master of magical forces, and while Trixie can do some of that too, her appearances made it clear that her main focus, her main talent, was in stage magic; the art of illusion and misdirection. With the amulet, all her power is pure magical force and how does Twilight beat her? With the same sorts of tricks Trixie used to use! Twilight was the less-powerful and more canny spellcaster for a change, and she played the role better than Trixie did! Anything you can do, she can do better...
    • It also turns out that one of Twilight's tricks did not involve any trickery or magic at all beyond a puff of smoke and a ray from her horn to make it look like she was doing something major and maybe to hide Pinkie getting the instruments out if Twilight wasn't conjuring them. Pinkie repeats her One Pony Band routine from "Swarm of the Century" just by being Pinkie Pie... but without her mouth!
    • Rainbow Dash snatching away the Alicorn Amulet.
    • The Mane Six's acting skills are worth a mention. Things like Twilight choosing Rarity and Applejack for her demonstration and Trixie taking Twilight's amulet were entirely according to plan, but they were still able to convincingly act as though the events were completely spontaneous.
  • Fluttershy going Mama Bear on Twilight when she's using magic on her animals.
  • The first duel had some good moments too, including Twilight conjuring up a parasprite to eat the pies Trixie flings at her and then banishing it just as easily.
  • Zecora casually refilling her cup with a simple gesture, implying that she's got some magic of her own despite not being a unicorn. She could be using the same smoke-and-mirrors that she taught Twilight which is just as awesome.
  • Even after seeing how powerful Trixie has become, Twilight's friends immediately step between her and Twilight to stop her from driving Twilight out of town.
    • Afterward when they all run after Twilight (who is being forcibly thrown out of Ponyville by magic), Spike gets a subtle moment when he is one of the first to reach Trixie's barrier, only second to the pegasi (who are flying). Seeing as he has been shown to occasionally have trouble keeping up with the ponies in the past, that's quite something.
  • It speaks to how powerful Twilight really is when you consider Trixie had to get something like the Alicorn Amulet to beat her.
  • Trixie deserves some Determinator props considering that, while being a social outcast, she figured out just what she needed to do to get power, find out where it is, and obtain the resources to acquire it.
  • While she didn't pull it off for long, Twilight levitating three globes of water while standing on the surface of a pool was pretty cool.
  • Zecora channels a certain Old Master from Star Wars, even borrowing Yoda's "You must unlearn what you have learned" quote. Zecora's intended role as a secondary mentor was finally fully realized in this episode.
  • Fluttershy's animal friends get one in this episode for being instrumental to sneaking Fluttershy past Trixie's barrier. The beavers especially, for not backing down to a powered-up Trixie.
  • She's unable to make it last, but Twilight stil induces the effects of the age spell for a brief moment after having just witnessed it once. This is a spell specifically stated that only the absolute top-tier unicorns are capable of!
  • A minor, Fridge Logicky one: "Male Applejack" is voiced by Ashleigh Ball, meaning that either Applejack can throw her voice, or Big Mac can do a dead-on impression of his sister. Either way, score one for the hidden talents of the Apple family.

Sleepless in Ponyville
  • Rainbow Dash setting up the campsite.
  • Rainbow Dash's rescue of Scootaloo at the end (both in reality and in Scootaloo's dream).
  • Oncoming Scootaloo on a scooter - what does Granny Smith do? Lean up slightly and allow Scootaloo to use her as a hurdle! She even winks afterwards! +15 Cool Old Lady points!
    • And of course for Scootaloo herself, as she had to adapt quickly to the upturned cart, ending in a nice glide that gave her points with Rainbow.
  • For the first time in three years, ever since her debut in the Season 1 opener, We see Princess Luna in her full power as Princess of the Night. Gone is the little filly who begged her big sister for forgiveness and the awkward monarch who could not connect with her subjects. She rips apart Scootaloo's nightmare and delivers the same sage wisdom we've grown to expect from Celestia. This is what we've been waiting for to see her grow to become the beloved High Queen of the night we know she could be. Definitely the best way to make up for the use of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character that they had on her.
    • Don't forget how she arrived in the nightmare. Her face appears in the moon with glowing eyes before she manifests in a flash of light and vaporizes the Headless Horse. It may have been a dream, but dang, was it Badass. I'd pity Freddy Krueger if he ever tired to face the "Princess of the Night".
  • Rainbow Dash stopped being scared of The Headless Horse when she realised, in her words, "If there was such a thing as the Headless Horse, I could totally take it on."
  • Ashleigh Ball not only doing a very close imitation of Rarity's voice, but making it believable as coming from Rainbow Dash.
  • Sweetie Belle is beginning to pick up the fine art of manipulation, convincing Rarity to go on the trip.

Wonderbolts Academy
  • Rainbow Dash (and some of the other Wonderbolt Academy recruits) end up saving the other main pony characters.
  • A meta one for writer Merriwether Williams. After some of her season 2 episodes, especially one in particular, got her labeled the show's worst writer, she was actually able to bounce back with this much better one.
    • This needs emphasis: this is Merriwether Williams we are talking about. The same woman who wrote The Mysterious Mare Do Well, one of the most vehemently criticized episodes of the series thus far. Sure, she was one of SpongeBob SquarePants' most legendary writers, having co-written many of the show's best episodes, "Band Geeks" included. But from the minute "Mare-Do-Well" aired, many Bronies would have you believe that she was the anti-Christ. It especially didn't help her case when she wrote the almost as vehemently criticized episodes "Putting Your Hoof Down" and "Dragon Quest". That she was able to bounce back from such a paltry reputation in the same time frame it took for her to get there is quite a feat for any writer.
  • After being browbeaten and silent for most of the episode, Snowflake finally lets out another "YEAH!"
  • During the cloud clearing exercise, Raindrops (you know, Derpy's Palette Swap friend?) clears them by karate kicking. She clears clouds with style.
  • Many of the training drills are just plain cool to watch - like Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust clearing clouds by slicing through them and bouncing between them like a pinball, respectively.
  • The other trainees, having found out that Rainbow Dash—who, as most of them are from the Ponyville/Cloudsdale area, they know has always dreamed of being a Wonderbolt—quit the Academy because she refused to mistreat them any further, immediately throw her a collective salute and accept her as their leader. Which is a position that doesn't actually exist.
    • The fact that most of them were also there to see Lightning Dust casually dismiss the near-deaths of four innocent ponies (and a pegasus who probably should have been able to save herself) and Rainbow Dash furiously shout her down probably had a lot to do with it, since at that point most of them must have been getting pretty fed up with the dynamic duo's antics.
  • The sole fact that Lightning Dust has proven herself faster and even a better flyer than Dash, a pony who's definitely earned the reputation as "Best Flyer in Equestria", a number of times. Not bad for a possible one-shot character.

