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YMMV / The Zombie Hunters

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  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Charlie's single-handed rescue of Katie. As summed up by Sammie: "And FUCK, Charlie! You punch zombies in the FACE! Like, in the face! There should be an award for that!"
    • Also, how quickly Katie dispatches the man who attacked her via disemboweling him with a sword. Beware the Nice Ones indeed.
  • Designated Hero: Let's face it, the main cast are not particularly likeable people. Justified in a number of ways, but still...
  • Harsher / Hilarious in Hindsight, depending on your sense of humor; this strip after the RL 'bath salts zombie attack'.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Berserkers. The Berserker zombies can run over 30mph, are extremely strong, and love to torture their victims for as long as the person can take before biting them. And they do all that while grinning and chuckling. And they sometimes move in groups of ten to twenty.
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    • Basilisk zombies. Zombies that eat you alive are bad. Zombies that paralyze you by looking at you, whereupon you can't fight, run, or scream while the thing shambles over to eat you is... bad.
    • Here's funtastic Facial Horror goodness. And after.
    • Mrs. Walters lost her son while he was out on a forage with the main characters. She committed suicide, but not via headshot. Meaning there is now, officially, an outbreak on the ARC.
    • Ilea's murder of Daniel.
    • The very concept of a Mercy is actually probably more terrifying than the others, imagine it, you are walking throught the wastes and all of a sudden this zombie just starts following you not chasing or trying to eat you, just simply following you, the idea being that Mercys follow or try and find the sick and dying, and do not stop until you stop from exhaustion or sickness, then it comes to you, and while, yes, it fends off other, more vicious zombies, that is only so that it can kill you itself, at the very least, this zombie kils you the quickest, through a bite to a vital artery, and then as you lay dying, it comforts you, making soothing sounds or stroking your face, sounds nice in comparison, except that it, in context, only spared you from other zombies to kill you and make sure it's victim rises again as a zombie.
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  • Paranoia Fuel: Hunters.
  • Uncanny Valley - The zombies that mimic human cunning and cruelty are scarier than the shuffling masses. The zombies that mimic human compassion are creepier yet.
  • What an Idiot! - You'd think someone who knew they were infected, and wanted to commit suicide, would do it in a fashion that prevented them from reanimating and hurting others afterward. Especially while they were in the safe zone full of civilians.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Infected humans wear identifying armbands and ID cards.
  • The Woobie: Charlie, also James, who began as a comic relief Chew Toy until he fell into the Creepy Basement, then...


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