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If you think of a Tsundere, think of this person. Yes. Rie Kugimiya is a woman very well known for Tsundere roles, moreso if the said character is short, tyrannical, and has a flat chest. Fans started noticing her after she did Alphonse Elric, but her role as Shana is what made her popularity skyrocket. Like Norio Wakamoto, Rie is also capable of voicing a lot of character types, including boys, or Yandere. She's also a skilled baton user, so yeah, she can kick your butt... but she'll likely get dere-dere afterwards in apology.

Unfortunately, the fact that producers (particularly JC Staff, the studio primarily responsible for her fame and typecasting in tsundere roles) LOVE pigeonholing her as Shana Clones (her best forte), generates Hype Backlash amongst fans, accusing her to be unable to voice anything outside that. For proof otherwise, see the list below. Her Fan Nickname is Queen of Tsundere and TsundeRie, which may either point on how she's pigeonholed in that role or how famous she is for playing it because she's that good at it. In fact, Shana, Louise, Nagi, and Taiga are collectively known as the Four Tsundere Wonders.note . Again, she can branch out into other types and roles.

She is also available in GPS form to guide you.

Her Tsundere characters will almost certainly have a painfully adorable Cry Cute moment.

Compare with Satsuki Yukino, for a seiyuu of older/teen-aged Tsundere. As of The New Tens, her Spiritual Successors in the form of Tsundere are Haruka Tomatsu and Risa Taneda. While the English dubbing side does not have a "queen of Tsundere" to speak of, her closest American counterpart is Laura Bailey as both Rie Kugimiya and Laura Bailey shared three roles (Rise Kujikawa, Marta Lualdi, & Sabato Mihashigo; which all three of them are not tsunderes & strangely enough, they at least have some kind of connection with a character voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch). Brittney Karbowski shares the same typecast with Rie Kugimiya in terms of Tsundere typecasting, except Brittney Karbowski's tsunderes have more variety and many of her tsundere roles are usually not Token Mini-Moe like Kugimiya's are (and vice versa with Karbowski's Token Mini-Moe roles).

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Tropes associated with the Tsundere characters voiced by Rie Kugimiya:

Tropes associated with Rie Kugimiya's work in general:

  • Cry Cute: A lot of her non-Tsundere roles also follow this trope.
  • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: No really, she's the best example when it comes to the Japanese voice acting block. To the point that in the Pixiv wiki article about her, her Tsundere roles are listed separately from her non-Tsundere roles.
  • Playing Against Type: Anything having her voicing a non-Tsundere character falls into this nowadays (yes, including Alphonse, even though she had this role way before her typecasting).
  • Relationship Voice Actor: A lot with Yui Horie, as well as some with Satoshi Hino, Sayaka Ohara, and Romi Park.
  • Woman of a Thousand Voices: Surprisingly, she's capable of a wide vocal range, ranging from non-Tsundere girls to young boys and even mature women. Her potential is a lot wider than studios and audiences tend to recognize, though still far from the extreme range of seasoned veteran "multiclasses" like the aforementioned Romi Park, who manages to range freely between the likes of Edward Elric and Nana Osaki throughout her career.