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15th Sep, 2020 01:12:21 PM

Downer Ending is absolutely not the trope for these situations. There must be an explicit ending written into an arc or other discrete narrative unit to count (and even then being killed does not by itself a Downer Ending make).

Edited by Albert3105
15th Sep, 2020 01:23:30 PM

No, that's blatantly troping real life.

15th Sep, 2020 01:25:23 PM

Downer Ending is a narrative trope and explicitly NRLEP. Any such examples should be deleted on sight.

15th Sep, 2020 01:39:32 PM

He ban evaded once anyway, so we can revert his edits on that basis alone.

15th Sep, 2020 03:36:31 PM

Wrestling pages in general have a bad habit of troping real life people and situations, no doubt due to the blurred lines between fiction and reality.

I've seen examples of Downer Ending describing real life wrestler deaths and I agree that they should be removed. Too Cool to Live is also often seen on their YMMV entries.

16th Sep, 2020 07:41:37 PM

Am I allowed to have the names of JIKTV's ban-evading accounts? I'm specifically curious as to whether KJ Tropes was JIKTV.

16th Sep, 2020 07:51:03 PM

We're all mortals, so if someone dies young, use a more appropriate trope. Downer Ending is for situations, not people.

22nd Sep, 2020 09:11:20 AM

Okay, another question - how should we go about cleaning up his messes?

JIKTV liked to create pages about wrestlers with little apparent rhyme or reason. For example, Blind Rage has 17 total tropes, at least a few of which are misused. Crossbones The Wrestler, aside from not being located at Crossbones for some reason, is an absolute mess of incorrect formatting and misused tropes. He linked Tournament Arc to every single tournament a wrestler participated in, Bash Brothers to every single tag team a wrestler ever participated in regardless of whether it was accurate or not (for example, with Crossbones above, his relationship with Ultramantis Black was more along the lines of abused loyal servant and ungrateful master, plus they didn't even team often - absolutely not Bash Brothers).

Is there an easy way to find a list of pages created by JIKTV/KJtropes?? Every single one of them is going to have issues - and because they're often about obscure wrestlers even a lot of wrestling fans haven't heard of, they aren't going to be easily noticed.

23rd Sep, 2020 01:04:33 AM

Here and here. I'll close this query as the original problem is resolved; a new ATT can be started to discuss cleanup of their edits.


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