Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
One, two, Death XIII's coming for you...

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is known for its Crazy Awesome-ness in its epic moments, its tragic history and quirky events, as well as its few moments of genuine happiness.

However, it didn't start off as this; it initially focused on a man turned into a vampire and his Legions of Hell, and the Gorn could get extreme at times. It only gets worse with all the Body Horror of the Pillar Men and Stands in later parts.
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    Part 1 
  • How does the story start? With a woman being sacrificed alive! Her blood is used to turn a guy wearing the Aztec Mask into a vampire, who proceeds to kill one of his followers and absorb his blood.
  • The imagery of the crashed carriage where Jonathan's mother died was quite gory.
  • The way vampires in this series suck blood — while the normal neck-biting method works, more often than not they'll just dig their hand into someone's neck, causing all of their veins to bulge hideously as they're drained to a husk. At one point, Dio grabs Jonathan's carotid artery between his fingers and plays with it like a squeaky toy.
  • Dio sends Jonathan's dog to the incinerator just to break him. Why? Because he's a dick. This is even before he became a vampire that tried to Take Over the World For the Evulz.
    • The Abridged version makes it worse.
      Dio: So, Jonathan, how do you like the dinner I made for you? Sorry if its a little...burnt.
      Jonathan: *Looks slowly from his paw-shaped bit of meat to Dio.*
      Dio: *hurried whisper* Don'tfuckwithme.
    • Why didn't anyone hear Danny trapped in the incinerator? Dio wired his mouth shut and stuck him in a box. When the groundskeeper finally opens the incinerator up and Danny jumps out, the wire is melting off his muzzle and his body is charred black. Dio did this. Dio was TWELVE when he did this.
    • And after he becomes a vampire, he gets so much worse. He does continue his dog-kicking streak throughout the rest of the storyline, but the most horrible thing that he does would have to be the scene in which he turns that woman into a zombie and calmly watches her eat her own baby. The woman Dio has brought before him is begging him to take her, but spare the baby. He gives her his word that he will not even touch it. Shortly afterward, the zombie mom does as is said above. He kept his word, but it once more proves what a monster he was.
    • How can you forget that the first thing he did after becoming a vampire WAS TO CLEAVE A MAN'S HEAD IN TWO. Not only that but afterwards that creepy breathing sound he does... ugh.
      Dio: Urrrrrrrrrrrrry.
      • Even the dub version of that was creepy... but instead of the classic 'Wry' he instead whispers Jonathan's nickname instead.
    • Dio's taste in pets, which involves putting cats' heads on birds, so he'll Kick the Dog if one manages to be too vulgar. Later, he put a man's head on a dog's body to amuse himself.
  • Jack the Ripper decapitating the horses and then emerging from one of the stumps of the now decapitated horse.
    • The fact that Dio considers a serial killer like Jack a kindred spirit is nothing short of disturbing.
  • During the fight with Tarkus in Part 1, he decides to grab two hapless townsfolk, and crushes them to paste with his bare hands, before drinking the body juices that came out. We even get to see one of the victims have the skin on his face tear off near the end of it.
  • Page, Jones, Plant, and Bonham are all vampires, but look more like demonic monsters than normal vampires. Thankfully, Straizo defeats them instantly before they could do anything.
  • The way in which Dio manages to deal with what happens to him at the end of Phantom Blood is quite shriek-invoking. Long story short, he decapitates Jonathan and places his then-severed head onto the headless body.

    Part 2 

    Part 3 
  • Jotaro's unsettlingly calm anger is this in-universe for almost everyone around him, but we never really feel that as the audience, since we know he doesn't emote because he believes he is easy to read. ...And then we get a moment in the anime adaption, after Steely Dan taunts Jotaro's inability to save Joseph from him, a look of sort's at Jotaro's state of mind. A closeup of Jotaro's expression, consumed by Tranquil Fury on a black backdrop immersed in a red flame with what can only be described as screaming static blaring. It only lasts for a few seconds, but that short moment is downright chilling. You get a realistic murderous vibe from Jotaro.
  • Because Dio's abilities as a vampire weren't creepy enough, he gets another creepy ability: being able to implant Flesh Buds that subtly brainwash victims. How does he do this? By turning his hair into grotesque tentacles that slither into the victim's body and veins. Even Joseph is creeped out by them at one point.
    • Episode 40 of the anime gives us Kakyoin's recollection of when Dio did this to him, complete with a first-person view of the tentacle entering his brain. Naturally, it's utterly disturbing.
  • The sheer Paranoia Fuel that Stands and their users have, at least the ones that serve under Dio. Most of them look and act like regular people, or sometimes even animals. Not only that, but since most Stands are invisible to a regular person, you will not know that something is wrong until it's too late. And the ones that are visible usually take the form of inconspicuous objects, including a giant freighter ship.
  • Tower of Gray. A Stand that looks like a massive stag beetle. Its main method of killing — namely, by literally ripping out the tongues of people — is pretty disguisting.