Apple Family Reunion
  • Having the entire Apple family rebuild Applejack's family barn while having a shindig going on qualifies.
    • Special mention goes to Granny Smith. For all her years, that mare knows how to cut a rug like nopony's business.
  • A small one for Babs: at the end of the kids' competition, all the kids collapse of exhaustion... except her.

Spike At Your Service
  • Applejack taking on and defeating three Timberwolves, saving Spike's life in the process. She manages this again at the episode's climax before her accident.
  • Rainbow Dash's inexplicably convincing Timberwolf roar.
  • The timberwolves have definitely become more badass since their first appearance back in season two from just plain looking far more fierce in looks to being able to piece themselves together after being shattered to twigs, to even being able to assemble themselves into a giant, king timberwolf (note the crown).
  • Spike ends up returning Applejack's favor by lobbing a pebble into the giant timberwolf's open maw, causing it to choke and then collapse. Very much in the style of David Versus Goliath.
  • Mundane Made Awesome, but Spike completing the tower of rocks for Rainbow Dash and counting every blade of grass in Sweet Apple Acres, tasks that were assigned specifically to try and get him to stop helping Applejack. Some of said rocks were larger than he is! Not to mention that he immediately offered to rebuild the rock tower right after Rainbow Dash knocked it down.
    • While she was visibly winded afterward, the fact that Rainbow Dash stayed true to her word and was able to knock down the tower is in itself impressive.

Keep Calm and Flutter On
  • Fluttershy is shown once again to be able to resist Discord's tricks but this time, she turned them AGAINST him!
  • To both the writers and John de Lancie; they made Discord have a realistic Heel Realization!
  • Discord's immunity to the Fluttershy Stare. As of this episode, he is the only one to ever No Sell it.
  • Discord's plan to avoid re-imprisonment. In less than two minutes after being freed, he has already arranged a large-scale disaster that only he can fix. He bunked with Fluttershy because he already knew that it would be her main responsibility for his being reformed. He pretended to be trying to separate her from her friends to buy time for his real plan to work. He pretended to be on the verge of reforming and then tricked Fluttershy into promising never to use her element against him, knowing that without it, he could not be re-stoned. He then "kept" his end of the deal in a way that caused MORE chaos than before. Knowing that Fluttershy was Incorruptible Pure Pureness embodied meant that he could bank on her keeping the promise.. It worked all the way to the end where it was then rendered meaningless with three words from Fluttershy.
  • Discord anticipated Twilight's reforming spells so he ate everything referring to them in the library. He ate them because he knew he could get away with as everyone would assume it was just another of his little bits of randomness.
  • Angel standing up to Discord. For obvious reasons his efforts only made him the episode's Butt Monkey, but it's hard not to be impressed by a little bunny willing to go up against the God of Chaos.
  • Celestia casts a new spell to prevent Discord from stealing the Elements. No big deal is made out of it, but considering this is magic that works against Discord...Celestia has either Taken A Level In Badass or could have smacked him down like she did the last time, but wanted Twilight to handle it like she did with Nightmare Moon.
  • Meta example: the attention to detail during the scene inside Fluttershy's spinning house.

Just For Sidekicks
  • How Angel goes back to get Spike's last gem to save him after all conflicts he had with Spike this episode.
  • Some of the hardship Spike goes through to keep the pets in control is pretty impressive. Most notably is him lobbing one of his gems at a suitcase trolley (with the addition of The Six Million Dollar Man sound effects for a nice touch), instantly creating a blockade for a runaway Angel.
  • Owlowiscious intimidating Angel. True, he's his natural predator in the wild, but seeing as Angel showed no fear of the God of Chaos in the previously-aired episode...
  • Angel using Tank to break out of the train at the Crystal Empire.
  • The fact that many fans consider this for first-timer writer Corey Powell to be a good Spike episode. Within the fandom, Powell's OC is a dragon, contrary to the rest of the writers who are envisioned as ponies; she's cool with this image.

Games Ponies Play
  • The Mane Six's welcome performance for the "inspector", utilising flips, teleporting, a pyramid formation (which Applejack helps support with nothing but her tail), Rainbow Dash making a heart shape out of her flying trail, and finishing with a big blast from Pinkie's party cannon.
    • They rehearsed it with Rarity, but perform it without her. That must have required some quick reworking and improvisation.
  • Rarity succeeds in doing Cadance's headdress in the end.
  • The tourist pony gives Rainbow Dash a race without even meaning to.
  • The excitement the crystal ponies express over the empire hosting the games is so great, you briefly see their excitement empowering the crystal heart!

