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Jan 21st 2015 at 10:10:29 PM

The House of Elendil

A Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings crossover

Synopsis: Across the Sunset Sea, they come. Nine ships and three lords and one white tree. Elendil the Tall and his people have come out of the fall of Numenor to the shores of Westeros, and now they join the Game of Thrones. They must win or die.

I'm particularly looking for critiques and critical discussion, for which cause I posted a thread about my story which you can find here

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timelady_cass Timelady Cass from At the corner of Rose St. and Tenth Avenue. Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Timelady Cass
Jan 22nd 2015 at 5:42:36 AM

Name: "The Academy" Fanfic: Doctor Who Summary: A teenage girl receives a scholarship to a private boarding school and discovers something that will change her definition of reality.

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MrMallard yaaaaaaay from Australia, mate
Jan 22nd 2015 at 6:25:10 AM

[up][up][up] Nah. Mine isn't complete yet (not by a long shot) but I chucked it up on here anyway because I'm super proud of it and any extra attention it receives would be great.

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Zarius Relationship Status: Dating the Doctor
Jan 23rd 2015 at 7:54:29 AM

Two Spider-Girl fanfics I wrote in 2012 and 2014, both of which are a Take That! to Dan Slott

The Parker Cliche

Plot: May "Mayday" Parker, the Amazing and Spectacular Spider-Girl, is having bad dreams. Meeting her mother in the kitchen, she's forced to reveal all, can Mary Jane offer any input?

Delicate Strings

Plot: Charged with the Quantum Bolt, Mayday reflects on it's power, and how it threatens to poison possibility

chibichika Lady of the Deep Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
Lady of the Deep
Jan 23rd 2015 at 2:52:37 PM

In which Amaterasu goes to Soul Society and starts screwing around with things.

I have tossed a few Ocs in there since Ammy can't always talk to people. I would love for someone to give me some pointers since its my first really big piece. God knows I need them.

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PikaScootaloo Don't sweat it, forget it, enjoy the show! Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Don't sweat it, forget it, enjoy the show!
Jan 25th 2015 at 12:59:15 PM

Pokemon Drama Island

  • Fandom: Pokemon/Total Drama
  • Description: Only three things are infinite: time, human stupidity, and the amount of Pokemon/Total Drama crossovers featuring something like thirty-four new Pokemon with hosts like an Azelf and a sidekick/cook/sadly secondary character like a Rotom. This is exactly that. Episode three (The Big Sleep) is up.
  • Notes: If the summary didn't tip you off (is it too clunky?), it's basically a season of Total Drama, but with Pokemon. I wanted to write this because, mainly, most Pokemon/TD competition fics are garbage. I can only think of one that's good. So, I wanted to try my hand at it. Reviews appreciated, constructive criticism is obliged, yada yada.

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ShengDongJiXi TIAN XIAAAAAAAAAA from The Bunker. You know the one. Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Jan 28th 2015 at 10:46:56 PM

"Under the Eclipse"

  • Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • Description: Barbadian asskicker and former Duel Monsters World Champion Ivana Descoteaux takes it upon herself to educate the next generation of duelists, reopening the long-defunct Eclipse Duel Academy. She's joined by world-weary friend Zheng Tian and a colorful teaching staff. A girl named Claudia, younger sister to the newest World Champion, is among the first to enroll because her sibling wants her to get out of the house for once. Not all is as it seems, however, as a bunch of spooky fucks in hoods are looking to raise a ruckus or something. In summation, shit's about to go down at Eclipse Duel Academy.

  • Notes: I spent (and am spending) an embarrassingly long time figuring out decks for all of the characters. I'm really not sure if I'm going to include any canons at all, but the more supernatural aspects of the Yu-Gi-Oh universe will be on full display as things get rolling. I might leave the fic's place in the grand scheme of it all ambiguous, if only because I've already stepped on so many canon toes by this point I'd need to call a podiatrist. So, I'm probably just going to go full-on OC fic with this

I'm also not sure about how I'm narrating duels. A lot of writers like to give periodic updates on everyone's lifepoint count whereas I just slap them in bold when they pop up in the narration. I've also avoided going into too much detail on the monsters and their stats but for where they're immediately relevant, which I imagine might bug some people. My initial thought is that they can look it up if they really care, which might be a crap way of thinking about it.

Also, Claudia is blind. Watch me royally fuck that up.