  • Ebony Devil is a creepy enough Stand that looks like a vaguely humanoid insect and has a Combat Sadomasochist for a user, but it resides in and possesses an Ax-Crazy Creepy Doll with More Teeth than the Osmond Family that can kill you by biting you or cutting you to death, and its small size makes it harder to catch.
    • A bellhop that Polnareff called earlier enters his hotel room, only for Ebony Devil to slice off the poor dude's entire face with a staight razor.
    • How Polnareff killed him wasn't exactly G-rated either; Devo's corpse was shredded into hamburger meat by the time he was done with him. Small wonder that Polnareff got arrested in the anime.
    • And in the Capcom Fighting Game, this terrifying ditty is his theme, which is perfectly fitting for a psycho killer.
  • Yellow Temperance is pretty creepy as well. It's basically a huge blob that can assimilate any organic matter, similar to The Thing (1982). It can also impersonate people, and is Nigh Invulnerable.
  • J. Geil. To list everything he did would take up its own page.
    • The Abridged Series plays him straight. That's how dark he is.
  • The stand Empress takes the form of a wart that grows and consumes its host.
    • Not to mention that as it grows stronger, it gains the ability to talk (in the 2014 anime, it has a horrifying high-pitched voice as well) and a physical body, so it can and will eventually kill its host.
    • And when she dies, so does Nena... revealing that the Indian woman is actually more like a skin coat disguise. Meaning that this is the ultimate fate of anyone Empress infects.
  • Steely Dan's Stand makes you feel any pain he has ten-fold. Not only can you not attack him (and thus risk injury to yourself), but you essentially become a hostage without him ever laying a finger on you.
  • Death 13 is essentially the JoJo equivalent of Freddy Krueger: it is a Stand that can invade your dreams and attack you while you sleep, and any harm inflicted on you in the dream becomes reality. If you're killed by it in the dream, you die in real life. And that's not even the worst part about it. The worst part is that its owner, Mannish Boy, is an infant, and when infants tend to play with things, they tend to be rather...destructive. And if you manage to wake up without dying? You forget everything that happened in the dream.
    • The preview for episode 19 is just a sound of a baby crying while zooming onto Kakyoin sleeping in a black background, after a few seconds, he starts screaming. What really doesn't help is that there's no background music this time.
    • The dream that Kakyoin and Polnareff gets trapped in during the plane ride starts off with a mutilated dog on a ferris wheel seat, then it gets worse when Death 13 arrives. Polnareff wakes up thanks to Joseph, but Kakyoin gets left alone defenseless. This is then followed by him melting into a ferris wheel post, getting tied onto it, and Death 13 oozing out eyeballs into his mouth. The eyeballs then sprout spider legs and start crawling up onto his face. Meanwhile on the outside Kakyoin starts kicking and screaming, jamming one of the plane engines in the process, if it weren't for Joseph using Hermit Purple, the plane would've crashed.
    • When he has everyone in the adventuring party pulled into his dream-world, he lets the unreality run free... as in "the fucking flowers and mail-boxes start laughing like the furniture in Evil Dead 2 crossed with a Disney Acid Sequence run free." Shiver.
    • To make matters worse, his stage in the Capcom fighting game is a carnival with fucking demonic faces adorning everything, and the music is all but fitting for this grotesque imagery.
    • If you listen carefully to it's voice in the anime, it has a demonic back noise to Mannish Boy's baby voice...
  • Cameo/Judgment. He starts and ends as one of the more comedic enemies, but when Polnareff wishes for his sister and Avdol to return to life, the Stand creates half-formed versions of them that begin eating his flesh in a scene straight out of a zombie film. The fake Avdol is particularly terrifying because of how furious it is, accusing Polnareff of being responsible for his death. On top of that, Polnareff believed he was responsible and gave in to despair - he would've died if the real Avdol hadn't saved him.
  • Alessi is one of the more genuinely terrifying villains in the series. His Stand, Sethan/Set, has the power to turn those who stand in his shadow into children, so he can have an easier time of killing them. The sequence involving him focuses around his attempts to kill Polnareff, and it wastes no time in showing how powerless and helpless he is as a child. Oh, and he keeps getting a lot younger as the chapter goes on, so there are times where there's almost nothing he can do to defend himself. That's not even the best part; that would be what becomes of a bystander woman who happens to run into Polnareff as child, but stays in Sethan's shadow for so long she de-ages into a fetus. She recovers, and things end just well enough, but that doesn't stop the chapter from being very tense and disturbing.
    • And in the Capcom Fighting Game, Alessi is a playable character from the start. And yes, he can use Sethan to turn any character in the game into a child,note  but that's not the disturbing part. Whenever someone is turned into a child, he pulls out an axe. Which, yes, does a lot more damage. Also, when his target is at normal age, he's his usual Dirty Coward self and has a particularly fast backdash. When they're children? It's his forward dash that's faster than usual. The icing on the cake really is his theme, which sounds like the theme of a maniac serial killer.
  • Pet Shop. Dear Heaven, Pet Shop. He would've murdered that poor little boy in a heartbeat if Iggy hadn't saved him, not to mention the fact that he ate the kid's dogs in front of him as slowly as possible For the Evulz. And his smile, ugh.
