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Ymmv / Peepoodo & the Super Fuck Friends

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  • Acceptable Targets: For all this show gets right when it comes to sexual education, it's not the beaver with late stage liver failure and who's explicitly stated to be on death's door that dies for laughs at the end of the STD musical number — it's the animal with HIV.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: With most of the woman characters being busty, such as the witch and Lily, but most importantly Dr. Pussycat, it's safe to say the show wouldn't have much a following without them.
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: As a crass parody of kid's shows, this trope was bound to rear its ugly head. Usually thanks to Tuffalo, whose audacious dialogue and actions often cause or contribute to problems.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Being a compassionate and attractive Only Sane Woman in a series such as this, it was inevitable that Dr. Pussycat would gain a fandom of sorts.
  • Popular with Furries: Not too surprising as the cast is full of Funny Animals with one of them being a busty cat.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
    • Despite the crass humor, a fair amount of the advice provided in the show about relationships and how one should approach sex, primarily by Dr. Pussycat, is pretty sound. (Such as not weighing a man's entire worth on his drive or his proof of "masculinity", as Peepoodo learns in the season finale.)
    • The episode where everyone mindlessly follows a sales pitch to shave all their body hair, resulting in terrible lesions and infections, provides a fairly important moral about being duped by flashy commercials and self-destructive desires to appear beautiful.
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    • Women's periods are not unnatural and should not be treated as such. This same episode also has a pro-trans message, and it sticks for the rest of the series.
  • Squick: The series is not for the squeamish. It depends on the episode, but it doesn't, on principle, skimp out on the sexual and Toilet Humor. The talent show episode stands out in particular, with the...detailed images accompanying the catchy song about sexual health.
    • Peepoodo is most definitely an adult, but he looks, sounds, and frequently acts like a little kid, making it a little jarring whenever he gets caught up in wildly sexual situations.
  • Tear Jerker: Peepoodo sobbing his little eyes out after his first crush woos him, sleeps with him, and then callously dumps him.
  • The Woobie:
    • Peepoodo is subjected to a lot of disgusting fates as the butt of the series' jokes. His childlike demeanor makes it even worse.
    • Dr. Pussycat is also rather sympathetic at times. She lives in a world of licentious morons and sometimes falls victim to their plights. Such as getting mobbed by shaved "zombies" and stripped of her fur, or becoming infected by Peepoodo's thoughtless physical contact after pointing out his and the others' various diseases and ailments.
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    • Kevin is quite sympathetic in his Coming-Out Story. He's brushed off by Peepoodo, filling in for Dr. Pussycat, leaving him visibly distraught and fearful. Fortunately, he gets the counsel he seeks from the good doctor, and emerges as a new, confident identity of Evelyne.

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