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So, after two years on a Mission for the LDS Church, I have decided a more honest profile is in order.

I am not, despite all claims to the contrary, insane. What I am is a man who wants to be an author. I want to write a book and I want people to love it. But more importantly, I want to love it. I want to see why people love it and I want to love it myself.

Wow, that's a lot of love.

For most of my life, I have been a shut in, home schooled and frankly to outgoing to notice my lack of social skills. I wouldn't be surprised to learn a good deal of people thought I WAS insane because I acted quite a bit like Jack Fenton during my teenage years. No social skills but enough energy to wear out the Energizer Bunny.


Then I went on my mission.

Put under a microscope, seeing my every action analyzed and cross-examined by members of the church and those I taught, I was quite literally put through Training from Hell, but this training was in dealing with stress, forgiving those around me for being jerks, living and being with someone twenty-four seven, learning how to effectively communicate with people and being open to true, honest questioning.

Being raised in an emotionally abusive environment made this the turning point in my life.

I liked to think of myself as an optimistic person before my mission, but that was a Subverted Trope for me, as I got a face full of how down in the pits of despair I could get. But luckily, God was there for me, and I served my whole mission. Two years away from home, needing to adhere to a strict schedule, teaching people how to be happy and in turn learning how to be happy was the best thing in the world for me.


Now I'm home, and it's time to start writing.

Works by Me:

Danny Phantom: Reconstructed URL: Summary: No one is safe. The world is a very dangerous place. Parents are not stupid and just because you believe ghost's don't exist doesn't mean they won't kill you when you tick them off. When a science experiment works against all odds, can Danny survive long enough to learn these crucial lessons or will the horrors eat him alive?

Comments: A retelling of the show that I try to focus on intelligence and not fart jokes. Any feedback would be really appreciated.


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