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A twenty-one year-old troper who likes to read, has a weird sense of humor, and loves to write. I have a account here, in case you are interested by bizarre, humorous stories. As for my other social media, I do not wish to share my Facebook profile here. No offense meant, it would just make me feel uncomfortable. Finally, my PM box is always open.

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    Tropes That Apply To Me 

    Memorable Quotes And Randomness 

  • "Yay, weapons! ...I wish I could knit." Me.
  • "Soup, what you have right now is not true life as the gods intended. You have a sad mockery of life, a half life, your soul is bound to this paper clip and your body has to obey my every command. Now, do the chicken dance." Elrigo, after bringing me back to life, after a video of Whitey Duvall singing Frozen's "Let It Go" killed me.
  • "I am simultaneously amused and horrified." Kesagake, after hearing my one of my ideas for a Pokemon journey story where the main protagonist is an absolute idiot. Here's the idea: My sister told me about a Pokemon shaped like a key ring. I love it. There's a lot of comedy potential in that. My idea is for the protagonist to have that as his/her starter Pokemon. They'll go home and try to open the door, but accidentally kill the Pokemon while opening the door. The real key ring will actually be in the Pokeball. Professor Oak will not be amused."
  • "Do all of your claims of toughness involve reading large amounts of words in short amounts of time? That merely shows you have no friends." Jinxmenow, in this Forum Game.
  • My very first forum post: "Hello. I am here to make friends. Does anyone want to talk?"
  • My epic battle with Elrigo on 5-2-14: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, technically here, here, here, here, here., here., here, and here.
  • In the "Cast Tropers In Works" thread, I have officially been labeled as Waspinator, because I am the Butt-Monkey on the Troper Shipping And Dating Service Forum. I find this amusing. See it here!
  • July 23rd, 2014 (my eighteenth birthday): Mom, Dad, my brother, and I went to a bar this evening for Batman's 75th anniversary. I wore an old Batman Beyond costume from about eight years ago. I shocked myself by not wanting to leave for four hours and actually having the audacity to nominate myself for Best Batman. I won. My prize was a copy of Scott Snyder's Batman, Vol. 1: Court Of The Owls. Best. Birthday. Ever.
  • I am now a part of the Justice Avengers: Jump City At Dusk RP. I play Ambush Bug. On Thursday, October 2nd, Wolverine had some choice words for me. "He's a pill popping idiot who may be a hobo, but that doesn't make him a villain!" I take this as a wonderful compliment. :)

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