Awesome / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
"Our war has begun!"

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is famous for how more Crazy Awesome it can get with each succeeding generation.

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     Part 1 
  • Jonathan Joestar is at first a wimpy punching bag for Dio, but draws upon hidden reserves of badass when his father is poisoned. When he is accosted by thugs in an alley, for example, he stops their knives with his bare hands, impressing one of them so much that he swears lifelong allegiance to JoJo rather than fight him.
    • Before that, there was the cathartic moment where he finally beat Dio so badly that Dio burst into tears, and this is after essentially making his life a living hell, climaxing with Dio stealing a Sacred First Kiss from Erina.
      • Here is that scene animated. Made even more awesome when you realize that Jonathan jumped over an entire water fountain, and the fiery effect may well be his unconcious use of Hamon energy, long before Zeppeli taught him how to harness it.
    • Johnathan in his teen years establishes himself as a human tank in a football game, pushing forward even as the opposing team continued to dog pile him to the point where he had to pass the ball to Dio.
    • Jonathan showing his smarts in finding out that Dio was poisoning his father. Then Dio punches him in the face. All it did was royally piss off Jonathan and give him less reason to doubt himself. Then Dio tries to gouge his eye like in their boxing match from when they were kids. Jonathan wasn't gonna have that shit, and hurls Dio down stairs. Until Dio became a vampire, Jonathan's tormentor was no threat to him anymore.
      • Even WITH his vampire powers, Dio doesn't have an easy time of it. At one point Jonathan manages to fight the newly vampirized Dio to a draw without his Ripple powers and while heavily injured and ON FIRE, impaling him with the statue of Venus.
    • His battle with Jack the Ripper was his coming of age as a Ripple Warrior, vaporizing Britain's most infamous serial killer through a stone wall.
    • In his battle against Bruford, instead of falling for Bruford's underwater gambit, he was able to find an air pocket underwater and fire off a Ripple attack that launched Bruford onto the land.
    • He beat Bruford, a master swordsman who could strangle you with his hair into being a good-hearted knight again, in spite of his zombification.
    • Jonathan using the Heroic Sacrifice of Will Zeppeli in order to easily kill Tarkus, who had dominated the fight because the former couldn't attack metal. Jonathan breaks the chain, and a whole lot of bones, too!
    • He dominates every vampire after Zeppeli's death because he's strong enough to handle anything less than Dio. What once seemed like implacable monsters now seem like pests to him.
    • Jonathan sacrificing his life to stop Dio's takeover after suffering a fatal wound to the neck, after using his last Ripple to have Dio's assistant cause the boat to go down. Counts as a major Tear Jerker as well since it allowed Dio to get a body after decapitating himself after being beaten by Jonathan
  • The very nature of the Ripple powers is itself a CMOA. Through special breathing techniques the characters change the flow of energy through their body to match the wavelength of sunlight. Then they use this power to punch vampires to death with fists that literally burn with the glory of the Sun herself.
  • The first opening of the 2012 anime. It's basically telling you "Yeah, all this badassery? This is where it all began."
    • To elaborate, the opening starts out with a quick series of panels complete with speech bubbles from throughout the manga, all showcasing the various JoJos in some of their most iconic poses. It works backwards through Jolyne, Giorno, Josuke, Jotaro, and Joseph, before finally getting to Jonathan and the series' title. All this, about two decades worth of manga, in about four seconds. Throughout the rest of the opening, a heavy focus is kept on maintaining the visual style of a manga, with panels and sound effects featuring prominently throughout. The whole thing ends with a clash between Jonathan and Dio, zooming out to reveal the Stone Mask, the MacGuffin that started it all.
  • Zeppeli sacrificing himself to save Jonathan from Tarkus. He knew it would result in his own death, but he did it anyway.
  • Poco, a little kid, going into the castle in order to open the door to allow Zeppeli to save Jonathan, despite being terrified of Tarkus at the time.
  • Straizo kills 4 zombies with a chandelier, deeming them unworthy to waste his breath on.
  • Dire, despite being frozen and shattered, manages to spit a Ripple-infused rose in Dio's eye.
  • George Joestar taking the blunt of Dio's knife to save his son
  • Erina washing out her mouth with muddy water after Dio steals her first kiss. It's a surprisingly direct show of disrespect from a woman raised in Victorian times.
  • A Minor character, Poco's Sister, who has no special powers whatsoever, slaps Vampire Dio's face and gets away with it.
  • Dio, while not nearly as cool as he was in Part 3, has his moments:
    • Dominating Jonathan in a boxing match.
    • Becoming a vampire and later using his influence to make Jack the Ripper as well as two medieval knights into loyal zombies.
    • Using his ice powers in order to reduce heat so the Ripple can't touch him.
    • His audaciousness in using Exact Words when his victims tries to make deals with him, such as promising that in exchange for turning a woman into a zombie Dio and his men wouldn't harm her child. Well that didn't include the recently zombified mother.
    • Killing Jonathan as a head and later taking his body.
  • Bruford and Tarkus getting the heroes in situations where they can't use the Ripple. Not bad for two zombies from a far begone era.

     Part 2 
  • Joseph may never be as strong as Jonathan with the Ripple, but he's a damn lot more cunning and Crazy Awesome with it:
    • Knocking a corrupt cop's finger through his nose because he often picked his nose and busting another cop's finger with a Coca Cola cap. That's one hell of a marketing campaign!
    • Subjecting Straizo to a grenade trick. He flips off one, only to find Joseph somehow hid a whole cluster behind him. Those clusters had their pins attached to the grenade in front, which means...
    • Defeating an assassin with a cactus filled with Ripple.
    • His fight with Santana involving allowing himself to be absorbed in order use the Ripple inside his body and using a well's reflective light to turn him to stone.
    • Force feeding Caesar with a pigeon during a Magic Kiss. One pigeon was all that was needed to defeat him!
    • Causing Wamuu's first head wound in several millenia with clackers. Children's toys.
    • Using friction in order to get up the training tower.
    • Kills Esidisi using a rope trick.
    • Using Kars' obsession with the Red Stone against him, using the artifact as a sort of shield.
    • Cancelling Wamuu's Holy Sandstorm by breaking his arms with yet another rope trick!
      • Having Caesar strike a blow beyond the grave by using his headband to blow up Wamuu.
