Fridge: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Fridge Brilliance

  • From Part 3 to 7, all of the Big Bads' Stands are related to time. Word of God even confirms this and states that the reason why the villains have those powers is because if they had control over time, they could be unbeatable and that stories need to have powerful villains.
    • The World: Time Stands Still.
    • Killer Queen (or rather, its Bite The Dust ability, which is unlocked much later): "Groundhog Day" Loop.
    • King Crimson: Can erase time, allowing its user to evade attacks.
    • Stairway To Heaven: Can accelerate time around the user. It can get to the point it can go to the end of the Universe, to the beginning of the Universe, to the starting point.
    • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Can access alternate timelines
      • If someone really wants to add it to the list, Cars becoming the Ultimate Life Form. After you become completely immortal, time and aging have no meaning.
  • Related to the above, the same can be said for the Stands that defeat said Big Bads:
    • Star Platinum: Yep, can stop time too.
    • Crazy Diamond: Can repair objects, effectively rewinding time.
    • Gold Experience Requiem: Nullifies effects, effectively rewinding any action.
    • Weather Report: It controls weather conditions... in Italian, "tempo atmosferico", "atmospheric time".
      • Additionally: Cars is defeated by his own immortality after he is left in space, unable to move; the villain of part 7 is defeated by the Golden Spin, which, once activated, is "infinite" as in "constant through space and time"; and alternate Diego Brando is defeated by coming in contact with the original Diego's severed head.
  • Most of the powers are things that at a time people believed as scientifically correct. Vampires become super intelligent via trapanation. King Crimson works by presuming that time is an illusion, created by the flow of events. Cars uses the theory that all creatures are the same before the fetus gestates, which predates Lamarck. The spin works with the revised Deus ex Machina theory (made by the same priest that made the "time is an illusion" theory). It consists in the hypothesis that if the hand of God is the primal mover, a spherical object can push all his mass in an equal mass, thus start to spin indefinitely.
  • The famous "ORA ORA ORA" move, and the many variations thereof, makes sense when you realize a Stand's power increases the closer it is to its user. Ever "ORA ORA ORA" has the user close enough to their opponent with their Stand in the middle, causing the power increase. Not to mention, the Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs makes it harder for the opponent to concentrate and counterattack.

     Part I - Phantom Blood 
  • At first, I thought that the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure featuring Dio recruiting Jack the Ripper and vampirizing him was just a way to further amplify the magnitude of Dio's evil. Namely, he got the one of the scariest people in real-life England to join his side. Only much later did I realize what Araki was playing with. The battle between Jonathan and Jack ends with Jack being disintegrated by hamon force. This doesn't just explain why Jack the Ripper's killings ended without an arrest. It's also, in Jojoverse, why Jack was never identified with anyone's birth name. How do you identify someone who now only exists as a fine film of dust?
  • The name of Jonathan's sword, Luck & Pluck, reflects both his hardworker nature and the insane luck he required to succeed against superhuman adversity even before his own abilities became superhuman. Especially since his nemesis was Born Lucky.
  • The only way you can finish off a vampire with Hamon is to cause it to reach their head, and Dio normally drains people by jamming his fingers into their head. Now think back to that boxing match Johnathan and Dio had in their childhood, The rule was the first hit in the head loss.

     Part II - Battle Tendency 
  • Taken from a Nico Nico video, if one takes some measurements and calculations, one can conclude that it would be impossible for Joseph Joestar to have survived the fall after launching Kars into space, as he would have either been vaporized into plasma from air friction, asphyxiated and bleed to death in the upper atmosphere, incinerated by ultraviolet radiation, or blown up with the force of 1 metric tons of TNT... It would be possible for him to survive if he formed a Ripple barrier, but he had never performed a Ripple anywhere near that powerful before... that is, unless he took advantage of the very property of the Red Stone of Aja that allowed him to defeat Kars...
  • Cars values natural life over humans. Also, he gains the ability of every living being on Earth upon becoming the Ultimate Lifeform. How is he defeated? He's thrown into space, where you can only survive with human technology.
    • On a similar note; Kars wants to become the Ultimate Life Form. Once he does, he gets knocked into space, where no life can survive.
  • In Part 2, the first use of Ripple was to pop the cap off a Coke bottle into a cop's face and the last use of Ripple was to pop off a crater off a volcano to send Kars into space; the latter is just a larger form the former.

