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9th Jun, 2021 09:48:41 PM

I think they've already been suspended for that.

9th Jun, 2021 09:52:12 PM

But we kept the rename even though the troper was suspended for it?

9th Jun, 2021 09:53:53 PM

Of course, they moved the page without changing the references to its title, so it still acts like it's called Global Warming.

Edited by Serac
9th Jun, 2021 10:20:09 PM

I say just move it back.

9th Jun, 2021 10:47:30 PM

I swear that there was a cleanup thread to migrate the wicks. It had participation from the mods and every other earmark of a sanctioned project...

10th Jun, 2021 05:02:48 AM

All the wicks were changed too, going by the related page.

10th Jun, 2021 05:12:39 AM

Ngl, I kind of like Climate Change as the trope name over Global Warming since it's a more accurate name for what's actually going on when it comes to that.

10th Jun, 2021 05:59:43 AM

Climate change is the preferred terminology these days, since it reflects the climate is moving to extremes as it warms. Climate change as terminology reflects that some areas may get cooler, even though the globe as a whole is warming. It also reflects that there are a whole raft of effects that have little to do, directly, with warming too.

10th Jun, 2021 06:03:10 AM

Since it was unilaterally moved and this is a trope page, perhaps open a quick TRS when a slot opens to confirm?

Edited by Synchronicity
10th Jun, 2021 06:17:36 AM

Preferred terminology or no, which is used more commonly in fiction? Which name better reflects its portrayal in fiction?

10th Jun, 2021 06:22:48 AM

A "Unilateral Page Move Cleanup" thread wouldn't be a bad thing. Especially in cases like this where the move is for the better.

10th Jun, 2021 06:38:08 AM

^^ Agreed.

I prefer Climate Change myself, seeing as that is now the established term for the phenomenon.

Edited by themayorofsimpleton
10th Jun, 2021 09:11:55 AM

It was part of the TRS Wick Cleaning. I don't think they did this alone?

Edited by Walkinshadows
10th Jun, 2021 10:28:21 AM

Found the thread that was involved - it was the Transplant Cleanup - not sure if the mods ever looked at the page... and these comments were after the fact, the page had already been transplanted.

Edited by underCoverSailsman
16th Jun, 2021 02:52:38 AM

I still think a thread for Unilateral Page Moves is needed, unless you want me to make one.

At this point, from the queries I made, the salt against AHI-3000 is accumulating, and I don't want that, and I want to shake the salt off.

29th Jun, 2021 07:25:17 AM

Well, reverted it back to Global Warming. If anyone ever asks why, tell them head over to thread, due to how it was unilaterally changed. All wicks must be reverted back as well.

Edited by alnair20aug93
29th Jun, 2021 11:09:45 AM

I too am into renaming into Climate Change, but for the sake of formality and proper process, the wicks should be reverted to Global Warming and then we'll talk about renaming this to Climate Change.

29th Jun, 2021 12:44:27 PM

Maybe include an edit reason when doing so like "reverting this to that pending formal name change"

29th Jun, 2021 01:32:35 PM

Will do that. 👍🏽

Seems Walk In Shadows' edit reasons are all claiming to be "Renamed per TRS". So far, I don't seem to find any TRS thread on renaming Global Warming to Climate Change.

29th Jun, 2021 02:40:29 PM

Well, thats' 100 wicks down, 240 more to go.

Honestly, most of these are potholes, and I think Climate Change should be better off as a Useful Notes page, but that's for another time.

29th Jun, 2021 03:38:35 PM

170 wicks to go, actually. :P

What did you want to do about Laconic.Climate Change? Both it and Global Warming have independent laconics.

Edited to add: Never mind. It looks like it was cut just as I asked the question. :P

Edited by Wyldchyld
29th Jun, 2021 05:49:36 PM

Why is Global Warning a redirect? What's that even supposed to mean? Nobody says that.

It has 0 wicks and a measly 54 inbounds. I say just cut this one.

29th Jun, 2021 05:57:28 PM

I've sent it to the Cut List, citing this ATT.

Edited by gjjones
30th Jun, 2021 01:08:53 AM

Bump. Anyone wanna still help revert the links more?

I still do think most of these wicks are potholes.

1st Jul, 2021 12:49:46 AM

You may want to start a Short Term Projects thread for this. Not only do pings not work in Ask The Tropers, this isn't the best place for organizing a cleanup.

1st Jul, 2021 01:38:03 AM

^ There's already a thread here.

1st Jul, 2021 02:55:57 AM

Ah, that. I have pinged them to that thread.

Edited by alnair20aug93
3rd Jul, 2021 03:19:50 AM

Moving stuff like that is bad, but I like the Climate Change more

25th Jul, 2021 02:57:32 AM

^ Well, it needs to head over to TRS before renaming it first.

At any case bumping this because there are still 126 wicks on there. They all need to be re-wicked before we could start a TRS first.