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Feb 1st 2015 at 3:35:59 AM

Ah, the hell with it, I'll share mine, too. Promotion is promotion, and I'm quite proud of my current story:

  • Creeps
  • Fandom: Goosebumps
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Description: Caitlin Webster is a Florida middle school student who inadvertently runs afoul of the Creeps, and with the help of her friends and family must stop them from converting more humans into the reptilian monsters.
  • Notes: Described more thoroughly on the page I created for it on this very wiki (obviously, subject to change as I write the story). Basically, a Darker and Edgier sequel to and re-imagining of the original novel, with OCs as the main characters, and both more action and more character development than the source.

Now seems an especially appropriate time to get word out on the story, since the first act is coming to a close and shit's about to get real for the characters. This fic was in the planning stages for some years before I first began writing it in late 2013, and alongside my completed fic The Comedy of Romeo and Juliet, it's probably my Magnum Opus to date in terms of quality. (Creeps, being more dramatic, is probably better overall, but I've realized I have a knack for writing comedy, so that story is worth propping up as representative of that style.) The original stories I'm hoping to one day have published will hopefully, probably usurp them eventually, but until then, there's these to hold people over.

GeekCodeRed Did you know this section has a character limit? from A, A, B, B, A Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
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Feb 1st 2015 at 3:31:56 PM


  • Fandom: Mass Effect/Frozen
  • Summary: Three hundred and thirty five years was a long time. As a cruel act brings old pains back to the fore, Elsa is forced to accept help from the recently-deceased Commander Shepard, in a journey that threatens to unleash all she has kept secret from the world. The good Commander isn't just there to help her, however: he's there to recruit her for a mission. A suicide mission.
  • Notes: My first fanfic, but it's ambitious, and it's gotten nothing but praise so far.

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MiscellaneousSoup from Grand Rapids, Michigan Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Feb 2nd 2015 at 8:49:24 AM Some Jerk with a Camera rampages through the theme parks after one too many bad reviews. Featuring a song parody and many cameos from other characters on his web series and other reviewers.

Back on the forums?
Feb 17th 2015 at 3:04:46 PM

I like promotion, and I'm very proud of this Fanfic.

Danny Phantom: Reconstructed

Fandom: Danny Phantom


Notes: An attempt to rebuild the old series in an intelligent manner, after seeing fanfic after fanfic tear it down. Only the first arc is finished as of this post, but there is definitely more on the way. It's received nothing but praise so far, and I would really appreciate anyone who would be kind enough to leave a review.

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TooManyIdeas Seeking Shelter from Twilight Town Relationship Status: Abstaining
Seeking Shelter
Mar 2nd 2015 at 4:44:02 PM


  • Fandom: Kingdom Hearts / Star Wars
  • Description: Larxene comes back from a mission with reports of a new Giant Heartless. Axel, Roxas and Xion must go with her to take it out. Meanwhile, Asajj Ventress is sent to take the Keyblades for Separatist forces.
  • Notes: So, Star Wars is my second favorite fandom after Kingdom Hearts, so writing this was inevitable for me. I am looking for constructive criticism, especially on improving the narrative sections (as you can see, I've got dialogue down pat). I hope you enjoy!

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CoGDork Annoyingly Awesome from Franklin, TN Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
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Mar 15th 2015 at 4:36:59 PM

Soldiers, Young and Old

  • Fandom: Skyrim
  • Description: What goes on in the mind of the leaders of the Stormcloaks and the Imperials? How does one cope with the death and horrors of war?
  • Notes: So many Civil War fanfics out there either make Ulfric a Hitler clone or show the Empire as a puppy-kicking quisling menace. This was my attempt to avert that by doing little vignettes that delve into the minds of the most prominent NP Cs in the Civil War questline (Specifically, Ulfric, Tullius, Galmar, Rikke, Ralof, and Hadvar) while exploring why they fight, why they chose their particular side, the consequences of that choice, etc. No romance, no real action scenes, just drama.

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TooManyIdeas Seeking Shelter from Twilight Town Relationship Status: Abstaining
Seeking Shelter
Mar 15th 2015 at 5:23:08 PM

  • Unforgettable
  • Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
  • Synopsis: She was forgotten. But some things, you can't forget. Xion is slowly going mad in Sora's heart, and he's going to get her out of there, no matter what it takes.
  • Notes: If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with Xion. So, when I read some really dark poetry about her, I had to write something where she's saved. Note that I am looking for critique, and since I plan to start a page here on This Very Wiki, I'd like help finding tropes. Thanks for reading!

