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An amateur writer and fanficcer, I discovered this site around many summers ago via a post at the El Goonish Shive forum (for The Woobie, if you're curious) and fell in love with it right off. So much so, in fact, that I've come to be more interested in, should I ever step up from 'amateur' writer, seeing which tropes my own works wind up in more than any other type of success.

I surf the site daily, putting in entries where I can and generally cleaning up things like italicizing titles or fixing namespaces if I have the time. I'm also a sometime contributor to YKTTWs and have launched a pages of my own for tropes and works alike in the past.


Outside of tropes I enjoy video gaming. World of Warcraft is my primary addiction, followed by whatever else strikes my fancy. I would like dabble in more team-oriented games like the Left 4 Dead series, but would prefer to play with people I know as opposed to just random pickup groups. So I've been looking for ways to try and find people who would also play.

In terms of fiction, I'm a huge fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy,often Urban Fantasy as I like a good mix-up of things and also tend to gravitate towards the unusual. It also brings me into anime & manga, with my current all-time favorite being One Piece and regularly watching new series alongside a buddy of mine via Crunchyroll and so on.