    • Sending Kars, now an Ultimate Life Form with The Power of the Sun and an Adaptive Ability taken Up to Eleven, into space through honest luck and a nearby volcano. The icing on the cake is that Kars was convinced he planned this all out beforehand. He didn't, but he played along just to mess with him.
    Kars: Did you plan this too, JoJo?! Tell me!
    Joseph: Why are you even asking!? I set a trap and you walked right into it! All of this went down like clockwork! (thinking) I just got lucky, but thinking I outsmarted him will drive Kars nuts!
    • When Joseph says something you're going to say, you'll say it anyway, and you're going to fail miserably at whatever you're doing.
  • Caesar managing to get the upper hand by kissing a woman and using bubbles.
    • Caesar nearly killing Wamuu with his improved Ripple which would've happened had he not blocked the sunlight, allowing Wamuu to kill him instead,
      • Even while dying, he still manages to turn defeat into some small amount of victory, using his last breaths to snatch and seal Wamuu's lip-ring inside a bubble, which had the cure for Joseph's poison inside it.
  • Stroheim sacrificing himself to stop Santana. It failed, but it showed his inner strength, doing all he could against the Pillar Men in spite of his powerful fear of them.
    • Returning as a Hollywood Cyborg in order to stop Kars. There's just no destroying this man! And also topping it off with the most over the top patriotic yells ever: "FFFFOOOOOLLLS!!! GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!"
    • In the epilogue, which explains he was killed fighting in WWII, he is shown making a last stand and inexplicably pulls several guns out of his back Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • When Kars and his vampire army have Joseph on the ropes, Stronheim and the Third Reich, of all people, show up for a Big Damn Heroes moment!
  • Lisa Lisa, when confronted with a vampire, just wraps her scarf around him and burns him to death with the Ripple. Jonathan did something similar, but only after a massive buff by a dying Zeppeli. Lisa Lisa had to claw her way up each step of the way to gain that sort of vampire-killing prowess.
  • Santana's establishment of the Pillar Men as a massive threat. It's a special kind of villain that makes you freak out at a Nazi Mook Horror Show.
  • AWAKEN, MY MASTERS, a perfect way to introduce Wamuu.
    • Wamuu defeating Caesar's bubble technique with mini tornados made from his braids.
    • When Burning Colosseum, aka Wamuu's Leitmotif plays, you can bet some crazy stuff's going to happen.
    • Using wind to create armor that reflects sunlight away from him. Ingenious!
    • Midway into his fight with Joseph, Wamuu gets his arms broken by one of Joseph's rope tricks. How does he respond? Gouging out his own eyes.
    • Kills the vampires that tried to interfere in his fight with Joseph as a head.
      • How did he do so as a head? He put his head into one of the crossbows, uses his hair to pull back the string (Keep in mind that it took all of Joseph's strength to pull the string back), and fires himself at the Vampires, caving through about a dozen of them with his horn.
  • Esidisi turning Joseph's favorite trick against him, and proving himself to be an impressive tactician in his own right.
    • Even being reduced to a brain won't stop him! He possesses Suzie Q and proceeds to give his Joseph and Caesar hell, even though he's just a bunch of blood vessels at this point.
  • Kars being the creator of the Stone Mask. While Dio is more infamous for causing a lot of the tragedy throughout the story the entire story began with Kars' ambition to be the Ultimate Life Form. Made more impressive when he finally does so!
    • To contrast with Dio's infamous Kick the Dog moment with Danny, Kars kills some drunk drivers because they were going to kill a dog, and still comes off as menacing. It's not everyday someone manages to be intimidating by rescuing a cute puppy.
    • Kars effortlessly slicing through Nazi soldiers and a cyborg Stroheim with ease.
    • His Ultimate Lifeform state. He makes Nazi-murdering squirrels from his own body, shoots his scales at a plane and turns them into piranhas, and survives a lava flow by creating heat-proof armor. His actions in the final episodes of Battle Tendency were basically Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot cranked up to the highest capacity!
  • The opening for Part 2 is colorful, campy, and bloody glorious, very much like the story arc it's adapted from.

     Part 3 
  • DIO himself has his moments to shine, most notably in Part 3 where he decides that the most effective way to kill Jotaro would be to drop a steamroller on him. This moment was considered so awesome that it became an internet meme via a popular flash video.
    • The best part is, Jotaro survived.
    • One of DIO's best moments, coming from the OVA, is something that requires a little thought. Remember when Jotaro has Star Platinum carve a minaret in half and throw it an approaching Dio, then he explodes out of it to punch DIO a few times? What's cool isn't that DIO was able to chew away the building by punching it, without the assistance of The World, and not that he completely repels Jotaro's attack anyway, but that Jotaro was only able to get close enough because he occupied Dio's attention with the minaret. Dio is so tough that a building thrown at him is a distraction.
      • Also works for Jotaro because that also means that he and Star Platinum are more threatening than having a building thrown at you.
    • DIO deciding to use his infamous Flechette Storm on Jotaro, knowing he wouldn't be able to block all of them. And he checks the ground to check Jotaro's heartbeat and breathing, and then decides to decapitate him with a stop sign. If not for Polnareff, he would've killed him.
      • Polnareff's attack becomes even more of a CMOA in the original OVA, since not only Jotaro hadn't restarted his heart yet, and was thus completely defenseless; but Polnareff forced DIO to use his Time Stop against him, thus leaving himself completely open to Jotaro's attack.
  • Jotaro Kujo has just way too many of these too list, but we'll try anyway:
    • He stops his own heart in order to trick DIO into coming close enough to hit him with Star Platinum.
    • Immediately prior to the above, after parrying about 20 or so thrown knives with his Stand, he gets hit by the rest (According to the OVA, seven knives, three in the chest, two in the stomach, one in the forearm, and one in each leg. Oh, and one in the forehead). He then reveals that he managed to survive by stuffing copies of Shonen Jump in his jacket. However, his arm and legs remain wounded, and the final knife in the forehead, despite sinking hilt-deep into his cranium through his hat, seems to have done no real damage.
      • In the manga, it's shown that he stuffed a magazine in his hat as well. How the hell it fit there is anyone's guess, though.
    • His very first appearance has him in jail. Out of nowhere, a can of beer appears in his hands and he starts shotgunning it. In a jail cell, in full view of the guards. Later on, we get a second view of the cell, and he's surrounded by clothes, books, and tons of assorted crap that no one can figure out how he got, because he's still in the damn cell and hasn't moved an inch.
