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  • Oddly, there were those in the Pokémon fandom who didn't want to buy Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. And then came the revelation that you can play the old 8-bit music in place of the new tunes...and there was much rejoicing. Not only that, but the fact that Game Freak/Nintendo not only allowed their fans the chance to get ALL but the rarest Pokémon...they gave us what we really were after all along...MEW!!!
    • Giovanni appearing, being able to be battled, and the reveal that he's Silver's father.
  • The fandom was already rejoicing, but the notion that the new protagonists in Black and White aren't the same age as the previous one and the female's clothing set them off.
    • Idle Animations and NPCs that actually do things. 'Nuff said.
    • No, it's not enough said, because TMs have infinite uses just like HMs now! Too Awesome to Use no more!
  • Pokemon Black And White...2. The first pair of games was already one of the most hyped set of Pokémon games since Red and Blue, a continuation of the story just made the fandom hype even more.
    • New, awesome Gym Leaders? Old Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex? And what's this, you can fight old Gym Leaders and Champions? This is going to be GREAT!
  • And just when nobody expected... BAM! Generation VI. Pokémon X and Y, baby.
  • The first Nintendo Direct of 2013 was entirely about the mysterious announcement from Game Freak: "So, an announcement's being made on Pokémon Direct... wait... Pokémon X and Y?! Do you mean, Generation VI? IS THAT A 3D OVERWORLD MODEL. Okay, that's sort of cool - roller blades? FULLY 3D POKÉMON BATTLES? LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS! Alright, that was awesome - WHAT DO YOU MEAN SIMULTANEOUS WORLD RELEASE?! There's also already rejoicing that, as far as can be discerned, the Fire-type starter does NOT evolve into a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon. Yessss! (with Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar as 3 consecutive Fire/Fighting fully-evolved starter Pokémon, it's getting old.) The rest has already earned an And the Fandom Rejoiced subpage.
  • Although not a North American release, the fact that Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure got any sort of non-Japanese (European English, German, and French) release made some eager fans happy.
  • In honor of Pokémon X and Y, guess what memorable slogan is making a triumphant return in 2013 after 10 long years? "Gotta catch 'em all!", with a nifty song, website, and sweepstakes, to boot!
  • A dated example perhaps, but many a Poké Fan would have rejoiced at the phrase "remakes of Pokémon Red and Blue/Green Versions" during Generation 3's time.
    • An even more dated example, but there was likely rejoicing at the time of Pokemon Gold And Silver with the return to Kanto and boss fight against Red.
  • Following the release of X and Y's soundtrack on iTunes, the official site announced that more of the main series games' soundtracks will be released in 2014. Aw yeah.
  • On January 30, 2014, English viewers cheered with the joyous announcement that Pokémon Origins is finally receiving an official release on Hulu, along with Diamond And Pearl-era episodes of the Pokémon anime. The latest episodes of Pokémon the Series: XY and some of the Pokémon movies are planned to be uploaded to the service as well!
  • A Pokémon game that has the gameplay of Tekken? In other words, we finally get a Pokémon-themed Fighting Game!
    • But, it's too niche! And Tekken is too geared for the PS4. It'll never come Stateside more or less consoles... wait, what? It's coming here?! AND it has the exclusive character Pikachu Libre?!
  • What's this? Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon? A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game?! Man, I hope it isn't like Gates to InfinityIT HAS TWENTY STARTER OPTIONS? INCLUDING RIOLU?! AND IT HAS ALL 720 REVEALED POKÉMON?!?
  • Huh? Pokémon GO, eh? Sounds like a stupid name for a ra-Oh. My. God. Catching Pokémon on a phone? CATCHING POKÉMON ON A PHONE IN REAL LIFE?!?! YOU CAN BATTLE WITH EVERYONE?! HOLY SHIT EVERYONE CAN BATTLE A LEGENDARY AT ONCE TO CATCH IT?!???!!? says it's for Android...AND IPHONE?? The possibility of Pokémon in real life is almost fucking here.
  • Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are finally getting released on the 3DS Virtual Console! And the Link Cable functionality is being preserved via the 3DS's wireless communication system!
  • Hype for Pokemon's 20th anniversary is real. Now let's see what TPCI has in store so far...
    • First off, Every event Pokemon will be distributed monthly to North America starting February with Mew and ending in December with Meloetta! AWESOME! We can get our hands on Pokemon that haven't been distributed in years!
    • There's a New 3DS bundle that comes with the faceplates of the Gen I artwork or Charizard and Blastoise, and comes predownloaded with Pokemon Red and Blue for the VC. Sweet!
  • Detective Pikachu - The whole premise of the titular, new Pikachu. A hard-boiled, manly-voiced talking Pikachu who's a detective that fights crimes? Yes, please!


Main Anime
  • They brought back Who's that Pokémon? for the Black and White dub!
    • And then later they brought it back to the Japanese version!
  • Ash can't seem to win against Brandon, and now it's time for the final chance, wonder who Ash will..CHARIZARD! Yes, but we already saw him battling Noland's Articuno....wait, Bulbasaur and Squirtle and Pikachu! The Four icons of Season 1! They do care for the old fans!
  • Cool! Another season of Pokémon, I wonder how it'll compare to D/P - they have a female sidesick who isn't Ms. Fanservice? They're cutting Brock from the main cast?! They're cutting down the filler?!
  • So, its the Sinnoh League, bet Ash'll just use his Sinnoh...wait a minute, he's using old ones!? CYNDAQUIL EVOLVES!
  • There was also some fan-squeeing when the Team Rocket trio slipped back into their original motto for one episode in D/P.
  • Team Rocket is getting a promotion. Likely going to goof it up somehow...wait a second. Are they actually being competent? Taking their job seriously? No silly little fantasies about the boss? They have not been sent blasting off again ever since this new series started?! Holy shit, this is the most incredible growth in badassness ever!
  • Holy crap, Ash just turned his hat backwards.
  • Them finally releasing the ~OK!~ Victory Theme, which was known for playing during the scene when Ash beat Gary.
  • I wonder how the new movie will turn out? Wait, Keldeo is being voiced by Vic Mignogna!?
  • Damn Earthquake, now we'll never see Team Plasma in the anime...Wait, what's that? N is finally going to appear in BEST WISHES? YES, OH YES!
    • To add to that, they're finally appearing with Ghetsis and Colress, no less. Given how the former is such a Love to Hate villain, the fandom went CRAZY.
    • Unfortunately, the same episode (BW112) has confirmed that if the two-parter still exists, it did not happen in its original place in the story. Until Gen. 6, whether the two-parter exists in any form at all will remain up in the air...
    • Charizard's return in BW. Not only that, Brock and Misty appear in reanimated flashbacks from the Original Series, featuring Charizard's story, so it all worked out somehow.
  • You know, I really do wish that the current arc of Pokemon would show off some more old school characters than just Charizard and Butter....Clair!? Blackthorn City Gym Leader Clair!? YES!
  • You know, Best Wishes were fun, and Kalos looks neat, but it still needs something....a mysterious trainer with a Mega Blaziken appearing mysteriously...cooler than Paul perhaps, and maybe a sign of a darker story...but I still feel there needs to be something more...Wobbuffet Returns!?
  • Let's see, first episodes....Team Rocket is still being blasted off again, so that's kind of Badass Decay....wait, did they actually use Wobbuffet well enough to actually cause damage!? (They actually still have some competence from BW's!) Pikachu didn't just randomly lose power and lost or tied with a starter's Snivy this time, but actually had a decent fight with a Gym Leader's Pokémon!? The new female character is being developed before she drops in for a Pokémon!? Perhaps you can teach an old anime new tricks and avoid all the fandom complaints from Best Wishes!
