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YMMV / The Parselmouth of Gryffindor

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  • Bizarro Episode: Chapter 72-B, Luna Lovegood and the Horrific Hiatus, begins like a normal chapter but turns out to be metafictional to the point of Mind Screw, involving the author popping into his own story and announcing the coming two-month hiatus to the reader and characters simultaneously. (It was posted on April Fools' Day, which explains a lot.)
  • Character Rerailment: The story characterizes Cornelius Fudge as a bumbling politician who's hopelessly out of his depth — much closer to the canon portrayal, at least in the author's opinion, than common fanfic characterization of him that makes him out to be just an evil power-hungry moron.
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  • Escapist Character: There's certainly an argument to made with Hermione, a teenage girl who's friends with all the interesting people, has all sorts of adventures, and succeeds at most everything she does (including ruling the country).
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Lucius Malfoy gets made fun of it over it by Hermione. After he's signed a letter "Your humble servant, Lucius Malfoy", she answers:
    "Stop calling yourself 'humble', honorifics or not. Considering how you dress, it's not even funny, it's ludicrous."
  • Shipping: Judging from the reviews page, a fair few people ship the story's Hermione with Maximilian, the sentient Boggart. (This is despite Word of God that the story won't contain a pairing for Hermione.)
  • Unexpected Character: The story delights in bringing in more and more obscure (or just plain weird) characters from various aspects of the Harry Potter franchise. Who'd have thought the Boggart would become an Ensemble Dark Horse supporting character? And Gellert Grindelwald as the Defence Professor caught many by surprise.