      • And everyone in the jail is terrified of him.
    • His defeat of Daniel J. D'Arby, where his poker face is so incredibly good that D'Arby freaks out and thinks that Jotaro has a great hand. Jotaro keeps betting higher and higher, putting up not only his own soul, but his mother's and his friend's, without ever looking at his cards. D'Arby eventually gets so stressed out that he snaps and admits defeat, freeing all the souls that he'd taken over the years. (And by snaps that means he goes COMPLETELY insane, falling to the ground babbling and drooling). Jotaro's allies check out Jotaro's hand, and it's revealed that he had an absolutely worthless hand - an eight, a six, a ten, an ace, and a jack, all offsuit. He'd won entirely through mind games. Go watch episode three of the 1993 OVA. Or take a look here, for an example from the 2015 episode.
      • Even better is the fact D'Arby had set the scene ahead of time so that he would be playing with a deck stacked 100% in his favor no matter what. He set it up so Jotaro would get a bad hand and he would get a good hand no matter what, yet Jotaro STILL managed to completely bluff him into losing while he had 4 Kings. And he wasn't even aware of his hand, it was just blind faith in his determination.
      • Awesome-in-awesome: D'arby is a cheater, and proudly admits it. Jotaro turns that against him. Not by stopping him from cheating, no; he uses it. He uses Star Platinum to tell the order the cards are shuffled in, forcing D'arby to use a fresh deck. He breaks D'arby's finger when the man tries to deal the second card instead of the first, and then calls a kid over to deal instead. Basically, he makes D'arby, an expert cheater, doubt his own cheating.
      • Then he pulled a Chekhov's Gun. In his first appearance, Jotaro used Star Platinum to bring him several objects into his prison cell at such speeds that made it seem like they came out of thin air. He does the same here with a cigarette and juice. This led him D'arby to believe Jotaro swapped his own cards for a better hand while he wasn't looking... which he didn't. Jotaro did this just to fuck with him some more.
      • To make it even more of a friggin' epic win: by that time, D'arby had already stolen the souls of Joseph and Polnareff, and made Jotaro gamble his soul to play. Jotaro not only bets his soul, he bets Avdol's, Kakyoin's(who's in the hospital disabled at this time) and his own mother's, all to force a Sadistic Choice to which the above blinded D'Arby to the third option note . End result: D'arby becomes a complete wreck.
    • His victory over D'Arby's younger brother, Terence, may well rival even that moment. After the resident expert gamer Kakyouin has his soul taken when Terence bests him in a racing game thanks to his stand letting him read minds, Jotaro steps up to the plate to take on Terence at his favorite game: baseball. Jotaro, having never played a video game before in his life, manages to out-cheat Terence by letting Joseph stealthily use his controller with Hermit Purple, so that when Terence tried to read his mind, he'd get the truth from Jotaro, but not from the one actually playing him. The subsequent No-Holds-Barred Beatdown is the icing on this cake.
    Terence: "I gave you back Kakyouin's soul, like I promised! Please, forgive me!"
    Jotaro: "If you want to know if I'll forgive you, you should use your Stand." No! No! No! No!
    Terence: "...are you going to attack me from the left?"
    Jotaro: No! No! No! No!
    Terence: "...from the right?"
    Jotaro: No! No! No! No!
    Terence: "...from both sides?!"
    Jotaro: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Terence: "...and you're gonna shout "ORA ORA" while you're beating me?!"
    Joseph: "YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD!"
    • Enya's stand, Justice is so invincible that she manages to beat Hol Horse and Polnareff. What does Jotaro do to beat her Stand? Inhale it and make Enya lose breath and faints.
      • In the OVA, he makes Enya reveal herself by saying only stand users have a specific vein in their nose, making her immediately check her nose. In the manga and anime he does this same trick on the fake Captain Tennille.
    • When Steely Dan plants his Stand in Joseph's head and threatens to kill him, Jotaro has to put up with a massive amount of crap from Dan in order to stall for time while Polnareff and Kakyoin get it out. After every incident of abuse, Jotaro writes down exactly what Steely Dan did so "he can remember what to think about when he kicks his ass". When Polnareff and Kakyoin succeed, Dan tries to put his Stand in Jotaro's head by distracting him with an innocent bystander. Jotaro, however, has already got Steely Dan's Stand with his own, and he proceeds to beat the crap out of him. For three whole pages. When he's done, Jotaro tosses the book he'd been writing in onto Steely Dan's badly battered body and tells him: "Here's your bill."
      • Can we emphasize the point that we are talking about three whole pages of nothing but ORAORAORAORAORAORA and endless pain? Not one for half-measures, is Jotaro.
      • He also smiles while being humiliated "Why are you smiling?" "Because it's going to be all the more fun when I kick your ass later"
      • The anime rendition of this scene is just as satisfying when Star Platinum unloads on Steely Dan for twenty full seconds.
    • To prove that he really is badass personified, Jotaro beats up Alessi with his own fists after Alessi's stand Sethan turns him into a kid. Please note that, due to how Alessi's Stand works, Jotaro doesn't have Star Platinum at this point. He's a normal seven-year-old who just happens to be able to reduce a grown man to a pulp with his bare hands.
    • The scene from the current anime, with the kid Jotaro saying "Don't underestimate me because I'm a kid" right before he pummels him.
    • While fighting the stand without a master, Anubis, Jotaro gets stabbed in the gut, but manages to break Anubis' sword by using his own body as leverage. That's right: he intentionally gets almost mortally wounded to defeat an enemy who is literally an evil sword that possesses people.
    • When Captain Tennille and Dark Blue Moon try to dive into the water with a hostage, Jotaro beats seven shades of crap out of Dark Blue Moon and rescues the hostage before they can even hit the water.
    • And before that, the "cigarette-nose" trick. He claims that if a Stand user inhales cigarette smoke, a blood vein pops in their nose, causing everyone else (including the fake Captain Tennille and excluding the Runaway Girl) to touch their nose. Turns out Jotaro was just messing about whilst causing the fake Tennille to accidentally expose himself as an enemy. Dastardly clever.
  • Noriaki Kakyoin gets three of them:
    • While battling the Hanged Man, a Stand that attacks by leaping from reflective surface to reflective surface (including people's corneas), Kakyoin and Polnareff figure out how to attack him and trap him in one surface. In response, the Hanged Man's user yells that they're handing out free money, drawing every beggar in India to them (and giving him a bevy of places to hide). Kakyoin's response: he throws a coin in the air, causing everyone to look at it and trapping the Hanged Man with one destination.
