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Characters: Makai Ouji
Here are all the main characters in Makai Ouji.

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William Twining

The main character of our story, William Twining is a dogmatic realist who believes in the power of science and disregards everything else. On one hand, he is the heir of the Twining house and the best student in his prestigious school, with high hopes for the future. On the other, he is the reincarnation of King Solomon, who ruled Israel and controlled 72 pillars, aka demons. Now, there is a crisis in Hell and the pillars are coming to William one by one to get him to Hell and choose the next Emperor. However, William refuses to choose anyone and still insists that angels and demons do not exist. Now the demons are at his school and William's life has become a roller coaster of the supernatural.


The mythical king of millennia past.


William's best friend at school. Isaac could do better on grades, but he makes up for it in expertise about the paranormal, much to William's chagrin. Isaac is cheerful and optimistic, contrasting William's deadpan realism.

Kevin Cecil

The real Kevin. He used to work for the Twinings but left years ago. Now he works as a lawyer in a different town and met William again for the first time in years when "Kevin" took William out on holiday. He is considerate toward William and invites him to go to him if he ever has trouble.

    Angels and Saints 

"Kevin" aka Uriel

Our hero's faithful house steward. He is level-headed and responsible, aside from his gambling problem. Kevin's family has a long tradition of serving the Twinings and Kevin himself has been more or less a Parental Substitute for William ever since his parents' deaths, and he has no intention of breaking it even though William has gone broke. Recently he has come to William's school as the replacement campus priest. It has been revealed that Kevin is actually Uriel, a former archangel and currently keeping watch over Solomon's reincarnation. With another reveal, it turns out that the real Kevin left the Twinings long ago and is now working as a successful lawyer. After William found out, his relationship with "Kevin" has become strained.

"Elliot Eden" aka Michael

The highest of the archangels, Michael is the "one who is like God" and has an ego to match. He supervises Uriel's work and threatens to tear off his remaining wing if he fails to secure Solomon's soul for Heaven.

Joan of Arc

Michael's protegee. She was brought to heaven by Michael after her execution and has become a Saint and fearsome warrior in Michael's army. She has the potential to become an archangel sometime in the future.


Uriel's helper. He cares greatly for his master's well being and will do anything for him.

"Sean Christian" aka Metatron

Chief of the Virtues.
  • Adorkable
  • Sweet Tooth: He and Syrty bond over their shared love of sweets.
  • Was Once a Man: Metatron used to be human, and is happy about getting the opportunity to return to Earth.


Master of the Dominions.


Great Cherubim.


Chief of the Powers.





He was the first demon to be befriended by Solomon and the first demon to approach William in this life. He is the 71st pillar of Solomon and a Duke who commands the 36th army of Hell. He is one of the candidates to become the next Emperor after Lucifer and wants William to elect him. When he fails initially, he becomes a student at William's school to stay close to him and convince him to pick him as successor.


The second candidate to approach William, Sytry is the "beautiful doll" of Baalberith and Solomon's 12th pillar. Sytry first wanted William to elect him as successor, but as he spent more time with him he began to care about him as a person and not just as Solomon's successor. Now Sytry wants William to choose him so he would have a reason to protect him from both Heaven and Hell.

"Nathan Caxton" aka Camio

The secret identity of the head boy at school. He is calm and collected as well as one of the most powerful demons in hell. He is the third candidate introduced thus far and is the protegee of Beelzebub. He has been in love with the house mother at school ever since they first met decades ago.

Gilles de Rais






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