    • Pet Shop is presented as a bird version of a serial killer- while most of the people Jotaro and co. fight in this part have comedic traits, some of them have funny finishers, and some are just dumb. Pet Shop has absolutely NO comedic or tension-relieving moments in his fight. The whole fight against him is one jumpscare after the other, with Iggy barely being able to fight back against the onslaught of ice and screaming.
    • Speaking of screaming, Pet Shops screech is absolutely chilling, sounding like a heavily condensed and processed lawnmower.
    • The anime, in a supreme example of Getting Crap Past the Radar, displayed the entire scene of Pet Shop eating the dog's eye... and the only thing they did to censor it was darken the eyeball.
  • Telence D'Arby. There's a reason why he's one of Dio's favourite servantsnote . He challenges people at video games and puts the loser's soul in a Creepy Doll, much like how his brother Daniel keeps them as poker chips. However, unlike the slightly more sane Daniel, who (for all intents and purposes) kills them first, he keeps his victims conscious and aware of their surroundings but unable to do anything but whisper barely audible pleas for mercy. Why? For fun. Some of them have presumably been in this state for years.
    • One of his dolls was a murderer. Why did Telence change him? Because he enjoyed listening to him recount his murders.
    • The gamer from Japan starts crying for his mother.
    • He changes their clothes. Even the ones belonging to his female dolls...
    • The anime cranks up the creepiness factor of the doll collection Up to Eleven, with the dolls audibly crying and moving a lot, while what sounds like a music box is playing in the background. It went from spooky to downright terrifying. And this is how the heroes would have ended up if Jotaro had lost...
    • When Kakyoin becomes a doll, you can hear a quiet low moan coming from him when the screen closes up on him.
    • The dolls themselves are animated with Conspicuous CGI, which heightens the Uncanny Valley aspect.
    • Telence's smile was unsettling as well.
  • Vanilla Ice's stand, Cream. A demonic looking figure can devour both itself and Ice himself, turning into sphere that erases everything it comes into contact with. It's horrifying to see how it takes out Avdol and Iggy. In the OVA, Iggy gets cut in half and you have to look at his waist stump. In the manga, Iggy dies by the wounds he sustains from a (literal!) Kick the Dog moment and by protecting Polnareff.
    • The anime shows the fatal beatdown in full detail, complete with Iggy puking out blood with every kick backed by disturbing music and Show Hayami making Vanilla Ice sound utterly deranged.
    • Vanilla Ice himself is utterly and insanely loyal to Dio. The reason he killed Iggy like that? Iggy forced him to attack a sand image of Dio, and he got mad. A freaking image sent him off the deep end.
      • Oh, and he cut off his own head to give Dio blood. Note that this was before he was turned into a vampire.
    • How did he die? First, he got up from being stabbed in the head, getting stabbed some more times, and then dissolving in the sun (which the anime helpfully showed happening to his face).
  • DIO ordering the Senator to speed across a crowded sidewalk, killing everyone in the way. This is easily one of DIO's cruelest moments; just picture yourself in Philips' situation. A man walks into your car, pulls out your teeth and breaks your nose and orders you to do what he wants or die. And you can't escape no matter what you do. The anime mercifully cuts to Jotaro and Polnareff as he starts driving and then shows the front of the car covered in blood, but in the manga and OVA you get to see the slaughter in all its glory.
    DIO: *(referring to the song he requested Senator Phillips to play as he ran down everyone on the sidewalk)* It's funny because there are bitches in the way that need to move.
    • Phillips' Sanity Slippage. In both the OVA and anime. In the OVA, the senator was begging DIO to let him stop. In the anime, he's just Laughing Mad and trying to convince himself it's just a dream. Then he turns around and asks DIO if he's going to let him live:
    DIO:(Death Glare) No.
    Senator: (continues to laugh)
  • The whole "battle" between Dio and Joseph. Joseph knows from the start that he is outmatched especially when Dio figures out he is infusing his Hermit Purple with Hamon, and desperately tries to escape. Just when he is telling Jotaro The World's power Dio activates his Stand and easily incapacitates Joseph and causes terror for everyone else there, including killing a cat. What makes this scene terrifying is the effect of The World's time stop ability in the anime, which causes a distorted buzzing sound, followed by the sound of clocks stopping which combined with him calling The World out, is really chilling.
  • Some serious Fridge Horror occurs in, of all places, the opening for the Egypt Arc. If you pay close attention to the section where Star Platinum punches the screen, you can make out the faint outline of The World before it breaks, and then there's a stylized Time Stop followed by a shadowy DIO appearing behind Jotaro's shoulder. Dio's World (3) reveals that this is neither a stylized sequence relating to the character nor is The World's outline a cleverly hidden Easter Egg; DIO and The World are actually in the sequence, but we haven't seen them until now because he uses a Time Stop to hide the fact that it is The World that broke the screen, not Star Platinum. He then casually saunters into place while throwing an absolutely wicked smirk Jotaro's way before restarting time. The only reason we see him now (other than this intro being used in the penultimate episode of the season) is likely because we didn't know how his Stand works until now.