    • Then there's how he punishes Death 13's stand user, Mannish Boy. It's just a baby, and nobody else remembers what it did, so he can't hurt him... but he makes him suffer nonetheless. How does he do it? By spoon-feeding the baby his own shit!
    • After encountering DIO, Kakyoin manages to entangle a plethora of buildings in his Stand. He specifies that it will detect anything that DIO or the World happen to do when they come in contact with it. DIO bypasses it completely, by using his Stand's Time Stop power, and is able to impale Kakyoin with the World's arm. Despite living his last moments, Kakyoin manages to keep calm, analyze the ability that the World possesses, and even pass on his conclusion to the rest of the group by blasting a clock tower with his Emerald Splash.
  • Polnareff and Avdol share a CMOA when they battle the Stand Judgement; they find the air tube the stand user's breathing out of while he's hiding underground and collectively...urinate into it in order to draw him out; Avdol then proceeds to burn the Stand user's clothes right off, leaving him nearly naked and with a bad hair job.
  • Polnareff has a better one: his whole fight with Vanilla Ice. After seeing two of his friends die by Ice's hands and being pushed to the brink of death, he figures out Ice only survived being stabbed in the head because DIO turned him into a vampire, and forces him into the sunlight.
    • Special mention to the moment where he stabs Silver Shariot's rapier through Ice's head, then uses the rapier as a lever to twist his head 180 degrees. It's an awesomely brutal moment that really shows the depths of Pol's hatred for Ice.
    • While not as much as his fight against Ice, while Jotaro gets the best part in the fight against Alessi, Polnareff gets a really cool one when he's de-aged. He kept getting de-aged by Alessi until he's 3 years old, but he still outsmarted him twice, shitting Alessi while he's being drowned at the bathtub, and making up a convincing mirror disguise to convince Alessi he vanished out of blue, and when opportunity presents itself, he has the 3-years old Silver Chariot screw his face until Alessi bolted out of the room, then it's all up to Jotaro after that. Yes, a 3-years old Polnareff humiliating Alessi. And the best part for the vanishing trick? He does all that while protecting a lady that was treating him kindly, while she was turned into a fetus and would've died in a few minutes.
  • When Joseph completely turning the tables on The Empress a Stand that takes the form of a parasitic flesh that slowly devours the host outgambitting her big time by using his map powers in order to land a finishing blow on her
    • He shares on with Avdul when they turn Bast's Shock and Awe powers against her
      • When he manipulates the controllers of Terrence D'Arby's game while making it seem Jotaro was the one that was playing. Counts as a touching moment as well, showing how much they've grown to trust each other.
  • Avdul returning from the "dead" to save Polnareff from Judgment
    • It's an even more awesome in the OVA when he appears to save the group from Justice and it's treated as solemnly awesome.
  • The Part 3 2014 anime has a subtle one - Star Platinum's punches have a sound that can only be described as a gun firing when it punches, so we get a amazing scene of Star Platinum closing it's fist, one finger at a time, and launching into it's very first ORA ORA ORA - it sounds like someone firing a Machine Gun and its INCREDIBLY thrilling, it adds completely to showing how fast and intense Star Platinum's punches are.
    • To add, DIO's own attacks sound like a Turret is going off! It goes to show just how truly powerful The World is, even compared to Star Platinum.
  • Iggy: Willing to rip his own paw off just to escape Pet Shop takes BALLS. And then killing that damn hawk by biting his beak shut so the ice spike about to shoot out ends up destroying Pet Shop's face, all as one "all or nothing" attack born from desperation.
    Narrator: Vanilla Ice said that a mere dog could not have resolve. That he could not possess a proud soul. But Stands are the soul's manifestation. Iggy's soul had moved on its own. It had no choice but to move.
  • The anime effects for The World using it's ability. It blows the old traditional Inverted Colours version out the water.
  • The second intro for Stardust Crusaders' anime adaptation is in itself badass. But then they give us this take on it to preface the final battle between Jotaro and DIO, and acts as a nice reminder of what the vampire is capable of.
    • Turned Up to Eleven with Episode 48's opening. Not only does it have the usual added sound effects, but we get a few changes too; such as the knife headed for Joseph's throat replaced with DIO's hand, and a shot of Star Platinum guarding Jotaro from the multiple knives thrown at him.
  • The Road Roller moment in the 2015 anime. Witness it.
    • Followed up by the anime's portrayal of Jotaro's trump over DIO, standing behind the vampire as a triumphant score plays, breaking his legs with a kick from Star Platinum, and then, even blinded briefly by blood, delivering a decisive blow to The World's leg shattering The World and, by the rules of Stands, DIO himself along with it.
    • Points has to be made to Takehito Koyasu's performance as DIO, who definitely delivers the ham that made the character a meme in the first place. You can tell he had a lot of fun recording him in these past few episodes.

     Part 4 
  • Josuke Higashikata has a couple as well:
    • He beats the daylights out of the serial killer Angelo and fuses him into a rock and puts a sign up saying "put your dog doo here".
      • To initially trap him, he lets Angelo's stand go down his throat, but he swallowed a plastic glove that he tied up inside his throat to catch the stand.
      • When Angelo's Stand gets inside his mother, he traps it by crushing a glass flask in his stand's fist, then punching right through her mother's stomach with it, restoring the flask with the stand inside, then pulling it out and healing her before she even notices anything.
    • Then he outfoxes the electricity wielding assassin Akira Otoishi by putting his Stand in a rubber tire. When Red Hot Chili Pepper (the Stand) busts out, he flies into the ocean and gets owned bad.
      • Before that, we have a quick moment that establishes Josuke is on the same level as his father:
        Akira: I'll use only my pinky to defeat you!
        Josuke: If you're only going to use your pinky, I'll set a limit for myself, too!
        Akira: Oh, come, now! You don't need to set any rules for y-
        (Josuke breaks Akira's pinky)
        Josuke: I don't need to set any rules for myself? Fine by me!
    • He turns Terunosuke Miyamoto (uses the Stand Enigma) into a book after returning to normal after having been folded into paper.
    • His blind rage at having his hairdo insulted makes Rohan's Heaven's Door completely useless.
    • When fighting Man on the Tower, he starts to fall and he can't grab onto anything. He then has to punch the tower so the tower will punch him back with the same power and launch him upwards.
