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I am the leader without his team. I am the man who masterminds everything he does if only to have his schemes ruined by what he very people he's trying to convince. I have turned to the masses for quality entertainment: they have succeeded and failed with thier lack of ingenuity. I have turned to the obscure to test my intellect: they have succeeded and failed with thier lack of variety. My search of gaming superiotiy techniques is impeded by the status quo, for they have ruined the fun of whatever I touch. No matter what I find, it will never replace what I have lost: my sanity and bravery. So now I am forced to seek refuge on the infinte web, where all is known and none is forgotten. Such is the fate of the misunderstood...


Well this basically sums up my history with video games so far, although the obscure part refers to the handhelds. So anyways, call me Allen after you read this, and I'm obviously an gamer, but...I'm outgrowing them either from boredom caused by the plot itself or the fact I have played way too many of them and my skills are refined to the point that I'm just buying them for the challenge nowadays. Yes, you read this right: I play video games just for the story (especially if there is one underlying theme that I have never seen before) and the difficulty itself (unfortunately these are somewhat hard to find). SO as the name implies I am into World of Tanks and a lot of other video games I won't mention here. If you're looking for the American player called allenmark00, you have found him

For the record,I'm an infrequent editor, technically I'm online everyday with my PSP (that's another story for an NSFW site that I mini-mod), but since it can't read CAPTCHAS and I've actually got "turned away" from ANOTHER website since the system actually thought I was a bot, I'm on here every other day..,if you're lucky. And I'm also prone to cold-linking to GIF or three, captions, and the various memes that I've found on the web.


And yes, I'm the one who launched Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. Also made Transformers: Cybertron Adventures

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