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TheFarmboy Ka-BOOM! from the comfort of my own home. Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Mar 15th 2015 at 5:50:13 PM

Just as well add my story, it would be nice is someone gave a comment and some criticism.

Plumbers, Farmers and Mercenaries

  • Fandom: Mario/Team Fortress 2/Harvest Moon
  • Synopsis: A What-If scenario where Redmond and Blutarch laid off the Teufort Nine to find more mercenaries for cheap, by exploring different dimensions apparently. Brining in different people from different dimensions.
  • Notes: Intended to be a Deconstructive Parody/Crossover with a very weird taste for what is being crossed over. May write a spin-off with a smaller scale focused around two characters (the trick now is to make them interesting, but not in Sue levels). Now with a tropes page.

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Zarius Relationship Status: Dating the Doctor
Mar 28th 2015 at 9:52:18 AM

Talking about one of my old JCA fanfic ideas recently inspired me enough to go back in and write a new story based off some of my older ideas


Plot: The origins of Shendu and Drago explored. All Jade wanted to do was break all of this to Jackie gently...

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Darkflamewolf Creator of Worlds and Games Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
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Apr 2nd 2015 at 8:43:29 AM

Promotion is promotion and I'm quite proud of the one and only fanfic I've ever written so far.

Fandom: Legend of Zelda
Summary: The story picks up about six months after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and depicts how life has changed for Link, Zelda and Malon since the imprisonment of Ganondorf because of Link's knowledge of the future. This one single act of prohibiting Ganondorf of acquiring the Triforce sets the stage for a new villain, Naar, to arise in the south from the country of Nevachrea.

What starts off as a simple invasion of Hyrule turns into a brutal, grim battle for survival which force Link and his friends to retreat to the land of their former enemies to join forces to combat this new, unnatural menace. When they finally unveil the secret behind the Nevachrean's supernatural powers, an even darker threat emerges which seeks to revive an even more ancient, timeless foe. Only with the help of his companions and his own fighting prowess will Link defeat this foe, claim the Master Sword and hopefully use the Triforce to rid Hyrule of these abominations.

Notes: My first fanfic was quite ambitious and very complex. I had a lot of characters, story and Zelda lore/mythos to juggle around with in this one. There seems to be no gray area with readers of this fanfic, they either love it or they hate it. The most polarizing aspect is that its a Dark Fic, Deconstruction Fic, Plot Bunny where it takes the source material and makes it Darker and Edgier to the extreme. It's really not meant for kids to read but for those who appreciate the Zeldaverse and what I've done with it.

You can find it here: I am currently in a massive revision 1.2 and I'm currently on chapter 73 as of this post. So if you hit chapter 73 or later and suddenly see pre-chapter author notes, you'll know I haven't gotten that far yet to revise that chapter.

Check out my epic, dark & gritty fanfics!
Apr 2nd 2015 at 11:26:01 AM

Here my fanfic, complete with a trope page. Avatar: The Legend Of Arata:

  • Fandom: The Legend of Korra
  • Summary: Arashi leader of the Order of the White Lotus is trying to create a world ruled by benders. The new Avatar, Arata, must team up with air nomad Kaze, metalbender Tetsu Beifong, and non bending siblings Sela and Genji, to stop him.

Apr 3rd 2015 at 5:24:59 AM

I've got several fanfics (some done some still going) and would like more critiques and readers so here you go. Side note: All the links head to Deviant Art[1].

Pokemon Fanfics

Triple Seven Festival [2]: In the Sevi Islands for seven days there’s a festival referred to as the triple 7 festival. The festival has seven events that take place on each of the seven islands, culminating in a battle on the final seventh island and a mysterious prize. Five trainers from across the land arrive in the Sevi Islands, each one with a purpose of their own seeking either a challenge to overcome or the prize at the end of the road. Also on the island is an odd group seeking the prize and fame of winning with sinister goals.

Looker's Lament[3]: A One-shot focusing on Looker's last night in Kalos before departing and a story about his past.

A Tale of Rebirth [4]: In the Aevum Region in the aftermath of an eighty year war the people of the region have lost their will to train and battle Pokemon, in this period unbeknownst to anyone a mysterious force is rising to take over the region and plunge it into darkness. During this five trainers begin their journeys throughout the region, and these journeys might be the salvation for the entire region.

