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Awesome Music: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Capcom Fighter
  • If there is one thing that JoJo's Venture has over its update, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, it is in the Opening Theme, which the home ports of the latter kept.
  • The inspiring theme of the main hero, Jotaro Kujo.
  • The elegant theme of the only reason girls play this game, Noriaki Kakyoin.
  • The heroic theme of the our favorite French Butt Monkey, Jean Pierre Polnareff. It's so good it's remixed in the GioGio game.
  • The next thing you will say is: "The daredevil theme of Battle Tendency JoJo, Joseph Joestar". The daredevil theme of Batt...!?
  • The I-Don't-give-a-damn theme of the Team Pet jackass Iggy.
  • I, Dio, have a theme superior to everyone's else because I, Dio, am a boss of this game.
  • As an addendum to the above, Shadow DIO's splendidly creepy theme as well.

Vento Aureo PS2 Game

All-Star Battle
  • The game has an expectedly awesome opening.



The Animation
  • The first episode episode ends, and instead of the usual J-pop, we get Roundabout by Yes. Awesome.
  • The second episode starts, and for the opening we get Sono Chi no Sadame! (JOOOOOOOOOOOOJO~) . The Ultra-Manly song the likes of which we seldom we see today outside of tributes to the Eighties.
  • The anime version of Phantom Blood is no slouch in the music department, with a score that combines both orchestral music and a little bit of rock.
  • The Battle Tendency arc has a great soundtrack in general. It was done by Taku Iwasaki, who is practically a CMOA factory, complete with tracks by Lotus Juice:
  • The OP for Stardust Crusaders, STAND PROUD, is just as excellent as the other two openings, while being SEVERAL TIMES AS MANLY.
    • And the new ED theme? None other than "Walk Like An Egyptian" by The Bangles.
    • There's also this adrenaline pumping rock theme that plays during the credits of Episode 2, before "Walk Like An Egyptian" took its place from Episode 3 onward. Luckily, it can be heard during certain episodes and let's just say that any time this theme starts playing, the scene it accompanies is definitely a Moment Of Awesome.


  • While it may have been crappy enough to never be released on DVD, the Phantom Blood movie at least had a pretty cool theme song.

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