     Part III - Stardust Crusaders 
  • In Part I, Dio had the power to even freeze blood to slow his opponents -such as Jonathan- down in combat. Why didn't he use it against Jotaro? Not his body, so he couldn't do it.
    • Joeseph also states that Dio isn't used to his new Johnathan's body as he has only had it for a few years and he already had a plan for the last of the Joestars in place.
  • As someone else pointed out in the Abridged series, Jotaro's trick on D'Arby was more powerful than he imagined. A cigarette and a drink appearing out of nowhere while you are not looking? Easy when you can STOP TIME, or at least that's what D'Arby thought.
  • Jotaro had time stop all the time inside him. He does not need to stop time, just to move his stand really fast, which his Stand can already do, and then use Star Platinum to move his own body. Just as in the Heroes shoutout to Dio.
  • Jotaro's hat decoration, which is a symbol of the Stardust Crusaders arc, is a open, raised hand. A stop sign.
    • Jotaro's name is a bigger one. Jo plus tarot minus the last t equals Jotaro. His name is one big reference to part 3's use of tarot cards; also taro is a popular Japanese name.
    • Star Platinum's battle cry is just the last three letters of Jotaro's name backwards.
  • Joeseph Joestar's stand, Hermit Purple, is mostly used for reconnaissance. It's easy to think that it was always lying dormant within him, though, given how easily he could predict his opponent's next line...
    • Furthermore, there's a good reason why it doesn't have many combat capabilities: Jonathan can already use The Ripple.
  • When Dio and the senator drives through the crowd, Waldo can be seen as one of the people they run over. Why Waldo? because Waldo = warudo = World, Dio's Stand.
    • Except Waldo is known by his original name, Wally, in Japan.
  • The heart symbols on Dio's outfit and Stand in Part 3 may just look like a case of Light Is Not Good (and aren't really out of place in the world of Jojo fashion), but what organ is responsible for his main food source as a vampire?
    • Bone marrow.
  • A thought hit me while adding the Alliterative Family trope and noting that Holly's is the only Odd Name Out in the entire Joestar bloodline, as even those who don't start with J still have a jo sound (Jonathan's father and son, both named George). The realization that hit me is that Holly's name is perhaps the odd name out because it's with her that the family line transitions from Joestar to Kujo.
  • Why was Midler's High Priestess teeth to break despite being tougher than diamonds? Aside from Star Platinum's Super Strength, diamonds are notoriously difficult cut cut but extremely easy to shatter. So, excuse this pun, Diamond is Crash/Diamond is Breakable.
  • Iggy favorite food is bubblegum. Bubblegum makes a "POP" sound. Iggy Pop.
  • Kakyoin uses his last emerald to give Joseph a hint to Dio's Stand power, while Caesar uses his final Ripple to give Joseph the ring that contains the antidote to his poison. Might be Fridge Tragedy because Joseph now has the death of a high school student on his conscience, and the circumstances of his death were uncomfortably similar to those of his old comrade-at-arms.