  • The romantic subtext for Ash and Serena has been surprisingly popular, to the point where even non-shippers are delighted by their chemistry. Oddly enough, there's been little to no Ship-to-Ship Combat over the pairing.
  • I wonder what new intro tune they're gonna use for the dub of XY—''I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test! To train them is my cause!''
  • After a many year absence, Dan Green has returned to the cast of the Pokémon Anime, Just in time for the X/Y Dub.
  • Pokemon episodes and movies are now available on Hulu and Netflix!
  • New episode titles for XY have been revealed for November. Nothing too special and wait... one of the titles is Ninja Art Showdown! Frogadier VS Barbaracle!! Well it could be Sanpei's Frogadier, as the summary states that Ash and friends reunite with Sanpei and... his Greninja!? But if Frogadier is not Sanpei's, then that must mean... Ohhh, is it happening? Ash's Froakie is evolving!? It's been 3000 years... but the Water-Type Curse is FINALLY broken!!! note 
    • And it's reportedly going to evolve again, into Greninja. A fully-evolved water starter in the main characters' lineup is unheard of already, but the reveal that it sports a distinct looknote , put the fandom into a frenzy!
  • When is Serena going to catch a Pokemon?! It's been almost 40 episodes! This pretty much confirms that she's just a prop for viewers—-WHAT?! She's going to catch her own Pokemon at last?! FINALLY!! Better late than never!
    • Repeated for XY088: Serena catches an EEVEE.
  • Ugh, can't Ash see that Serena is completely smitten with him? I mean, I know he is Oblivious to Love, but come o- Ash and Serena's First Date?! The Vow Tree And The Presents!?! OH YEAH!
  • Oh, come on! It's almost two years, so where in the world is Team Flare? Sure, seeing Lysandre in the Mega Evolution Specials is nice, but it better not mean, Ash and co. won't get to... wait? A poster for Pokémon XY & Z featuring Ash, his friends, and Alain and... LYSANDRE?! Zygarde also has MULTIPLE FORMS?! Ash facing of the Team Flare scientists and grunts in the trailer over Zygarde Core?! Ash crossing paths with Alain?! ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Pokémon Origins
  • "An anime Mini Series? Sounds interesting... Wait, it's a new animated take on Pokemon Red And Blue featuring the game incarnations of the characters? Neat! Red's getting voiced by the Japanese voice actress of Naruto Uzumaki?! Nice! Brock and Lance are appearing? Cool!" These instances were just a few of the reactions to the announcement of the anime special miniseries Pokémon Origins, and fans practically went ballistic when Giovanni and Mewtwo were revealed to be making appearances.
    • To top those reactions, the revelation that the special was actually getting dubbed in English and was going to be viewable online sealed the deal for even more fans. No Export for You averted yet again!
    • People who were looking for a breath of fresh air when it came to the voice acting were excited when it was revealed this series will be dubbed by California-based voice actors, including veterans such as Kyle Hebert as Professor Oak and Bryce Papenbrook as Red.
    • Beginning January 30, 2014, the English-version episodes are officially/legally available to watch on Hulu!


  • Wait, Pokemon Special is finally going to be re-released in America?! YES! No more expensive imports from Singapore! Going beyond the first seven volumes?! The GSC arc is finally going to be released in America?! YES AGAIN!
    • Although now there are quite a number of fans who don't like how Viz is running things when it comes to Pokemon Special. Running the fourth gen arcs aside of the second gen to catch up with the Japanese release? A few possible spoilers aside, yay! The not-yet-collected-in-volume-form fifth gen arc is being released as well? Um, okay, even if the previous point also applies here and that a lot of details that get changed from the magazine to the volumes...What?! You have no plans to release the third gen arcs, whose loss will inevitably cause massive plot holes in the arcs you have already published?
      • WRONG! The Ruby/Sapphire arc and FREAKING HEARTGOLD/SOULSILVER arcs have been confirmed for release in 2013! LET THE FLAILING COMMENCE!