Magical Mystery Cure
  • A rather twisted one for Rarity. When her cutie mark is switched, compelling her to try and fail at weather control, she proves powerful enough to mess up weather all over Ponyville, much more than you would expect from a pony who isn't a magical prodigy like Twilight.
  • How they made Twilight's promotion about her capability and talents, not some ancestral birthright as a 'royal' title might imply and the writers could have easily used if all they wanted to do was stick some wings on her for Hasbro's merchandising purposes.
    • This makes every alicorn retroactively even more awesome; Celestia and Luna may have been the first and will probably always be the most powerful, but you become an alicorn by becoming the best at something; you become an alicorn when you are the physical embodiment of something. Twilight is Friendship, just like Luna is the night, Celestia is the sun, and Cadence is Love.
    • Even if the above is not the intent of the writers (hopefully, we'll learn more in S4), this means the writers distinguished the concept of an MLPFIM princess from more typical Disney Princess. It's not a glorified title with lots of pampering but a position of leadership and responsibility. In a show designed to sell toys to girls, this is a very strong moral and the type of thing that audiences need to grow up to be leaders themselves; not expect good fortune to happen magically.
  • Twilight corrects the spell not even Starswirl the Bearded was able to complete, thanks to her understanding of friendship over three seasons, thus proving once and for all that she is ready for the next level of her studies.
    • Even better, when Twilight is in the spiritual plane. Celestia brings up the fact that Twilight completed a spell that a great unicorn like Star-Swirl the Bearded couldn't finish, because she had something that he never had, which was true friendship. If you think about that means Twilight has surpassed Star Swirl the Bearded in that field.
  • When Pinkie Pie rediscovers her true talent, the entire town, formerly furious, simultaneously erupts in a joyous shout of her name and joins in the musical number.
    • The brief shot of a set of ponies suddenly grinning and their eyes expectantly wild, right after Pinkie's mane puffs back to normal speaks volumes about how much Pinkie means to the town's happiness.
  • When Twilight's suffering from guilt Spike quickly snaps her out of it, and convinces her to save her friends and Ponyville. Just the way he is able to communicate with her, and motivate her, is an awesome concept all together.
  • Celestia`s singing for the first time is awesome and heart warming at the same time.
  • Twilight becoming an Alicorn Princess. Her friends were amazed at what happened.
  • Rainbow Dash clears the sky in ten seconds again and this was without her knowing that she was capable of doing so.
  • After all the drama, all the controversy, and all the panic, beloved fandom mascot, Derpy Hooves, is back for the season finale. Whether this is a final send off or a message announcing her return, rest assured that it's extremely appreciated.

    Season 4 - Part 1 
Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1
  • Twilight flying to Ponyville to help her friends.
  • Just...the animation from when Luna turns into Nightmare Moon is just...something to behold.
    • And the scene with the Mane Six in the palace, beholding the stained glass windows. This season really steps up the animation.
  • Celestia and Luna have vanished, the world can't decide between it being night and day, everyone looks to her for answers, and the Royal Guard officer tells Twilight that, since she's the sole remaining princess, she has the responsibility of leading the kingdom in a crisis. What does she do? After a moment of fretting and looking uncertain, she orders them, in a calm and collected voice, to continue their search and report anything they find to her, as stilling a general panic is most important right now. Twilight proves that she can be a princess, and a capable leader, in more than looks.

Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2
  • We get to see the banishment of Nightmare Moon and the original imprisonment of Discord! Two of the most important moments in Equestria's history.
    • The Princesses use all six of the Elements by themselves, without four other ponies to assist them. That means they embody Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic so strongly between the two of them that they can operate three Elements each.
    • Once you've wrapped your head around that, consider that Celestia later uses all six of them by herself in a situation where if ever her resolve would slip, that would be it.
  • The Mane six fighting a monstrous Cragadile and the vines deep inside the Everfree.
    • Twilight's being gassed to near unconsciousness by evil plants. Out of nowhere, a lasso snares the one about to strike and slams it to the ground. Applejack walks forward with her hat obscuring her eyes, ready for a fight.
    Applejack: Ya mess with one of us, ya mess with all of us!
    • Pinkie manages to make a party whistle absolutely Badass!
    • Twilight fights her way back into consciousness to one shot a plant monster about to hurt Pinkie.
  • Discord himself got one when he convinced Twilight (in his own way) to go back into the Everfree Forest to help her friends. After she was gone, he actually waved goodbye to her! Looks like his reform is really sticking.
  • Twilight managing to save Equestria by returning the Elements to the tree.
  • With the Elements gone, Discord feels he can do anything he wants now, but Fluttershy manages to use her friendship with the Chaos Spirit to keep Discord under control, again!
  • Twilight doing her own version of a Sonic Rainboom which was shaped like her Cutie Mark.
    • Even if Word of God is that it wasn't really a Rainboom, but just her using her magic to create special effects, it still looks awesome.
  • A villainous one for Discord 1000 years ago. When Celestia and Luna first confront him, he never gives any indication that he finds them a threat, even as they turn him into stone. When watching the scene again, though, note that he is scattering the seeds that become the thorn vines before the princesses even reveal the Elements of Harmony. He's either (a) aware of what's coming and playing one helluva Thanatos Gambit with a straight face or (b) as Crazy-Prepared as he is crazy. Either way, he's good at what he does.

Castle Mane-ia
  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash have a staring contest while covered with bees. Even wearing beekeeping suits, that takes guts. They only stop because the beekeeping pony needed his bees back!
  • If Luna and Celestia tried to make their castle creepy, they succeeded!
  • Twilight is now able to freeze multiple ponies in place. That should come in handy for the next major villain.
  • Pinkie Pie picking up organ playing and being damn good at it.

Daring Don't
  • AK Yearling really is Daring Do, writing books based on her real exploits while Clark Kenting as your everyday author. This leads to as much awesomeness as you'd expect.
  • Rainbow Dash manages to out-geek Twilight during their back-and-forth reference battle.
    • And Pinkie manages to follow the entire argument while the rest are just confused.
  • The giant game of keep-away with Ahuizotl's minions.
  • To give Ahuizotl credit, he manages to take Rainbow Dash offguard and capture her, something that isn't an easy feat.

Flight to the Finish
  • The CMC's first routine really was surprisingly good, quite unlike their previous onstage performances.
    • Scootaloo is shown to be strong enough to hold up Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle on one hoof each. Very impressive.
  • The triumphant reprise of "Hearts as Strong as Horses", when the Cutie Mark Crusaders reconcile and Scootaloo uses her mad scooting skills to help them get to the Crystal Empire in time for the contest. In other words, she may not be able to fly, but she can ride faster than a locomotive typically runs, while towing two passengers with her.
    • The Crusaders winning the contest is another moment of awesome.
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon again mock the CMC for being blank flanks. This time their response is basically "Yeah, what else you got?"
  • As of this episode, Claire Corlett does her own singing. Singing, it's heavily implied, is Sweetie Belle's special talent, which is why Michelle Creber, a professionally-trained singer, stood in as Sweetie Belle's singing voice. Though we have yet to hear her give a real solo, this implies that while Claire's "Squeaky Belle" is sadly a thing of the past, she may have swapped it for a set of pipes to match Michelle's. We'll just have to wait and see.