    • Has the best hairstyle ever (If you are a big enough fan, this counts).
    • He cheated at the lottery and actually got to keep the money (until his mom found out he won and took it all) so he gambled with a guy that could read people very well, cheated at that and won. He IS his father's son after all.
      • Some can argue that this is the gambling equivalent to part 3.
      • Technically the RPS Kid fight was closer, not only including D'Arby's GOOOOOOOOOD catch phrase, but also over the top intimidation-bluffing at the end.
    • He (with Koichi's help) drove around a city over the speed of 60 mphs to escape energy draining feet. Then went to the hospital, found the guy controlling the feet, healed the guy's motocycle accident injuries, then beat him up again and sent him flying through the third story window into a fountain.
      • He was forced to drive the bike with above 60 mp/h a woman with child was in his way. His solution: destroy the motorbike, fly over them and restore it in mid air
      • On top of that, when he was coming out of the sewers he was running out of gas, so he hit a wall, flew over it, had Crazy Diamond break a car in front of him open, go over the car, have the Highway Star run into the car, repair the car so Highway Star is trapped, and siphon the gas.
    • The first time he runs into Yoshikage, he just got to him from repairing Josuke and Koichi. Now Yoshikage trips up when he wants Josuke to heal him, so he cuts off his right hand to let sheer heart attack stay there as long as needed, but Josuke counters this by repairing the hand so sheer heart attack leaves and that way he can follow the flying hand to find Yoshikage.
    • His CMOA is at the end of the fight. After being battered, bruised, bleeding and exhausted by Kira, he finally corners him. And what does he say to him?
      Josuke: You've finally... entered the range of my stand...YOSHIKAGE KIRA!
  • Actually, Rohan gets a few himself.
    • As the opening of this trailer shows, Rohan's drawing skills are Godlike, as in "draw in an intricate and realistic style with INK in one go, WITHOUT tracing over a pencil draft first" Godlike. ANY manga artist before digital drawing will tell you this is close to impossible. The boy has earned his right to buy Armani, Gucchi and entire mountain ranges like a kid buys candy with pocket change.
    • Just as a normal thing he does, he can write into you the command, "can't attack Rohan Kishibe" and it does just that.
    • When fighting Boys 2 Men, he loses 2 thirds of his stand through rock paper scissors, but in order to stop the total loss of Heaven's Door he uses Shizuka Joestar (the baby that can make itself invisible) to force Ken to make the losing hand. He gets called out for this cheat, so he accepts to start over and wins three times in a row, fair and square.
    • Similar to White Snake, he can make you do impossible feats by writing them into your head.
      • He forced Josuke to fly backwards at 70kph just by writing it.
    • After taking his strength, Highway Star gives Rohan a chance to get it back if he gets Josuke into a trick room. He has this to say.
      Rohan: I refuse. The one thing I, Rohan Kishibe, like more than anything is finding people who think they're hot shit and saying no straight to their faces.
      • This line was awesome enough to be used as the "No" option for the menus in All-Star Battle. The only phrase the English version could find with the same impact was "Like hell I will!"
    • When stuck with Cheap Trick, a Stand that will kill him if anyone sees his back, Rohan uses various means to get out of his house and to a specific spot. Cheap Trick thinks it's the Morioh Grand Hotel. It's Reimi's street. When Rohan fakes insanity and turns his back to Koichi, Cheap Trick looks behind itself to mock him... and the hands of the dead grab it. For that extra touch of "Fuck you", Rohan notes that he's not sure where the hands take you. And then writes "I'm going to Hell!" in Cheap Trick's book just to make sure.
  • At the final confrontation, Okuyasu wills himself to life after getting a hole blasted in his chest and rescues Josuke from getting blown up by Kira.
  • Koichi deserves honorable mention for standing up to Kira and his unstoppable mini-death-tank-bomb, Sheer Heart Attack, and evolving his Stand into another Act.
    • And as apart of his new ability Echoes Act 3 can force things to freeze by increasing their weight. Koichi stops Sheer Heart Attack by making it sink into solid concrete!
    • The whole SHA arc involves Koichi taking several levels in badass. Firstly, he manages to disable Sheer Heart Attack, something not even Jotaro managed, and indirectly subjugating Kira to a very embarrassing series of events thanks to his now-incredibly heavy hand. Then, when Kira does catch up to him, he gets to exact glorious revenge... Or so it seems. After getting a hole punched in his stomach, Koichi manages to get Kira's name, and GLOATS about it to his would-be killer.
      Koichi: Let me repeat that. Some fucking brat got your name!
  • Hayato, probably the last example of a Badass Normal in the series, managing to stop Kira's Bite The Dust bomb, inflicting some heavy damage on him in the process using a plant-cat.
    • To be a bit more specific, Bites The Dust has forced him through a "Groundhog Day" Loop several times by this point. He picks up Gatta (host of the Stray Cat Stand), waits for Kira to step out from behind a tree to mock his attempts at changing fate, and has Gatta shoot him. Kira survives this due to having put his wristwatch in his coat, and proceeds to taunt Hayato again... except Hayato had learned Josuke's phone number on a previous loop, and arranged for him and his allies to meet up a bit sooner than in the last loops. Kira made the mistake of using his real name while talking to Hayato; while Bites The Dust would kill anyone Hayato told that to, it can't do shit if Kira says it. Kira's forced to yank Bites The Dust back to its Killer Queen state to avoid being beaten down, shutting off the bomb.
  • And of course Kira Yoshikage himself.
    • "By the way, I touched that doorknob..."
    • His entire final battle against Josuke, where he teamed up with the aforementioned plant-cat in order to create explosive homing air bombs that were being guided by the photograph containing the spirit of Yoshihiro Kira.
  • As a supporting character, Jotaro survives getting blown up and while nearly knocked out from it is able to beat down Kira.
  • During the "Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love" Chapters, Yukako has Koichi trapped in a secluded place. He's managed to get a warning to Josuke and intends to hold out until rescue arrives. Instead, Koichi's Stand evolves to Echoes Act 2 and he's able to defeat Yukako on his own before Josuke arrives.
  • Yuuya Fungami, the user of Highway Star, gets one when Josuke ropes him into fighting Enigma's user. Enigma can turn anything into paper, even people if its user can figure out their fear tell. Josuke and Koichi both get transformed, and Fungami has to go through several layers of paper to get to them. The last one? A paper shredder. Fungami freaks out when he can't turn it off, getting himself turned into paper... Which was what he wanted to happen - as paper, his hand is now thin enough to reach into the shredder and yank them free.