    • Made even worse due to the fact that DIO walks in from our side of the screen. He could've been right behind us the whole time, and we'd never know due to the time stop. The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You, indeed.
      • Take a closer look at the opening for Stand Proud. Towards the end, you see Star Platinum punching a screen, and then the camera moves around to give us that shot with his fist having broken through it. For a brief moment, we see DIO behind the screen. So yes, he was in fact on our side of the screen the whole time. Once again, The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.
  • From the 1993 OVA's sixth episode, during his battle with Jotaro. after being punched into a meat fridge. DIO begins to keep using his ability to freeze time while moving from a balcony to sitting upon a vehicle and so on and so forth as he theorizes how Jotaro can move while time is stopped and for how long exactly, he gains glowing red eyes twice during the battle. which only serves to make Brando even more threatening than he already is.
  • DIO was terrifying before he absorbed Joseph's blood. Afterwards he ditches his cold superior demeanor in favor of going completely batshit crazy, riding a literal Power High and wounding himself for kicks. At one point while gloating DIO rams one of his fingers into his goddamn skull and starts twisting it causing his blood to spurt everywhere just because he can.

    Part 4 
  • Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri might be the darkest Starter Villain in the series. A Serial Killer and rapist since the age of 12, he could potentially be even worse than J. Geil. Even Jotaro admitted that he felt a shiver down his spine when reading about Angelo's crimes, which included kidnapping, raping and brutally killing three teenage boys. His Stand can 'hide' inside water and other liquids and kill people from the inside. He boasts that after he's killed Josuke and Jotaro, he will "have fun" with Josuke's mother Tomoko, and is also not above taking a child as hostage. Luckily he gets a fitting end. His crimes are skimmed over a bit in the anime, with Jotaro assuring the audience You Do Not Want To Know ("It would make a sewer rat puke.") At least until the very next episode, where his horrible crimes are relayed in full. Complete with flashbacks that show even more detail than the original manga. We still don't get a direct look at what he did, but what we do see is enough to show that he's a horrifying person.
    • It gets even worse when you realize that when Jotaro's investigating this case, he had a seven-year-old daughter. Child rape and murder is vile and disgusting on its own, but it's especially sickening from the point of view of a parent.
    • And then there's the anime scene where Angelo distributes a special kind of justice an on unsuspecting citizen by biting his dog to death, spitting the gore (and his Stand) into the man's mouth, and then having his Stand erupt from the man's head to kill him. Jeez.
  • This one's related to the above. After Angelo kills Josuke's grandfather, Josuke and Jotaro are preparing to battle him. When Jotaro namedrops Angelo, We get a spilt second Jump scare of a murderous Josuke with his hair standing up. A second later, he's calmly combing his hair back in shape. Later it's shown that he destroyed a bunch of objects in the room they were in. Suddenly Josuke's mood swings aren't so funny anymore...
  • Yukako lit a girl's hair on fire, blinded her, and bound her tongue just because she was helping Koichi with classroom chores.
  • Yukako suddenly appearing outside of Koichi's window. The anime makes the scene much worse.
  • Think about it for a second. How scary is it to know an ''invisible baby'' is drowning underwater?
  • Rohan Kishibe's Stand, Heaven's Door, makes your entire life's experiences and memory appear as open books on your flesh. The thing is, it looks like he just flayed your skin off. It gets even worse when he tears a page out, the person loses weight and if he tears all the pages the person dies (and he was planning on doing this to Koichi when they met just for the sake of his manga).
    • He unravels Okyuasu, leaving him with coiled slinky limbs, unable to control his own movements and, should he have interfered any farther Rohan had written that he would commit suicide by self-immolation.
    • Thank God they toned that down for All-Star Battle.
  • That rat Jotaro and Josuke look for. It has the ability to shoot a barb that melts and fuse bodies together like gelatin, while they're alive. An inconspicuous rat, of all things. Or rather, an inconspicuous pair of rats.
    • The intelligence of the rats, Bug-Eaten in particular. They have the same human level mind as other Stand using animals like Iggy, Forever, and Pet Shop, being able calculate which direction its shots will ricochet off of. However, unlike them, the rats don't have humanized qualities to show their emotions. They have the same eyes as real animals. They're less humanized than freaking Pet Shop and just as smart and aggressive.
    • The rat corpse cube. Jesus Christ... It's not even censored in the anime!
    • There's also the fate of the couple living in the farmhouse that Bug-Eaten takes over, melted into a blob of meat and locked in their fridge to be used as a buffet for the rats, a horrified Josuke notes by their heads that they're still alive and moving, thankfully the fact that they are still alive means Josuke (Hopefully) fixes them up with Crazy Diamond offscreen without much difficulty, as he can easily heal the similar wounds Jotaro suffers.
  • There's a corner where Reimi's ghost resides, the only way to get out is to turn after 20 feet. If you ever turn completely around at the wrong point, this happens and you're Dragged Off to Hell. This is Kira's ultimate fate.
    • Kira definitely gets it the worst. When Koichi or Cheap Trick turned around, they were simply grabbed. When it happens to Kira? He shatters.
