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This troper (who also goes by the names "Cameron Samurai", "Zariustwo" and "Skyknight" on other parts of the web) is a bit of a Marmite player on this here internets. You will either hug him or spank him.

On his good days he is a fountain of interesting opinions and strong creative ideas, but dare mention the words "Recent Spider Man" and "Quality storytelling" to his face and he will go off on a tangent about how the One TRUE Continuity is Spider Girl and that even the Spidey daily strips and their hilariously endearing Idiot Ball plots are better written than the current slop provided by Marvel's mainstream output. Has wonderful things to say about Miles Morales though.


He is a Fanfiction author and has contributed a number of fanfics based off obscure or niche franchises such as Centurions and MASK. He has an unyielding love for the 1987 TMNT animated series and most of his TMNT fanfics revolve around that universe. In recent years he has written fanfics for more concurrent powerhouse franchises like Power Rangers, The Simpsons, the 2015 revival of Danger Mouse, and Bob's Burgers

He also loves him some Power Rangers and once created a Fan Edit of the infamous hoax "Scorpion Rain" combining the plot of the Power Rangers Zeo season finale and bits and bobs of Serpenterra footage from the MMPR days. He also thought combining Fantasia with the soundtrack to Miami Vice was a good idea. He's gotten way better at this, honest.

He previously edited the Power Rangers episode guide over at TV Rage from 2006 to 2015.


His website "zaredit" boasts a number of various projects, including fanedits and fanfiction

His biggest fan is Dan Slott. Seriously, just ask him on CBR sometime. He may even mistake you for him.


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