  • Meta example, but the fan outcry for David Production to adapt Part 4 since the finale for Stardust Crusaders is a real testament to how well they did and how much people care about this part. It's even gotten to the point where several Twitter hashtags have been going around with fan artists drawing what they think Part 4 and beyond would look like in DP's style. Time will tell if it gets adapted or not, but the sheer level of support is a sight to behold.
    • And now that it IS being adapted, the fans are livid with excitement.
      • And as the icing on the cake; David Production is making an OVA based on Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe!
  • The Official PV teaser trailer for the Part 4 anime was recently released, and it is truly a sight to behold. You know you've got something good when a 2 minute teaser hits over 300,000 views in a single day!

    Part 5 
  • Giorno Giovanna did stuff too.
    Mista: The helicopter is too far away, I can't hit it!
    Giorno: How do you know you can't do something until you try?
    (Then the two, working together, catch the helicopter by turning Mista's bullets into branches that spear the copter in midair.)
    • In this same fight, even after he had his opponent more or less dead by injecting Gold Experience's power into him, he proceeds to repeatedly beat him with his stand for 4 pages straight, ending it with an almighty cry of WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
      • Giorno's finisher of Cioccolatta lasted seven pages overall. That was three pages of "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA", one page of "WRYYYYYYYYY" another two pages of "MUDAMUDAMUDA", and completed by smashing him into a combustable trash vehicle. 76 repetitions of "MUDA" overall.
    • Earlier on, his fight with Buccellati, who learns firsthand that Gold Experience can imbue life into living things, enhancing their senses... including pain. At the end of the fight, Buccellati, a man who would later stop his own heartbeat to to keep an enemy stand from finding him, was visibly terrified when he thought Gold Experience was gonna punch him again.
    • After learning this ability first hand, Buccellati used his stand to hide in one of the bodies of the crowd. Giorno's solution? He turned one of Buccellati's teeth that he knocked out into a fly, which is then smacked down by the person Bucciarati was hiding in, reflecting damage back at him and revealing his location.
    • He had one very early that proved just how kickass he is when he met Polpo again after a battle with his stand.
      Giorno: I turned your gun into a banana. Treat it as your last meal.
    • The fight against Melone cements Giorno as a worthy JoJo protagonist. His clever use of his stand and his all-or-nothing decisions win the fight. And he doesn't expect Melone to come finish him later, no, he turns the remains of Melone's stand into a snake to finish him. Together with Polpo, this showed that Giorno may be nice and idealistic but he is not someone to fuck with.
    • How he defeated Illuso: He infected himself with a flesh-eating virus from Fugo's stand, allowed himself to be dragged into the mirror world just to infect Illuso with the virus, then cured himself of it by turning the virus shell casing into an immune snake then transfusing its blood into himself.
    • Abbachio gets one too. When Illuso decides to make trap him in his stand's mirror realm next, Abbachio transformed his stand, Moody Blues, into himself, tricking Illuso into trapping it in his realm instead. Then Abbachio proceeded to dominate Illuso's stand in close combat. He didn't defeat him, but that's one point for a dude with a non-combative stand.
    • Before Giorno cured himself, Illuso used his stand to cut off his infected hand. Gotta admire that kind of guts from a minor JoJo Villain. Too bad Giorno manipulated him into doing this so that Purple Haze could finish him off.
  • And then there's Bruno Buccellati, and his zipper-making Stand, Sticky Fingers, and that monumentally unnerving scene when he zips his own head open, effectively splitting it in half, to dodge an enemy's hit. And then zips it right back up, of course. For creative Stand use, there's really no competition.
    • He trumps himself at another point when he unzips his body into many, many pieces, stopping his blood circulation in order to trick a Stand user that can sense his heartbeat into thinking he suddenly escaped. Even Buccellati eventually became convinced that he was going to die anyway when he had to keep it up for so long.
    • The enemy in this fight, Pesci, tries to kill the entire group after his neck got snapped with his own stand. Buccellati used Stick Fingers' to extend it's fist into Pesci's face before he could get the job done. Buccellati wasn't through from there.
    Buccellati: Arrivederci. (Italian for Farewell)
    • There's also that time when he calmly butchered a couple of gangsters who were trying to kill his father after he saw them with money. This was when Buccellati was twelve.
  • Guido faces off against Ghiaccio, an obnoxious mafiosi who's only lightly pushed back by his bullets due to his freezing powers. The bullets also get bounced back into Guido's body. How does he resolve this? Luring Ghiaccio to a tree branch and hammering away at him with his bullets until his neck gets impaled. Guido gets shot a whole bunch of times, and Giorno is ultimately the one to finish off Ghiaccio, but you've got to admire his guts.
    • Even before Guido got his stand, he got caught in the middle of a gun fight and literally dodged every bullet while getting a bullseye everyone.
  • Narancia in his fight against Formaggio. He escapes from a shrunken state by blowing up a nearby car. So when Formaggio shrinks himself to try and escape, what does Narancia do? Blow up every damned car on the street to turn the whole place into an inferno.
    • Narancia winning his fight against Tizziano and Squalo, all the while showing how relentless he is even when attacked and showcasing a lot more strategy than what you'd think he could. Giorno gets some props too, as even when he has his throat damaged to the point of actually stopping to breath he still manages to give some crucial support to Narancia in his fight. Talk about some nano-second-tactics.
  • Trish from part 5 defeats a so called "invincible stand" that had defeated everyone else so far by DESTROYING THE GOD DAMN PLANE THEY WERE RIDING. It was the first time she had used her stand.

    Part 6 
  • Jolyne Kujo. Daughter of Jotaro Kujo.
    • After her first encounter with Emporio, a Jerkass guard breaks her fingers against some bars and hits her in the face with it. She lets it slide until she gets a visit... from Jotaro. Then she punches out the guard in a rage.
    • She forms a bridge out of herself that allows her to walk on water in her fight with Foo Fighters.
      • This saves her because she ended up using so much string that F.F. punches through her instead of into her.
