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Web Comic: Carrot Cake Storybook
While other ponies were smart, fast, or strong, Carrot Cake was remarkably normal in every way. While some were great at entertainment or costumes, Carrot didn't fare well at it. The only thing Carrot was good at was growing boring old carrots

One eventful morning finds local Ponyville carrot gardener Carrot Cake enjoying her breakfast when she's suddenly visited by her friend Ditzy Doo the mailmare, who just crashed through the roof and into her table. Ditzy quickly says hello but has to deliver a package to Hoofington before nightfall, having not noticed she injured her wing on the way in. Carrot, being a thoughtful friend, offers Ditzy to stay at her home to heal up while she delivers the package.

Carrot Cake's adventure takes her through the mysterious Everfree Forest, where a strange creature mistakes her for a carrot and plants her in the ground in his own carrot garden. However, his carrots are withered and uncared for. Carrot Cake offers to help him with his garden, and thus they spend most of the day planting a new garden that gets plenty of sunlight. Carrot remembers she still has a package to deliver, and the creature helps her reach Hoofington and back home to Ponyville right before the sun sets.

Having had an exciting adventure and made a new friend, Carrot Cake returns home to find Ditzy Doo curled up on her couch and greeted with this now immortal line.

Ditzy Doo: I emptied your fridge

Originally posted anonymously on 4chan's /co/ board and drawn by pony fanartist Elosande, this fan made storybook is one of the most well known comics and pieces of Fanon in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom. Posted on Equestria Daily when it was a mere 3 days old, it has the distinction of popularizing the Derpy Hooves & Carrot Top friendship and the "I emptied your fridge" meme. The show itself made a nod to the friendship complete with Derpy emptying an apple bobbing tub in the Season 2 episode "Luna Eclipsed." While the story itself is a oneshot, Elosande has continued to do Carrot & Derpy fanart and even reused the fridge gag a few times.

Carrot Top is referred to as Carrot Cake in this story as at the time it was a fairly popular Fan Nickname for her, but Word of God (and later the show itself) eventually revealed that Mr. Cake's first name is Carrot. Carrot Top also got an "official" name of Golden Harvest in the toys, but most fans still just call her Carrot Top. Derpy is called Ditzy Doo due to a common belief in the fandom (especially at the time) that Derpy is the pony that went to get the southern birds in "Winter Wrap Up", though in Season 2 she actually does get called Derpy.

You can find the original storybook images collected here and the colored version made by someone named Ace here.

I emptied your tropes, here they are

  • A Day in the Limelight: Focuses on background ponies Carrot Top and Derpy Hooves. This is also notably one of, if not the, first fanworks featuring Carrot Top.
  • The Cameo: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack appear in the background of the second panel. The sea serpent from the show's pilot, Steven Magnet, later makes an appearance when he overhears Carrot whistling.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Carrot Cake rides into Hoofington on the back of a white monster… to deliver a package.
  • No Name Given: The creature goes unnamed and isn't from the show. Also, Elosande avoids using the sea serpent's Fan Nickname (which became an official name later on).
  • The Stinger: The "I emptied your fridge" panel isn't accompanied by any narration.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Carrot Cake's only talent is growing carrots. How convenient that the monster in the Everfree Forest is having trouble with his carrot garden.
  • What Kind of Lame Cutie Mark is Carrots Anyway?: Carrot Cake doesn't think too highly of her special talent of growing carrots…

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