Power Ponies
  • All the Power Ponies have moments of awesome once they learn how to use their powers. Spike also reminds everypony, specially himself, that he's not useless; he basically gives the Mane Six a crash course on how to use their powers, and uses his smarts and genre savviness to rescue them.
  • Spike, often the most powerless of the group, manages to save everyone with elaborate wits alone; Rarity, who has very subdued magic, gets the most flexible superpower of the group; and Fluttershy manages to get the final and most glorious blow with her seemingly incompatible super power.
    • Speaking of, Fluttershy going berserk and Hulking Out after the Mane-iac swats an innocent firefly, even using her newfound strength to rip apart the doomsday device with her own teeth! Even the speech she gives the Mane-iac while transforming is awesome beyond description, as her voice grows deeper and more beastly with each word:
      Fluttershy: Are you kidding me? I mean, I know you're evil and everything, but you'd hurt a teensy, little, harmless firefly?! REALLY?! Why, you're just a great, big MEANIE!!! THERE!!! I SAID IT!!! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SPECIAL?!?! LIKE THE RULES OF COMMON COURTESY DON'T APPLY TO YOU?!?! WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEPONY YOUR OWN SIZE?!?!?!' *cue epic roar*
    • And best of all, when we see everypony's reaction shot of her awesome roar, Spike smiles and pumps his fist, as if to say "Yes!" from the awesomeness.
  • The final fight, once the Mane Six have gotten the hang of using their powers. Their performance would make the Justice League proud.

  • Fluttershy, at least during the start of the episode, actually speaks her mind for once. It's made even more impressive when you see that it's against all five of her friends.
  • Flutterbat is too fast for any of the others to catch her, knocks Rainbow Dash back just by flapping her wings and still manages to be cute.

Rarity Takes Manehatten
  • It says something about Rarity's ability to improvise fashion lines on the spot when she's able to out-do her original dresses made of her own special custom fabric with dresses made of random stuff she found in her hotel room! All done the night before the fashion show! And win!
  • The Mane Six's display of friendship was enough to inspire Coco to quit working for her controlling and manipulative boss. While that might not seem like much, it's obvious from her character quirks that she's a bit of an introvert and frequently gets bullied. Being able to finally say "enough!" certainly didn't come easy.

Pinkie Apple Pie
  • Small point, but the fact that Big Mac is able to carry everything packed without noticeable strain, and that it's the wagon that breaks, not him, is pretty impressive.
  • That Big Mac manages to have a strong presence of character despite hardly saying more than a few words is simply excellent.
  • The animation during "Apples Together"

Rainbow Falls
  • The return of Derpy Hooves.
  • Rainbow Dash finishing the final part of the relay just in time to qualify.
    • Rainbow Dash pulling off the Diving Save - alone out of the dozens of flyers around.
    • And of course being good enough to be a desirable replacement for Soarin. She's finally made it to the big leagues!
  • Bulk Biceps successfully contorting himself to pass through a ring without getting stuck.
  • Seeing Fluttershy not only flying for a change, but doing it competitively, and without panicking.
  • Rainbow Dash lecturing the Wonderbolts, ponies she usually looks up to, on loyalty and teamwork. And she does this with Spitfire, the Wonderbolts' leader and top-ranking officer at the Academy.
    • Plus Spitfire listens and admits she was wrong.

Three's a Crowd
  • Twilight and Cadence fighting off the Tatzlwurm, using their magic in perfect sync so that it seems almost effortless for them.
  • The Tatzlwurm gets one, too. It succeeds in making Discord, a Reality Warper and Mad God, sick!
    • Cadance is capable of using magic strong enough to keep herself and Twilight from getting sick from the same sneeze.
  • Discord getting a song for the first time, complete with some of the most far-out visuals in the series ever (which is saying something considering Discord's character).
  • Rarity and Applejack telling Discord to his face he got what he deserved at the end of the episode. Especially since he made them sick earlier despite faking it himself.

Pinkie Pride
  • The "Goof-off" polka duet between Weird Al's character and Pinkie Pie could give the Discord song from the last episode a run for its money.
  • The party Cheese and Pinkie plan together is awesome Up to Eleven.
  • Pinkie Pie has her Party Cannon. Cheese Sandwich has a Party Tank!
  • Pinkie snaps out of her first Heroic BSOD on her own, mid-song.
  • The fact that Pinkie was the one who inspired Cheese Sandwich to become as much of a Crazy Awesome party pony as he is.
  • Cheese Sandwich somehow teaching himself how to bend time and space the way Pinkie Pie does.
  • Despite forfeiting, Pinkie Pie would have actually out-goofed Cheesenote  if it weren't for the accident of her dancing-on-giant-pinata-while-singing-in-spanish trick breaking off and falling on Rainbow Dash.
  • That one of the most-anticipated, funniest and silliest episodes with the guest character ended up being part of the Season 4-long arc. They could have just given us funny Weird Al and songs, and it would have been great, but the fact it helped to deconstruct Pinkie's character at the same time. And was a full-fledged musical episode. There's good reason why this has ranked very high on many fan's scales as one of the best episodes of S4 if not of the entire series.

Simple Ways
  • Tabitha St. Germain's performance as Country Rarity. She has to play two accents other than her natural one, as a character putting on an accent while occasionally slipping into her "real" one, and it sounds completely natural.
  • Applejack was pretty much a walking Moment Of Awesome this entire episode, constantly aware of both Trenderhoof and Rarity's obsessive attempts to impress and remaining the voice of reason throughout. Then when she realizes Rarity was going too far, she knew exactly what to do to get her friend back to normal AKA faking a personality switch the same way Rarity was doing.