    • During her fight against Versacci's "Underworld", which can recreate events from memories, she and Hermes are trapped on a plane that will crash. Their only way of surviving is to take two seats whose occupants miraculously survived, so they shove the occupants aside... and Versacci promptly drops three children from the hospital into the memory. He's convinced he's won; even if Jolyne would let them get killed to save herself and Hermes, the guilt would cripple her. The solution? She gives the seats to two of the children, has Hermes use Kiss to split one of the two surviving occupants (since they're destined to survive anyway), stick the third kid in between, and reseal the survivor, so the kid will live too. Finally, Hermes hides herself the same way in the second survivor, and Jolyne unwinds most of herself into string and shoves it down Hermes' throat. The lengths these people go to accomplish their goals is astounding.
    • The stand C-Moon demonstrates its power to turn things inside-out by punching Jolyne in the legs, crippling her... until she kicks C-Moon in the fists to reverse the process. When C-Moon starts aiming for her heart and chest, Jolyne weaves her body into a Mobius strip that can't be inverted.
    • Both those Jolyne moments pale in comparison to the time she set her whole body on fire to make her enemy's attack stop working!!
      • Though some credit should be given to her opponent, Rikiel. When Jolyne sets herself on fire, he actually expresses admiration for her determination... and then he sets himself on fire, to try and discover a flaw in her tactic. He does.
    • During her fight with Guard Westwood, a meteorite is pulled towards Planet Waves—with Jolyne directly in between—as Westwood kicks her. Just getting out of the way won't help, because Planet Waves will make the meteorite disintegrate by the time it gets anywhere near Westwood. Solution: Jolyne steals Westwood's boot, places a brick in it, and positions it so the meteorite will fly in. Planet Waves can make the meteorite disintegrate because that's what it's controlling. It can't stop the brick, though, even though it just gained the meteorite's own velocity. She ends it with a head butt.
    • Jolyne's Heroic Sacrifice. Pucci successfully kills Jotaro, Hermes, and Annasui, leaving only Jolyne and Emporio. As Pucci moves into kill Emporio, the latter is suddenly dragged underwater. It's revealed that in Hermes' final attack and Annasui's own sacrifice, she was given enough time to unravel her arm into string, tying Emporio to a dolphin so he could escape. He begs her to come with, but Jolyne opts out, well-aware of the fact that Pucci can sense the Joestar bloodline. Jolyne stays behind and dies in a blaze of glory, charging the most terrifying Stand in the series. Jonathan would be proud.
  • Hermes killing Sportz Maxx, the man responsible for her sister Gloria's death. Both times.
    • The first time she ambushed him and used her stickers to trap him in a sewage pipe, causing him to suffocate. If it was any other minion other than Sports, they'd be dead without a fight.
    • Then she faces an invisible undead alligator. Jolyne and Foo Fighters come in and F.F. gets her leg bitten off. She just gets pissed, lets her arm get bitten too and shoots it in the face.
    • The second time. Her killing him turned him into a invisible zombie and create an army of them from the cemetery. So Hermes pulls a Batman Gambit and leaves herself open to be attacked, counting on Sports Maxx wanting to eat her himself. The moment he chows on her skull, Hermes puts a sticker on her head to make a copy of it with her brains still in tact. When he removes the sticker, the chunk of her head he swallowed comes flying out of his chest back to her head, creating a spurt of blood letting her know exactly where he is.
    Hermes: Listen Jolyne. This is between me and him. Others will say forgiveness is what matters. 'Course their are gonna be people that say revenge isn't gonna bring back my sister. They don't get it. But, I sure as hell don't want to spend the rest of my life forcing my self to forget that my sister was thrown away in a fucking gutter... besides, i already made up my mind!
  • Jotaro gets his head about half chopped off, only to shrug it off and return to thinking of ways to beat his opponent. So what if Diver Down took the brunt of the attack?
  • Ending of part 6: After Pucci's started over a new world, wimpy kid Emporio's his last threat. But since everything except Pucci's actions will be exactly as in the universe's previous cycle, he can't change his actions, and will hide in the ghost room. When Pucci tries to strike him, though, he holds up the disc with the Weather Report stand, and Pucci effectively pushes the disc into his head. Emporio promptly gets serious the likes of which only Joestars can dream of, and beats Pucci into a bloody pulp, before finally killing him off with an ability that Pucci didn't even know Weather Report possessed.
    • This is the kid whose Stand is ONLY rooms with things in it that cannot affect/be affected by anything else other than Stand Users. He also, while running from a sped-up Pucci, used a ghost gun from one of the rooms and fired the bullets, teaming with Hermes's Stand Kiss to merge the bullet with its copy, just barely outmaneuvering Pucci. Kid is basically a Badass Normal, with the weakest Stand ever (Survivor is SOOO not the weakest Stand).
      • FYI, said ability that killed Pucci was Emporio using Weather Report to raise the level of Oxygen in the atmosphere to 100%, as he coldly describes to Pucci exactly how nasty his death is going to be.
        Emporio: If you breath too much of it, first your hands and feet will go numb and then you will be unable to stand! The capillary veins in your eyes break as you go blind!
      • Plus, Emporio himself wasn't immune to Weather Report's ability. He was DYING just to take Pucci down.
      • Perhaps the manliest bit of it all: Watch how Emporio beats on Pucci- he holds the side of his head, forcing Pucci to feel the brunt of every single swing. Weather Report- still bearing the pure, unadulterated hatred towards his brother still lingered inside his stand- attempts to pop Pucci's head like a fucking water balloon. Emporio (or Weather Report) wanted Pucci to suffer, and by god does he.

     Part 7 
  • Gyro and Johnny are able to work against Sugar Mountain's ability, like the Honest Axe fable except forcing the user to use up what they earned from their honesty, by entering a city and spending copious amounts of the money they earned. Gyro decides to buy a skyscraper that turns out to pretty much print its own money, which is not a good thing for the two. So Gyro gives it away, along with 600 million dollars, during the fight against the Eleven Men to the casino patrons, who immediately agree to be their bodyguards, saving their asses when it looks like they're about to get gunned down.
  • During the fight with Axl R.O., Johnny figures out a new way to use Tusk... but its first use gets him in trouble by saddling him with Axl's own "sacrifices" (which manifest as angry, murderous ghosts). Axl swipes his Corpse Parts and makes a break for it. Johnny's solution? Let Axl kill him - as he learned earlier, killing someone while Civil War is active makes them one of your "sacrifices" and brings them back. So he unhesitatingly lets Axl stab him in the throat, which causes him to appear unharmed right next to Axl and puts all of Axl's "sacrifices" back on their original owner.