     Part IV - Diamond is Unbreakable 
  • When Josuke heals Yuuya in exchange for his cooperation, Yuuya complains that his eyelids are a little droopy. It was previously established that Crazy Diamond's ability messes the things he heals up a little if Josuke is angry. Clearly, Josuke didn't like having to work with a former enemy.
  • According to Part 4 Josuke's profile, his favorite musician is Prince. What's the name of Part 8 Josuke's stand? Soft & Wet. A Prince song.
  • We all know of the irony of Yoshikage Kira being killed by the ambulance that arrived to help save him. But it goes even further than that: in the spirit world, Kira's ghost is tricked by Reimi into looking behind him, thereby getting him dragged into a cruel afterlife by a swarm of severed arms. How fitting is it that the severed-hand fetishist suffered his final punishment at the hands of hundreds of disembodied limbs?
  • In Deadman's Questions and Answers, Ghost Yoshikage Kira wears a nice bowler hat. At first I thought Araki-sama just threw it in for the fashion, but then I remembered how Yoshikage died: his head was crushed by an ambulance. And Ghosts in JoJo retain their wounds!
  • When Sheer Heart Attack gets hit by Koichi's "Freeze", Kira's hand becomes affected too. At first this doesn't make sense, because it contradicts the rule that "Automatic Stands act independently from the user, so they don't share damage unless the user gets unconscious/killed" (and sometimes not even after that: see Notorious BIG). But Killer Queen is a "normal" kind of Stand, which does share damage with its user. This also explains why he lost Sheer Heart Attack after he took Kosaku Kawajiri's identity and looks, but his hand (and Killer Queen's hand) stayed: he got a replacement hand, while Sheer Heart Attack returned to his old hand thanks to Crazy Diamond and was left behind.
    • Except he didn't. Crazy Diamond fully restored his hand, but they got distracted by Aya and looking at "his" body and realized they'd lost track of the hand they were following, which had reattached to Kira who fled. The only reason he didn't use Sheer heart Attack after that is because it was no longer invincible and was too risky to use again now that they'd figured out how to counter it's tracking mechanism and Koichi's ability to stop it completely, and he couldn't afford to lose his hand again because it would risk his new identity, which he absolutely did not want under any circumstance. And Stray cat gave him a far more reliable ranged attack anyway.
  • The reason behind Echoes Act 3 sudden gravitional powers comes from untranslatable Japanese text. In katakana, Echoes is written out "Akuto Surii" and Echoes changes this to "Furizu". Echoes itself comments on this:
    Echoes Act 3: From 'Three' to 'Freeze'. All I did was change the spelling. No big deal.

     Part V - Vento Aureo 
  • Dio, despite sucking young women dry back in his youthful vampire days, doesn't go and kill the women who would bear his sons. This may seem like an oddity, but recall how his Start of Darkness began...
    • Not to mention that Dio hates the thought of being anything like his father, who he believes was responsible for his mother's death.
  • Why is the #5 Sex Pistol the one who's the Butt Monkey? Because, due to Guido's complex about the number four, the numbering sequence is 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7... which makes Sex Pistol #5 the fourth one in the group.
  • Looking at the basic power of Gold Experience in part 5 makes you realize there is a significant contrast between Giorno and Dio. Dio sought power even at the price to the point he willingly and happily embraced undeath. Giorno's most basic power is to give things life.
  • For the most part, every arc of Vento Aureo takes place during the morning. However, the famous three page "MUDA MUDA MUDA" Cioccolata and unlocking his Stand's Requiem form both occurred at night. Don't forget, he is still half-vampire; his power is most likely weakened during the day.

     Part VI - Stone Ocean 
  • Stone Ocean takes place in Port St. Lucie, Florida. If one was to look closely at its most notable residents, former rapper Vanilla Ice also lives in the east coast Florida city as well. A possible hidden hint of Dio's minion's plans to come?
  • Jotaro appears as if he never aged a day in Part 6. You know who are also Older Than They Look? His grandfather, Joseph, and his great-grandmother Lisa Lisa. Who have the ability to make themselves younger. It comes with two theories: Either somewhere down the line, Jotaro learned to use The Ripple, or Stands have something to do with it.