    Season 4 - Part 2 

Filli Vanilli
  • We get to see and hear Fluttershy singing an extended solo, and it is, as Applejack put it, "A Little Slice of Heaven".
  • Then we get to hear Big Macintosh sing, and its just as grand.
  • Rarity smacking Pinkie Pie with a newspaper when she takes Innocently Insensitive too far and frightens Fluttershy.
  • While played for laughs, Applejack's deductive skill is pretty damn impressive, with her putting together the Ponytones' whole scheme in a matter of seconds by drawing on experiences from three seasons ago.
  • Fluttershy finally joining The Ponytones for real can count as one. While she isn't quite ready for prime-time yet, its still a great accomplishment for such a shy pony.
  • A meta-example for the writer of this episode, Amy Keating Rogers, for NOT falling into the cliched trap of "character with stage fright conquers stage fright by the end of the episode" that other Western Animation shows fall into. Fluttershy's stage fright is handled realistically and isn't totally cured, but rather, she's working her way up slowly to overcome her fright, by simply singing for her best friends and her animals as a start. As Fluttershy said best, "Baby steps, everypony. Baby steps."
    • And speaking of Fluttershy character development, her saying "no", politely but assertively, to Rarity's request to join the Ponytones was quite impressive. And the cherry on the sundae? Rarity didn't try to guilt her into joining after the fact had been made that Fluttershy wasn't comfortable about singing onstage; someone respected and understood Fluttershy's fears for once.

Twilight Time
  • Just seeing the new skills the Cutie Mark Crusaders are learning. While the show seems insistent that they won't be getting their cutie marks anytime soon, it's nice to see that they are definitely growing and maturing as ponies and as characters.
  • Twilight putting Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in their place when they start mocking the CMC again.
    • And earlier, this line from Sweetie Belle, enough to make Diamond Tiara pause.
      Sweetie Belle: "Me and my friends hang out with Princess Twilight once a week!!"
  • A minor one, but Diamond Tiara's butler performing backflips and other acrobatic feats count as one since the pony is clearly old and aged and shouldn't even be doing these things.
  • Sweetie Belle uses magic!
  • Sweetie's Imagine Spot of magically throwing Diamond Tiara around. Now we wait for the time that we can see something like this for real...
  • A rather subtle one. When Sweetie Belle levitates the flower and floats it over to Twilight in a very specific route, and placing it in a specific spot, behind Twilight's ear. Shortly after, we see her levitating a broom, one of the heaviest objects we've seen a unicorn lift with telekinesis, with similar coordination. By doing this, Sweetie Belle is demonstrating skill and precision not seen since the likes of Trixie or Rarity. While Trixie's actual amount of ability is debatable, the fact remains that Sweetie Belle, a little filly, is showing magical prowess on par with ADULT unicorns! Whether this is the result of her own natural talent or Twilight's teaching methods, it is rather impressive.

It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
  • Fluttershy again shows how much the assertiveness lessons paid off while dealing with a group of bees about to attack Seabreeze. When the diplomatic approach doesn't work, she instantly switches to ordering them to back off, or else.
  • Twilight's spell to transform the Mane 6 into Breezies is one of the most complex spells we've seen her use.

Somepony To Watch Over Me
  • Applejack's Big Damn Heroes moment, defeating the chimera all by herself to rescue Apple Bloom, using all the Noodle Implements she mentioned to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
    • When she makes her arrival, there's one particularly awesome shot of her leaping Out of the Inferno with a face that says "You varmints are dead if you so much as touched my sister!"
    • Also, Apple Bloom evading the chimera long enough for Applejack to arrive and rescue her. The little filly even manages to save the pies' cart.

Maud Pie
  • Maud throwing a rock so hard and far it causes a shock wave.
  • When Pinkie Pie ends up in danger of being crushed by a falling rock, what does Maud do? She races towards Pinkie at lightning speed, then repeatedly pummels the rock with her bare hooves until it's nothing but rubble, complete with a jackhammer sound effect!

For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
  • Rarity manages to create three amazing outfits for Sweetie Belle's play virtually from scratch, while also finishing a big order for Sapphire Shores, all in about 24 hours. Eat your heart out, Suri.
  • A minor one that shows some real progress for Sweetie. When she opens the box to sabotage the headdress she does so with magic. Won't be long now until she can actually use it to mess with Diamond Tiara.
  • When Sweetie jumps out of bed after waking up from her nightmare, the bedclothes fly into the air but settle perfectly back into place.
  • We saw her in the same role before, but Luna continues her role as Equestria's dream watcher perfectly. Not only does she help Sweetie realize her mistake, she also helps strengthen the bond between two sisters. Plus she helps repair the headdress using Sapphire Shore's 'lucky animal' - a dolphin, because they swim with her in her dreams.

Leap of Faith.
  • Applejack taking down a tree on a single kick to save Granny Smith; even if she didn't need to be rescued, it was pretty cool.
  • Applejack lassoing Granny Smith in mid-dive.

Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3
  • Fluttershy gets a minor one when Twilight and Rainbow Dash start arguing. Unlike in the past wherein her pleas would be drowned out by others, this time she talks normally at first before she finally puts herself between them and yells "Girls! STOP!!", and telling them that they shouldn't fight. And it works. Even better, she doesn't immediately apologize after shouting, like she would have in previous seasons. That's character development right there!
  • After losing confidence in herself, Twilight and Rainbow Dash fly over Ponyville to have a heart-to-heart talk. While this appears to be heartwarming. It manages to be awesome as well. In Ponyville below, her friends, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and practically the whole town help out by reenacting all the information that she needed to learn. Rainbow Dash absorbs it and retains that information. Ingenious.
  • Twilight has one by organizing the town reenactment after realizing that Rainbow is very observant when flying, allowing her to learn subconsciously.
  • Rainbow Dash not only passes that Wonderbolts test, but aces it. with a score of 100%!
  • Fluttershy's way with animals is shown to be even greater than we realized, as Angel—a rabbit— is snatched up by Owlowiscious—one of the Thousand—and Owlowiscious doesn't eat Angel, nor does Angel die of fright.
  • Rainbow has Sherlock Holmes levels of observation/multitasking so long as she's flying.

Trade Ya
  • Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy need to make a deal with a lamp trader, but he's on break and won't be back until he's gotten some food. Rainbow and Fluttershy proceed to hijack the food stand and start serving up the food at breakneck pace, with Rainbow using the floorboards as a catapult to launch food packages into waiting ponies' mouths.

Inspiration Manifestation
  • Spike shows his fire isn't just for sending mail, as he melts a lock with it.
  • Spike finally standing up to the Artifact of Doom-possessed Rarity at the end, despite his worry that it may ruin their friendship and being genuinely afraid of her at this point.
  • Book!Rarity uses Reality Warper magic almost rivaling Discord's.