  • Minor villain Magenta Magneta actually takes himself down in his first appearance by forgetting basic laws of gravity. After being rescued by Diego and being sent after Steven Steel, however, he takes a major level in badass, starting by appearing in Steel's carriage window suddenly and confusing him into holding a ruler to help with his new lack of depth perception and shooting him almost fatally. It then turns into a major fight between him and the newly allied Wekapipo, ending with Wekapipo and Magenta being thrown into the Delaware River and Wekapipo being forced to pull an Anubis/Notorious B.I.G by trapping Magenta underwater.
  • Lucy Steel of Steel Ball Run is frequently considered nothing more than a young, pretty piece of arm-candy for her industrialist husband. What she actually is, is a Determinator Guile Hero who makes up for what she lacks in combat prowess with her intelligence, perceptiveness, and willingness to do anything... ANYTHING to protect the people she cares about. It comes to a head when she defeats the second Diego Brando in his moment of triumph by showing up with the severed head of the original Diego, using the setting's rule of Never the Selves Shall Meet to kill him.
  • After countless trials and the death of Gyro, Johnny finally learns how to spin the steel ball, which results in his stand evolving. The evolved stand proceeds to open Love Train with it's bare hands, and beat the shit out of Valentine.
    Johnny: Gyro...Thank you.
  • And even then, the fight isn't over yet! Johnny talks to the President, who is now immobile and cannot dimension-hop due to the Spin. He notes that he can bargain with Johnny, if he pleases, by bringing in a Gyro from another dimension to replace the one he killed. Johnny refuses, and tosses a pistol to the presidents side. He says that he'll trust the president if he picks up the pistol- as Johnny suspects Valentine is harboring another one on him to shoot Johnny with, which will fuse with the pistol at his side and break if Valentine touches it. Valentine hesitates, then reaffirms his values that he is in the right. He then whips out his pistol that he was hiding, even though he knew it would kill him. It did.
  • And even then, it's STILL not over! Johnny's final battle isn't against Valentine- it's against The World. The same The World from part 3, time stop and all.

     Part 8 
  • The first time Josuke fully awakens Soft & Wet. After all the "ability"-type Stands of part 7, it's refreshing to see again a humanoid Stand doing things like destroying a wall with a single kick.
  • Josuke's Memory Gambit to defeat Daiya's California King Bed. The only way to defeat it, and get back any memories it's stolen, is to get Daiya to step into Josuke's shadow. Despite being blind, Daiya is Crazy-Prepared in her awareness of where every possible light, object, or shadow could possibly be located. Because of this, Josuke knew there was a very good chance of being further victimized by her ability before he could defeat it. So he sets up a trap that takes advantage of this fact by hiding Daiya's phone in the refrigerator (using Soft & Wet to conceal the sound of the door's opening and closing). When sent to retrieve it (not knowing himself by this point why he put it there), he opens the door, collects the phone, and the soap bubble containing the fridge door's sound pops, making Daiya think it's closed. This lures her in and gets her to step on Josuke's shadow, cast by the fridge light.
  • Josuke's defeat of Yotsuyu Yagiyama, which culminates in him interrupting Yagiyama's devastating stand ability with a single well-placed punch.
  • Aishou Dainenjiyama is defeated by nine year old Tsurugi using his Stand to make Dainenjiyama see an oncoming bus as Joubin.
  • The climax of the battle with the Aphex Brothers is great. When Josuke is seemingly overpowered by the poisonous gas created by the younger brother's Stand, he manipulates the older brother's transfer ability by stuffing the ball with his soap bubbles, which contain the gas. And if that's not enough, Karera returns with Love Love Deluxe and uses her hair abilities to immolate the older brother. That's poison gas plus fire. How do you get more badass than that?
    • The fight proceeding this was awesome as well, with Josuke giving a refreshing example of how combat in the series worked in the early days by mixing Stand fighting with some brutal close-quarters combat.
  • During an extended flashback detailing how the original owners of Josuke's two halves, Josefumi and Kira, met and became fused, the Aphex Brothers confront Josefumi while the latter is losing parts of his body to the effects of the Rokakaka fruit. However, Josefumi's also experiencing extreme emotional duress from seemingly being unable to save Kira, and is in no mood for dealing with more Rock Humans. The result? Josefumi beats the everloving shit out of the brothers in seconds flat; one suffers a broken knee and likely a severe concussion, while the other gets his head stabbed by a branch before receiving a good old-fashioned attack rush from Soft & Wet and a brutal knee to the face from Josefumi. He may be a kind-hearted guy willing to repay his debts, but just like his fused self, Josefumi does not fuck around.
  • Hato coming to accept that her boyfriend is evil. With some help from Josuke (who gets her out of Vitamin C's range), she shows off her stand power for the first time, extending her heels like a spear and impaling Damo through his face and neck several times.
  • Josuke punching Damo in the head so hard it explodes.
  • The anime has been praised, by all people, by the New York Times. They call it a "treasure" and praise the "rollicking, sentimental action".
  • Both Pat Metheny Group and Savage Garden placed the characters on their compilation album jackets in Japan, as a little nod to the anime helping their Revival by Commercialization. YES have also tweeted their thanks to the Japanese fandom for their support.
    "Thrilled that so many folks are happy we allowed I Want You to be used in #jojo_anime - its a cool show and I was happy to say yes."
  • At the official JoJo's panel at Anime Expo 2016, Viz Media teased a special guest appearance. Turns out, it was a video message from Hirohiko Araki himself, thanking the American fandom for their support, and saying he'd like to visit eventually. Not only that, but the panel came with the announcement of more manga, an English translation of Araki's "how to make manga" book, Blu-Rays of Parts 1-4, and another sneak preview of the long-awaited Stardust Crusaders dub. Alongside the fan panel, acknowledgement at the Warner Bros. Anime panel (where limited edition Stardust Crusaders postcards were given out), and Eyes of Heaven being playable at the Bandai-Namco booth, it looks like the series finally went from No Export for You to Cash Cow Franchise in the States!
  • The anime making it onto Toonami on [adult swim], ensuring that many more audiences beyond those of streaming services will be able to see it (with an english dub, to boot). Props especially go to Viz Media securing the distribution rights from Warner Bros., otherwise the show quite possibly wouldn't have aired at all (due to Warner Bros. not being interested in airing the show on television).