     Part VII - Steel Ball Run 
  • In Part 7, "Steel Ball Run", Jesus, after the Resurrection, went to North America, lived there, died there, and his mummified corpse was divided in pieces that were scattered across the country. Could the inspiration for this plot have come from the song "American Jesus", by Bad Religion?
    • I always thought it was Mormonism through a weird lens, but knowing Araki, a song reference is more likely.
    • Or it is a reference to the fact that the Chinese complained that Jesus did not tell them anything about God. So, now that he had a second chance, he did tell the whole world.
  • Why Jesus? Because he's Joshua son of Joseph.
  • Did you notice something about Tusk, Johnny's Stand? Act 1 and 2 don't have legs, as Johnny is unable to move his lower body. Act 3 and 4 do. This is because Act 3's power is allowing Johnny to be teleported through the bullet holes he makes, while he actually becomes able to stand on his legs by the time he achieves Act 4.

     Part VIII - JoJolion 
  • The JojJoLion protagonist's stand Soft and Wet has lines down the middle of his eyes....
  • Part 8 Josuke uses bubbles, much like his AU counterpart's father's best friend, Caesar.
  • Part 4 Josuke has the power to restore things, making them whole again. Part 8 Josuke has the power to take something out of things, making them incomplete. Both versions of Kira have the power to destroy things, reducing them to nothing. Jo2uke's power is a middle ground between Josuke's and Kira's.
  • JoJolion having a royalty subtheme. Allied Stands that have KING in their name, Moriah itself such as its crest (the M has a crown, the fruits trees) and its history, and Kira almost certianly had Killer QUEEN, so Jo2uke is the union between a KING and a QUEEN.
    • In addition to this, look at the town's symbol from chapter 1. It's a crown over an M.
    • Futher supported by Soft & Wet is a Prince song.
  • In part 8, the wall eyes are able to fuse people and things together. Part 8 can be considered an alternate part 4, and one of the things Crazy Diamond could do with its restoration ability in part 4 was fuse people and objects together when restoring them.

Fridge Horror

     Part I - Phantom Blood 
  • Fridge Horror: Just how many poor frogs had to die for Master Zeppeli to perfect that "frog-punch" trick? (Nervous laugh)
    • None. He could've tried with inanimate objects first. And considering that the Ripple travels through living objects, usually without lasting effects...

     Part II - Battle Tendency 
  • More Fridge Squick than anything else, but after Lisa Lisa is revealed to be Joseph's mother, it changes everything about the scene where he peeks at her through the keyhole...

     Part III - Stardust Crusaders 
  • Part 4 reveals that Dio implanted his spores into all of his followers, to activate in case they ever turned against him, with the possible exception of Vanilla Ice, and the death of Dio causes the Nijimura's father, a servant of his, to undergo horrific Body Horror when the spore activated. This makes you wonder what happened to the guys that Jotaro and company fought.
    • The fact that the spores were in all of his followers in order to kill them if they ever betray him, makes D'arby's fears and N'doul's refusal of disclosing Dio's stand all the more understandable.

     Part IV - Diamond is Unbreakable 
  • Rohan Kishibe has apparently gone into the next Earth unscathed. This means everything he's familiar with has been replaced with alien people and places he knows nothing of. But hey, at least Josuke's not around anymore!
  • Do you think Shinobu slept with Kosaku Kira when she fell for his new attitude? Because one wonders if Shinobu would notice anything different in the bedroom, and it would also make Kira a rapist on the grounds he gained consent through a false identity.
    • Considering how little he cares about women beyond their hands, and his restraint at ever turning her into one of his victims to the point of keeping her at arm's length, they probably never got intimate (probably much to Shinobu's annoyance).
    • You don't even have to wonder, it shows you. Yes. Though he starts freaking out partway through the foreplay and starts choking her because his urge to kill starts flaring up, before quickly letting go, apologizing and going to the bathroom. And all she can think about is to blush and think, wow I don't remember him being so forceful *blush*, and starts fawning over him even more the next morning. (and even he actually admits that it's almost like he's developing feelings for her when he jumped into harms way to protect her from Stray Cat, but quickly dismisses that can't be true, it's just for the plan...the plan, though after getting Bites the Dust, he tells Hyato that he is going to be his father in all respects, and even saunters over, kisses Shinobu and slaps her bottom before going off to work, while grinning smugly at Hyato the first day after getting Bt D, so while their first attempt at it got stalled out, had things lasted longer, you can bet your ass they'd be getting it on, and Shinobu was already hopelessly head over heels for the new Kosaku. (also Kosaku was actually described as a pretty bad husband who was never really in the mood and even when they did do it, it was quick and bland, and there hadn't been any actual romance pretty since much after they got married, which was mostly due to her getting pregnant with Hyato).

