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Awesome / The Parselmouth of Gryffindor

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  • Three words: Dragon-riding Acromantula. Yes, you read that right. Yes, it is every bit as awesome as it sounds.
  • Hermione successfully tricks Snape into take thirty thousand points from Slytherin and awarding twenty thousand to Gryffindor, force-feeding the man a sleeping potion so he cannot take it back. That same day she uses a petition to convince Dumbledore to instate a new rule that professors can only give or subtract a total of a thousand points monthly, both insuring Slytherin can't win the House Cup and largely neutering his attempts to rig the competition.
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  • Hermione comes up with a cure for Lycanthropy, which has vexed wizardkind for centuries. Granted, she had access to the Basilisk, something no one before did, but it is still an impressive feat - one that ends up with her being given the Order of Merlin.
  • Hermione essentially becomes the girl behind Cornelius Fudge. She's just fourteen, has only known about the magical world for three years, and becomes one of the most powerful people in all of Magical Britain, especially since Fudge is such an overgrown child she's effectively running the country.
    • Hermione later one-ups herself and puts Lucius Malfoy on a leash, with a combination of telling him that (a) with both her knowledge of his actions and her hold over Minister Fudge, she could have him in Azkaban any day, and (b) Voldemort is definitely not returning and Dumbledore and herself have long ago made sure of that.
  • It only takes Hermione learning that Professor Trelawney can do actual Prophecies for her to realize that she made one regarding Harry and Voldemort, and that's why Dumbledore keeps her protected.
  • Filch somehow manages to clean the entire castle daily despite the fact he's a squib and it should take a wizard two days to do it with magic.
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  • Hermione manages to survive the Withering Curse that Dumbledore fell victim to in canon by having Maximilian use a Dementor's Kiss to remove her soul, let her body die, and have her soul put back in a new body.
  • Hermione manages to convince the Goblin King that she is a member of the violin race. Let me repeat: she convinced him that he had forgotten an entire race's existence in a completely spur of the moment plan and does so with no holes whatsoever.
  • Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny drink all the Fiendfyre on Azkaban with a straw.


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