  • Yoshikage Kira in general. He's a 33 year old man but has no qualms about beating down and killing a 14 year old, in Reimi's backstory he kills and hangs her dog, hides under her bed and licks her hands, he kills another man and assimilates his identity to keep himself hidden, murders his 11 year old 'son', and maybe most disturbing is the fact that he will absolutely keep his identity a secret no matter what.
    • His "father-son" moment with Hayato. Here is a man who Hayato has known to not act like his real father for months, getting into a tub with him and telling him not to investigate further. Poor kid must have been having a heart attack throughout the whole scene.
    • The anime naturally makes his presence all the more unsettling with his trademark theme and a few new nightmarish faces that weren't in the original comic.
  • Sheer Heart Attack. When it isn't loudly exclaiming "Look at me!", it is completely indestructable, chases whatever the warmest thing in the vicinity is, and the explosion is bigger based on how hot that heat source is. The worst part? Even if you trick it, it seems to know whether it did or didn't kill a human. Even worse, if you're not a Stand User, you can still see tread marks crawling around you ... especially if you're wondering why your arm got blown off. Just ask the shoe shop owner who did Kira's jacket.
    • Killer Queen's explosions also completely obliterate a person. The only thing left of Shigechi was a few out of hundreds of Harvest.
    • In episode 34 we finally get to witness Killer Queen's explosions from a Invisible to Normals perspective. The only thing we hear to signify that Killer Queen activated is a small click. Aside from that we see Kira's latest victim get reduced to a hand; and it's completely unnerving hearing nothing as a woman's twitching hand suddenly stop and the rest of her turns to a puff of smoke. A sharp contrast to the visible and loud explosions that stand users can see.
  • What happens to Masazo Kinoto once Cheap Trick leaves his body... It essentially involves Cheap Trick leaving the host by flaying their back, causing them to die from blood loss. If that wasn't bad enough their corpse is reduced to an indistinguishable shriveled fetus-like corpse that you can hold in the palm of your hand.
  • Superfly is an independent Stand that traps a person inside, and turns them into metal if they try to leave. If you try to destroy it, it will rebound any damage dealt to it back at the attacker. And as an independent Stand, it'll continue existing for pretty much the rest of time. Sounds like an SCP.
    • The manga does mention that Superfly needs a "host" because it cannot produce by itself the spiritual energy required to maintain the Stand. Meaning that there is a way to destroy it: having everyone currently inside the tower die.
  • The anime adaptation added a very Surprise Creepy moment to the first episode. You see a happy morning in a happy neighborhood in Morioh, as the radio host happily announces it's morning and puts on some cheery music, while showing the hand of a woman makes breakfast. And then the camera zooms out from the hand as the music distorts, revealing that the severed hand is one of Yoshikage's Kira's girlfriends. Especially jarring for fans who hadn't read the manga and had their guard lowered by the appearance of a Lighter and Softer season; the character responsible doesn't even appear until several arcs later, leaving it unexplained for now.
    • Another such moment appears at the end of Episode 12.
  • Highway Star is a Stand that drains people's nutrients and their skin becomes transparent til the bones are visible, which got demonstrated on poor Rohan when he gets taken hostage. Josuke is later subjected to the effects a few times as well.
  • The second anime OP, chase, is, in contrast to the fist-pumping pulp stylings of its predecessors, a horrific and oftentimes surreal sequence. Nearly the entire thing is in monochrome colors, and the imagery is gritty and drab.
  • For a brief moment in the second half of Kira's anime debut, Killer Queen is drawn with an unnervingly realistic skull (that has human teeth rather than feline), and GIANT, blazing red eyes. It comes right the hell out of nowhere, too; not only had the Stand's first appearance been comically Off Model, but there's nothing like it in the manga.
  • Seven words. Killer Queen's Third Bomb. Bites the Dust.
    • Especially from Hayato's perspective which is equal parts terrifying and outright hopeless. Imagine being a child who just got found out by a killer masquerading as their father, despite that life goes on. Like Hayato, maybe you would feel like you have something to blackmail the killer with. Now imagine that on a car ride to school you encounter someone who suspects your "father" to be the killer and when he tries to find out more information about you he suddenly explodes. Next thing you know it is the same morning again with only you and the killer having knowledge about what happened. And then you find out that the killer essentially planted a bomb inside you that would kill anyone who knew his identity and that you actually died the night before, before he used his new ability to reverse that. Now you try avoiding talking to this person again but he just dies anyway, and now his friends have gotten curious and are now stuck in this timeloop of dying. And not even trying kill yourself will save you, because Bites the Dust is also determined to keep its "host" alive.
      • Oh, and read that last sentence again. HOST. Bites the Dust does not have a user. It has a host. This thing is essentially a PARASITE Stand. It's the only one that benefits from this whole experience.
      • Somehow the anime rendition of Bites the Dust is even worse. Imagine watching people explode right in front of your eyes after they either try to question you about the serial killer who's killed and replaced your father and then being sent screaming into a horrifying technicolor eye shaped time warp to the beginning of the day as that horrible horrible monster your father's killer implanted in you sits on your chest and just looks at you with it's glowing red eyes. No wonder Hayato tried to kill himself with an exacto knife!