Equestria Games
  • Spike saves everyone by using several pegasi as stepping stones to reach a frozen cloud about to smash into the ground before melting the whole thing in mid-air!
  • Ponyville didn't get gold in the relay race (they did get Silver though), however, they managed to win the medal count with 36 medals in all, effectively winning the Equestria Games overall.
    • On that note, seeing as how the other team in the relay were three of the Wonderbolts, placing second against them was pretty dang impressive. And it was a close second. Rainbow Dash briefly had the lead over Spitfire in the final leg, and wasn't more than a pony-length behind her at the finish.
    • Even better, that one silver medal was the one that made the difference, so to sum up, while the Ponyville team were the runners up to the Cloudsdale team in the relay in a narrow loss, the Cloudsdale team became the runners up themselves to Ponyville, again in a narrow loss.
      • Also, despite Bulk Biceps being the last pony to give his relay, Fluttershy still managed to beat several of the pegasi that started flying before herself, so Rainbow wasn't that far behind Spitfire after receiving the relay.
  • The fact that so many pegasi in the stands immediately fly up to help stop the falling ice cloud from falling, with barely any hesitation at all. Even Fluttershy.
    • If paying close attention, Celestia and Luna fly up to assist as well, but we don't actually see them help out in any way. Still, this proves that when their citizens are in danger, the Royal Sisters will protect them. If that is not awesome, nothing is...
  • Bulk Biceps doing bench presses with Fluttershy sitting on the bar.

Twilight's Kingdom Part 1
  • Lord Tirek is confirmed to be the newest villain of the season finale. This is a moment of awesome not just for the show, but for the franchise as a whole, considering Tirek wasn't seen since GENERATION ONE, from his one and only appearance since Rescue at Midnight Castle shown thirty years prior.
  • How does Discord capture Tirek? He just snaps his fingers and a pair of unbreakable handcuffs appear on his wrists out of nowhere, then nonchalantly dodges Tirek's magic beam by splitting his own face in two. Go Discord! If he hadn't been so easily swayed by Tirek's smooth talk, the entire conflict would have ended right then and there.
  • After a whole season of building up to the chest being opened, who actually figures out how to do it? Discord.
  • Sure they fail, but you gotta hand it to the background ponies for trying to take a stand against Tirek.
    • While the Unicorns and Earth Ponies are too stunned to do anything while Tirek takes their magic, the pegasi actively fight back. Sure, they stood no chance, but it was awesome to see the Wonderbolts, Bulk Biceps, Derpy Hooves, and more flying towards Tirek with no intention of going down without a fight.

Twilight's Kingdom Part 2
  • How does Celestia react to Tirek angrily demanding what she did with her magic while he's got her suspended, powerless? She smirks.
    • In addition, before being sent to Tartarus with Luna and Cadence, she delivers probably one of her most powerful lines to Tirek: you will NOT prevail, Tirek!
  • Tirek puts Discord on the taking end of The Worf Effect for once.
  • Shining Armor gets some points for attacking Tirek, likely knowing that he had no chance of beating him at this point.
  • The entire battle between a magically-empowered Twilight and Tirek features a fight sequence that might as well have been ripped straight out of DBZ or Gurren Lagann. That is not hyperbole, either—they duel with humongous laser beams that cause huge explosions, and they absolutely ravage the landscape in the crossfire. As well as punching each other through mountains and shaking it off like it's nothing.
    • DBZ and Gurren Lagann are putting it mildly. There's something about the mind-boggling, landscape-ravaging nature of the battle between Twilight and Tirek that heavily resembles Ichigo's final HSQ-riddled battle with Aizen in Bleach.
    • Not to mention the magnitude of the power they're both channeling. Twilight has the power of all four princesses of Equestria. Tirek has his own power, the power of all the ponies in Equestria, and Discord's power, too. Awesome indeed.
    • Also to note: Twilight had been having trouble controlling even basic-level spells before the fight. How does she manage to battle him so evenly? Sheer rage and determination.
    • Not to mention that she's actively not holding anything back.
    • Tirek himself deserves a CMoA in this fight. To clarify, he faced off against the magical power of all four alicorns in existence, and it's a stalemate!
    • Twilight frequently makes use of Teleport Spam during the fight with Tirek. Someone's been brushing up on their Cell Saga.
  • Everypony Tirek drained is restored to normal after his defeat.
    • Seeing the Princesses getting their magic back and being freed from their prison in Tartarus.
  • In a move ripped straight from Usagi's handbook, the mane six gain the Rainbow Power and hand Tirek a Curb-Stomp Battle!
    • More impressive? The DBZ-style battle with Twilight barely hurt Tirek. The individual beams the mane six shoot at him are enough to send him staggering in pain before they combine into a Wave Motion Gun.
    • The dialogue when they do it may be one of the best exchanges in the history of the show.
    Tirek: How is this possible!? You have no magic!
    Twilight: You're wrong, Tirek! I may have given you my alicorn magic, but I carry within me the most powerful magic of all!
    • It fits nicely with Twilight's similar speeches to Nightmare Moon and Discord. To the first she proclaimed she had found the element of magic because she realised the others were "[her] friends". To the second, the acknowledged that friendship may be hard, but it's "worth fighting for". And now, having taken this all on board, Twilight recognises the magic within herself and is able to realise and accept her role as Princess. There's a lovely continuity there.
    • Credit to Tirek, he actually tries to fight back when the heroes prepare to make him taste the rainbow. It doesn't do a thing, but he's the only villain that's gone down swinging.
  • The Writers got one too. The 'Twilight's Princess status wasn't used much this season' thing everyone complained about? It wasn't sloppy writing, it was foreshadowing the finale!
    • Not to mention, after two season finales that had major Broken Bases, they were able to pull off another one that everyone loves.
    • They also deserve serious props for giving Discord one of the most genuine and powerful Heel Realizations ever. If you weren't sure about Discord's reformation already, you will be now.
  • Derpy flying into the sky after getting her flight back.
  • Applejack deserves some credit for throwing Discord's own words right back in his face after he's betrayed by Tirek, just like he betrayed Fluttershy.
    • Hell, just Applejack's face when said betrayal is revealed. Fluttershy is sobbing brokenly, and AJ cradles her in her hooves just as she might hold a heartbroken little sister. And the Death Glare she throws at Discord is powerful enough to peel paint. She might not be able to do anything physically harmful at the moment, but rest assured, she is gonna make Discord suffer.
  • A meta one: During the credits in the Hub's screening of the episode, a promo clip is shown, inducting Twilight into the Hub Network Hall of Heroes.

