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Robin Duke (born March 13, 1954 in St. Catharines, Ontario) is a Canadian actress, comedian, and voice actress best known for Saturday Night Live, SCTV, and Schitt's Creek.

Duke was one in a handful of SCTV cast members who crossed over to Saturday Night Live, joining Tony Rosato and, later, Martin Short (that list also would have included John Candy and Catherine O'Hara, but they both turned down the chance). Duke first appeared on Saturday Night Live after Jean Doumanian was fired and Dick Ebersol was hired to salvage the show (the last episode of season six, where there was no hostnote  and the musical guest was Junior Walker and the All-Stars), but wouldn't be an official cast member until the show returned for its seventh season (1981-1982 season).


Though Duke wasn't much of a stand-out during her tenure on the show (thanks to Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo being a Spotlight-Stealing Squad...and even when she, Mary Gross, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus became the show's newest female trio, Gross and Louis-Dreyfus got more airtime than Duke did), she did have her share of recurring characters and celebrity impressions. Her notable recurring characters include: Wendy Whiner (wife of Joe Piscopo's Doug Whiner), Mrs. T (a white, female version of Mr. T), Ike (a slovenly housewife with a male name), and Paulette Clooney (a hooker with a hatred for Olivia Newton-John). Her notable celebrity impressions on both SNL and SCTV include Louise Mandrell, Eva Braun, Shari Lewis, Barbara Howar, and Shelley Winters.

She is married to Hendrik Riik and they have one child.




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