The Power of Mega [5]: Mega-Evolution has always fascinated Professor Sycamore since he learned of it as a child. Recently he’s heard rumors of an extremely powerful Pokémon that can not only Mega-Evolve without a trainer but also can change between two Mega-forms. Wanting to find out more about the Pokémon in question he sends out three skilled trainers to find this Pokémon and attempt to capture it. With their goal set the trainers begin a journey to discover this odd Pokémon

Sinnoh League Smash [6]: It's time for the Sinnoh League and and this year four trainers from across the Sinnoh region converge on the tournament to do battle and determine who shall earn the title of Sinnoh League Champion

Digimon [7]

Digimon Augmented: In a certian city the children play a special game where they can access a special world where they can battle alongside Digimon partners, but what are this games secrets and the secrets of Digimon.

Digimon AR: The squeal of Digimon Augmented

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Apr 18th 2015 at 4:10:47 PM

This is my first complete fic in a while (I used to write a lot, but burned out a few years ago.)

The Date

Fandom: Steven Universe

Description: Pearl is forced to go on a date with Mayor Dewey. Hilarity Ensues.

Notes: Four chapters. Romance, comedy, action. No sex or gore.

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Apr 20th 2015 at 2:20:22 PM

A fanfic I finished revising a few months ago: The Fall of the Fire Empire. Fic here: note , tropes page here:

  • Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Summary: A hundred years ago, Prince Zuko succeeded in capturing Avatar Aang, and the Fire Nation achieved victory in the Hundred Year War, subjugating the other nations. Now it is the Fire Empire under the ancient Dragon Empress Azula and it rules the world with an iron fist, but new heroes- a noble of the Empire who will learn that all she believes in is based on lies, a young warrior from the Southern Water Tribe who is inspired by heroic legends, and an earthbender slave who finds himself finally pushed to take a stand for his people- must arise to challenge tyranny.

  • Notes: A pretty straightforward AU where the Fire Nation won the war and took over the world. I started it while working on my Azula Trilogy, in part because I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge by writing a really evil Azula in contrast to the trilogy's on-the-path-of-redemption version. The story is intended to parallel A:TLA's in various ways, though it's got a bit of The Lord of the Rings, Mistborn and Star Wars in its thematic makeup as well. More recently, I went back and created a "Special Edition" with some revision, expansion, and chapter-by-chapter commentary; I consider this the definitive version of the fic. Like A:TLA itself, it's divided into three "Books", though in this case they're all technically part of the same fic and aren't the same length. Though the Azula Trilogy was more popular, I think Fall of the Fire Empire may actually be my favorite of all the fics I've ever written.

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Apr 26th 2015 at 12:18:24 PM

A Pokemon fanfic, The Alien From Space

Description: A strange alien crash lands in the woods as Brock, Misty, and Ash are making their way from Pewter City. As the magic alien panics in the woods, it is up to Brock to save her from Team Rocket.

Notes: A little fun I had by putting an elf from my Science Fantasy setting into the Pokemon world. Work in progress, this is the first chapter. More to come...eventually.

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Check out mybook, Almost Night
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Apr 28th 2015 at 11:57:50 PM

Responding to The House of Elendil:

I have a morning class tomorrow, but I started reading it out of curiosity and that is a bad sign for my sleep tonight.

I'll give a more in-depth response tomorrow, but here's what I think as of Chapter 4:

-Tolkien meets ANTI-TOLKIEN? YES. I love Robert and his snarkiness towards the Dunedain because he's so very, very human, and I love how the North gets along splendid with the Dunedain because they're both groups of honorable and just people, and I love how the Lannisters just go "fuck you and your long lives, bitch, I got money." Except for Tyrion because he's the smart one.

-Oh, Bran. I'm glad you're not going to get paralyzed from your fall off the tower, but needing a cane permanently and not being able to run without immense pain isn't ideal either.

-I wonder when Isildur will figure out Cersei and Jaime are fucking. He's the Hand of the King and one of the Dunedain, and I find it hard to believe that he won't accidentally walk in on them in a random tower or hear them going at it with his Dunedain super-hearing.

So yeah first impression is that this is my literary crack. It's midnight, so I'm going to go to sleep and drink lots of coffee when I wake up, and then I'll read more of this between classes.

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