    Season 5 
  • With Season 5 confirmed to have 26 more episodes, this will mark Friendship is Magic as the longest running Hasbro-animated cartoon, beating the original Transformers cartoon's 98 episodes and GI-Joe's 95. Who would have thought a cartoon about talking ponies could ever reach that far?
  • On March 9th, a new teaser for Season 5 aired that provides the very, very strong implication that the Cutie Mark Crusaders, or at least Sweetie Belle, will at last earn their Cutie Marks.

  • In January 2014, an 11 year-old boy attempted suicide after being mercilessly bullied for loving My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The You Will Rise Project responded with Art For Michael, which posted My Little Pony-themed fan art supporting the boy.
  • Lauren auctioned off a series of sketches for charity. The sketches were of Derpy, pegasus Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Twilight. All together, the sketches raised $15,451.
  • In an out-of-show example, show creator Lauren Faust disowns an ignorant user on deviantArt who dismisses the show's Periphery Demographic as "sexually repressed man-children" and defends the show's appeal (You go girl.):
    "Honestly?? I feel that people who call them that are ignorant a-holes. That's how I feel. I didn't create this show for little girls, I created it for little girls and their parents — including male parents. It only stands to reason that adult animation fans without children may like it, too. The belief that boys shouldn't be interested in girl things is the main reason there's hardly anything decent for girls in animation — or almost any media, for that matter. It's a backwards, sexist, outdated attitude."
  • Lauren Faust refuting claims of a Know-Nothing Know-It-All woman who claimed that Rainbow Dash was a "tomboyish lesbian", the fact that Celestia was white and good and Luna being a near-black color and dark was racist, that the show was implying that smarts wouldn't help you in life, and that you need authority figures to tell you what to do with your life. Her response can be seen here. The various people that commented on the KNKIA woman's blog post defending the show also get one.
  • This ad for the show, a parody of "California Girls".
  • This iPhone parody promo. Yes, there's a pony for Equestria Daily. And Derp-Zam.
  • The official Comic Con poster includes almost every single significant, speaking, and/or popular character from show (at the time).note 
  • Hasbro's reaction to the many parody videos on Youtube. While most companies would file a copyright claim on the videos to get them deleted, Hasbro allows the videos to stay and actually embraces them. They understand how big the Brony community is and how much they enjoy the show.
    • Hasbro in general has been awesome to the fandom, taking a light-hearted stance on uploading the episodes to Youtube, the various fan-works, and trying to honestly answer questions the fans have about upcoming products. Part of this is because the company has never seen anything like this before.
    • Hasbro allowed a limited hard copy printing of the Fanfic Fallout:Equestria to be made and distributed, so long as the venture stayed non for profit. While doing this for any fanfic, Hasbro gets extra props for allowing it to happen to this one, which also contains copy righted material owned by Bethesda and is written for a strictly adult audience.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's new executive producer Jayson Thiessen proves that he is a Discord-tier troll.He tweeted a photo that includes the very first screenshot of Season 2 (it's just Twilight reading a book, nothing out of the ordinary). This was naturally posted on Equestria Daily, and people noticed that on the second computer screen was the blog itself. Some fans said how it would have been funny if the Equestria Daily screen was of the actual article regarding the Season 2 tease, and then Jayson tweeted a second photo of just that. Well played, Mr. Thiessen.
  • As far as voice acting goes, a lot of fans were quite happy that Discord was voiced by John de Lancie, aka Q. Even Lauren Faust was quite excited, saying "I crapped my pants when we got him. I'm a gigantic Star Trek geek and I adore Q!"
  • John de Lancie experiencing the joy of being part of the MLP fandom. From his twitter: 'Roddenberry warned me that I had no idea what I was getting into with Star Trek. Someone should have warned me about My Little Pony! Egads!'
  • A major Fan Run Convention, BronyCon Winter 2012, which is held in New York, had a massive turnout this January because 3 major voice actors were there: Andrea Libman, Nicole Oliver, and Ashleigh Ball. The CMOA is that, this summer, the first announced guests are Lauren Faust and John de Lancie. That's right, the creator herself and Discord are coming to BronyCon, and they had to move it to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey for more space. Check out Equestria Daily for more information about the news and for more information about the convention.
    • The guest list grew since then, in both senses. Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Nicole Oliver, Cathy Weseluck, Lee Tockar, Peter New, and Amy Keating Rogers were announced as guests of honor, and the number of attendees quickly topped 2,000.
    • Writer Meghan McCarthy came on as a last-minute addition, and the attendee total hit its maximum of 4,000 in the final days before the opening ceremony. A charity auction was held on the first night, with the last item being a Season 1 Comic Con poster signed by nearly every voice actor. The bidding stalled just shy of $1,000, then took off again after Lauren Faust was invited out to add her signature. The winning bid was $4,050.
    • The 2013 event, in the Baltimore Convention Center and Hilton Baltimore, drew a final total of 8,407 attendees - more than double the previous summer's crowd, and over 10 times the number who attended the Winter 2012 con.
  • On February 11, 2012, Hasbro announced that they would be releasing toys of fan-favorite characters Trixie, DJ PON-3, Zecora and Nightmare Moon, along with a more show-accurate Celestia. Taking a look at the reactions from the fans, it's clear that most of them consider this a CMOA for Hasbro.
  • The Series could be considered a Moment Of Awesome for the Flash software.
  • Lauren Faust put up a second batch of sketches to raise money for medical purposes. Firefly, Medley, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, and Princess Celestia were auctioned off. They raised $18,041 altogether, with the Twilight sketch raising $9100 on its own.
  • This commercial aired on Pinkie Pie's birthday (75 days after the airing of A Friend In Deed), and was, according to The Hub's Facebook page, made to celebrate that day, which is something only the true fans would recognize. Furthermore, the commercial itself seemed to hint that a video game could possibly be in the works. Bronies rejoiced.