     Part V - Vento Aureo 

     Part VI - Stone Ocean 
  • In Stone Ocean, when Pucci accelerates time, he's able to move normally compared to everybody else. That means Pucci waited for trillions of years after killing Jolyne just so Dio could achieve his dream.

     Part VII - Steel Ball Run 
  • The "Steel Ball Run" arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure combines this with Religious Horror, when it becomes apparent that the cross-country race used to frame the story is just a cover for President Valentine's agenda of collecting the scattered corpse of Jesus. When he succeeds in gathering all the parts into one vessel, Valentine's powers evolve and create an effect which draws good fortune toward him and casts misfortune away. When Johnny Joestar tries to shoot him, this effect protects Valentine, but the misfortune has to be re-directed elsewhere, resulting in children being killed on the other side of the world. Given the source of this power, it casts dark, dark questions on the miracles in the New Testament.
    • Not necessarily. That ability was specifically related to the dimensional gap created by D 4 C after its power was enhanced by Valentine's possession of the Saint's corpse; not to mention, the misfortune was only cast away after Valentine was directly attacked by Johnny and Gyro. The New Testament miracles probably didn't cause anything bad to happen in other parts of the world.
  • At the beginning of Steel Ball Run, when Johnny's trying to tame Slow Dancer, he's got a large chunk of wood lodged in his leg. Obviously he can't feel it, but given the time between that and when he shows up to the starting line, one must wonder if he had time to get it removed and treated correctly.
  • In the Tubular Bell arc, Lucy believes Funny has only one Corpse Part when really he has three. The more Corpse Parts you have, the more powerful your stand becomes, so how can you make D4C even more powerful?
  • In Steel Ball Run's climax, the President of the United States is killed and buried in an unmarked grave. Yes, he was a villain, but hardly anyone knew about it. Imagine the panic of the president (or the leader of any nation for that matter) disappearing suddenly with no confirmation on whether he's dead or alive.

     Part VIII - JoJolion 

Fridge Logic

  • Minor nitpick about the Capcom fighting game: If you set up a match between Joseph and Dio, Dio drains the blood of a woman's corpse (If it was Jotaro vs. Dio, it's Joseph who gets his blood drained). It's hard to see, but it looks like Lisa Lisa. It could just be a stranger but neither option makes sense because Dio needs the blood of a Joestar to revitalize him and Lisa Lisa is not a biological Joestar. Jotaro would have easily been a good substitute in that case.
    • It could be a reference to how Straits tried to hold a woman hostage to stop Joseph at the start of Part II.

     Part I - Phantom Blood 
  • Why does Dio have fangs when he sucks blood through his fingers?
    • Who says those fangs are for sucking? His body was augmented in other ways, the fangs may just be a side effect.
    • Redundancy. You can't kill a vampire just by lopping off its head, and if a vampire is reduced to just its head, it doesn't have fingers to suck blood through. We also see that the Pillarmen can consume people through their entire bodies, Dio seems to only be able to use his hands to suck blood, and zombies are stuck using their teeth (where sharpened incisors would be helpful).
    • Maybe to minimize the Ho Yay.

     Part II - Battle Tendency 

     Part III - Stardust Crusaders 

     Part IV - Diamond is Unbreakable 

     Part V - Vento Aureo 

     Part VI - Stone Ocean 

     Part VII - Steel Ball Run 

     Part VIII - JoJolion