Characters: Tales of the Tempest

Caius Qualls

A young boy from Fern who learned he was Leimornean following the destruction of his hometown. He sets off on a journey to learn the truth about who he is and why the church is hunting down and exterminating Leimorneans.

Rubia Natwick

A young priestess-in-training from Fern who grew up with Caius. She accompanies him on his journey.

Tilkis Barone

The prince of the distant nation of Senshibia, who set off for Aurella with Forest to search for aid in dealing with the Spots invading his country.

Forest Ledoyen

Tilkis's bodyguard. A Leimornean who has a history with the city of Janna.

Arria Ekberg

A priestess from Janna who opposes the church's campaign to eradicate Leimorneans and decides to accompany Caius after helping him escape from the city.

Lukius Bridges

One of the church's elite Leimornean hunters.

Albert Mueller

The leader of Janna's knights, who hopes to one day usurp the throne.


A Leimornean hunter who regularly works with Lukius.

The Pope

The leader of the church of Janna, who ordered the campaign to exterminate Leimorneans.

King Areulla VIII

The mysterious king of Aurella, who lives in secluded isolation.