  • The anime adds a (mercifully) brief scene of Kira's head being twisted backwards by the ambulance tire. Small wonder his face was completely unrecognizable afterwards.

    Part 5 
  • Buccelati using his stand to interrogate Giorno over Leaky-eye Luca's death. It involves Giorno opening his up hand to find Luca's eyeball in his palm, coughing up Luca's fingers, and getting his face zipped opened.
  • Aerosmith's debut chapter is not a good one for arachnophobes. The stand of Formaggio, Little Feet, has the power to shrink things. Throughout the chapter Narancia continues to shrink, until Formaggio captures him and shoves him into a bottle...along with a large spider.
  • How Sorbet met his end. He and his partner Gelato were dissatisfied by the small territory Diavolo had given them so they began to look into him. Diavolo caught both of them, tied up Gelato and made him watch him cut Sorbet into 36 seperate pieces. Gelato was so horrified he ate his gag and killed himself.
  • Once you see how Illuso died, you can thank Araki for deciding to shelve Fugo...
    • It gets better. That scene is Fugo's GHA in All-Star Battle. You thought it was scary on Illuso? Imagine watching it happen to, say, Iggy.
  • The Clash and Talking Head arc was scary on a psychological level. Imaging knowing there's a killer mini-shark hidden in the water your friend is about to drink and only being able to tell them it's fine to drink.
  • Carne's Stand, Notorious B.I.G., a horrific, carnivorous blob that will devour anything that it sees (unless softened by Trish's Spice Girl Stand). The worst part? It literally cannot die. The heroes can't kill it. They have no way of ever killing it. They can only drop it into the ocean and render it mostly harmless, but the narration states that it still attacks passing ships.
    • And the reason it can't die? Stands aren't vulnerable on their own. To defeat a Stand, you must defeat the Stand user. This thing broke out of its user when the guy DIED — it can't be killed because there's nothing to target. Given that Stands are in part a reflection of their user, what does that say about him?!
  • Cioccolata is this all by himself.
    • He's a doctor who purposefully botches surgeries just to see what would happen, then films it to watch it again. He also knows exactly where to cut to dismantle a person without killing them, which is how he comes after Giorno as a bunch of detached body parts hobbling towards him.
    • And before that, when he was FOURTEEN, he masqueraded as a kindly attendant to the elderly...but in actuality drugged and starved them to keep them weak while also telling them that nobody cared enough to come save them. Nine people committed suicide from his psychological abuse, and he filmed that, too.
    • It's telling that the Big Bad of the arc thinks he's a psycho. This is the same Big Bad who wants to kill his daughter due to unjustifiable paranoia.
    • With that all said, yes, he deserved every bit of suffering he took in his death, but that doesn't make it any less brutal. First he was shot in the head, then Giorno turned the bullet into a stag beetle that ate his brain from the inside. THEN, Giorno used Gold Experience to ''beat him within an inch of what little life he might have had left for seven pages''(FYI, Gold Experience's power can make pain seem even longer for living humans). The final punch sent him flying into a trash compactor. God damn.
  • Doppio losing control of himself tends to alternate between massively creepy and utterly hilarious.
  • Risotto Nero's Stand, Metallica. It can manipulate iron, including the iron in his opponent's blood. When fighting him, he forces Doppio to cough up razor blades.
  • King Crimson, it looks like an skinned human with 2 masks. And the fact that his user is a complete nutjob and it's so overpowering, makes it more terrifying than usual.
  • The fate of Diavolo when defeated by Gold Experience Requiem. He just gets stuck in an endless loop of horrible deaths, including being ran over, having his stomach pulled out of his chest, and being mutilated by some random thug. The worst part is he can't die due to GER returning everything to "zero", and he still feels all of the pain. It's hard to say he didn't deserve it, but his terrified reaction doesn't help.
  • Scolippi's Rolling Stone stand shows him how people die. If they touch it, even on accident, or accept their death and do so, it tells them a way to get a more peaceful and meaningful death — which they'll promptly embark on. When it showed his girlfriend how she'd die, she took the peaceful suicide it suggested would also help her father via organ donor. This, though, caused her father to attempt to send assassins after him. He handles this pretty well for a Messianic Archetype.
  • Prosciutto's stand, The Grateful Dead, has the ability to rapidly age whoever it touches, to the point where they will be will be withering old men and women in a matter of seconds, and brings them to the brink of dying from old age. This is illustrated rather graphically with a small child trying to wake up his mother, both fully under the effect of the Stand in question. The imagery of a small child with the wrinkles and decay of an dying old man desperately trying to wake up his mother that is nearly dying is both tragic and horrifying to watch.

    Part 6 
  • The crimes for which a lot of the inmates were incarcerated are often all too reminiscent of real cases. Etro (F.F.'s original body) kidnapped a child merely to fulfill a childhood fantasy. Kenzo founded a religious cult (its ranks including some celebrities) and instigated a Jonestown/Heaven's Gate-esque mass suicide. Annasui caught his girlfriend in bed with another man and literally took them both apart.
  • Dio's bone causing flowers to bloom out of people's bodies.
