Characters / Native American Mythology

An indigenous pantheon. This is sorted by tribe.

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The Tobtob Kin

The "light" gods, but remember, Light Is Not Good. These gods tend to be more rational than the others.


The first life form. Created all the other gods.


The spirit of the Earth.


The sun spirit. Associated with masculinity. This connection is one reason the word for "summer", bloketu, derives from the word for "male".

Taku Skanskan

That which brings movement. Also the spirit of the sky.


Inyan's companion. Hates pollution of any kind. Spirit of thunder. Is a bird.

Wohpe/Pte San Win

Maká's daughter. The spirit of all things feminine.

Wi Win

Wi's ex-wife. The spirit of the moon.


Taku Skanskan's brother. Spirit of the wind.


The spirit of ceremonies. Became a god along with his friend, Hu Nunp.

Hu Nunp

The spirit of wisdom and Tatanka's friend.

Tate Tob

The four winds. The sons of Tate and Ite.


The four winds' brother. Or half-brother, depending on the version you hear.

Nagi, Nagila, Ni, and Sicun

The Wakan Sica

The evil gods. Associated in syncretism with Satan. Dark Is Not Evil, though, and sometimes they can be quite useful. And they form a Five-Bad Band too!


The original Wakan Sica, she is the Big Bad of many a myth.


Unk's son and lover. They make many monsters together. His name means "mouth", and he consumes everything.


Iya's son and half-brother. Tends toward trickery. While Iya consumes everything, Gnaskipeya is ruled by his sexual urges.


Formerly Ksa, the god of wisdom, he lost a mon battle to Gnaskipeya and decided toward chaos.


Tate's ex-wife and the mother of his children.


One of the monsters Unk and her sons produce. Yes, Villainous Incest is at it again.


The Unktehi are a group of monsters produced by Unk and her sons.

Mni Watu

Creatures made by Unk and her sons which cause disease. They're too small for you to see, though.


The original god, who brought the world into existence by dancing.


Quaoar's son, the god of the sky. Later conquers and enslaves the Taksnote , before being killed by his own sons. Also, he can fly.


Quaoar's daughter, the goddess of the earth.


Weywot's son (and killer), the god of the sun.


Chehooit's son, the god of the moon.


A prophet born in present-day Long Beach who created human beings. Not technically a god, but deserving of mention. He also has animal avengers who spy on humans.