Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
One, two, Death XIII's coming for you...

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is known for its Crazy Awesome-ness in its epic moments, its tragic history and quirky events, as well as its few moments of genuine happiness.

However, it didn't start off as this; it initially focused on a man turned into a vampire and his Legions of Hell, and the Gorn could get extreme at times. It only gets worse with all the Body Horror of the Pillar Men and Stands in later parts.

  • In one of Rohan's spinoffs, he goes to a mountainous area that is said to be haunted. The story behind said haunting? A young woman accidentally killed her boyfriend, but his body bleeds copiously even after he's dead. She hides his corpse under her house, becomes obsessed with it, and somehow has a child with it. Then, while exploring the mountains, Rohan bumps into a girl who begins to bleed the same way. It turns out that the girl (and her father, the corpse) were possessed by some sort of yokai that reproduces by creating an intense obsession in the people who 'kill' its host; in other words, you're brainwashed into loving a supernatural parasite inside a dead body.