  • The way Gwess uses her ability is beyond messed up. Her Stand, Goo Goo Dolls, has the power to shrink people, kinda like Formaggio's Little Feet from Part 5, only if the victim disobeys the user's orders, the Stand appears again and rips them to shreds. and its user is a Yandere obsessed by having absolute control over her 'friends'.
    • She also forces her victims to wear animal suits like rats and parrots. What makes this horrifying you say? Because they aren't suits. They're actual dead animals that had their organs hollowed out so she could fit her victims in. Imagine being shrunken down to the size of a rat, have it thrown on you, and being forced to wear it's skin. And if you happen to hate rats...
  • If you thought Steely Dan's ability to transfer damage done to him onto your grandfather was bad, imagine being targeted by Xander McQueen's Highway to Hell. It inflicts all of Xander's wounds on you, and unlike Dan, who uses Lovers as a deterrent, Xander is actively and violently suicidal.
  • Foo Fighter's debut chapter. Hermes suddenly notices there are six people in their search group whereas previously there was only five. The prisoners begin to discuss the matter when their security bracelets begin in, the bracelets that explode if they get too far away from the guard start beeping, and Etro's actually explodes. After a brief scuffle with the Stand Foo Fighters, Hermes and Jolyne get back to shore and being demanding who the Stand user is and when no one fesses up Jolyne begins attacking everyone...and they begin melting, their faces elongating and black slime oozing out of their mouths and eyes as Foo Fighters reappears (as a Stand seperate from a Stand user, to boot). It then cuts to a shot of the black-haired and shaved head prisoners as Foo Fighters drains their body fluids with the shaved head woman giving us a terrifying Glasgow Grin. Was it mentioned that the shaved-head woman had inverted colored eyes?
  • Sports Max's stand, Limp Bizkit. INVISIBLE, INAUDIBLE ZOMBIES! Need anyone to elaborate?
    • What's better? He can turn himself into one if he dies. When he became one, he ate a woman and got covered in blood giving us this lovely scene.
  • Viviano Westwood was happily pounding on Jolyne while his left cheek was ripped enough to reveal some of the jawbone. Jolyne eventually had to try skinning him with his own toenail to escape.
  • The Stand Yo-Yo-Ma secretes a flesh-dissolving acid from its mouth. It fills Jolyne's tongue with holes to prevent her from warning Annasui.
  • Emporio, under the influence of Jail House Lock, being unable to move from an electrocuted puddle because he's stuck in a constant loop of remembering what he's supposed to do.
  • Remember Ungaro and his Bohemian Rhapsody? That's probably the reason Araki was never picked as an artist for Disney. Considering how the Dwarfs and Pinocchio turned out, we should all be glad that Mickey jumped ship before we could really see him.
  • The Stand Sky High is this. It controls the fictional creatures called "rods", which move at speeds too fast to see and can drain body heat without even touching you. The effect of this and the way they're described are downright horrifying.
  • Heavy Weather's entire arc is pretty unsettling... and might bring up old memories to people who've read Uzumaki prior to this...
  • Pucci's C-Moon has the ability to reverse an object's gravity. This represents in the object turning inside-out. It happens to Jolyne's hand.

    Part 7 
  • The art for Steel Ball Run is beautifully detailed. That also makes the copious gore (remember that this is when Jojo transitioned from shounen to seinen) even more unnerving. Especially when a steel ball meets a (deserving, but still) face and all the chunks of skull and teeth come flying off, maybe with an eyeball as well.
  • The whole process of fusing with the corpse parts of the Saint is pretty unnerving.
  • The first use of Gyro's steel balls literally twists a pickpocket's arm with the gun pointed at his head and then he kills himself by accident. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!
  • The Stand known as Scary Monsters. It turns things into dinosaurs. Neat, right? Well... except it sometimes leaves the user with an ear-to-ear Glasgow Grin when back in human form, which leaks while he drinks!
  • Ringo's backstory. His entire family was killed in one night while he was sleeping and the same killer tried to rape him and make him his "son".
  • President Valentine very nearly raped Lucy, and the only thing that stopped him was Lucy having Hot Pants' spray handy.
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C), the President's Stand. It has the ability to travel to parallel worlds, and bring people back to and from them. If two alternate universe selves meet, then they collapse into Menger Sponges, and cease to exist. This happened to Wekapipo.
  • Axl R.O.'s Stand, Civil War, in Steel Ball Run's Chapters 56 and 57, which attacks by manifesting the guilt and sacrifices made by the opponent and fusing with their bodies. Hot Pants and the body of her deceased younger brother, Johnny and 'Danny', etc.
  • Lucy carrying the Saint's corpse in her womb, and her glass-like Stand replacing her skin after she fuses with all the parts.

    Part 8 
  • Josuke taking away Joushuu's sight, leaving two blown out voids where his eyes used to be. It didn't stay that way, but still.
  • The whole scenario of being trapped in a booby-trapped hallway and losing control of your own body is damn terrifying.
  • Kira made someone eat his own fingers. How? He just told him to do it.
