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27th Oct, 2018 04:28:43 PM

The one example that got my attention was Shock and Awe. That trope is supposed be about lightning and electricity-based powers, not describing awesome things performed by the player. The rest, I don't even. This editor needs a tap by the mods for sure.

27th Oct, 2018 07:32:40 PM

Good lord, I'm almost for nuking the page and starting over. There are very few legitimate examples in there.

27th Oct, 2018 09:13:35 PM

"Some female human players are hot and below the age of 20"

Um, ew.

27th Oct, 2018 10:29:44 PM

Please alert them to their mistakes ASAP.

27th Oct, 2018 10:35:47 PM

We have ZCE notifier, murky example notifier, would a Stub page notifier be valid here?

28th Oct, 2018 07:40:09 AM

I don't know if a multitude of notifiers would be enough, in this case. It might be better for the mods to step in.

That Little Miss Badass one is way over the line.

28th Oct, 2018 01:07:46 PM

We'll see what they have to say.

28th Oct, 2018 05:27:01 PM

If you're going to rewrite this; I'm jumping in to say Easy Logistics doesn't really work that way. It might if you could build several thousand units and have them take over several regions and move them elsewhere in one turn. But as it is now, it looks like someone has failed to do the some research.

But the Zerg Rush can be legit, depending on the context.

3rd Mar, 2019 01:18:08 PM

A new TLP about 'Player Invoked' tropes reminded me of this, and while looking back at it I noticed that a troper by the name of Age Of Conquest has added a lot of similar "This trope might apply if players do/are certain things" examples back to the page. Another cleanup might be in order.

3rd Mar, 2019 01:41:21 PM

Ok, so this is a bumped query that was posted in October, but that page VideoGame.Age Of Conquest is horrible.

Are there any valid examples? The real people, players of the game, are treated as if they were characters, even though some of it was cleaned up.

Others are just plain misuse — e.g. Lady of War: Female player who defeats others. — Um, that is not what a Lady of War is. At all.

I'd support the cut and starting over, like Arctimon suggested.

3rd Mar, 2019 01:46:21 PM

^I'm pretty sure the websites cleanup thread cut pages for sites that were troping users instead of the content, so I'm assuming the same applies to players of video games.

Edit: I agree with the above that starting from scratch would be a good idea, due to the page's current state.

Edited by GastonRabbit
3rd Mar, 2019 02:48:52 PM

Popping back in to say that there are way too many examples on that page that are either zero context, or are just plain bad.

It also looks like the original person was just looking on every single trope page for stuff that would maybe kinda sort of fit, which annoys me to no end.

I also don't know anything about Ao C, so if someone who is more knowledgeable about it can salvage something on there, be my guess. Otherwise, I'm still for burning it to the ground.

EDIT: It's also worth noting that this new account is adding tropes very similarly to Co Ro, who (AFAIK) never appealed their suspension back in August. Possible the same person?

Edited by Arctimon
3rd Mar, 2019 05:14:04 PM

Yeah, that looks like a ban-evade. I've cut the page and bounced both CoRo and AgeOfConquest.


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