Characters / The Law of Purple

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    The Fayse Siblings 

Red Fayse/Wulf

The oldest of the Fayse siblings. Currently he and Rose are expecting their first child together.

Blue Fayse

The second oldest of the Fayse siblings, and the only 2nd Kind. Currently in Lette's harem.

Green Fayse

The third youngest of the siblings. An artist and geek.

Whitey Fayse

The youngest of the siblings, as well as the only girl

Sabre Gem

A Second Kind Blue met on his travels. They eventually became "bloodkin", Blood Brothers with actual legal relations as a result.

    The Wulf Family 

Rose Wulf

Memphis Wolf

Violet Wulf

Samuel Wulf

Lily Wulf

     Friends and Allies 

Colette 'Lette' Piter


A teen that Green met when he crashed on Earth by a sci-fi convention, an quickly became fast friends with.

  • Ascended Fanboy: A science fiction lover that befriended a real alien.
  • Technopath: Can control machines, thanks to an alien device that bonded onto the back of his hand.


A friend of Dex and Green, her mom rents out apartments.


A resident of Port Platypus with feelings for Green, Lynnah doesn't do things by half measures at all. She also has a tendency to give things complicated names, like Wulfweardsweorth.



The king of the largest and most powerful nation on Caligula, and the Fayse siblings' cousin, as well as their only remaining relative after he arranged the murder of the rest of them and pinned it on 2nd Kind terrorists. The main antagonist of the comic, he seeks to eliminate 2nd Kind entirely.

Ingrid Cahro

Silver's secretary, and eventual fiance, Ingrid loves Silver and fully supports him in his endeavors to eliminate 2nd Kind.