  • Daiya has the power to take away memories, which is already horrifying, but these memories manifest in the form of chess pieces that fall out of her target's body. Not to mention Daiya is a 16 year old immature girl.
  • Rina's disease, which itself shares the same patterns as the male Higashikata's curse/disease. When she was sick, her skin became stiff and folded as if it was origami, and she seemed to not remember who she was. It gets healed by the Holy Corpse, but her son gets it due to Equivalent Exchange, yet Johnny sacrificed himself to save him. It's implied it's the same disease Holly has.
  • The discombobulating effects of Tsurugi's Paper Moon King Stand.
  • During the fight against Yagiyama, Josuke and Norisuke IV have to escape from chestnuts. Sounds boring, right? Well, the Stand they fight causes a center of gravity in their bodies, drawing in surrounding objects. The spines of the chestnuts fly off them, and into Josuke's fucking eyes.
    • Made somehow even worse when the same thing happens but with pesticide.
  • When Tsurugi and Yasuho attempt to hunt down the disease-curing fruit, they see the man they're tailing drop his package near a heavily disfigured old man. The old man munches on the fruit and quickly grows his leg, teeth and toenails back. After he jumps into the car with his wife, his eyes turn to stone and break away into small pieces and has sex with her in the back seat while this occurs.
    • The duo are then almost crushed when the person they're tailing finds their Stands wrapped up in a frog origami figure and steps on them.
    • The Rokakaka fruit as a whole is terrifying due to its properties of Equivalent Exchange.
  • The Rock Humans. If the explanation is anything to go by, it would give Paranoia Fuel to anyone. They look like normal humans, but they grow in a different fashion than them (they sleep for longer periods—it could be at least 3 months, and they stay awake for another two), and even though they get normal activities as per any other human (however, they can't adopt regular business hours jobs because of their sleep patterns; suspect anyone who is an artist or even a mangaka), they are essentially unable to coexist peacefully with them (some live with them as parasites, and on the rare occasions they fall in love with a normal human, it always seems to end in one murdering the other). They are very nearly all Stand Users, as well.
  • Tamaki Damo's Stand, Vitamin C. It turns your entire body into a near-amorphous, slippery mass. A mass that can be washed down drains, or else pulled and flattened onto a wall. Making matters worse is the implication that the people who didn't return for the dry cleaning they gave him were actually subjected to this. How long has he been using his Stand?
    • Let's add to the fact that Damo with Vitamin C was able to stop Sheer Heart Attack. Even our heroes from part 4 couldn't defeat it Koichi held it down with Echoes Act 3 and that was only a temporary solution and Jotaro couldn't destroy it. Let's not forget that he also defeated Yoshikage Kira who in the original died because Jotaro got lucky on punting him into an ambulance.
  • Josefumi's backstory begins with him as a child at the beach with his mother, only to fall in the water, drown, and nearly die at the hospital if it wasn't for Kira.
  • When Norisuke is under the effects of Vitamin C, Damo cuts off his arm with a folded dollar bill.
  • The torture scene on the boat is gruesome. Special points to the scene where Damo uses his infamous dollar bill tool on Kira and cuts his liver.
    • He does this again on Josuke, just to check whether he really has amnesia.
  • Damo lighting Norisuke on fire to bait Hato.
  • The Milagro Man Stand. It starts with Joshuu stealing someone's credit card and taking 50.000 yens from an ATM. Every time he tries to buy something, he receives even more money than before. Buy a clock? They say the clock is damaged and return your money and even more than you paid for it. Buy a can of soda? You get extra change. The more you use it, the more you get, and you can't really buy anything because the money keeps piling up. You can't burn it, throw it away or give it to anyone as the bills just keep mutltiplying.
    • And the worst part? Everyone knows about the Milagro Man's curse. Striptease club patrons, policemen, politicians, normal people, taxi drivers... Nobody wants this money, and the only way to get rid of it is to pass the curse to someone else, which means you have to give them all your money. Every single cent from the Milagro Man's money; even if you have 50 millions, you have to give those 50 millions to another unfortunate victim.
    • Well, that or trick someone into stealing from you. Either way you're knowingly consigning someone else to a horrible curse to save yourself. There's just no real winning when it comes to Milagro Man.
  • Dolomite in general, from his limbless body, his rotting teeth, and his Stand ability, which caused a young boy to repeatedly ram his head into a sign until his EYEBALL STARTED TO LEAK OUT and the worst part is It's contagious. Seeing it used on a baby actually drives Josuke to utter despair and he all but surrenders to his pursuer out of sheer horror and disgust.

    One Shot 
  • In one of Rohan's spinoffs, he goes to a mountainous area that is said to be haunted. The story behind said haunting? A young woman accidentally killed her boyfriend, but his body bleeds copiously even after he's dead. She hides his corpse under her house, becomes obsessed with it, and somehow has a child with it. Then, while exploring the mountains, Rohan bumps into a girl who begins to bleed the same way. It turns out that the girl (and her father, the corpse) were possessed by some sort of yokai that reproduces by creating an intense obsession in the people who 'kill' its host; in other words, you're brainwashed into loving a supernatural parasite inside a dead body.