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Heartwarming / Peepoodo & the Super Fuck Friends

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  • After being brushed off by Peepoodo filling in for Dr. Pussycat, Kevin meets her at the bus stop and confesses a problem. The good doctor forgoes her convention to hear Kevin out, has a (sadly offscreen) heart-to-heart, and provides Kevin the info he seeks. At the episode's end, Kevin reveals he's trans and adopts a new, happier identity as Evelyne. She is welcomed with open arms.
  • Dr. Pussycat is a rather compassionate character in general. Despite the inane and insane goings-on, she'll step in to help others no matter what.
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  • After Peepoodo has his heart utterly shattered by a sexy hamster who pumps and dumps him, Kevin and Tuffalo trying to comfort him...and then just beating the guy up.

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