  • John de Lancie announced that he is helping to create a documentary about the Brony phenomenon to counteract the media's general reaction to it. Its Kickstarter page goal is a whopping $60,000... which received over $30,000 in pledges on its first day alone, and reached its goal by the end of the Third. Lauren Faust and Tara Strong got on board as producers, the total pledges are close to $150,000 (not counting any money in through Pay Pal), and the target was increased to $200,000 by June 10. Various incentives are also being offered for different pledge levels, running from a thank-you in the documentary credits all the way up to a dinner with John, Lauren, and Tara. The $200,000 goal was reached with nearly a week to spare. It was raised to $270,000 in order to allow the crew to travel to conventions in England and Germany; as of June 7, 2012, that total has also been met. The final total was $322,022, making it the second most funded film on Kickstarter. And in fact, if the $26,142 raised through Paypal was included, it would be first.
  • John de Lancie wearing a "Brony" T-Shirt while doing a panel at BronyCon and getting a standing ovation simply by saying, "I'm with you." Sir, welcome to the herd!
  • At Comic Con, we got a song with Twilight lamenting how the one thing in her life that she's been completely unprepared for is happening. Once the song ends, Spike realizes she still hasn't said what she's actually talking about, and asks about it. End clip. Trollestia would approve.
  • The fact that there's now a MAP OF EQUESTRIA. That's right, Hasbro gave us a map.
  • The "-licious" videos are mostly CMoFs, but the original voice actors being actively involved automatically makes them awesome:
  • When a Season 1 DVD box set was announced (which is itself something of a CMOA for the show, given it only exists at all because of the fanbase), it received so many preorders that it ended up being the third most popular DVD on Amazon, temporarily beating out The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead. Not bad for a fanbase that had previously been considered an extremely niche market.
  • At the Canterlot Gardens 2012 voice actor panel was pretty awesome. Andrea Libman brought a six-year old Pegasister named Prudence onstage for the whole panel. The biggest highlight was when the hosts asked the audience to give Tara Strong the silent treatment for being late to the panel - only for Tara to arrive dressed in a complete Twilight Sparkle cosplay outfit.
  • Hot Topic recently made a "Hot Minute" video featuring Fluttershy. Hot Topic also did another one with Rainbow Dash the week afterwards, and five months later, came out with one for Princess Twilight Sparkle that has some Equestria Girls footage to boot and one with Pinkie Pie. Applejack's has also been released. And with Rarity, the Mane 6 is complete.
  • This Season 3 trailer.
  • This official promo parodying The Most Interesting Man in the World.
  • The fact that whoever was behind translating the show into Japanese managed to make theme songs that were as upbeat and infectious as the original tracks. Seriously, you can't help but smile when listening to them. (It helps that they show some of the most funny and heartwarming clips from other episodes during them.) The opening song, in particular, is delightfully energetic and probably counts as a Woolseyism.
  • Comic Con 2013 featured some quite enticing animatics of season 4.
    • There will be an episode that directly addresses Scootaloo's inability to fly.
    • The Mane Six and Spike as a Power Rangers parody, complete with what looks like it'll be a quite a shot of the city they're transported to.
    • The return of NIGHTMARE MOON.
      • Also the fact that a large number of fans showed up to the panel, despite the rather controversial season 3 finale. Hopefully this means they've learned to accept Princess Twilight or are at least willing to give it a chance.
  • Season 4's premiere date? November 23rd, 2013. That's right, the same day Doctor Who is celebrating it's 50th anniversary with a tv special! And to make this announcement even more sweet? It was announced on Lauren Faust's birthday!
  • Way Forward wants to make a pony game. Yes, they want to do it, Hasbro isn't forcing them to.
  • December 23, 2013. It was officially announced that "Weird Al" Yankovic would be guest starring on the show (something fans have been wishing for since season 1). What's more, the entire episode was a musical.
  • Despite the fact that it's an April Fools joke, this trailer for a new MLP spinoff is pretty cool.
  • BABSCon (Bay Area Brony Spectacular): April 18-20, 2014, in Burlingame, CA. To date, it's had the largest attendance of any first-year pony convention (about 2300) and the most guests of any pony con ever. A total of 20 guests turned out in person:
    • Voice actors: Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, Nicole Oliver, Cathy Weseluck, Peter New, Brian Drummond, Brynna Drummond
    • Show writers: Amy Keating Rogers, M.A. Larson, Meghan McCarthy, Josh Haber, Natasha Levinger
    • Other writers: G.M. Berrow (chapter books), Heather Nuhfer (comics)
    • Comic artists: Andy Price, Heather Breckel, Tony Fleecs
    • Directors: Jayson Thiessen, Jim Miller
    • And appearing via Skype: Tabitha St. Germain - thus making this con the first one ever in which the entire Mane Six took part!
  • To celebrate its "Villaintines Day" event, the Hub Network released a parody of the trailer for Maleficent starring Discord as Maleficent and Twilight as Aurora, which uses spliced footage from the show to meticulously recreate the trailer shot-for-shot. And if that weren't enough, they went the extra mile and gave us John de Lancie and Tara Strong reciting the original lines almost word-for-word! ...Though not without its share of hilariously spoofed bits:
    Discord: Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will fall into a sleep-like sleep!
    Twilight: All the other creatures fly. Why don't you?
    Discord: I have wings. They are strong... but not as strong as Rainbow Dash's.
  • The date: December 7, 2014. The place: Santiago, Chile. The event: a Christmas parade similar to Macys by a department store group known as Paris. The awesome: The first ever MLP-related Parade Balloon anywhere. The handlers made her wave to the crowd, even! (Though this has happened in the Macy's Parade multiple times.) As an artist named Tyrranux says:
    Tyrranux: You know you’re a true cultural phenomenon when you get your own parade balloon.
  • During the 2015 Super Bowl, in the third quarter, there was a NFL promotional commercial, entitled "Together We Make Football", with various fans, celebrities, and others cheering for the teams (reminiscent of the NFL's "Best Fans Ever" promo from 2011), including Britney Spears, Keyboard Cat, and the characters of The Lego Movie and The Penguins of Madagascar. Out of nowhere for two seconds, the Mane 6 appear and cheer wearing Colts gear - and the fandom went balls (just look at the comments!). According to the show staff, the ad agency responsible for the ad called out to Hasbro and DHX for a few seconds of ponies cheering for the ad.

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